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  1. Yep, not seen advertisement for starting point anywhere else
  2. Let’s show these satanic f#c#e#s that they can stick their new world order up their arse. Love over fear.
  3. See you all there. The “conspiracy theorists” are coming to town. Brace yourselves
  4. See you all tomorrow! Nothing can stop the great awakening
  5. Let’s go! Nothing to lose; eveeything to gain.
  6. Red Pilled

    City of London

    That’s understandable, friend. I wish I had time to stay for the march.
  7. Red Pilled

    City of London

    For me, Piers went on too long. The rapping was hard to bear also; I think many others felt the same judging from what I observed. Daithi, what did you expect when you made the decision to attend? As always, my anger was fuelled towards MSM when I got home and the buzz died. Louise Hampton nailed it when calling them scum- that’s how i’ve referred to them for some time now. The reception we gave to Vernon Coleman was emotional for me. He well deserved it.
  8. Red Pilled

    City of London

    Let’s not forget that we wouldn’t have hundreds of thousands on the streets of London this year without having grown the resistance via promotion in its various forms, not least through persevering in marches. I agree with Michael; but I understand the frustration of others as I have and continue to fall victim to it.
  9. Location, please!
  10. until

    Wish I could make it to this one. I’ll see you on the 24th, my brothers and sisters . Give ‘em hell- or should I say heaven?
  11. until

    Come on, people of the world, LET’S GO
  12. Best of luck to everyone who attends this. I’ll be there for the big one .
  13. until

    I second that.
  14. until

    See you all on the 29th! Keep the positivity up
  15. until

    I’m going to have a look at the video recordings today to see if there were any . Great turnout and atmosphere. I was proud to be there with all of you.
  16. until

    This has already been answered, but I want to add: It was lovely to see so many families attend on that special day. I noticed couples clinging to each other in previous marches in fair numbers (not only to form barriers ) and it made me smile. I’d say the more children the better, as it’s a constant reminder to all adults attending marches of exactly why they -we- are doing this. Hopefully it will deter Police involvement also.
  17. until

    Sorry, I meant TRAIN tickets. You were right to point it out. Thank you.
  18. until

    Link arms if police are looking likely to engage, and pull each other out of trouble.
  19. until

    I’d leave booking tickets for as late as possible; keep an eye on the 29th for changes. Let’s get our asses there again lest the momentum drops. THE LION SLEEPS NO MORE.
  20. Best wishes for today, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully see you in London next month.
  21. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8BmgXAvxBepJ/ latest Icke and Gareth. Yeh, he explains in his latest video what happened.
  22. True. I wanted to go up the steps to the front, knowing that the Icke’s were probably still up there. I don’t think I could have stood by to watch the police take either of them away. Not wanting to spoil the event for everyone else was also in my mind. Did David get arrested?
  23. until

    What a disgrace the police were later on. Bloody brilliant turnout though. The march to Hyde park was amazing. I’m Proud of my fellow brothers and sisters.
  24. until

    That’s good to know. See you there, my friend .
  25. until

    “Come on, people of the world, let’s go!”
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