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  1. The story as it is told implies it was a military unit which incorporated civilians (psychics and similar) formed in response to Russian activity. So some is still classified and some isn't even now long after the unit was disbanded. Still a popular subject in sme circles
  2. We've seen several EU countries already stop some rollouts this year. Where does the responsibility rest in the UK?
  3. Home gardening is a lifestyle for many. Other forms of high tech home growing are appearing but the important thing to remember is to not directly compare THE US and UK as like with like when it comes to agricultural output and methods.
  4. Indeed - after decades in the educational system ( I wasn't being held back honest!) and a decade out of it - this is how it should be.
  5. The 5 minute gazetteer format programes are very popular with subscribers but that long video will be too much for many nonscientists to follow so Ben has broken the topic up, refined several sections and of course written a book on the subject. It's mainstream science based. Unlike kIllshot which is a catchy title chosen by the then secret US program formed during the 80's to look into the acquisition of knowledge by non conventional means. An interesting topic in it's own right of course..
  6. .Poor visibilty today but activity up a touch more and was continuous overnight prompting one regular that it felt like the cone had a mimd of it's own.
  7. Not watched tv for a long while but I''ll often make time to listen to open discussion whatever it's source Viability is another matter.
  8. Richie Allen - as per original post by SimonTV
  9. Check out Richie's Thursday show for a wider explanation of the various exchanges in Parliament today. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/richieallen/episodes/2021-06-16T11_27_01-07_00
  10. True and then there's tinkering with DNA which is up the scale somewhat.
  11. Today tourist viewing of the main main cone has been lost to a great degree with the exception of the helicopter rides. Some excellent ground footage shows just how fast things are changing with flow rates still rising.
  12. Time compressed long distance camera work can be deceptive at the best of times so it's not quite clear what's happening here. What is definite is another change in viscosity and timing. This has lead to more inundations of the path and a temporary closure of the access carparks for a rethink.
  13. Administering untested drugs into a team's playing assets and support is allowed under football regulations? There are some insurance companies that do not cover for that that.
  14. Intelligent or no it's too easy to overwhelm with information but cruelty as a modus operandi is much easier to point out and doesn't require a raft of specialist knowledge. This recent interview is a gem in my opinion. https://odysee.com/@notanotherbrick:f/The-Trueman-Show-29-Dr-Reiner-Fuellmich:0
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