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  1. I'm nearly on chapter 3 now and this book is just unputdownably awesome. I'm savouring every word and re-reading bits because I just HAVE to. David's words are for all of us now - young and old, already awakened and those just opening their sleep filled eyes. I need to read thoroughly also to make sure I've got my facts right so I can pass them on to people I know and people I meet who are still sleeping beauties. The book's looking a little dog-eared already as I take it out and about with me but I like that - like a child's much loved teddy bear, this book is cherished and loved. I think of the thousands and thousands of beautiful newly awakened people all over the world reading Perceptions of a Renegade Miind and feeling just the same way I do. Knowledge is power and Love is the energy to put out there. No matter how much rage, sadness, inadequacy and frustration we sometimes feel, we need to stop awhile and just smell the roses to balance those feelings with love, gratitude, peace and total confidence and power that will let us KNOW that. In the words of Muse's awesome song Uprising: They will not force us They will stop degrading us They will not contol us We will be victorious...
  2. Hi, my name is Bel aka Free To Be. I’ve been following David for years now - since he was doing his online lectures in the early 90’s. I watched with disgust also as David was being slated by Terry Wogan in his attempted annihilation on David’s integrity just to gain favour and cheap laughs from his sheep in a pen audience. I have followed him ever since, posting as far and wide as I possibly can. I’ve got most of his books and Renegade just arrived this morning (yaaaay) and it’s looking like another great read. My view on the masks, jabs, and the ‘pandemic’ is that it is ALL lies wrapped up in a load of shite. I’ve never worn a mask in my life except for heavy sanding work and I didn’t intend to start last year and I never will. Call me paranoid but I avoid mask wearers like the plague, imagining the menagerie of bacteria and accumulated filth and pathogens lurking behind the faceless faces, itching to be expelled onto innocent bystanders. I’ve put up with the crap from others as we do and argued with bus drivers and shop ‘security’ who were total bullies last year. I’ll never have a jab either as long as I live. I’ve never had a flu jab either as I trust my immune system to do the job it has done for the past 66 years and I don’t use any pharmaceuticals. Well that’s my ‘hello’ to all - a bit more than expected to come out but hey ho. It’s lovely to be here at last - I never got round to it. Loadsa Love and many blessings to you all
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