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  1. I agree. But there is a paradox: These 'stupid and immoral and hedonistic selfish people' tend to be the ones that form the government. There's more to my proposal. In brief, you would have smaller communities, the elders of which would be required to take 500ug of LSD, in a quiet, calm space every month and reflect on society's actions. They would offer us all guidance which was not binding, but advisory. In my experience, and that of others, it is more or less impossible to sustain corruption in the face of regular, ceremonial use of powerful consciousness-expanding psychedelics like LSD. Hence the reason the pedo-politician class have made these medicines illegal. Used respectfully, and safely, these ancient medicines destroy any notions of authority and reconnect us to ourselves and nature. Covid cannot coexist with LSD. So, I agree, dismantling government would probably result in the hydra growing another head. However, replacing government with self-insight, faciliated by the medicines the pedo-class stole from us and our cultures, would restore our main channel of communion with the planet, and reconnect us to our larger body - the Earth. Incidentally, LSD (used with respect) cures Covid instantly. I've watched several people meditate using this medicine and it is possible to completely collapse the mainstream-media-programmed 'reality' within the space of two or three hours. A CNN or BBC-viewer can be de-radicalized in less than a day. This would ordinarily take years of work. We could set up vaccination tents at major intersections and offer LSD to the public as an alternative to the other side's market stall offering, which is suicide-by-'vaccine'.
  2. Of course :) Actually, that reminds me of a psychology book by Alice Miller called, For Your Own Good. In the book, Miller describes how abusive social systems always claim that the abuse they are subjecting people to is, "for your own good." We can see it playing out today, as the pedo-elite class use their media-bullhorn to repeatedly tell us that we must inject poison into ourselves for our own safety. Save yourself by poisoning yourself for the good of society! Save society by self-isolating and utterly destroying society! I don't feel that this level of satire is sustainable, and it is intriguing to guess when an inflection point will be reached and the masses turn on their jailers. At some point, despite all the propaganda, the organism (humanity) will choose self-preservation. No matter how seemingly asleep and mild-mannered the masses might seem right now: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Only, sometimes, there is a delay between the two. The elite-pedos are playing a game of Jenga with their own systems of control. Sooner or later they'll pull out a supporting strut.
  3. I agree. I still feel that knocking out the entire puppet-politician layer of their pyramid would have an effect. It's hard to put on a show without any puppets, and when the puppet theatre is a pile of rubble.
  4. It's interesting to note that approximately 169 million people have been murdered by their own governments in the last century. One hundred and sixty nine million people. Government is our leading cause of death. Given that governments are, therefore, the most virulent and fatal virus that we know; should we focus all of our energy and efforts on destroying government forever? We could take the Covid funds and use them to hire a professional demolition crew to tear down Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Then the other government buildings could be dismantled and the debris placed in a mound which could form a memorial which future generations can climb. At the top of the mound of ex-government debris there could be a non-denominational chapel where visitors can meditate on the horror of government and all the children the kompromat-drenched pedophile-politicians raped. Together we can beat government, and heal ourselves. Government is, after all, the most deadly pathogen we know of. It's time to end this virus.
