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  1. Apologies to anyone who messaged/quoted me on threads and hasn't yet received a reply. I'm not on here continually but will respond eventually.


    Sometimes have to take time away from certain subjects. Either to look into technical/related issues in more detail, focusing on getting the message across IRL, or because a subject in particular is doing my nut 😂


    Cheers everyone, for the contributions and keeping discussions open and free. Especially on those topics others would rather avoid 😨


    If we keep doing what we all can.. sharing knowledge & truth, the awakening is inevitable! Truth will prevail over deception ✊


    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart


      ..or because a subject in particular is doing my nut 😂


      ~ Sure most of us can relate to that hey!.. Nature of the Beast much of the time though. Just like the saying the "devil is in the detail". Juggling between joy and misery may help. Finding a balance, like between justice and the injustice we are fed and practically forced to tolerate by those perpetrating injustice and said misery.


      All the best, smile from within once in a while and we got it made.. Nothing can take that away if our spirit is strong..

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