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  1. Noticed for a while the internets been playing up, not just home wifi but mobile data too, and seeing many different big websites going down at the same time (think it’s been in the news too). That’s definitely their next step. Think they’ve been testing the waters. Shut down any communication between people, and blame it on an ‘outage’ lol
  2. Communism by definition is that the people / the workers own the means of production / property and it is distributed accordingly based on ability, contribution and needs. Your definition is not wrong as such but in a pure communist state, ‘the government’ would be the people To the best of my knowledge, no state exists or has existed where this has been the case (a state ruled by the above definition) though I am happy for you to prove me wrong. I totally understand when people say, oh it’s a communist agenda, but equally you could argue it’s a capitalist agenda. Look at who really rules the world - shithouses like the Rothschilds, Gates, Soros, Bezos - are they commies? I believe that we are heading towards what we have been for the past 30-40 years, Covid has helped accelerate the plan but it was in the pipes for years anyway. Look at all our once great industries that were publicly owned, our cheap housing, our welfare state, our education system, all sold off for a tidy profit for a select few and of no benefit to us, the working and middle classes. Look at all the money pissed up the wall now during lockdowns by the government, who’s gonna pay for it now and why did the richest people in the world all see their wealth increase? things now have not been this bad for a long time, soon there won’t be any assets, any private property, not because of a communistic agenda, but because it will all go into the hands of the select few - capitalist - people who rule the land. I won’t get into arguments about it or discuss it too much anyway- at the end of the day, we are all in this thread for the same reason- being against this Covid bollocks and share the same views on it- one thing I often think now it’s not about left vs right anymore, as the lines have been blurred too much anyway (just more divide and rule bullshit), it’s just a case of right vs wrong, and we all see clearly what is happening in the world currently, is totally wrong. I respect your opinion fully.
  3. I certainly would not, but housing is, or should be a basic human right, not a commodity to be traded and profiteered on the back of other people’s misery, as you see in the UK. Communism and capitalism in their purest forms are not good ideologies, there has to be some sort of ‘hybrid’ or crossover where private individuals can thrive but not to the detriment of others, I don’t think that’s a crazy idea, and it certainly doesn’t mean I’m happy to watch ‘the state take all my stuff’
  4. What is the problem with things like this, exactly? It’s about time they dropped something similar over here, for years us normal people have had to suffer poor housing stock, slum landlords and property developers keeping supply low and rents/prices high. Look at the mess we’re in now with how much has been wasted with this Covid nonsense, who’s going to foot the bill? The working man of course, the people at the bottom. We are not heading for communism, we are heading for ultra capitalism as we have been ever since that old hag in the 80s set the ball rolling.
  5. Look at the state of it, all “influencer” types aka narcissists, I love the “lies you’re told” title as though what they’re telling you is 100% gospel. Con artists.
  6. wouldn’t surprise me, you can pull off anything nowadays on MSM/social media I’ve had two close relatives in hospital this year and it was a battle to go and see them, had to be cleared by the nurse in charge for me to visit my dad only after he’d been tested negative for Covid twice, but you can have all film crews and journalists walking the wards and talking to people no problem? if someone was on their death bed the last thing you’d want is a bunch of cameras stuck in your face Absolute rubbish, it’s infuriating.
  7. Top story on the BBC right now - “COVID sceptic dies in hospital” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-58376709 Yet another tale of someone who was listening to all the ‘disinformation’ then wound up on their death bed begging people to take the vaccine and wishing they had listened. what’s more interesting is that like many subjects of these articles, he’s an actor, or used to be. Curiously his starnow profile (https://www.starnow.co.uk/marcusbirks) has been deleted, but here it is for you on the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20130103214305/https://www.starnow.co.uk/marcusbirks How strange…
  8. The BBC never fails to disappoint, I keep reading articles like these and they just read like total propaganda. Keep seeing the “wish I had the jab” or “look what happens when you don’t have the jab” line getting spun out. Tourists told to stay away from Cornwall due to COVID surge https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-58318695 “About 800 of those positive cases are people who live in Cornwall. Jack, from Staffordshire, told the BBC he caught Covid at Boardmasters and wished he had not gone. "My whole family's got it now so I regret going to be honest… It wasn't worth it," he said. The 20-year-old, who is not vaccinated, said he was "shocked" at how ill the virus made him, leaving him bed-bound for nine days.” ^ Who the fuck is Jack? Who the fuck gets so badly ill then decides oh maybe I should ring the BBC and tell them all about it? Oh wait, he’s not a real person. Fuck off oh, and the festival only ended exactly 9 days ago, so he’s just been bed bound all the way since, just dropped the moment he came through the door? Right next line: Rosie, 22, from Bath, said she also caught Covid there after receiving her first jab, but said she "got over it pretty quickly". Well thanks a lot Rosie, I’m sold, another fake person. 1 hour later I read this article: Husband tells of pain of young mother’s Covid death https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-58320859 The husband of a woman who died with Covid-19 shortly after giving birth has spoken about the pain of losing her. Samantha Willis, 35, who had not been vaccinated for Covid-19, died on Friday after spending 16 days in hospital. —- no mention of any symptoms, how it happened, what actually even happened to her, but just this scenario on her death bed; "I was at the bottom of the bed and I was looking at the screens," he said. "I had an idea about what some of the things on it meant - I seen one that I was pretty sure was the oxygen level and it said 20. "I said to the nurse beside me: 'Is that her oxygen level?' And she just said: 'She has just literally passed away.''" what a load of shit seriously… Fake fake fake.. sorry for the big rant but you can just tell how things are written that it’s spun to sell a certain angle.. been seeing this for weeks now and I know others have too!
