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  1. oz ,, please give the forum members an example of what you constantly pray for ,,? Get rid of the elites maybe ,, ? Make the poor rich! make the rich poor ,, Get rid of evil ,, ? Or do you pray for your own safe keeping? ,, and if so ,, what about everyone else?
  2. Oh! Well they both start with a D ,, but ,, now I know the truth ,, Doovid is def' off my list of people to google ,, Easy mistake to make ,, we're all human ,, (well some of us) ,,!
  3. David writes books ,, not scriptures ,,
  4. And you know that because? Maybe you don't like the fact David exposes the control systems Zionist Masonic Satanic elite ,, David offers information ,,
  5. Yeh ,, saves money $$$$$$$$ for the super rich corporations ,, no heating bills ,, or travel expenses ,, no more sick leave ,, The rich will get even richer ,, If the truth is ever is ever revealed about why different languages and religions evolved ,, maybe there will be a clue as to why those in power $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are determined to create hate and anger and low vibe energy ,, (Just what the reptiles feed on!) So many questions and not enough answers ,, I've got so many questions I'm gonna explode! Like ,, Why did god make some people white and some people pink and some some black and some people yellow ,,? And ,, if Infinite Love is the only truth! Who made infinite love ,,? And ,, if it all started with a big bang ,, who put the bomb there? So many theories ,, and so much fake news ,, How can one believe anything anymore ,,?
  6. It's so obvious this is all diversional ,, Engineered sheepie training ,, and most of the Earth zombies fall for it ,, (well ,, those that aren't permanently attached to the phones and talking Crap) ,, What about the destruction of the rainforests ,, what about the 90% reduction in bird populations in the UK and around the globe? What about the massive decrease in insect/bee numbers vital for survival on Earth ,, ? What about all the radioactive fallout from former generations causing cancer,, ? What about all the other stuff being inflicted on humanity? Nope ,, nothing else matters!!
  7. The only ones that ever seem to get it right are Zionist billionaires that control everything ,, $$$$$ ,, coz they know money is the new god ,, 1920 ,, The great depression and pandemic ,, 2020 ,, the next great depression and pandemic ,, ! These global controllers sure herd the sheepies in a very numerical fashion ,, And ,, to make it easy ,, the sheepies flock to their slave masters and think a rebellion is going to a beach under so called lockdown conditions ,, To be honest ,, it is all a bit of a mess ,, a mess engineered by the bloodline zionist satanic masonic reptiles,, who don't wan't the sheepies to even know they exist in the shadows ,, But ,, there is always hope ,, and a chance of change! ? Because that's what the politicians keep repeating every election ,, But ,, alas ,, the rich seem to get richer and poverty seems to increase and nothing seems to change ,, ! Oh but it does ,, technology changes ,, the total control system advances every second ,, digital control of all planetary money and information ,, reason ,, control ,, and more and more control of the slaves ,,
  8. I can see why the movie 'Prometheus' was the next logical step to be made in the Alien franchise ,, because it alleges the original engineers/creators ,, hated what they genetically engineered on Earth ,, Maybe there is some truth in this ,, the ancient alien/reptilians have all but hidden themselves ,, but ancient history shows the truth ,, these genetic engineers have been on Earth a long time ,, Now they want planetary de-population and control,, They know humans are very easy to control and manipulate and turn into energy slaves ,, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, Money = Slavery = Energy ,, There is strength in numbers ,, but the numbers have been distracted by tv ,, movies ,, drugs ,, work ,, debt ,, poverty ,, social control & compliance ,, viruses ,, ie genetically engineered viruses ,, technology (spyware etc,,,,,,) ,, and totally controlled by money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, I'd love to hear about a way out of the control system where the few control the many! How can the many resist the few ,, ? (Apart from saying prayers to a silent God) ,,
  9. I watched the movie The Shining again earlier ,, and there was a bit when the kid is trapped in a maze and somehow finds his way out ,, It's like the whole movie is a bad dream ,, but he knew how to get out of the maze ,, Like getting himself out of the nightmare mess ,, It's like a chunk of synchronicity ,, where Stanley is offering alternative truths. ,, The Way Out of This Mess is probably a relative question ,, eg ,, if you were the son or daughter of a billionaire satanic zionist mason ,, and absolutely loaded ,, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,, you would say ,, ''What mess'' ? But if you were an awakened person ,, you would see the situation as it is.
  10. How does one (or more) defeat the global zionist satanic brigade when they have everyone trapped in an illusory dreamword? ,, and control all the planets money ,,? And have everyone trapped in the illusion that money = power and control ,, Praying doesn't work ,, in my experience ,, and fighting doesn't work either ,, unless you wanna go to jail for protesting ,, You don't 'fight' for freedom ,, as David says ,, The only thing that will free humanity is a global awakening to the fact that the monetary banking system has been engineered to control the masses and turn them into slaves for the super rich ,, (batteries) ,, But ,, sheeple love being the sheeple they have been trained to be ,, ! And slaving for the rich. Now that technology and AI are increasingly controlling the masses ,, the hope of a true awakening seems distant and futile ,, This is just my opinion based on observation ,, I could be wrong ,, and I do know Infinite Love is the Only Truth ,,
  11. oz ,, I gave it a go ,, I prayed and prayed ,, I prayed for divine intervention ,, I prayed to win the Lotto so I could escape to freedom ,, and I prayed for loads of other stuff ,, But,, I woke up the next day ,, and nothing new ,, different day same old crap ,, Maybe praying works for you oz! ?
  12. If ignorance is bliss ,, why did god give everyone a personality that questions things? And why did she also create evil ,, does evil always have to go hand in hand with free will? and why does free will sometimes lurk in the dark side? Maybe the blend of human reptile DNA has created a race of slaves that are not always as compliant as the Zionist rich people (the few) would like ,, hence all the laws and education and sanctions ,, yep ,, the control system ,, And ,, does knowing the truth really make you free? What if it's all a big dream? Maybe we will never know all the answers ,, because we're only here for a tiny bit of space time ,, But ,, even that's an illusion ,,
  13. I think this could be a joke ,, All I saw was loads of targeted advertising stuff ,, and loads of fake testimonies ,, If a rich child of an Illuminati/Rothschild parent made a website ,, it would probably look like this ,, And ,, In the bible I'm sure it said somewhere about the people not knowing about the difference between the light and the dark. What does Giants Awakening mean? If only all the populations could wake up ,, Size is a perception ,, an illusion ,, a decoding end/emergent product of the brain ,, It's all an Illusion ,, a Hacked Reality ,, A dreamworld ,,
  14. What if there is no way out of this mess? Because money controls everything ,, ie ,, Those that own all the money,, mainly the Churches and the Global Governments ,, How do poor people rise up against the rich few that NOW control technology ,, and total global digital banking and all of the internet ,, ? We're forced to remain as compliant sheepyz ,, Resistance is futile ,, But ,, it would be good to think there is a way out ,, But ,, if the few were eliminated by the many ,, what then? All live happily ever after maybe ,,
  15. And remember everyone ,, always look to the left and look to the right ,, and only then make an informed decision after looking both ways ,, I have noticed though ,, most kids nowadays ,, with there headphones on ,, never look either way ,, ! Like an accident waiting to happen ,, coz most drivers are talking on their phones ,, and not looking ,,
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