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  1. According to the DPD covid delivery rules it says that my front door has to be opened before the delivery driver takes a photo. It says that I don’t need to be on the photo but it bothers me that there will be a photo of my door opened showing the inside of my house. I am a private person and do not like the idea of photos of me or the inside of my house. I don’t mind a photo of the parcel with my front door closed. As for Amazon I don’t like them either but unfortunately some of the items I want to buy are only available via Amazon.
  2. I’ve found an option in the DPD site to get it delivered at a pick up point but I’m worried that the shop owner of the pick up point may want to take a photo of me and the parcel as proof of delivery for DPD and Amazon. Does this happen?
  3. Unfortunately, it’s too late to change it to be delivered to pick up point. I searched in my account to see if I can but there is no way in changing it.
  4. I bought an item from Amazon and got an email telling me that the item has been dispatched and will be delivered by DPD. However, because of this Covid nonsense the email explains that the delivery driver will take a photo of the parcel at my door as proof of delivery. However, I don’t want this to happen. Any ideas how I can stop him taking a photo?
  5. This Bill Gates wanker really needs to be silenced. He really is an evil piece of scum and a complete psychotic murderer.
  6. Yeah, this mess really is making me unwell as I have an anxiety and panic disorder and have done for years. However, when this COVID bullshit came to light back in March I knew it was a setup and the virus didn’t really scare me. What scares me and brings me great anxiety is what those draconian restrictions and lockdowns are leading to. The government want us dead.
  7. A great many will take the vaccine to avoid starvation but what’s the point if the vaccine is going to kill you anyway.
  8. It’s a catch 22 situation because if you get the vaccine you will die and if you refuse the vaccine then you will not be able to shop for food or other essentials and die through starvation. This really is giving me great anxiety as I am going to refuse the vaccine but I’m also scared of dying from starvation.
  9. It looks like people who refuse the poisonous vaccine will have to starve instead.
  10. I am not one for taking pharmaceutical drugs and medication and I don’t believe in them. However, I have been thinking of taking propranolol to ease the symptoms of my anxiety and stress. Due to stress and anxiety I get a lot of migraines, tension headaches, nausea and muscle tension. Even though it’s original use was as a beta blocker I have been reading that propranolol is a good effective treatment for migraines and tension headaches. My doctor has offered me propranolol in the past but I have refused because I fear taking pharmaceutical medication because of the bad side
  11. I’ve been into electronic music since I was a kid and I make my own music as it’s a very relaxing hobby. I’ve been collecting synths and samplers since I got my first professional synth a Roland Juno 106 away back in 1991. My collection consists of synths from Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno 106 and Roland D50 to the more modern synths like Korg Prologue and Roland JD-XA. I have over fifty synths in my collection. I am also learning guitar and it’s been great for relaxing and getting over anxiety and depressing. If it wasn’t for my love of music and playing guitar and synths I’d b
  12. The digital audio device was bought from Amazon Warehouse and listed as used but as new with damage to the box. What the description should of read was “used empty box”. Anyway, I managed to get a refund but I have to wait from 3 to 7 working days for the refund to appear in my bank account.
  13. I don’t really like shopping online but just recently I created an account with Amazon UK because I was looking for a digital audio device for my music production. Anyway I seen an audio device on Amazon UK and purchased it. It was very expensive. Anyway, the delivery was very fast and I received it earlier than expected. This was all good until I opened to box and to my shock and horror it was empty. There was no audio device in the box. I then contacted Amazon UK and give them their due they managed to refund me. However I have to wait until next week before the money is
  14. Thanks for the replies. I phoned up my gas and electricity supplier to complain and they gave me £10 credit on my meter as a goodwill gesture and they cancelled the installation of those dreaded smart meters. For the mental torment it caused me (as I have an anxiety and panic disorder) I expected more than £10 credit but it’s better than nothing.
  15. I rent my property from the local council. So maybe they agreed for smart meter to be installed.
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