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  1. Interesting reading this thread, and I do not agree that Common Law is muppetry at all. In my opinion, Common Law 'was' the law the whole world abided by (Common Law is the human element of Natural/Universal/God's Law) until the b*stard elite decided to hijack it (like they do everything) and introduce Statutes/Acts of Parliament. They did this by way of introducing/enacting such a 'law', which is an 'Act' until it's given the force of law by the people (consensus facit legim). The Act concerned is the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. Rushed in after 'they' created the great fire of London to wipe out all records of the time (records of people's ownership etc). All this sound familiar? The '666' of the Act is no coincidence and it was the(ir) 'Great Reset' of that time, for example. Acts of Parliament are exactly that, an 'Act' - written rules and regulations that the people (newly formed 'legal persons', dead entities, NOT living men/women, ie. corporations) have to abide by. There is a reason Acts of Parliaments do not have the word law in them. I am 'studying' Common Law, sovereignty etc as best I can. People, once they realise they have been tricked by the above, can regain their sovereignty (simply by declaring it whenever they are questioned by 'agents' of statute) and they can dispense this corporate law of statutes. I have done exactly that with my local council and no longer pay council tax. In respect of Common Law, I am suspicious of the Common Law Court website, as, ultimately, it is standing your ground as a sovereign living man/woman that counts, not registering all and sundry to another 'party', ie. the commonlawcourt.com. Legalese is 'real' thing you should be aware of and educate yourself with, and look up what 'registering' actually means. However, I will admit that the CLC website does contain useful information. That's my take on CL to date anyway!
  2. Hi. I'm aware of the BC bond, but not actually sure how 'real' it is. For me, mine matured donkeys years ago, why is that? What does that mean? Can anybody shed any light on how these bonds work in the 'real', live, world, practically? Ta.
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