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  1. Hey, first post here =)


    Most of us know where the world is headed. We know how Covid was part of the Great Reset, how this is the largest operation ever conducted on the world by the ruling elite. And it's far from over. New "variants" will be released just as older ones lose effectiveness, until everything shuts down. International trade, travel, commerce of most kinds, will grind to a halt. Deaths from the vaccines will be attributed to these newer strains, the unvaxxed will be blamed as usual, and tension will be maintained for as long as possible. Eventually, when enough damage has been caused to global infrastructure, Smart Society 2.0 will be implemented, the Great Green Panopticon where its denizens own nothing, and are happy. 


    And I'm sure no one here wants that. So, knowing that this is the inevitable future, what can we do about it? After long thought, I believe the "only" hope is to band together in small, tight-knit communities, to weather the storm as long as it may last. Attempting to do this alone is simply too dangerous, and not smart. And if our communities grow too large, we risk attracting the ire of the State. But a small or medium sized community of 20-50 people, with varying skillsets, can become quite powerful. 


    I'm personally just waiting for cryptocurrency to make another boom, and then I plan on selling my house and doing exactly what I outlined above with a group of friends.  


    What do you think of this solution? Do you know enough people you trust to make such a life change?


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