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  1. He sometimes uploads videos where speaks English only, but most of his videos have subtitles in many languages, including English I second that.
  2. Check Abderraouf Ben Halima on Youtube: they get imprisoned in a catcher's body (a catcher is someone who was recently possessed and thus has some kind of temporary opening that allows the catcher to capture those beings, I'm not sure but I think they're called channelers on these forums), he then interrogates them about certain conspiracies of the elite and of magicians that use the aid of those creatures.
  3. People don't believe in their existence because they have the impression that it's fiction and goes against science when it in fact doesn't. Those are creatures operating on an electromagnetic level but are able to tune their frequencies, which doesn't go against science at all, even though our "science" is not the absolute truth and it's full of unknowns/mistakes (which history has proven time and again). Somehow people think that now we are so technologically advanced, so it's laughable to even think that those beings exist. IMO that stems from arrogance. Anyone with enough humility would come to the conclusion that those beings are a real thing. There's enough content on the internet to prove it, in case a person never witnessed it irl.
  4. It's pretty obvious who's stronger when you have a situation where the US army is facing an eastern army (say Russia) with the same equipment and numbers. Pretty sure the super soldiers with 2 moms (2 dads too, gender equality please!) would smash the other normal soldiers. Also China realized how weak their future generations are because of the feminization of men in video games and movies, so now they have banned all video games and content that represent men with feminine traits, they're going back to natural.
  5. But you claimed that it would take them less than a year to convince the average person that eating humans is normal too, as well as "The powers that be in this world could convince most human beings that anything is 'normal' ". A direct implication would be that we were convinced by the elite that cannibalism was wrong in the first place, the elite here being the highest authority of that time. We're not talking about your personal take but rather about that of the society (ie public consensus). So I logically concluded that you think cannibalism is wrong because the elite decided it was the case. Don't be too sure. Of course I enjoy meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. I eat animal meat because I can and because there's nothing wrong with it. I believe morality stems from our innate disposition as conscious beings. I won't elaborate further on why I think it does. If you insist on considering morals a measurable energy, then cannibalism would be wrong because it happened to go against the laws of nature from the very start. It's the natural food chain, analogously lions don't eat lions. The reason why I don't want to talk about it, is that this is not the point of the thread. The thread is about fact-checking those finds, but you felt the need to teach us a lesson about what's morality and how the elite dictates our own morality. Goes besides the point here, I honestly can't see how it would help in this case.
  6. You're a bit confused I'm afraid. Yes there is something such as the "new normal" and societal pressure but that does not apply to everything. You cannot be telling me that cannibalism is wrong, because the elite decided so. I think such claims express a lack of responsibility and unwillingness to be held accountable for anything one does, an escape route to justify anything you want to do, no matter how bad it gets. Morals have nothing to do wit energy levels, there's no such thing as 'measuring' morals. I don't want to delve deeper into this new discussion because it's off topic, and it's not the problem here.
  7. I have removed it from my original post because I figured it might be fake, the presenter is known to be a genuine antisemite. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that interview were to be real though. I think that such practices, as significant as they are, are as well planned and hidden from the public. But sometimes mistakes are made, hopefully soon.
  8. I absolutely agree with you, it seems to be very unlikely and just a random theory. All I can say is that with fast food chains for example, it can get a little tricky. It would be much easier if you injected the meat at the very last stages. The whole thing would also people from the inside in this case. This form of supposed sacrifice has an unprecedented value. Not only are people (children) sacrificed and having their meat eaten and blood bathed with, but more innocent people are involved and participating in a horrible thing that many of them would chose death over. This does make such a hassle very worth it. I'll be looking for more reliable sources in the meanwhile.
  9. Disclaimer: I'm almost sure that this is a thing, but I unfortunately can't share my sources, and even if I did, my post would be met with even more ridiculing. Some 'powerful' people just can't get enough, and for reasons some of you might already know, the more wicked their sacrifices are, the more 'power' they gain. I'm pretty sure this is not new and that this has been going on for more than a decade, but small amounts of human meat get permeated into that which most of us consume. What I'm almost sure of is that this happens only in few countries, maybe 2 or 3. I've done some research after hearing about this, and I've effectively found some articles further clarifying the situation. This and this. The first article seems to have somewhat of a credibility, but the second one isn't as interesting. This is by no means evidence for the existence of such practices, but I know that this is more than just a thoery. I would like this to be the start of something that will eventually prove those claims right however. If you stumble across any articles or evidences, please feel free to post them in the replies!