  9. Website under attack? Can’t seem to post. Edit: nevermind.. guess we’re on again. lol
  10. Hi, I had Covid, didn’t get long Covid, but I had post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome a few years ago for several months. Would imagine they are the same symptoms roughly. Constant fatigue especially. Personally I don’t buy in to the Ivermectin/Hydro stuff but it’s your choice. My doctor prescribed me Vitamin D3 solution to take twice a day, I also took B12 supplements as my levels were very low. I bought allicin/garlic supplements from Holland & Barrett to complement these too, once a day, and started having a balanced diet. Force yourself to be active - don’t push yourself too hard at first, just gradually doing more and more. I used to walk a lot, 8-10 miles round trip once or twice a week. It’s good for the body and good for the mind too. I still smoked, but cut out excessive drinking & any drugs. Eventually, once you’re in a good routine, you will start to notice yourself getting better. You will get better- I was for months thinking, that’s it, I’m fucked now, I’m like it forever- couldn’t even bear light outside or anything at first. But after a couple of months I got my life back. 12 weeks seems long and it could go on for longer but if you stay healthy and active and get a routine checkup, that is honestly the best thing you can do. Make sure to get bloods done with your doctor to see if you’re low on anything. wish you all the best mate.
  11. I don’t tend to dream much but lately I have been having really powerful, vivid dreams. Anyway, last night was one of the strangest for a long time. I must say beforehand, that death is one of my biggest fears, or rather the fear of what happens after, and leaving my family and friends behind, etc. all I can recall, was being sat outside somewhere in public near a large bridge. For some reason I was wired up to some sort of ECG machine with pads all over my body, and I had jolts of pain all over me. I had no idea what was going off, or why I was where I was, but people were just walking by, hundreds and hundreds of faceless souls, ignorant to what was going off. I had a female ‘spirit’ or something clung onto me, wrapped around my back, which I could not see even when I turned to look. But I felt like I knew her - just no idea who, why, or where from. I had this imminent feeling of dying, and I just simply said, that I don’t want to die, hoping for reassurance. the woman replied sternly to me that “everybody has to die at some point” or along those lines, which made me panic more. I said “but I’m too young, I don’t want to go yet”. I think she recognised my fear and just said, “you are okay for now”. I had a massive feeling of dread yet felt comforted for some reason, in what she was saying, sort of like a realisation/epiphany that I do have to come to terms with dying one day. I woke up, and weirdly I was in pain in the same places I was hooked up to the machine, like a stabbing sensation across my body. It felt more to me like a powerful spiritual experience, than just a normal dream, it was really vivid and strange. But it felt like some sort of message, the woman was sort of angelic in nature, but then on the other hand could be something sinister manifesting itself to try and fool me. you never know of course. that’s all anyway, probably not that interesting to be fair. Lol
  12. So another ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ becomes reality. What now? I feel hopeless. If I can’t go to a club, whatever. But the point is now this sets a precedent for everything else. Can’t go to work, can’t go to the shop, can’t do anything. That’s what is coming next. There needs to be a mass mobilisation of people and mass non compliance, now. But how can it even be pulled off. I do despair for the future.
  13. I’m just stood waiting for the train to work, I’ve noticed lately I keep seeing people with the exemption lanyards but then donning a mask anyway? There’s loads today wtf? Can someone explain the thought process behind that one.
  14. “Rewilding Britain” lmao wtf? About 92% of the country isn’t even built on. Not heard of the clearances before, will have a look. I’ve thought for a long time though they want people out of rural areas & into the city.
