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  1. Not sure if this was posted yet. Gove says people who don't get vaccinated are selfish. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-57987016 Nope, expecting other people to put questionable experimental drugs in their bodes is selfish pal.
  2. It's not an illusion, you just have to open your eyes when you go outside, especially in England. I don't mean 'we literally cannot possibly squeeze another person in' though, which perhaps is your definition. England is one of the most densely populated places on Earth and the quality of life here is less than it should be because of that. We need space to grow food and for drainage amongst other things, you know, to stop homes flooding and the like. The 'no vacancies' sign should have gone up in the 1950s, then Britain wouldn't have turned into a shithole.
  3. Japan and SK don't need to have the high population levels they currently have, and nor do we. A lower birth rate is only a temporary problem which will resolve itself with a generation or so, ie. 'the ageing population' and allegedly not enough younger people to pay and care for them. So what, we import millions of people who are hopelessly incompatible instead, and are usually net tax burdens, and think that will solve the problem do we? And just ignore that the immigrants will also get old and make the eventual problem even bigger. Japan and SK are right to resist multiculturalism and mass immigration which have been a disaster for the West. They need smaller populations in future in order to provide enough power and food for them to keep the lights on and feed themselves. More mouths to feed and more power generation is a far more serious and permanent problem than the temporary and perfectly manageable one of the 'ageing population'. The UK should have no more than 15-20 million people, not 70m and counting. Even 15-20m would make us more densely populated especially in England, than most other countries in the world. To keep deliberately increasing it sharply each year even while we need to import food and energy, and making that problem bigger each year, is absolutely criminal. And we were never asked if we wanted it to happen (because they knew we'd say NO).
  4. Overpopulation does need to be controlled, especially on this small island of Great Britain. Boris Johnson is doing nothing to stop that, in fact immigration under the Tories is higher than ever and has been relentlessly for over a decade. Huge illegal immigration, all approved by the entire British establishment. Even vaster legal immigration, year after year after year. Also we import the sorts of people who have big families and then pay them benefits to breed them. It's a funny kind of population control.
  5. Yep just like 'Tommy Robinson' who has fooled many working class British people into thinking he is on our side when in reality he taints any cause he is associated with, to a degree which must surely be intentional as nobody could be that stupid over and over again.
  6. Controlled opposition. By associating 'controversial' figures with the anti-vaccination side, like they associated her with the anti-mass immigration side and then get her saying stupid things like 'we need a final solution', so she makes the rest of us look like 'Nazis' by association because we don't want millions of hostile immigrants coming to take over our towns and cities. The best way to discredit a cause is to defend it badly.
  7. Another completely biased and hysterical article from the BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-57733540 So half a million died 'with' Covid, not necessarily of it. The BBC does its usual trick of stating scary sounding statistics out of context (in fact, 1.4 million people die each year in Brazil normally) and doesn't tell us how many people actually died 'of' Covid and what the actual excess death toll is. They also use weasel words 'many' people are against Bolsonaro, but doesn't say who those people are - his enemies presumably, like the BBC who call him 'far-right' which as well as being a white male naturally makes him a prime target. Brazil is densely populated and has over 200 million people, of course the death toll is going to be higher than somewhere like sparsely populated New Zealand with its wonderful 'progressive' prime minister who apparently is very clever for not having many Covid cases in a small country in the middle of nowhere.
  8. I referenced this in a Daily Mail Covid article comments section recently. I just said that a medical study was published recently which found that for every three lives the vaccines supposedly save, the vaccines themselves kill two people. Immediately I got responses which completely dismissed it out of hand, saying it was 'rubbish' and that no such study had been published. They didn't even think to pause and consider if it might be true. I see this has subsequently had an 'expression of concern' and then a 'retraction' published. I expect the hosting site didn't approve of the content. Nor, of course, has it ever appeared in any mainstream news source. I doubt any such study will ever be done, at least not honestly and in good faith.
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