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  1. Unfortunately, the items I’m wanting can only be bought from online stores. I’ve tried asking for items I’ve wanted in high street shops but in return I get told from them to go online instead. So I’m not the problem like you say I am. I thought I’d make myself clear on that matter.
  2. It’s great to see the demise of wee Krankie and her resignation is a pure delight. However, there will no doubt be another slimey piece of scum from SNP taking over as First Minister.
  3. So this means she is the shortest running PM in British history. :)
  4. I don’t understand why the camera was looking for me as I did nothing wrong and didn’t look suspicious. I was only in to buy something and browse and then I left. This is quite worrying.
  5. What sort of stickers do they have on the door?
  6. I was in my local Boots and as I was leaving the shop after purchasing goods, I noticed on the CCTV screen that there was a red square following my face. Does anyone know what the red square is for. I have never seen this before on CCTV screens and it’s left me feeling paranoid. I’m thinking it could be facial recognition but why the red square? I am an honest law abiding citizen but I don’t like the feeling I am treated like a criminal.
  7. I had a whole topic about anxiety on the old DI forum. I have always been a sensitive person and the most trivial in things would bother me. I’ve been through emotional stress from time to time. It wasn’t until not long after my beloved mother passed away from cancer that I got worse. One night due to severe grief and emotional stress I had a bad ocular migraine where I started getting wavy lines and distorted colours in my vision which triggered off a panic attack because I thought I was having a stroke. I was rushed to hospital where I was checked out but everything was fine and they told me it was a panic attack due to the fear caused by having an ocular migraine and migraine aura. I went back home but 2 weeks later I experienced the worst panic attack ever and it was the most terrifying experience I’ve had in my life. I was dizzy, breathing fast as if I was going to chock and my heart was racing and I was shaking and I had this feeling of impending doom. This lasted half an hour but after that I felt like a zombie and the world didn’t feel real anymore which I believe is called depersonalisation and derealisation. I also started developing phobias and I was bed ridden for months with anxiety and feeling spaced out and unwell. I then started doing research and looking for things about anxiety and panic attacks and came across a woman called Dr Claire Weekes who mentioned that the only way to get through anxiety and panic attacks is to accept, float and let time pass. This takes a bit of getting used to practice but after a while I’ve seen a bit of a difference. My anxiety isn’t has bad as it used to be but I still feel a bit spaced out and I still get migraine headaches and other pain around the body which is psychosomatic but I get less if no panic attacks now.
  8. Monkeypox what a load of bollocks. It was obvious those cunts would invent another disease to get the thick, stupid and gullible public in fear mode again. Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon will love this and will do anything to get Scotland locked down again and us wearing masks before the rest of the UK.
  9. Looks like the slimey horrible dictator Sturgeon aka Jimmy Krankie has done a U turn and cancelled ditching mandatory mask wearing in Scotland. So mandatory masks in Scotland will continue for weeks to come. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10614863/Nicola-Sturgeon-told-axe-remaining-Scottish-Covid-restrictions-MONDAY.html
  10. Looks like mandatory face masks in Scotland will be ditched next month. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10538055/Nicola-Sturgeon-slams-Boris-Johnsons-decision-axe-free-Covid-tests.html
  11. Yikes! It looks like that 1980s pop singer Marilyn.
  12. It won’t be long before that wee poison dwarf Sturgeon aka wee Jimmy Krankie will be following Austria’s footsteps by making the killer vaccine mandatory. Life in Scotland is becoming more and more grim by the day all because of SNP.
  13. I’ve started attending my group therapy classes after they were shut due to lockdown. I attend those groups as I suffer anxiety and panic disorder. Anyway it’s proven to be a waste of time as all the people in my class wear those awful face nappies. This is really quite frustrating as the whole point of the group therapy is to connect with other people and one of the most important aspects of connecting and communicating with people is through facial expressions and seeing other people’s faces which is impossible due to the fact their faces are covered by those masks. I am the only person there not wearing a face nappie and when communicating I’d be just as well communicating with high street shop mannequins as the rest of them wear those face masks due to the new covid rules at my group therapy.
  14. Unfortunately, up here in Scotland the slimy dictator wee Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon has gone ahead with vaccine passports and they become law on October 1. I don’t think people in England should be glad that vaccine passports have been cancelled just yet because I reckon England are just holding off to see how well the passports will do in Scotland and again us Scots are the guinea pigs only this time it’s slimey Sturgeon and her SNP cronies who are treating the Scots like guinea pigs instead of the Tories.
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