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  1. Apologies to anyone who messaged/quoted me on threads and hasn't yet received a reply. I'm not on here continually but will respond eventually.


    Sometimes have to take time away from certain subjects. Either to look into technical/related issues in more detail, focusing on getting the message across IRL, or because a subject in particular is doing my nut 😂


    Cheers everyone, for the contributions and keeping discussions open and free. Especially on those topics others would rather avoid 😨


    If we keep doing what we all can.. sharing knowledge & truth, the awakening is inevitable! Truth will prevail over deception ✊


    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart


      ..or because a subject in particular is doing my nut 😂


      ~ Sure most of us can relate to that hey!.. Nature of the Beast much of the time though. Just like the saying the "devil is in the detail". Juggling between joy and misery may help. Finding a balance, like between justice and the injustice we are fed and practically forced to tolerate by those perpetrating injustice and said misery.


      All the best, smile from within once in a while and we got it made.. Nothing can take that away if our spirit is strong..

  2. Less so around here. Tbf though, normally the "few items guy" wants some super-obscure lotto ticket. Wants to discuss the cigs that *should* be on display. Wants to discuss the "game", attempt to negotiate a discount on cans of cider, and discuss his cats feeding habits. Fair play. But being a spotter of patterns, I try hard to push in front of that guy. My full basket is much more simple and faster.. if scanned by hand and not by a bloody machine
  3. I agree with most of what you say, but I do sincerely hope you're being ironic here. Slippery slopes and all that..
  4. Absolutely. Who knows? Personally I pray for absolute unconsciousness. Just wipe me out please! Are you serious? It takes absolute courage to go through with suicidal - to the point where you absolutely put into practice the means which you know will end you. Absolutely the most difficult decision of our lives! Most never will come close. I haven't had the balls so far. The amount of suffering needed to reach this point is absolutely incomprehensible to most people. If you don't realize this then you are very, very lucky! There is nothing cowardly about one taking ones own life. However please, anyone reading this! Consider that things could, and generally will get better! Most often happens when least expected. If there is really no other way, I will always wish you a peaceful passing & hopefully a better place. I hope others would wish me/others the same.
  5. What if you opt out of their power supply? Personally I've reached the stage that I'd rather do without it, and all it entails. I've sent notices to power companies that I'll destroy any equipment they fit. They still hound me for "bills", but other than that, haven't installed anything yet. Complying is just funding a plan of the great cull imo. Paraffin/Kerosene does work great (far more efficiently too) if you use and maintain the correct equipment. There's been a very successful targeted campaign against it for at least 50 years! I'm wary of the EMF (circuit switching) of solar installations. But only a tiny panel needs to be used to power modern electronics - LED light, phone/pocket powerbank charging etc. Heating is the big draw - but electronics should be kept completely separate to heating, unless you prefer to shiver through the next solar storm.. predicted this year
  6. Mark Drakeford's son Jonathan is a convicted rapist who then went on to breach his conviction order: Mark Drakeford son rapist: Brave search Coincidence? I'm not sure
  7. Links to flu mist studies taken from Miri's blog: Article: https://miriaf.co.uk/letter-template-for-secondary-schools-regarding-flu-vaccine-campaign/ ..which links to: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/irv.13149 ..and more recently: https://miriaf.co.uk/open-letter-to-localas-school-aged-immunisation-team/ ..which links to: https://vaccineknowledge.ox.ac.uk/nasal-flu-vaccine#Safety-and-side-effects The link above is slightly contradictory but contains this statement: 2 Weeks! You'll possibly find more in-depth, and also varied stuff via the STRIVE website: https://striveuk.webs.com/news-resources https://striveuk.webs.com/strive-studies Hope that helps.
  8. As far as I can see they only tested to 48hrs.. they make no guarantee that the mRNA isn't transmissible beyond that timeframe. Plus.. there's the live attenuated "new improved" (mRNA? ) flu mist that's been given to kids all last term.. This is proven transmissible longer (recipients advised to avoid "vulnerable people" for a fortnight) according to another study.. will post below.
  9. During 2021-early 2022 I stayed regularly at a central hotel in a smallish city. They had a phone mast on the roof, and if I stayed on the upper floors of this hotel I would have the familiar symptoms of EMF exposure - tinnitus, chirping/ear popping sensations, troubled sleep. Needless to say I soon began requesting a room on the lower half of the building (it had around 10 floors total). I was reasonably ok here compared to within my home neighbourhood (which was rapidly becoming 5G'd). The city centre was quite run down but had a generally friendly atmosphere. My final stay at this hotel was in October '22. Checking in all was normal, I was allocated the 4th floor which had been fine in the past. Over a period of around 20mins in the room however, things seemed to change. I had CONSTANT ear popping - counting over 100 non-stop (it's normally a count of 3-5, occasionally around 10 or so). Tinnitus gradually went from mild to dreadful. Headache & a "pressure in the head" sensation. I went out to the pub, and to visit the local all-night shop as I usually do. Definitely in need of booze for this situation! Everything seemed to have