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  1. Here's what a Star looks like with various filters necessarily in place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tmbeLTHC_0 Put it through a 4k projector, fill up a wall with the image and leave it on repeat with sound optional.
  2. Nothing like heavy snow to put out fires. Cold records in the US have been smashed recently.
  3. There isn't.. . . . ...for the military and intelligence services. It costs a bit for Joe Public to get photos of such detail from orbit as it's an expensive business for private companies to launch and maintain high grade monitoring equipment in space. Here's a short 1080 clip from ISS instead.
  4. I mentioned FOI requests on covid statistics many pages ago and with the government now conflating and hiding statistics as a specific policy to avoid proper scrutiny FOI requests will be one way of getting an idea as to what's happening over the Winter season.
  5. Canines have a very fine sense of smell. They could easily be trained to sniff out the stench of corrupt globalists....
  6. Key Stage 3 again Here's an analysis of the phenomenon made in a well equipped general science lab.
  7. Failing to properly sequence the virus, ignoring t-cell immunity, failing to trial it on the elderly lack of genuine peer review of the processess thay are using and water would probably give the desired result by the vaccine companies which appears to be boosting their annual profits and initiating a society reliant on continuous medical profiling now and into the future.
  8. Here's another viewpoint from looks like what might be Australia. The scenery has all been cunningly glued on or nailed down.
  9. Thanks for the contribution. Unfortunately the thread title is "The reality of our physical plane". So one viewpoint doesn't cut it.
  10. Msm today reports terrifying levels of sickness now being seen in a northern hospital according to an anonymous doctor. On the whole as a rule one hopes that large numbers of fit and healthy people aren't wasting their time and occupying their bedspaces.
  11. Forum rules apply even when some members are behaving deviously in a persistent fashion to the detriment of the forum. Flat isn't a shape it's a quality.
  12. Astronomers got over the excitement of realising the shape and diameter of the Earth a while ago and monitoring space debris is a mundane affair that may involve the military so pictures are not of primary importance. The size, speed, trajectory and destination of the object is. A sophisticated space radar system might be desirable for future Moonshots/Marshots/spacestation's but with objects whizzing along at several miles per second it would have to be linked to automatic rocket firing to be meaningful in the saving lives department.
  13. No, it's non-science or nonsense. Human eyes are not the best eyes life on Earth has to offer and they are limited at their ability to resolve the size of things moving fast at a great distance. Compared to very large high end telescopes binoculars are a poor substitue for looking at the night sky. Following up the Kessler syndrome thread reveals ground radar is used to track milliuons of small debris items orbiting the Earth and optical telescopes used for that purpose are limited to resolving items of about 6 inches in size but only if the scope is watching a patch of sky and th
  14. The thought of FEthers operating heavy machinery, driving vehicles in the opposing lane, running with scissors and giving out directions to inquiring travellers?
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