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  1. What? Christians reject reincarnation, particularly the bible. What does the Bible say about reincarnation? | Bible.org
  2. @Grumpy OwlI found this, which was quite interesting - The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man! - Scientific American Blog Network I particularly liked this paragraph: "An interesting phenomenon occurs when different vibrating things/processes come into proximity: they will often start, after a little time, to vibrate together at the same frequency. They “sync up,” sometimes in ways that can seem mysterious. This is described today as the phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization." It goes into detail further below and it all makes a crazy kind of sense - I've long ago known about the atmosphere in a room, where you get this feeling of a whole variety of emotions just picking up from the people. What I would like to see is the idea about how it all hangs together scientifically analysed and shown in extensive detail. For left-brain thinkers which I believe I am dominant, it would be a great way to spread such information. I am still not seeing details about specific frequencies etc., their effects or how they are detected and correlated. I am sourcing out some publications from Pascal Fries because he seems to be doing work in this field - but many of his articles cost money to view.
  3. I have read up to the 911 one. My fave was Robot's Rebellion - fantastic destruction of religion. I never saw a concise explanation of this.
  4. It's also related to patterns. Plus you have now mentally made a note of it so will automatically notice it more. I remember a while back when people started commenting on phantom planets and I started spending more time looking at the night skies and suddenly seeing things that I had never noticed before, that were always there.
  5. It was sub-orbital from reading the mission brief, so you won't see the whole of the Earth. "I love it. I love it!": Wally Funk makes history during Blue Origin's launch to space - CBS News "For Funk, the countdown to this day lasted 60 years. She said Tuesday's trip to space was fantastic. "I love it. I love it!" she said as she floated in zero gravity."
  6. I never could understand what people meant about raising vibrations. Vibrations of what - can you explain this to me?
  7. The Daily Star is the equivalent of somebody writing on the wall of a toilet. The Moon has always done this and it is nothing at all - a small variance in tides.
  8. Google and Yahoo are heavily restrictive. Try this one - Yandex
  9. Makes one wonder how easy it is to misuse sound as well as it is to heal with it.
  10. Straight away into anyone's psyche - "child sex" offences. Now I'm all for extremely hefty deterrents on this, even as far as both balls squished in a vice! But, and here is the big but. If they are definitely guilty. They "cannot be identified for legal reasons" is the tagline. So what actually goes down here? Firstly the police arrest somebody and "to protect their anonymity" the police give his profession and age only. ONLY?? Premier league aged 31. That creates an exclusive list of around 25 players. Suddenly social media lights up with this very thing and a whole host of nutters start posting fake news about who it is. Then, and can anyone actually believe how dumb this is - Everton FC admit it is their first team player and he has been suspended. Suddenly the list is down to 2 players! One player gets the opening flak, followed by the other. Icelandic newspapers post "the scoop" and we are down to 1 player getting hammered on youtube, facebook, twitter, tiktok - almost guaranteed never to be removed. Google it, I'm not putting his name up. Reality: whatever way you look at this he's stuck with this forever regardless of whether he has done anything. This is dead clumsy from the police and the bullshit that follows is the internet and social media striking yet again. Everton players want team-mate arrested over suspected child sex offences to be named - Mirror Online The police haven't even completed their investigations - but the online clowns have reached their verdict. Sarcastic applause,
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