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  1. I’ll say my honest piece around arms and fighting. Believing that violence is ‘wrong’ or never the answer is oversimplified and naive. It’s just not the world we live in. However, there are a million other more important things to focus on, that WILL help us fight when needed, but will reduce the chances of us getting carted off to a prison cell. For instance; control of logistics and infrastructure. Discipline, co-ordination and a bad attitude. The ability to create faster and better than the system. Communication skills that will make people not want to kill us, and make those who try look very unpopular. We WILL have a successful off-grid movement, let’s keep it as peaceful as possible to make it harder for the system to find excuses to shut us down.
  2. Yay, more people who want to actually do something! We WILL claim our sovereignty! This is a promise. Even off they kill me im gonna go back in the next life and keep at it. Let’s forget excuses why we can’t, and just make a start. Not because we ‘have to’ but because it’s a fun challenge! The ‘correct’ plan of action is one that includes many plans of action. Some might wanna fight from within, some more go off grid, some work on specific aspects of the agenda. The important thing is that we co-ordinate. I’m starting a business based on food infrastructure in order to provide a financial and logistical backbone for an off grid movement, and also because I think we can grow food better than is already being done. Be badass now. Anyone have any ideas of cool courses of action to do? If so, whack them on here, or any appropriate thread! Even better, lets have some ideas for next steps!
  3. Absolutely bang on, like a coordinated network based on the reality that we have different core values and therefore groups will play together better with some groups than others. I’d be having heavy discipline like navy seals, with hardcore (peaceful) warriors who go to places guerilla style and get jobs done. Then we’d party and drink and get up to all sorts of debauchery! And eat lots of meat. Some of my friends will probably be in field with groups who chant and praise Mother Earth and our ancestors, and kiss the trees every day. I and my crew of nutjob warriors would visit them from time to time. I think diversity in outlook is a wonderful thing, and having groups who are pouring out different energies is how we will be operating. So I was thinking of next steps to make this happen. From my situation, I’m very rooted physically in the Yorkshire Pennines with my business (which aims to be a sort of financial/logistical/agricultural anchor for such a movement). I’m also working on a three part presentation condensing some of DI’s work into what I consider a more useful format, and adding my own spin on things. In order to bring some collusion between us on the DI forum who are extremely solution oriented, I’mconsidering starting a thread specifically for the purpose with some guidelines on how to be solution oriented, so it doesn’t descend into arguments like my last attempt to do so a few months back. We could then see who pipes up once we have a few coordinated people we could hatch a few plans.
  4. I’l do so soon; Sotapanna is undergoing a website change so I’l post a link when the new site is up and running, and post stuff about related projects along with it in one fell swoop.
  5. Really appreciate the feedback! Yeah, the spirit of intent is getting to this forum. We WILL make multiple off-grid projects happen. Il do a next post on Friday, (when my schedule permits me to spend more time). I think we can arrange a next step. Nice to see some focussed proactive energy!
  6. To be honest, it’s a bit of a long read and I’m struggling with your style of writing (not a criticism, it’s probably me not you!). The points I’m getting are this; Going off grid is a good idea but it is, for most people, only likely to work as a collective effort. ’Spirit of intent’, a phrase which basically defines itself, is important as a key principle. Positive mindset, the right attitude e.t.c., and a focus has to constantly be on that. Many different lifestyles and moral values need to be able to coexist to some degree, or at least accept the existence of other moral values in different off grid projects. The point is not a specific lifestyle or ethos, but rather a general tendency to go off-grid in a variety of situations. One common purpose being of course collective/self determination. This is what I understood from reading your post. Am I right? Let me know if I have misunderstood something. I really agree with you! You have clearly thought your attitude through and have a good vision. I’m aiming, in the next few years, to be coordinating many off grid projects whilst also coordinating a network of logistics and off-system technology, precisely so people like you can do exactly what you discribed. Some concrete steps you can take now are; Be badass, and work on being more badass Keep an eye on people, on this forum or off, who want to get involved. The number will expand
  7. I noticed you’re a mod. Reading the forum rules, this would be a grey area with regards to advertising (which is prohibited) and revealing identity and location (which seems to be strongly discouraged). If I am out of bounds, let me know. During the last couple of years, me and a few mates created Sotapanna cafe and well-being hub (formerly Centred Community) near Halifax. The principles of its founding is more based on personal development and spiritual healing rather than ‘conspiracy’ stuff but we are well aware of what is going on and make plans around it. My contribution to this project involves setting up a food project aimed at helping ourselves survive and thrive be finding innovative ways at controlling infrastructure. And my intentions are incredibly direct towards our own freedoms and there is a rough strategy in place. I’m doing a series of talks that explains exactly what the strategy is. Obviously, we are incredibly peaceful and we won’t be doing things that require secrecy in order to avoid being locked up. (Otherwise I definitely wouldn’t be posting here!) None of us have much of an online presence, and I’m toying with the idea of creating something in this regard.
