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  1. People in Liverpool are saying that the perpetrators were 3 Muslims that were picked up by a taxi driver in the Kensington area of the city, and they asked to be taken to a memorial procession in the centre of the city. The taxi was held up in bad traffic, so the perpetrators asked to be taken to the women’s hospital instead. The taxi driver is said to have been spooked by their behaviour, and managed to jump out of his taxi and lock the perpetrators in the taxi, who blew themselves up at 11am.
  2. I can’t agree with this ‘what you think, you will become’ concept. I’ll agree that an individual’s attitude can possibly impact upon their life experience. But a persons thoughts are very much limited in how they can effect reality. A man thinking they are a woman doesn’t actually make them a woman, is just one example of an infinite amount of examples that debunk this concept. In truth, this concept is the type of nice sounding platitude that you see women posting all over Facebook. It’s just not true, though.
  3. The mayor is right regardless of his class status. The City of Liverpool doesn’t benefit from mothballed docks with no utility. It didn’t benefit from having ‘heritage status’ either’. The redevelopment of Albert Dock did wonders for the City of Liverpool, and the new proposed developments will benefit the city further, and much more than some useless ‘heritage status’.
  4. It definitely exists. Try spending a day looking after someone living with severe autism if you are in any doubt.
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