  10. and Djinn magicians too, yes Djinns have magicians who plot too. It all comes back to Satan in the end and his plan to prepare the ground for the Antichrist. There are lists with names of people who speak against the agenda and constitute a big risk against this plan, and they are being targeted by magicians.
  11. Magic exists, witches exist and spells are a thing. Those who deny it certainly never witnessed it, but they have no right to deny the existence of those things. The problem with people nowadays is that people never respond with "I don't know" if they are ignorant on the subject, but they confidently respond with "It's imaginary, it doesn't exist". What the heck qualifies them or gives them the right to make that kind of statement? To be frank, I've been watching a Muslim exorcist (aka Raqi) called Abderraouf Ben Halima for a while now. He was originally born in the US and is half north African/half American. He took the religious way of life and abandoned materialism (which you can obviously notice when checking his poor clothing in his videos - I don't mean this out of disrespect). What makes this person interesting to me is that he has been denied entry to the US and added to a blacklist, which proves that he holds something against them. Turned out that he has been catching 'Djinns' (what Mr Icke referred to as Reptilians in his videos) through people who were possessed by those invisible beings before. He claims that once a person has been possessed, they can basically become a catcher in some cases. Turns out that part of those Djinns is commanded by human sorcerers (many of them are Freemasons who cast a permanent spell on other unaware politicians and even people who speak against the global agenda). The other part is commanded by Satan himself who's preparing for the upcoming of the Anti-Christ (that's what I at least understood). Throughout his videos I've also learned that Djinns could take certain forms, such as snakes, some animals, and sometimes even human forms. A 'weak' Djinn typically lives for 500 years, while stronger ones live much longer, and some stay 'dormant' thousands of years. I was shocked by how he addressed some global issues such as the fake vaccine, the underground child abuse and sacrifice clubs held by the elite and the Pope, and many other relevant issues, with such precision! One of the other interesting facts he spoke about is that those Djinns are some kind of electromagnetic signals. When they possess a person, those signals flow through the victim's brain. The victim can then communicate with the Djinn internally, and they can block each other from controlling the victim's own vessel (such as speaking). The Djinn would basically use the victim's 'dictionary' when it speaks. If the person only speaks English, then it would speak English through the victim's tongue. In fact, I don't think they necessarily know languages, but they do understand how and what we think, and as a result can affect our thoughts and even communicate with us or through us. Language is just a manifestation of our thoughts. I'm not usually easily convinced but this all seemed to be too complicated to be an act. I found this one to be one of his most specific/interesting videos
  12. Admitting that you believe in God says a lot about a person nowadays, including the fact that that person has enough humility not to consider himself the center of the universe (which is utter arrogance). I respect Dr. Icke a lot for that. There are evil forces at work out there, and just because we can't see those beings, it doesn't allow us to deny their existence and call them imaginary beings. Many people experience supernatural things that make them sure of the existence of those beings, including myself. I once had this nightmarish experience where I was outdoors the whole day, away from home, and got very hungry. I went to the nearest fast-food stand and ordered a sandwich.The female vendor had a messy appearance and the whole stand was not the cleanest, but I was to hungry to care anyway. I asked her for the price when she finished, she said 2 (I'm not going to mention the currency). Then she suddenly said 9.250 for absolutely no reason, and creepily smiled at me. I did not pay much attention to that, and grabbed 2 from my pocket then left and started eating the sandwich; and it tasted like sandy crap. It has the taste of soil in it (similar to the small of soil after a rainy day). I got confused and threw away the sandwich, then I thought about what happened beforehand and suspected something was wrong. I grabbed all the bills and the cents out of my pocket, to find out I had 7.250. Once I realized what she did at the stand, I got goosebumps and started convincing myself that it was just pure luck, she guessed the exact amount I had in my pocket right, without knowing any prior variables (as I didn't reach to my pocket yet at that point). But then what are the odds? When something like that happens, it changes you and you start paying attention to everything. Yes some things happen purely out of (bad) luck even at extremely low odds, but some things just can't happen randomly when you notice how ordered and coherent they are.
