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  1. I feel stupid for falling for the wide range of "Anti-Dandruff" shampoos, none of them worked of course. Even worse, they increased scalp itching in some cases, and I now acquired a new condition on my face, it's now red and itchy (because of the different chemcials). What is a safe option (or at least an option that is minimally harmful) to control the hair loss caused by the itching (sometimes even bleeding)? For people who had the same issue, what did you use?
  2. I strongly advise everyone against using such symbols. You don't even know what those symbols are, what they do and what they allow to happen. You might be enabling a backdoor that will make you vulnerable to some things. People complain in reviews that they don't work. They work, but not in the way you expect them to.
  3. The question is, is there a correlation between the CIA documents burned in Ukraine about a week ago, and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. What was the CIA exactly plotting?
  4. Now that we got a dot connector about the Russia/Ukraine issue, I can temporarily sleep peacefully
  5. Don't get me wrong, the COVID issues at hand are important, but I think Dr Icke has suddenly stopped addressing matters related to the situation in the Middle East/North Africa since early 2020 and focused most of his attention on the fake pandemic. I believe other issues deserve as much attention as well, and in some way I feel like he's being distracted. Obviously this fake pandemic has taken too long and is being prolonged as much as possible for a reason. I've just rewatched his videos going back to 2015 about the situation in Syria to refresh my memory, and I remember how crucial those videos were to clear my misunderstandings about what was really happening back then. I would like to hear your opinions about this
  6. Honestly I can't stand this superficial man, he's the kind of guy you know is a hack no matter how authentic he tries to be. Whenever I watch him I sense an extremely negative energy, and he's so arrogant. He invited Dr David Icke because he knows he would get views and therefore have more people check his scam courses out. The reason why I'm so mad right now is because I've just found out he shadow-banned me from his channel for criticizing him.
  7. Somebody please take a look at how convenient, 'coincidental' and 'untimely' this is I wonder why the woman that made the compilation never bothered to do it ages ago? Only now did it become a problem? The double standards are real, they never speak against racism when it doesn't benefit their agendas.
  8. Over a month ago my Facebook account was suddenly suspended and I have been given 1 month to ask for a review, but when I asked for a review, I got a message saying that they don't have enough reviewers because of the pandemic. The ban came out a few hours after I exchanged a few messages with a close friend of mine in private, he had a neutral stance while I criticized the demonization of Russia by the media and the LGBXYZ propaganda that is being shoved up our throats. He told me that all my messages were deleted, while his weren't. I checked with other friends and they told me none of my messages were deleted. So pretty much Facebook spied into my private discussions, had a person manually translate and check my messages, then banned me for expressing my opinions to a close friend, and then claimed they don't have enough reviewers when I asked for an appeal. I've lost everything including my contacts, discussions, shared media and groups. My instagram was automatically deleted too.
  9. He sometimes uploads videos where speaks English only, but most of his videos have subtitles in many languages, including English I second that.
  10. Check Abderraouf Ben Halima on Youtube: they get imprisoned in a catcher's body (a catcher is someone who was recently possessed and thus has some kind of temporary opening that allows the catcher to capture those beings, I'm not sure but I think they're called channelers on these forums), he then interrogates them about certain conspiracies of the elite and of magicians that use the aid of those creatures.
  11. People don't believe in their existence because they have the impression that it's fiction and goes against science when it in fact doesn't. Those are creatures operating on an electromagnetic level but are able to tune their frequencies, which doesn't go against science at all, even though our "science" is not the absolute truth and it's full of unknowns/mistakes (which history has proven time and again). Somehow people think that now we are so technologically advanced, so it's laughable to even think that those beings exist. IMO that stems from arrogance. Anyone with enough humility would come to the conclusion that those beings are a real thing. There's enough content on the internet to prove it, in case a person never witnessed it irl.
  12. It's pretty obvious who's stronger when you have a situation where the US army is facing an eastern army (say Russia) with the same equipment and numbers. Pretty sure the super soldiers with 2 moms (2 dads too, gender equality please!) would smash the other normal soldiers. Also China realized how weak their future generations are because of the feminization of men in video games and movies, so now they have banned all video games and content that represent men with feminine traits, they're going back to natural.
  13. But you claimed that it would take them less than a year to convince the average person that eating humans is normal too, as well as "The powers that be in this world could convince most human beings that anything is 'normal' ". A direct implication would be that we were convinced by the elite that cannibalism was wrong in the first place, the elite here being the highest authority of that time. We're not talking about your personal take but rather about that of the society (ie public consensus). So I logically concluded that you think cannibalism is wrong because the elite decided it was the case. Don't be too sure. Of course I enjoy meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. I eat animal meat because I can and because there's nothing wrong with it. I believe morality stems from our innate disposition as conscious beings. I won't elaborate further on why I think it does. If you insist on considering morals a measurable energy, then cannibalism would be wrong because it happened to go against the laws of nature from the very start. It's the natural food chain, analogously lions don't eat lions. The reason why I don't want to talk about it, is that this is not the point of the thread. The thread is about fact-checking those finds, but you felt the need to teach us a lesson about what's morality and how the elite dictates our own morality. Goes besides the point here, I honestly can't see how it would help in this case.
  14. You're a bit confused I'm afraid. Yes there is something such as the "new normal" and societal pressure but that does not apply to everything. You cannot be telling me that cannibalism is wrong, because the elite decided so. I think such claims express a lack of responsibility and unwillingness to be held accountable for anything one does, an escape route to justify anything you want to do, no matter how bad it gets. Morals have nothing to do wit energy levels, there's no such thing as 'measuring' morals. I don't want to delve deeper into this new discussion because it's off topic, and it's not the problem here.
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