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  1. Oh well. I doubt no one on this forum has used a weighted blanket for anxiety or knows about them considering the lack of replies. I’ll get info elsewhere.
  2. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and I feel on edge when I’m in bed before sleep. Somehow even though I feel dizzy and anxious and some slight feelings I’m on a rollercoaster I still manage to get to sleep. The problem is when I wake in the middle of the night with my mind racing, feeling very anxious and irritable and fast heart rate and the dreaded rollercoaster feeling. I then googled weighted blankets and a lot of people of have tried them have said they help with their sleep and are godo for people with insomnia and anxiety as the weight of the blankets ground the body re
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/nicola-sturgeon-congratulates-joe-biden-22974095 What a vile little scumbag this woman is.
  4. No social distancing and not a mask in sight. The only chance of seeing someone wearing a mask would be a nylon stocking masked robber robbing the tills. In 2020 the Covid 19 farce changed all that.
  5. As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum they have started this traffic light bollocks at my local Tesco where you have to queue out in the pissing rain and cold winter weather. Shopping at Tesco is getting more and more like shopping in an Orwellian world and it’s got to the point now where I now shop at Lidl. Atleast at Lidl the shopping experience is more relaxed and normal for someone like me who suffers anxiety and panic disorder even though Lidl is also full of mask wearing zombies.
  6. My support worker who I see for my anxiety and panic disorder was telling me that it’s inevitable that Scotland will go into full lockdown too. Wee Krankie is apparently waiting for the furlough to be updated then it’s to full lockdown. My support worker also told me that there are plans for the lockdown to be relaxed for four days during Christmas which I think is outrageous and pathetic. So this means that the virus will be taken a holiday over Christmas too then back to infecting people when Christmas is over. You couldn’t make this shit up.
  7. There is still time and when she does get the Covid then she will blame it on the English and put Scotland into tier 4 full lockdown and her excuse will be “it’s England’s fault” thus making the sheep up the vote for Scottish independence. It’s all planned.
  8. I know it’s predictable but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if wee Jimmy Krankie puts the whole of Scotland into tier 4 full lockdown not long after England goes into lockdown. This is all a farce and all those cunt governments in every nation in the U.K. are reading from the same script.
  9. When Boris says a full national lockdown does that mean England or the UK. If it’s just England then I suspect wee Jimmy Krankie will follow by putting the whole of Scotland into tier 4 full lockdown.
  10. I refuse to go on any medication so I started attending anxiety groups for therapy which were helping me until the anxiety groups had to close down due to this pathetic lockdown. Now I’m verging back to square one which has made me very angry. I really despise this bullshit government and all the others in control. They are pure evil.
  11. Yeah the government and elite don’t care about people like me with mental health conditions and would rather we all died so in my mind too this is part of the plan to get rid of us and others too.
  12. So another full national lockdown next week. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and I’m getting really pissed off with this Covid lockdown bullshit now and it’s affecting my mental health all this bollocks. No doubt when this lockdown ends it will be mandatory to wear those awful masks everywhere even in bed.
  13. I was at Tesco and they have started the traffic light system at the entrance meaning shoppers queuing outside in the pissing rain and winter weather wearing masks. It’s so bloody depressing. So not only will mask wearing jeopardise health but queuing outside Tesco in the cold winter weather will too which will be a good excuse for the government to say there is a rise in Covid19.
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