  13. @Grumpy Owl thank you!! So it's true, this has removed all my doubts about the matter!
  14. At first, I thought most of the people online were brainwashed, and that all those likes and dislikes (respectively upvotes/downvotes) reflected the popular opinion. But the more I pay attention to how things exactly happen, the more I become so sure that there has to be companies with unlimited funds monitoring each sensitive Youtube video/Reddit post/Facebook post/tweet out there. Take this reddit post for example. The replies are just a bunch of generic insults and lies, which looks like they were generated by some AI and getting upvoted by bots. Most of the times you don't find arguments against, but rather insults. Then genuine users do reply with explanations and clear arguments, but they get INSTANTLY downvoted to oblivion. Again, people would comment on that reply with typical insults and no arguments at all. The same goes to Youtube comments, a bunch of general insults and baseless statements such as 'Putin asked for war and he will get it', and then they would instantly be liked and reach the top of the comments section. I feel like more than 50% interactions online are nowadays made AI made, which sounds scary. The majority of this AI content comes from political discussions. You wouldn't find such bullcra* in lifestyle and entertainment topics (to a certain extent). In my opinion this is going to lead to an inevitable situation, where most of the people in future generations will be brainwashed due to this online social media controlling AI. I hate to say this but perhaps a war that would negatively affect our technological advancement is the only way to put a stop to this and bring people back in touch with reality, because many have swayed away from it.
  15. I ended up not taking the jab, God help me through finding a new job though
  16. Germany, the doctor is more likely to report me to the police than do that. I have some friends from north African countries that did that, but most doctors here are douche bags that follow whatever instructions they get from the government. Last time I went to a doctor, he kept trying to persuade me to take the jab and blaming me for the spread of covid. Funnily enough he also kept praising the Pfizer vaccine and shittalking other vaccines, when in fact all of them are sh*t.
  17. I'm living alone with no family, studying and working at the same time. Recently there have been new laws in my country that prevent unvaccinated people from going to universities, work, and using public transport. If I don't take the bloody jab I'm going to be losing my job and I've no financial support (I currently barely pay my monthly bills). Until now, I've had to take quick tests daily and it made my life very unpleasant, but now quick tests no longer allow me to go to work. Which vaccine is the least risky one among them (excluding the mRNA ones because there's no way I'm ever taking those)? I'm considering J&J as Sputnik and the chinese vaccines are banned here. Edit: I also want to know if it's possible to render the vaccine ineffective, cancel whatever it's doing by taking certain pills before vaccination. Is this possible?
  18. What's worse is that the same people that created this bio weapon are the same people who instantly offered us their pre-made vaccines. Yet, people still took the bait (as they always have done). How can one be so blind and have this much faith in those companies is a question that boggles my mind. Those people are more certain about the "efficacy" of the vaccine than they are about the outcome of 1+1. No questioning, no critical thinking whatsoever. Ironically ready to risk their own lives (as there are proven side effects to many of those vaccines), yet unready to cope with the less than 1% chance of dying to this overrated virus. With the lock-down things are getting worse, people are losing healthy habits and day to day immunity that they used to gain from the external environment. If it's a manufactured virus (which I highly think it is), then I do believe it's at its early stages, because it's still not working as they intend it to be. Once they get a fully functional variant with which they can target specific ethnicities, we will then know who were behind the whole thing. For all I know it could be used to wipe out the Arabs living in/around Israel in order to allow for example the destruction of Al-Aqsa mosque and its replacement with Solomon's temple. It could also be used against the Chinese and the Russians, but I highly doubt those 2 aren't already prepared for such an event, especially Russia.
  19. Correlation between gay people and child abuse is strongly present, and the statistics speak. I don't think it's a coincidence (not to say all gays are child abusers) It all started with "we just want to legalize gay marriage that's all" until we reached this point. As they stated in the song, it's the gay agenda.
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