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  1. I am struggling with the reality of today, that we could be eventually rounded up and vexxed for the greater good be that next month or next year+, and to be completely honest, I'd rather be outta here before that's a reality so I don't have to try anything drastic.


    But if I'm not - I wonder what is acceptable. How far is too far when resisting. Is it the moment you cause harm to another? No matter their attempts to harm you?


    Is there any leeway in your actions. I am interested in opinions. I admit I have had dark thoughts about resisting until the end, and just because I can see the endgame does not justify automatically the harm of others that are following the script. They are just as lost.


    I was against stories of god for most my life but I cannot any longer deny the chips are falling into place here.

    So, far from being an attempt to fish for lunatics that want to incriminate themselves I ask here how far is too far? and will you notice the threshold if it comes to it.. and give in.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

    Dr Hilary means do as he says, not as he does. “people at Wembley, most of them might be wearing masks but none of them will be when they are sitting down, will they” Says Dr Hilary sat down at a crowded Wimbledon…Without a mask.






    That's his stick of rock tie. If you view the inside, it says F'n Hypocrite right through it

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