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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8BmgXAvxBepJ/ latest Icke and Gareth. Yeh, he explains in his latest video what happened.
  2. True. I wanted to go up the steps to the front, knowing that the Icke’s were probably still up there. I don’t think I could have stood by to watch the police take either of them away. Not wanting to spoil the event for everyone else was also in my mind. Did David get arrested?
  3. until

    What a disgrace the police were later on. Bloody brilliant turnout though. The march to Hyde park was amazing. I’m Proud of my fellow brothers and sisters.
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    That’s good to know. See you there, my friend .
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    “Come on, people of the world, let’s go!”
  6. until

    Get your wees and teas in, ladies and gentlemen!
  7. until

    Only introduction clips for me at the moment.
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    It sure is, my friend. I’m doing a lot more that I feel to be right these days; and i’m expressing my opinions with less fear of what other people might say. I only refrain from voicing my opinion to those family members and friends that I know will make me angry with their arrogance and ignorance. You know the type- the ones you can never win an argument against because they watch the BBC and other mainstream media channels and are immovably convinced that these provide the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
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    It certainly wouldn’t surprise me or many others.
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    Mark Steele said in his Yorkshire Speech that London is being shut down on the 21st. Anybody heard this?
  12. Isn’t Icke doing a 5 hour presentation on this date? He’ll be in London again also?
  13. until

    I would like further confirmation of this please.
  14. I sent Waterstones a short and sharp message after this was revealed on the Icke website. I quoted a short passage from David’s letter and demanded his books be reshelved. I also meant to pop into the store in Trafalgar Square on the weekend, just for a laugh, to ask if they stocked any books by David Icke.
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