  5. Very, very good question. Based on my research, it seems likely that pandemic hoaxes are used approximately every 100 years by the elite-parasite-class to traumatize and re-traumatize the population. The previous known hoax was the "1918 influenza pandemic" which, as you can see, occurred precisely 100 years prior to the 2019 hoax. In the 1918 event, the public were, as now, pressured to wear face-masks. These masks, as now, are likely to have been the cause of widespread illness, as it was discovered that: However, we must assume that the majority of information that could be used to determine how many times the ruling-parasite-class have pulled this trick has been destroyed. None the less, there are some extremely interesting fictional depictions of the elite using a pandemic hoax to terrorize the population. These depicitons suggest that although we may not have an accurate historical record of these abuses, they have persisted, hidden, in an oral-folklore that has made its way into storytelling. For example, The Hamburg Syndrome (1979) is a movie which depicts exactly the situation we are in now; where corrupt 'government' uses fear and panic to mask and kill the public: If you watch this movie, you'll quickly see how this entire hoax was carefully modelled after a known-strategy. The Hamburg Syndrome depicts, with absolute accuracy, what is happening today. Here are some stills from the movie: Then there are multiple additonal depicitons. For example, watch the series Mr Robot (2015-2019). In this series, they show, in semi-fictionalized form, precisely what is happening now. You'll even see the face-masks appearing in Series 3. You could also take a look at (oddly enough) Fraggle Rock. There is an episode where an election is being held; and througout the episode, the Fraggle called 'Boober' is constantly trying to convince the Fraggles that there is a deadly disease and the Fraggles should all wear facemasks throughout the election season. This series was made by Jim Henson in the 1980s. I'll try and dig up the episode number when I have a chance. This last example. in Fraggle Rock, is particularly interesting as Jim Henson's work is extremely prophetic and counter-culture. For example, Labyrinth (1986) is an extremely well-concealed deconsruction of, and attack on the elite-pedophile-class and their systems of mind control. Anyway, to return to the original question regarding the pandemic terrorism being perpetrated: "...how many times has it been done?" The answer seems to be that it has been done many, many times throughout history (though it has been scrubbed). 'Epidemic' is a standard item in the elite-parasite playbook, and notoriously features in the Iluminati Card Game (1995): The elite-pedo-class shortly follow it with this card:
  6. The paradox here is that the 'education' your children would recieve at school is the same 'education' that has enabled maked idiots to roam around, jabbing hypodermic poisons into children. Consider killing two birds with one stone: Homeschool, and avoid the state-sponsored maiming/murder of your children. It's a seemingly radical decision, but the only rational one at this point. It might be helpful to look at the psychological trick that the State are using to coerse you into compliance with both the school system, and the injected poison. The following quotes are from the CIA's KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual (1963). This mauual relates to the present situation as it describes how the State pressures targets into compliance with the State's objectives, in this case, to have the target willingly inject themselves with a poison. I have annotated the quotes to make it clearer how this related to the pandemic hoax: The 'interrogator' in our case is the government and mass-media, who spread fear and anxiety about an invisible force which will kill the public. Once this anxiety-state is socially constructed (via mass-broadcasting methods like the 24-hour CNN 'death-ticker'), the pressure can then be reduced slightly to give the 'reward' of 'lessened anxiety'. This 'reward' of 'lessened anxiety' comes in the form of the interogator (the government) promising the removal of 'restrictions' at some point in the near future. This date is then perpetually moved forwards in time to create a yo-yo effect of 'relief' followed by 'anxiety' followed by 'relief' and then repeated. This oscillation between relief and anxiety is manufactured so that the interrogator (the media and government) take on a 'benevolent role' in the mind of the abused public. In other words: The public are trained to act as if they are children, reliant on their parents (the government) to provide ultimate relief from fear. Sadly, this 'fear' is being manufactured by the same group who promise salvation from the fear. Society is therefore placed in a classic psychological double-bind. Their collective 'captor' is also their 'saviour.' Of course, salvation never comes, because this is not the objective of the 'government's' game. The objective, instead, is (as is inevitably the case with governments) mass genocide. This situation recurrs every hundred-or-so years. A gap of this time is purposely waited so that there are not enough members of the public still alive from the previous time the trick was pulled to identify that the trick is being pullled again. Now, to the purpose of 'social-distancing' and 'self-isolation': The purpose of 'social distancing' is to traumatize the public. It is a well-known technique used by the 'intelligence' agencies to demoralize, and ultimately, psychologically corrupt targets. It is now being used en-masse. The 'intelligence' agencies (who are actually profoudly stupid) are using this technique to create mental instability in the public. Again, periods of mandatory isolation are interspersed with moments of relief, as decreed periodically, by the abusers (government). The 'government' (pedophile-puppets) are concretizing in the minds of the public the idea of government as 'benefactor'. Ultimately, the hope is that the public who are being terrorized by their government, will comply with the underlying objective of the entire performance: That objective being that the public willingly suicide themselves via chemical self-poisoning which the State has called a 'vaccine': Those who have studied history, and may well dispute the precise details, should be able to concede that when the Nazis led prisoners to their deaths, there was some degree of compliance engineered. The Nazis told prisoners that they would have to take showers, in order that they would be 'clean' before entering the camps. In the same way, we see, thematically, precisely the same technique being used in our allegedly 'modern' and 'technological' age. Quite simply, the game is this: The government repeatedly, and relentlessly, tells the people they are 'dirty and diseased'. Once the people accept this messaging, the government then tells the people that the 'government' will 'clean' the people. Of course, as we all know, the 'government' are the dirtiest people in the world. In summary: The dirtiest people in the world will now 'clean' us. And not for the first time in history. Just step this way into the showers. Just step this way into the vaccination center.
