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  1. Unfortunately, up here in Scotland the slimy dictator wee Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon has gone ahead with vaccine passports and they become law on October 1. I don’t think people in England should be glad that vaccine passports have been cancelled just yet because I reckon England are just holding off to see how well the passports will do in Scotland and again us Scots are the guinea pigs only this time it’s slimey Sturgeon and her SNP cronies who are treating the Scots like guinea pigs instead of the Tories.
  2. If William Wallace was still alive he would be ashamed of that awful megolamaniac and she and her SNP cronies would be a bigger enemy than the English.
  3. No way am I taking that Covid vaccine poison. A friend of mine has been complaining of severe hip pain since getting her second jab over a month ago and she is still in severe pain. She has never had hip pain before and we are wondering if it’s the jab that’s caused it. She has to wait a long time for a scan with the NHS due to Covid. Quite frankly I think when people were clapping for the NHS during this scamdemic they were actually clapping to the demise of the NHS and didn’t know it.
  4. The wearing of masks is still mandatory in Scotland under the dictatorship of wee Jimmy Krankie. Mask wearing will still be mandatory even on and after freedom day on 9th August 2021. That woman is so bad I can see her being the first to introduce Covid passports.
  5. So much for freedom day or level zero as it’s called up in Scotland. Still the same shit of wearing masks, social distancing and all that bollocks. I went to the dentist today and still I had to use sanitizer and wear a mask and the waiting room still only had 4 chairs which were two metres apart. What a load of bollocks.
  6. Scotland goes into level zero tomorrow yet wee Jimmy Krankie insists that mandatory mask wearing will continue for some time to come. What a joke and disgrace this disgusting woman is.
  7. Thanks for the reply. My leg and buttock pain is driving me mad. I thought it was getting better yesterday afternoon as I was able to sit, stand and walk without much pain but by the evening the pain returned. I have done exercises, massage and I even bought a TEN machine thinking it would help with the pain but it’s making it worse. I am beginning to wonder if all this is psychosomatic as I’ve been through a lot of stress with my flat and other things.
  8. I would like some advise if possible how to get relief. This pain has been ongoing 24/7 since yesterday morning and is driving me crazy and all my GP tells me to do is take pain killers but it’s isn’t making any difference. I’ve also tried some exercises that usually help but they aren’t this time. Please advise.
  9. I’ve been suffering a lot of stress lately and I had bad acid reflux yesterday morning which cleared by the afternoon then I started having pain in my right side of my lower back just right above my buttock which is spreading down my right leg. The pain sort of got a bit better but this morning when I got up I am now getting excruciating pain when standing. This pain is temporarily eased a little when I’m lying down but when I get up the pain gets worse. Due to this I am having to lie on the sofa with a heated pad under my buttock.
  10. Fortunately, the guy didn’t have a chance to take photos as I put my foot down and told him I wasn’t happy and he left. According to the council tenant handbook if my door keys are lost then I have to get new locks fitted in which suggests to me that the council don’t keep a copy of my door key.
  11. As one of the symptoms of my anxiety is paranoia is it possible that this guy from the council who visited me today for a quote could get a copy of my door key from the council and help himself into my flat when I’m out and start taking photos since I refused for him to take photos when he visited me? I know it sounds crazy but it’s bothering me.
  12. Hi res photos of documents? What do you mean?
  13. My support worker contacted the council for them to quote how much I’d be to get some stuff dumped as my flat is in a bit of a mess and she and myself feel that a tidy flat will do wonders on my mental health. Anyway a guy from the council appeared to get a quote and I showed him what I was needing cleared and disposed of and he then pulled out his iPhone and was away to take photos in my flat until I told him that I am unhappy and uncomfortable about this. He told me it will only be shared by the council to get the quote calculated but still I wasn’t happy so he put his iPhone away and left. I am annoyed that the guy didn’t ask my consent to take photos when he phoned me to arrange the quote as I would of told him that so don’t give my consent as I don’t like getting photos taken. However, I cannot stop thinking that I’ve done the wrong thing even though if he had taken photos it would of bothered me.
  14. I received a letter a few weeks ago for me to get the dreaded Covid vaccine. I ignored the letter and used it as cat litter. I refuse to be injected by stuff that’s experimental and has caused a lot of disturbing side effects for many people. My mental health group therapy classes return this week but I’m dreading going to them because I know it will be a foregone conclusion that I will be asked by nosey staff and clients if I’ve been vaccinated. I could lie and say I have but I won’t. I fear some of the clients may get violent and panic if I tell the truth and say I haven’t had the jab.
  15. I’ve moved this to the correct topic on this forum.
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