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  1. I live in FL and this is every building here. I've seen these videos. This guy to me is no different than all the "experts" coming out of the woodwork telling me how real the virus is and how the shot helps. He has spent several hours making several videos and comes off desperate to sell this explanation. I just believe what I see out my window anymore and stick to very basic truths. A building full of people in danger of collapse will not be allowed to be inhabited. Also, ONE building out of the thousands and thousands over years and years collapses with NO other buildings. Media LIES to you. Politicians LIE to you. Is this not reasonable to question? I simply think they picked a building in the neighborhood they needed with the worst visible damage to back up the story. I don't accept it. Do I think EVERYTHING presented on tv like this is a lie?-YES.
  2. AHHHHH.....No. No one in FL had been "riding out the PANDEMIC at their apartment", ok? Florida has been mask free, open and bustling like normal for a long time. The phone doesn't go dead after a sudden shaking and I guess they forgot everyone uses a cellphone and I don't know anyone who has had a landline for years. So half of the building you're in goes down and instead of running out using the multiple STAIRS you instead stand on your balcony, the most unstable part of the building and scream because the elevator doesnt work. - Please try a little harder guys!!!! Rescue dogs smell PEOPLE. Not just LIVE people. This reeks of the 9 11 bs they perpetrated.
  3. Very likely. The clean cut down the middle is very telling.
  4. Except for the fact that they have rescued at least one survivor that I know of. At least thats the story. I personally dont think design flaws and repairs to the extent of a collapse would be bribed off knowing they would have to pay the piper in the end.
  5. I would just think it a bit much for a hit on an individual. The Jewish connection did ring some alarm bells for me also tho.. I am considering now that all the people in miami , Fl, and the world are scared to live in these high rises now and the owners will sell off to the banks for pennies on the dollar.
  6. Where do we start here? First look it appears someone cut the building in half with a huge cake knife. Very strange only a perfect half the building went down. The "experts" are crawling out from the rocks talking about a 2018 report. Here's my problems with this: It lists repairs needed that weren't done correctly and also points to the salt air and water weakening the structure. This is not a tool shed in a backyard....if repairs are not completed for a building inspection or performed incorrectly, it would have been shut down and condemned until then by various agencies. Also the fact they repeat and repeat on the news of it's an OLDER building. We have miles upon miles of concrete bridges that run thru our open oceans here. Also we have 100 plus year old structures across the world that do not just fall down. As to the experts on tv speculating-I do not feel any credible engineer, architect, etc working for a company would dare go on tv and speculate one word on such a historic event BEFORE an investigation came out. Now to the recue team i see on tv for very short clips...I see about 15 guys with home depot buckets picking up handfuls of debris and tossing them around, picking things up and putting them back down for no reason and basically acting busy for a short camera clip. 4 days later I see ONE large piece moved by a crane that has been on site since day 1. They have a very short window for rescuing survivors and they look like they are at a picnic site. Speaking of cranes...they would absolutely never set up anywhere near a questionable foundation.
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