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  1. Trust him or not, hes putting out a lot of truth. Not all of it of course, but miles more than the MSM
  2. Hi everyone. I just can't seem to figure out how Tucker Carlson has been given the platform that he has on Fox. They are so corrupt, mainstream and dangerous in every other capacity, yet Carlson has been given free reign to highlight all the injustices and conspiracies inherent in the system. Is this a result of the chivalrous behaviour of the rockefeller/rothschild elite I wonder? Where they attempt to destroy humanity whilst openly telling us they are doing it? Every time some immense conspiracy takes place, they always leave a crack open in the door so we can see exactly what they have done. I mean, 911 was so blatant yet they still got away with it. But TCT is just so in your face "this is what we are really doing" that its confusing. How can Fox broadcast news that completely contradicts their mainstream broadcasts? Thoughts?
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