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  1. I've got a friend who abides by the theory. He doesn't believe in the covid pandemic and thinks its a waste of time. I find the theory quite interesting and could explain a lot of things. He also thinks that the vaccine will have no negative effect because only our body can create these 'so-called' side effects due to a conflict. I once told him that I take vitamin d everyday and get out in the sun so I won't get the virus. He says that Vitamin D does nothing for you, but it's the thought of taking this vitamin that is perceived to be good that keeps your body happy and healthy. So if this theory is actually how we get ill, how can we explain the reports of the vaccine reactions? The Blood Vessels (learninggnm.com) website for instance says blood clotting results from a self devaluating conflict, or loss of self worth I don't know how to persuade my friend otherwise. Can these vaccines inflict conflicts unbeknownst to us and send our bodies haywire? Or should we just take the vaccine, think happy thoughts and will be all right (and get our vaccine passport to Neverland!)
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