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  1. The Hunga Tonga underwater volcano eruption last year sent unprecedented volumes of water into the stratosphere. It may be a more plausible explanation for the unprecedented temperatures and rainfall this year. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/tonga-eruption-blasted-unprecedented-amount-of-water-into-stratosphere What goes up, must come down (eventually).
  2. Let's be generous and assume that Brian has a soul. He is going to be so surprised when he gets to the Pearly Gates and finds that he still exists.
  3. I've met many people that I already knew/ was meant to meet. Take the opportunities to talk with people when you get them as you may be the person they are meant to meet as well as them being the person you are meant to meet. Maybe some lives are trickier than others so you need more people to keep you on track or maybe they are there in everyone's life, just that we only notice the really significant encounters.
  4. Red top headlines in the UK today seem to be aimed at creating a panic buying rush.
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