changed! People were now angry & impatient. Fights nearly broke out in the pub a couple of times. Bar staff were exhausted. The 24hr shop had locked its doors & were now serving only through a hatch - apparently they'd had a sudden spate of armed robberies. Waiting in the queue outside, one customer was messing about joking with another, he was threatened ominously with being "dropped". The atmosphere was very aggressive & I was glad to leave. Walking back to the hotel (5-10mins walk), youths in balaclavas were openly selling hard drugs right outside the magistrates court! It's never been this blatant. I only managed to sleep a couple of hours due to the headaches - woke up with blood all over pillow from nosebleeds. By the light of day I could now see the brand new (directional) additional mast on top of the hotel roof. Lots of new masts on other nearby buildings too. Needless to say I haven't stayed there since. This shite seems to affect a lot of people without them necessarily noticing. It's the same case everywhere I've been - when the new masts are installed & the EMF is cranked up, everyone goes bonkers acting aggressively & impulsively. Who knows wtf it is doing to us on a cellular level?!
  10. Tbh I wouldn't trust Apple with personal data any more than I trust Google. They are both state compromised. Didn't Apple admit to scanning through all users' photos (*allegedly* looking for cp).. There was that case of the guy in America (will add links if I come across them again) who sent his son's medical photos to the GP (at GP's request).. the AI kicked in & Apple colluded with other "tech giants" to shut his entire account, confiscate his phone number & email address. The FBI quickly cleared him of all wrongdoing - but were unable to contact him to say so Not sure if Apple have implemented any policy changes to prevent this happening again. iPhones also give some atrocious symptoms of EHS - worse for me than from any Android I've personally tested. I did try one for a while but had constant chirps/ear-popping sensations (microwave auditory effect) whenever I made a phone call. It also gave me painful burns (like a hot needle) on the arms & legs, whenever it happened to touch my skin lightly. Never had this happen with any other device.. I looked into it and apparently the SAR level is only within regulatory limits if it is held 5-15mm from the body - so not actually touching. Not sure how you'd achieve this in real life I've been thinking about this a lot lately but sadly I don't share your optimism. Depending on the power of the "magnetic pulse, modern internal combustion engines won't function. Without electricity there will be no trains running to worry about. No signalling. Without mains electricity, freezers won't keep food cold. There will be no fresh deliveries. For how long will the tap water be potable, or even continue to run? Everyone fearful & hungry, rioting & looting of any supplies. No infrastructure to call emergency services - if they even continue to exist. The cabal will be hiding away in their superyachts & bunkers. The only thing that will be organised is the crime. I reckon eventually it will, but it will be the "Post-Apocalyptic" generation that gets to enjoy it. There would be a huge die -off first. I think this is likely part of their plan. Ie to get us absolutely dependent on technology before the plug is pulled. The Great Reset being the catastrophic event referenced on the Georgia Guidestones - humanity reduced to under 500,000,000 worldwide. Who knows if it will go the whole hog? But either way there won't be much room for a learning curve. The more "off-grid" your lifestyle & location when the cataclysmic event occurs, the better your chances.
  11. Cheers nice one! Do you know of any verifiable success stories using the above legislation? Unfortunately I don't "own" any land to be devalued. Not sure if this is relevant or affects the legislation above.. but Action Against 5G sent me an email update last week! Disappointingly, they were previously refused the opportunity to appeal after losing their case in the high court: Courts' Judgement (original case) Judgement Received (AA5G Response) It does seem as though the UK courts have been "cherry picking" the evidence they will hear. On a more hopeful note, Action Against 5G are now working to bring the case to the European Court of Human Rights: https://actionagainst5g.org/case-updates/application-to-the-european-court-of-human-rights/ I'm hoping that if this is successful it will mean that the courts have to take into account case law from other European countries also? I'm not sure how the law works, but I've heard of cases in France including a farmer being compensated (milk production dropped by 25% after a 4G mast was erected nearby), and a separate case (woman was awarded disability benefits as she had to move to a remote location in the mountains, to escape the EMF.)
  12. More evidence in the links below. Not particularly "new" studies, but they were buried quite successfully by the search engines & (as usual) the MSM refused to touch the story
  13. It is dreadful isn't it? You did well to hold out so long. No, my time without a phone was far from relaxing! Having "shunned" Google backup services in its various forms for quite a while, I missed important meetings due to lack of a calendar. Paid more than double price for a train fare (after being lied to by station staff (who's job ironically I have been fighting to keep, by using ticket offices & cash where I can). Got lost trying to take shortcut in the dark and rain, ending up with mild hypothermia. Noticed everywhere that signposts point the wrong way (how is it that kids can turn them around yet nobody can seemingly correct them?) Worse, I realised how LOBOTOMISED people have become. People no longer REGISTER in mind which buses & trains even visit their village. Even an old man swore blind to me their village now has no train station. NOBODY can even give directions anymore. Drenched & late for my train (having walked the first leg of my journey to the nearest town), I was shocked when despite being staffed, the guy behind the desk pointed out proudly that they have no paper timetables (COVID, innit) & they don't have any times up on the walls except for express services to Edinburgh ("which don't actually stop here") . "Isn't you online yet??", the guy asked me twice - this is after I showed him my smashed phone. I pointed out that they COULD have put a timetable where all the screens of "penalty fares" are. Nothing but blank looks from the robotic retard, & obnoxious tutting from the queue building up behind me. Honestly, I just want OUT of all this shite! Easier said than done as you say.