  15. Hi mate Why are your friends putting you under pressure? i.e what reasons do they give for you to have it? I have close friends who have taken it, and close friends who will not take it. The people I know who have taken it, I’ve just told that it’s early days and I’m not comfortable with having something put into my body that I don’t know what effects it will have mid to long term, but I have nothing against anyone who chooses to have it. and the thing is - they don’t really care - most people don’t! at the end of the day - it’s personal choice and preference. No one should coerce you to have or not have the vaccine. It’s your choice to weigh up the risks and benefits given the data and facts available, and make an informed decision. If you have anyone tell you otherwise, or tell you you’re wrong - I would question how good a ‘friend’ they really are to not respect your own informed decisions.
  16. I saw this yesterday and thought wtf; they’ve had some restrictions but largely not bothered, more just banning foreign travel and only just implemented restrictions again in May 2021 after a year of nothing. Maybe being infiltrated for not going along with the con. A press release issued later that day from the office of acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph blamed the attack on "a group of unidentified individuals, some of whom spoke in Spanish." “I’m just dumbfounded by the event,” said Robert Fatton, a Haitian politics professor from the University of Virginia. “I don’t understand how you just go inside the residence of the president, and you kill him – and then you leave. It’s all very strange. I’m not sure who is going to benefit from that …. We have no clue.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/07/crisis-threatens-to-engulf-a-leaderless-haiti-mired-in-and-corruption Whatever the motive it’s a very strange situation
  17. I’ve done away with all social media (saved me a lot of stress lol) but had to reactivate my Facebook briefly today to get in touch with someone, I had a quick scroll down my news feed, it was soul destroying. So much virtue signalling; people posting their cards up showing they’ve been jabbed, moaning about people not distancing, general boasting etc. Then I saw this fucking post in a group with Chris Witty’s ugly face plastered across my screen going on about how much respect is due to the man and how much of an amazing job he’s done, everyone commenting on it agreeing and showering him with praise. FFS. I got back out of there ASAP!! Have yourself a read what a nation of bootlickers (this is in a community forum)
  18. Richard Ashcroft refuses to play festival that is government test event https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57722072 He signed off by saying: "It must be an age thing but the words Government Experiment and Festival..." alongside three laughing emojis and the hashtags "#naturalrebel" and "#theydontownme". Top man
  19. Excellent analysis, so much for us all being conspiracy theorists and needing to do our research.. hahaha. The facts are staring people right in the face.
  20. Yep, total denial. Stockholm syndrome en masse. I think a lot of people are afraid of confrontation, or repercussions of some way, feeling as though it’s a marginal view and they’d be alone in speaking out. Imagine it all gets exposed, people know it’s a fraud, but what are they gonna do about it? They feel they need to cling on to what they have, if I speak out, I’ll lose my job, I’ll lose my kids, my family, my home, etc… I think DI touched on it in a video before, the concept of ‘nothing left to lose’, once they’ve pushed it and taken what they can, THEN people may start to rise and open their mind/voice. I’ve noticed more people are starting to speak out; and realise this as to what it is, only because slowly a couple of people around them are waking up. Decades of assault by the establishment hasn’t helped. Mass immigration, gentrification, cancel culture, weakening of the unions, access to disorientating amounts of information with the advent of mass media/advertising/the internet - blurring the lines between what is ‘right’ and is ‘wrong’. It’s certainly harder (but not impossible) for people to pool together, or to unite with others or even find people who share the same views. But that’s exactly why all this shit, has been rammed on us all our lives it will just take more time to overcome, is all.
  21. lol, Even when you show them clear & consistent data, they just turn round and are like ‘no, no, you’re wrong’ and don’t wanna hear it, totally incapable of using their own brain.. zombie nation
  22. They will push that message just the same as June 21st was to be ‘freedom day’, get the general population’s hopes up then come up with some bullshit excuse closer to the date about how it can’t go ahead cos of [insert new variant] or ‘not enough vax intake’ or whatever.. They’re gaslighting the people, there’ll be more tension between people, increase hatred towards the ‘anti-vaxxers’/‘conspiracy theorists’.. don’t forget this is a huge psyop.. they will keep pointing the blame at us as tensions rise, classic divide and rule..
  23. There will always be sheep! I don’t think most people will realise what has happened til it all comes crashing down (somehow) the trouble is even compared to just 20 years ago (9/11) there has been a significant dumbing down of the populace, a total lack of critical thinking amongst people, even though arguably information/facts/material is more accessible than ever before I do honestly believe you could wake up tomorrow, stick the news on and even if they exposed the whole pandemic as a hoax / experiment / whatever, people are so brainwashed they still wouldn’t believe it Only time will tell
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