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  1. Ragnarok has specific historical connotations for Iceland but the essential geology hasn't changed and is a cause for concern. Lot's of drones have been lost in the area but here's a clip of the well defined falls and river with developing banks that is gradually pencilling in the map of the high valleys to some depth. The main cone has developed in size and is now swamping the earliest vents with it's output.
  2. As long as one identifies as Aussie.... https://lbry.tv/@Corona-Mix:b/20210418-Human-Rights-Lawyer-Leigh-Dundas-Speech:d
  3. Any coherent argument over the actual statistics or just opinion and hearsay? Coronavirus not seasonal anymore??
  4. Hi Tracie The original legislation regarding benefits can be quite arcane but there are various agencies that can help. Here's one https://england.shelter.org.uk/legal/benefits/housing_benefit/temporary_absences_from_home
  5. The variable activity has certainly caught the attention today but there is now a definite lava falls and lava river with banks and surge activity which has flooded the parallel valley, cut off the central viewing area and might well reach the sea to the South if the eruption persists. Map Night time activity might be even more extreme.
  6. A quiet day at the ranch with hopes of a better fruit harvest this year.
  7. Well the camera got moved to safety which probably didn't involve a single camera technician lugging all the gear willymilly over the hillside with encouraging instructions from several hundred youtube viewers. Friday night Sunset over a quiet vent 5. Since Midnight Saturday output has been variable with fountaining to greater heights insterspersed with periods of quiet.
  8. More vents shutting down leaving vent 5 ideally placed to feed lava into the next valley and soon likely to cut off hiker access to a good viewing spot completely. Fountaining to 50 metres plus.
  9. Has flu for the entire mammalian population been eradicated this last year?
  10. The four Northernmost and highest vents have shut down activity over the last week and the remaining ones are contributing to filling the parallel valley to the East making problematical hiking from that direction whilst the ampitheatre for viewers using the Western path is much reduced and keeps people at a distance from the vents themselves. This eruptive phase is slow and using but a fraction of it's energy prompting some vulcanologist to infer that some of the settlements in the vicinity may be at threat in the long term. https://www.youtube.com/
  11. A pair of the expensive cameras were sensibly taken away for maintenance during an extended period of poor visibilty but after a day of fog and vog the prevailing winds have finally cleared the view revealing a much changed valley (compare 28th March shot). Some vents have reshaped their cones and one of the designated approach footpaths seems to have been overrun.
  12. Framed in such a way as to make the proposal seem quite a reasonable thing to suggest and structured to reduce opportunities for proper and in depth criticism.
  13. After a night of fog, cloud and smoke several more vents open up after breakfast time in Iceland. Total output along the fissure line is still a fraction of the fissure 8 eruption rate in Puna 2018.
  14. We could all be considered webspinners to a degree - our lives spread out with a myriad connections and memories. Here's one such story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlY2cPJh4_0
  15. Might not be safe for the evacuees to ever go back if the island is full of unvaccinated people.
  16. Another busy night up in the mountains with mountain rescue teams using their vehicles (some the members must be getting a bit tired by now) to escort people out of the area before 11pm. Blue lights on the safe upslope in the distance are sightseeers getting a good view of all 3 vents. But later in the early hours of the morning after most had cleared the area a fourth vent was inserted between 2 and 3.
  17. Samurai in their time wouldn't behave so.... ..keyboard warriors is fine.
  18. He has a fine intellect and in all respects is essentially a reasonable person but being such a person labours under the mild delusion he is arguing against likewise people when a more precise analysis of the UK governments behaviour indicates a Stalinesque willingness to completely scorch earth society to root out a mild virus. This inhumane disregard coupled readily with a vindictive campaign of fear waged from the get go labels them as inhuman. You might as well call them reptiles.
  19. Very strange indeed that there was rapid fissure growth and outflow during the middle of the night which basically stopped on the camera. However here's a shot taken just before dawn today showing the three vents 1,3,2 (left to right) conjoined by lavafields and also a link to a rough map of the area which indicates the probable presence of one large intrusion rising from great depth there. Perched on the rise the active 2nd vent gives most cause for concern as it is capable of sending a rapid flow in virtually any direction from that point. https://www.goo
  20. Final shot from the camera in Geldingadalir valley as the lava rolls in from the left from fissure 3.
  21. A third fissure has seemingly opened up around midnight Iceland time and a lava flow from it is pouring into the original valley which has been largely evacuated of sightseeers. Currently flowing right past the camera.
  22. Lots of resistance getting details on the number of people who have died within 28 days of receiving a vaccination and not just from FOI requests. https://www.parallelparliament.co.uk/petitions/580412/publish-deaths-within-28-days-of-a-covid-19-vaccine-split-by-vaccine-type Perhaps coroners should be requested to place the date of vaccination on deaths certificates if within 28 days bearing in mind the importance the government attached to noting deaths within 28 days of a fraudulent pcr test over the last year to pursue it's aims and batter the populace with. . Refusal to
  23. So millions of UK citizens have had experimental drugs pumped into themselves at great effort and expense and nothing fundamentally changes. Usually someone would resign at this point.
  24. Another fissure opened up yesterday near to the other scattering the volcano camera trolls hither and thither and no doubt the elf 'n safety crews will be out in force later today as the fissure is on elevated ground this time and the lava flow rapid. Good round up here with links to the cameras.
  25. The German court system is certainly different from here in the UK and of course the misuse of the PCR test to "overwhelm" the NHS was a key moment for the fraudsters.
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