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  1. Wow your dream sounds as vivid as mine.. This was weird and fascinating too.. I was in a room with David Icke, he was wearing a pink jumper, we were staring at a human brain , surrounded by the thickest glass in the form of rectangular box... David states to me that the glass needs to be broken, to get to the human brain. He let me do it. I pick up a hammer and am smashing to bits the glass housing the brain. I do this with all the might I can muster ... But only small fragments are coming away at a time. Boy was I exhausted ......
  2. Hi Folks, It was early 2000 or so, but I recall Barrow council were fined for the needless deaths of several people, due to Legionaries disease... This is an airborne disease that can cause respiratory failure and death....! With many people going back to large events in buildings with decrepit air conditioning systems and ducts..... Just a thought, or am I being paranoid?.... Interested to hear your thoughts
  3. Hi I am Gayle, your sister, friend and truthseeker... This will be good to vibe with my tribe, so to speak... Yep defo didn't buy the garbage from the beginning regards covid. Look forward to sharing news and views.....
  4. I wore a "They are lying to you" t shirt,as well as a "I ain't afraid of no hoax".....not a titter ..(no pun intended). Hoping to strike up conversations, sadly whilst I felt empowered wearing these slogans, I may as well been naked....bet they wouldn't notice that either. Lol ... Only one guy lip read my hoax t shirt, and quietly said "fackin hell"... To which I replied they don't you know.... LOL
  5. Just finished David Icke newest book. Perceptions of a Renegade Mind... Wow, just staggering amount of information, delivered with clarity.... amazing written in short space of time and ongoing craziness. I can see clearly now. Thank you David. For all your work.
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