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  1. Monkeypox what a load of bollocks. It was obvious those cunts would invent another disease to get the thick, stupid and gullible public in fear mode again. Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon will love this and will do anything to get Scotland locked down again and us wearing masks before the rest of the UK.
  2. Looks like the slimey horrible dictator Sturgeon aka Jimmy Krankie has done a U turn and cancelled ditching mandatory mask wearing in Scotland. So mandatory masks in Scotland will continue for weeks to come. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10614863/Nicola-Sturgeon-told-axe-remaining-Scottish-Covid-restrictions-MONDAY.html
  3. Looks like mandatory face masks in Scotland will be ditched next month. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10538055/Nicola-Sturgeon-slams-Boris-Johnsons-decision-axe-free-Covid-tests.html
  4. Yikes! It looks like that 1980s pop singer Marilyn.
  5. It won’t be long before that wee poison dwarf Sturgeon aka wee Jimmy Krankie will be following Austria’s footsteps by making the killer vaccine mandatory. Life in Scotland is becoming more and more grim by the day all because of SNP.
  6. I’ve started attending my group therapy classes after they were shut due to lockdown. I attend those groups as I suffer anxiety and panic disorder. Anyway it’s proven to be a waste of time as all the people in my class wear those awful face nappies. This is really quite frustrating as the whole point of the group therapy is to connect with other people and one of the most important aspects of connecting and communicating with people is through facial expressions and seeing other people’s faces which is impossible due to the fact their faces are covered by those masks. I am the only person there not wearing a face nappie and when communicating I’d be just as well communicating with high street shop mannequins as the rest of them wear those face masks due to the new covid rules at my group therapy.
  7. Unfortunately, up here in Scotland the slimy dictator wee Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon has gone ahead with vaccine passports and they become law on October 1. I don’t think people in England should be glad that vaccine passports have been cancelled just yet because I reckon England are just holding off to see how well the passports will do in Scotland and again us Scots are the guinea pigs only this time it’s slimey Sturgeon and her SNP cronies who are treating the Scots like guinea pigs instead of the Tories.
  8. If William Wallace was still alive he would be ashamed of that awful megolamaniac and she and her SNP cronies would be a bigger enemy than the English.
  9. No way am I taking that Covid vaccine poison. A friend of mine has been complaining of severe hip pain since getting her second jab over a month ago and she is still in severe pain. She has never had hip pain before and we are wondering if it’s the jab that’s caused it. She has to wait a long time for a scan with the NHS due to Covid. Quite frankly I think when people were clapping for the NHS during this scamdemic they were actually clapping to the demise of the NHS and didn’t know it.
  10. The wearing of masks is still mandatory in Scotland under the dictatorship of wee Jimmy Krankie. Mask wearing will still be mandatory even on and after freedom day on 9th August 2021. That woman is so bad I can see her being the first to introduce Covid passports.
  11. So much for freedom day or level zero as it’s called up in Scotland. Still the same shit of wearing masks, social distancing and all that bollocks. I went to the dentist today and still I had to use sanitizer and wear a mask and the waiting room still only had 4 chairs which were two metres apart. What a load of bollocks.
  12. Scotland goes into level zero tomorrow yet wee Jimmy Krankie insists that mandatory mask wearing will continue for some time to come. What a joke and disgrace this disgusting woman is.
  13. Thanks for the reply. My leg and buttock pain is driving me mad. I thought it was getting better yesterday afternoon as I was able to sit, stand and walk without much pain but by the evening the pain returned. I have done exercises, massage and I even bought a TEN machine thinking it would help with the pain but it’s making it worse. I am beginning to wonder if all this is psychosomatic as I’ve been through a lot of stress with my flat and other things.
  14. I would like some advise if possible how to get relief. This pain has been ongoing 24/7 since yesterday morning and is driving me crazy and all my GP tells me to do is take pain killers but it’s isn’t making any difference. I’ve also tried some exercises that usually help but they aren’t this time. Please advise.
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