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  1. I ended up not taking the jab, God help me through finding a new job though
  2. Germany, the doctor is more likely to report me to the police than do that. I have some friends from north African countries that did that, but most doctors here are douche bags that follow whatever instructions they get from the government. Last time I went to a doctor, he kept trying to persuade me to take the jab and blaming me for the spread of covid. Funnily enough he also kept praising the Pfizer vaccine and shittalking other vaccines, when in fact all of them are sh*t.
  3. I'm living alone with no family, studying and working at the same time. Recently there have been new laws in my country that prevent unvaccinated people from going to universities, work, and using public transport. If I don't take the bloody jab I'm going to be losing my job and I've no financial support (I currently barely pay my monthly bills). Until now, I've had to take quick tests daily and it made my life very unpleasant, but now quick tests no longer allow me to go to work. Which vaccine is the least risky one among them (excluding the mRNA ones because there's no way I'm ever taking those)? I'm considering J&J as Sputnik and the chinese vaccines are banned here. Edit: I also want to know if it's possible to render the vaccine ineffective, cancel whatever it's doing by taking certain pills before vaccination. Is this possible?
  4. What's worse is that the same people that created this bio weapon are the same people who instantly offered us their pre-made vaccines. Yet, people still took the bait (as they always have done). How can one be so blind and have this much faith in those companies is a question that boggles my mind. Those people are more certain about the "efficacy" of the vaccine than they are about the outcome of 1+1. No questioning, no critical thinking whatsoever. Ironically ready to risk their own lives (as there are proven side effects to many of those vaccines), yet unready to cope with the less than 1% chance of dying to this overrated virus. With the lock-down things are getting worse, people are losing healthy habits and day to day immunity that they used to gain from the external environment. If it's a manufactured virus (which I highly think it is), then I do believe it's at its early stages, because it's still not working as they intend it to be. Once they get a fully functional variant with which they can target specific ethnicities, we will then know who were behind the whole thing. For all I know it could be used to wipe out the Arabs living in/around Israel in order to allow for example the destruction of Al-Aqsa mosque and its replacement with Solomon's temple. It could also be used against the Chinese and the Russians, but I highly doubt those 2 aren't already prepared for such an event, especially Russia.
  5. Correlation between gay people and child abuse is strongly present, and the statistics speak. I don't think it's a coincidence (not to say all gays are child abusers) It all started with "we just want to legalize gay marriage that's all" until we reached this point. As they stated in the song, it's the gay agenda.
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