  8. It won’t be for long mate. My crew of people, though not having much of an online presence, are incredibly spiritual but value truth, integrity and an accurate awareness of the world. We have fledgling projects geared to our collective freedom. I’m gonna be posting stuff about this in the next few weeks, for now I’m gonna be getting involved in discussions so I’m not a stranger to the site
  9. I like that and I think you have a good point overall. If we work together effectively, however, I believe we can live without having to grind ourselves to the bone. This is through coordination, innovation and courage. Combine that WITH the attitude you describe going beyond the body and ego does equal some degree of freedom
  10. I like how frank Mak Igan is. Stop blaming others, he says, and start pointing the finger at ourselves. The hero we are all expecting to come along and save us is ourselves. So, for any new ‘economy’ we will need to be more productive man for man than what is out there already. We would need to be clearly more abundant, and healthier, happier e.t.c whilst creating it. That’s the thing with the system. Evil or not, they know how to get things done! So how can we implement these changes? I’ll put a proposal down in the next couple of weeks for some small action that can be implemented with us on this forum to start with, but I’d like ideas from people as well! Lot’s of love, humans and/or otherwise!
  11. I like the RBE as a rough concept from our reality now to aim for. We don’t need to take it as some holy book. To create a new society with a vision like that requires a lot of changes, effort and coordination from us. Unless we want the cabal’s version, in which our best bet is to do nothing… A vision of a society as it stands, flicking a switch and having it as an RBE is totally imaginary. The truth is, we don’t know what the world we create will be like. And who wants to know anyway, let’s go through the process, find out the hard way. Can a group of ten of us connect, communicate well, set a shared intent and pool our resources and skills to make us collectively slightly better off in six months? This is the game that excites me at the moment. I’m basically with a group of people who are doing this now, and it’s harder than it sounds. Future ideals are fun to debate, but I feel we should be shifting focus to solutions that exist in the present moment.
  12. Yeah I’ve experienced something similar. A group of people who Were very active in the north of England during 2020 and 2021 have become docile, and interested more in affirming their own beliefs rather than doing anything useful. My solution was to simply to leave the group. What is a cult? Bunch of people in a controlled dogmatic belief system? Each of us can choose what we believe, who we associate with, and how we interact with each other. Forget wether THEY might turn into a cult, will WE? Togetherness, accurate and straight communication, compassion, and collective intent and focus will, in the short and long term, beat manipulative and divided groups.
  13. Absolutely agree. The’transitional stage’, however is where the magic happens. Mitochondrial Eve expresses strongly the need for empathy and heart-based communication. I couldn’t agree more. A group of fifty individuals or families, with heart based, authentic and accurate communication skills, who have a clear intent on giving each other the best life imaginable, working together well will do better in any area of life than the same fifty struggling independently. This is the microcosm of the RBE. It scales up to the whole world, and even scales down to the individual oneself, when describing different aspects of mind and body. If a group of even five people decide to start a revolution within themselves as individuals and as a group, work in a heart based way in a way that benefits everyone, that group will have greater abundance and therefore greater ability to expand, communicate with the world, and become ungovernable. I am with people working on precisely this now, but of course we want more people involved.
  14. I’m really loving this discussion. let me clarify a couple of things. ‘Revolution’ is an overarching word that can mean anything from a system orchestrated bloodbath (like the French one) to a paradigm shift (such as homosexuality becoming socially acceptable) to whatever we create. I envision personal responsibility and being heart based as a core, let’s make that clear. Leaders can be simply people who take initiative, without the belief that they have absolute authority. David Icke is a leader in that regard, but we don’t consider him at the top of any hierarchy. I’m loving the rbe principles and idea. Let’s make it happen! I feel we can bridge the gap between now and then. My basic suggestion is this: By working on ourselves, and our communication skills with each other, and having a basic focussed intent of creating the world we want to live in and dispatching with the system, we can do exactly that. we start by making where we are NOW better. Just pool our knowledge and resources. RBE (or similar) is the goal. The goal is Z. We are at A. Work together to get to B, with the intent of going through c onwards. Togetherness is more efficient than division. The system HAS to use division. They are screwed if we get our arses into gear!
  15. So David Icke is (mostly) right. Which means a totalitarian regime is coming. If we sit there just complaining about it, or spreading the word to other people who are just complaining about it, we will either be killed off by the myriad of things the system is doing to kill us off, or live as slaves. If that’s the plan, we might as well forget about it, sit back, smoke some herbs and enjoy the nwo (unless fretting is somehow pleasurable to us). Alternatively, let’s start a (peaceful) revolution. Anyone fancy a revolution, either talk about it on this thread, or pm me! Am I mad? Yes. What of it?
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