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  1. The authorities are apparently now saying that the vaccine is 99.5%+ effective? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58545548 How then does that tally with this? https://theconversation.com/most-covid-deaths-in-england-now-are-in-the-vaccinated-heres-why-that-shouldnt-alarm-you-163671 https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2021/jun/27/why-most-people-who-now-die-with-covid-have-been-vaccinated
  2. The Mail is deleting factual comments about Covid. I replied to one comment earlier which said most deaths are of UNvaccinated people. I said actually, most deaths are now among the vaccinated. It was deleted by the Mail for misinformation, supposedly because it had been reported a lot. And yet, as we know: Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated https://theconversation.com/most-covid-deaths-in-england-now-are-in-the-vaccinated-heres-why-that-shouldnt-alarm-you-163671 Is the Army's 77th brigade mass-reporting posts which make people question the vaccine? Or is the Mail itself simply a state propaganda organ no different to China? Maybe a bit of both.
  3. You patronising ****. (REDACTED BY BASKETCASE MOD)
  4. Oooh... no mate, I know nothing about anything that you don't spoon feed me. My whole existence began the day I joined this forum you see. Yes that is sarcasm. You can stop being patronising now, I didn't come down in the last shower. Fucking hell, did you have a wank while you sought to impress me with your knowledge that I already have? Was it a good one?
  5. 'Millions' is the majority now is it? Can you read bro? Or do you just see what you want to see. Fucktard did you say? Is everyone here 12 years old? Or just mentally?
  6. Whether because he's thick or because he's compromised or whatever it is, they usually seem to pick politicians who can be relied upon to do what they're told, whether wittingly or unwittingly.
  7. Jesus people here are so quick to go on the attack when someone thinks and asks questions, it's pathetic. 'your handlers' you are a moron pal. But here, you are in good company.
  8. Ok mate. I'm new to this forum, not to the internet or life in general. But maybe one day I will be as enlightened as you *yawn*
  9. This is a rational viewpoint which I think is shared by millions. My guess, if it was some sort of hoax or exaggerated threat, they probably wouldn't tell the politicians anyway, who don't exactly seem to be the sharpest tools in shed (Boris Johnson for example). It's above their pay grade. I can believe the politicians panicked and believed the dire predictions of catastrophe and overreacted, and then painted themselves (and us) into a corner. And yes, the whole thing is definitely being used to push all kinds of privacy-eroding / ending stuff through on the back of it, whether planned or opportunistically.
  10. They don't claim to cure them either though do they. Big pharma don't CLAIM to cure those things, they claim to prevent them, and as things like polio have been eradicated, are they wrong? I'm not a scientist or expert, maybe you are, but probably not. The idea some nobody went to court in Alberta and used some technical argument and got the country to remove restrictions and prove Covid is a 'hoax' (his words?) is obviously nonsense. I mean, it could be a hoax for all I know. But the idea this geezer proved it and a judge agreed is ridiculous.
  11. We also know we can catch them off other people. But anyway, I don't rule out that our (mankind's) understanding of viruses may be mistaken. Viruses as we think we know them, may not exist in that sense. But clearly, those conditions do exist, regardless of the correct term for them or whatever.
  12. What do you think of the fact that the same supposed proof that Covid DOESN'T exist, also supposedly proves things like the common cold doesn't exist? The obvious answer is that this whole thing does not mean what some people are SAYING it means at all. I mean, I assume we all agree the cold exists. Like I say, I don't know what 'Covid-19' is or isn't. But I think some people are jumping on something they don't understand, doing 2+2 and coming up with 5 here.
  13. No no no mate. Don't be coy. Tell us in plain English, do you think the common cold exists or not? You all seem to think that this thing is some sort of amazing 'gotcha' that disproves Covid exists. I don't know if it does or doesn't. But I'm pretty sure the cold and measles do as I've had both. Then again, I could be part of the conspiracy. This is asinine.
  14. Does this forum have mods? Are they on holiday? Do you go round insulting mask wearers to their face and calling them shitty names? I'm going to guess no you don't. Prick.
  15. So dumb. But you know, the government loves when the plebs bicker over STUPID SHIT amongst themselves, it makes them easier to rule over.
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