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  1. It's been very mild round this way for the last few years. Can't imagine why.
  2. Will hair loss be a symptom of the Brazilian strain that's just been announced?
  3. Off topic but... The people responsible for implementing 5g rollout have been less than forthcoming about health and safety aspects of it which hasn't helped and the councils allowing it to be installed haven't independent qualified scientists on hand to vouchsafe it. There are references to experimental results derived from maybe a single small 5g source and a bag of water representing a human being but nothing as far as I know about mass covereage of an inhabited area by an extensive array of transmitters and receivers.
  4. Latest update from BiG Island Video news. Madame Pele still filling Her bath tub as someone irreverently put it and carefuly watched from a distance. In a history of tens of millions of years the supposed end of the Kilauea eruptive phase in 2018 was not an end at all of course.
  5. If one could sift through the real data and remove all the crap, spin, adjustments after the facts and hype then 0.1% of the population died from a virus this last year. That wouldn't be a pandemic.
  6. It used to be called the flu. Management of the resources of NHS is something else but just imagine what superb facilities one could have built, equipped and staffed with all the money wasted so far on masks that don't work, a track and trace system that was ruined because it would expose the lie of asymtomatic spreading if it did work and those little bits of plexiglass in supermarkets and shops.
  7. Many of the deaths in the first wave were due to mistreatment and taking sick elderly from hospital beds and placing them untested in ill prepared and ill equppied care homes. Many of the deaths in this second wave are caused by the accumulation of other untreated illnesses and on the long term sick and elderly by the physical and psychological effects of extended lockdowns. The government has not peoperly addressed either of these matters.
  8. Well spotted! Not unexpected even from centres of suposed intellectual excellence. It also means pupils currently at school have time to think about it before going off to university. No guarantee any student in the UK going on to non online higher education will have any sort of pleasant time in the near future nor even get their money back on rents and fees paid in advance.
  9. Elsewhere in Spain. https://www.ladbible.com/news/animals-ducks-walk-on-frozen-lake-as-spain-records-coldest-day-ever-20210107
  10. https://acmedsci.ac.uk/about/governance/academy-president/professor-sir-john-bell
  11. UK teachers will be too busy acting like they've got the plague at the moment.
  12. Nearly one year down the road and eventually someone will have to admit that mask wearing doesn't make a difference to the spread of the virus. Never did and never will.
  13. Well covered by the regulars but here's another round up of events so far and the world's largest active volcano. With the lava originally emerging just a few hours before the combined Solstice and Grand Conjunction on the 21st December and a rainbow added for good measure..
  14. Two more hurricanes followed of course with the first like Maureen Rees, reversing over Cuba, knocking the rear lights out on Florida, coasting back into the Gulf then executing a perfect 8 point turn to cross the Florida coast going in the right direction. A pass! The second was more Thelma and Louise but both eyewalls had passed the coast within an eyewall's width of each other. The mention Rivers of Lava is a hark back to 2018 and fissure 8 and just a few hours earlier than requested things start up again on the Big Island.
  15. A certain amount of space is needed to keep the really weird stuff apart.
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