  14. I suspect they wouldn't remain YouTubers for long. Plus, most ex military personnel I've spoken with (including senior officers) haven't even heard of 77th. If I was involved in the Disinformation Brigade, gaslighting truthers while covering up democide in my own country.. I'd probably keep pretty quiet about my activities too!
  15. Looks like it. From https://expose-news.com/2023/02/19/secret-pfizer-documents-vaccine-shedding/ https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.04.28.22274443v1.full-text Also: https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/125742_S1_M4_4223_185350.pdf Transmissible by skin contact In the above study, the mRNA was given as an injection in rats, the mRNA "engineered spike protein" then makes it's way into the respiratory system and sweat glands. Similar info was apparently also hosted on the Pfizer website, but the link now appears to be dead!
  16. Just wondering, what do people here think of Barrie Trower? I've watched a few of his videos and interviews, but haven't yet come to a conclusion. Barrie claims to have been a Navy Microwave Weapons specialist (or something along those lines), and to have worked for the UK Intelligence Services but I haven't been able to find any hard evidence of this. There are a couple of videos where he talks extensively - repeatedly saying "I'll show you the papers which you can use effectively to fight these masts legally" - then doesn't actually show much of anything! Often seems to present half a story. Could he be a disinformation agent? One thing is for certain: If he did have access to classified documents from his time in the military, & then reveals this information to the public, he would be in very serious trouble. One very disturbing claim he makes on the Richard D Hall show, is that weak radio signals (at least of the "mind controlling" variety) are actually FAR MORE DAMAGING, than stronger ones). He claims that this is because we have a natural biological defence mechanism - giving cancer protection against the EMF from lightning storms! Ie weak radio signals (weak enough not to "trip" this protection) are more cancerous. If the above is true then it turns everything on its head! Maybe we should be looking for new apartments, built on top of an electrical substation, complete with 5G array right outside the window, and a GWEN tower across the road?
  17. Cheers mate & apologies for slow reply.. as luck would have it I dropped and broke my phone the day after posting Went a week or 2 smartphone-free which was an interesting time. The EMF meter I've been using is about as basic as it's possible to get, ideally I'd upgrade to be able to see which particular frequencies are present. I wish I was more technically minded.. would love to build a small number of custom versions complete with a datalogger & GPS. Could then compare results between different locations and at different times, loaning them to long distance lorry drivers, cruise ship personnel etc. Then could have much more insight into what's really going on with these frequencies & where they extend to etc.
  18. About as mandatory as a claw hammer to the back of the head, I reckon.
  19. Might just have been better to stick with regular codeine? Extracted straight from the plant without being messed with (as the "semi-synthetics" are). As far as I'm aware you can still buy the original Care Codeine Linctus from certain independent pharmacies, without prescription. The "other" mostly chain pharmacies will frequently lie to you and state that it's no longer available, or that you need a prescription. Utter bollocks once again from the gatekeepers of health.
  20. why what causes lyme disease? Ticks that "escaped" from Plum Island?
  21. Fair point. From what I understand most settlements originated around a clean water source. Those that originated around a dirty water source largely died off or relocated (preventing settlement growth). Also didn't a large number (best case scenario) of children die while they were still young as a matter of course? I guess the ones that survived would have gained significant immunity. As you stated, one can also boil the water which will kill microorganisms. The sterile water can then be brewed into beer if you wish to store it. This was (and still is ) definitively popular. Hops or pine + ethanol = antibacterial & antifungal. Think I've heard of filtration (layers of sand and charcoal) being used somewhere in the middle east - I haven't looked much into this myself though so I'm not sure how effective it would be for removing pathogens.
  22. Nice one! Might have a go myself growing it as an ornamental plant. Apparently the species that is grown for smoking is Nicotiana Tabacum. Just checked and there are a few varieties of seeds currently available on eBay.
  23. Cheers, yeah would definitively be interested in learning about the harvesting and processing. Not too sure about the vegetables thing.. isn't that nicotinic acid (niacin) in most of them rather than available nicotine? I know the nightshade (tobacco family) includes potato and tomato as well as tobacco, but most species contain some other really nasty alkaloids too. Maybe tobacco does too and it's destroyed during processing?
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