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  1. one thing that is important ti specify , it is wrong to say that one man couldn't change the world , it is possible , i am totally in to that , the point is that require brute force in all it's expressions, and it seem that whoever told that to david wouldn't like that solution , but you know what , i don't care because my point is to save myself , not to take orders even from good guys , so i will have my way in to that
  2. among the lies we got told there is the one about have to eat only small amount of food in order to not get fat: for 25 years i managed to have a slender body and still eat way more that all the people around me do , none could explain how it was possible since people of all age around me couldn't do that , it is because of the infinite power and begins that we are and because this really is a fake reality , just a bunch of distorted data that we got trowed at in order to undergo constant attempts of be fooled , so essentially after 30 years i still have a perfect slender body even if i am not so constant in practicing sport , and infact , those bad guys reached the point were they had to threat me thru my friends and family in order to make my body become fat , but as a result i got even e better shape , see what they do ? less they can fool us , more they are forced to reveal themselves and their intentions and also forced to manipulate people around you that are fooled with what you know that is a lie , also sorry for my bad english but it is my second language
  3. to discover the work of two people that have a channel on youtube , one is rich2150x and the other one is Akvile Sava , basically they are doing the same thing done by david and many other people , and they are doing that in a very efficient way so it would be great if all of you and david directly talk with those two :D
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