  7. It might be useful to understand the psychological tactics that are being used here by the pedophile-politician class to terrorise the people. A useful reference point for these methods is the CIA's KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual (1963). In this manual, the CIA describe some of the same techniques that are now being used globally by the parasite-oligarch class to manipulate human consciousness. Below, I have quoted a few examples of torture techniques, direct from the manual. The second, 'Alice in Wonderland' technique is the main one that is now being used by the 'governments' to psychologically traumatize us. This new QR-code psychological torture-and-isolate-technique likely falls under this second category. Social Isolation Alice in Wonderland Sound familiar? In the case of the current virus hoax, this 'interrogator' role is fulfilled by the mass-media. Again, we can see how, in the current virus hoax, these 'illogical elements' are dispensed by the media, who relay the 'new rules' which are 'scientific' and 'factual', yet paradoxically change daily in their scope and meaning. Statement is quickly followed by contradiction, and often the two overlap. Illogical narratives swarm and collide. Listen closely to newsreaders speak on CNN, or the BBC etc. If an actual real-life human being walked up to you on the street and spoke in that pattern of intonation and phrasing, what would you think? Do they seek to replace your reality with an 'eerie meaninglessness.'? And so, we see, in the CIA's own manual, the precise geography of the psyop (psychological operation) being perpetrated on society by the pedo-oligarch-parasite class and their media-bullhorns. In short: What is being done with these QR codes, and the ever-growing web of surreal, made-up rules which engage the world in a giant game of 'Simon Says", with pedos at the helm, is not a new trick. The entire thing is a basic-level, amateur mind-control psyop. This is utterly transparent to anyone with a basic knowledge of human psychology and an understanding of how 'intelligence' agencies have kept people stupid for decades. Sadly, none of this is taught in the schools, because they own the schools.
  8. It may be useful to consider the psychology behind the idiots. Although it might seem like they are randomly malfunctioning, the psychology behind their behaviour is very well studied and documented. Essentially, mainstream society is now in a psychosis. I mean this in the clinical sense, and not as a value judgement. In the past, if a single person started obcessively washing their hands; spraying everything with disinfectant; wearing strange cloth-squares over their mouth; and incessantly referring to an invisible magic being that was coming to kill them, that person would have been instantly diagnosed as textbook psychotic and obcessive-compulsive according to the hallowed DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Just because an entire society displays the same symptom set, we cannot simply disregard the diagnosis: Society is in the middle of mass-psychosis. This is actually good news for us, because we have an established framework for interpreting and dealing with this mental health problem. The traditional psychiatric model (which I do not agree with) would hospitalize and medicate the patient (at the extreme end), or council them (at the softer end). Personally, I prefer the older, shamanic model: This model interprets the psychosis not as a disease-state, but as a transitionary phase in which the organism is attempting to heal a schizophrenic-rift in the psyche. In other words: psychosis is not an illness, but instead psychosis is a constellation of symptoms that indictate that a person is attempting to resolve a deep internal conflict. Often, during psychosis, a person will begin to ascribe meanings to immediate, present-day objects and people that should have been, more accurately, attached to people and objects in their formative years. To put this in a simpler way: A psychotic person, or society, will displace childhood feelings onto present-day events. I have a hypothesis, based on my understanding of the research into psychosis: It is statistically likely that in excess of 1 in 3 children are sexually abused. These abused children (now grown up into adults) are being invited, by the parasite-pedophile-oligarch class to displace their repressed childhood-feelings of being attacked by an 'invading force' that made them feel 'dirty' onto the present-day 'object' of a killer-virus. I suspect that this is not a random phenonema. In other words: Having studied the work of the occult groups who manipulate our societies, it seems that the parasite-politicians are aware that they can invite these kinds of displacements. The parasite-pedophile classes that occupy the government buildings know that they can misdirect society's collective, emergent feelings and terror at having been abused as children. They can misdirect these feelings onto a totem. In our case, the totem is the idea of 'Corona virus'. Their choice of language here is probably amusing to them. Corona, of course, is 'crown'. From this word we get 'coronation'. In summary: The Crown - the 'Royal' families who rape and abuse children en-masse, are using a psychological trick to displace society's collective, emergent, memories of abuse away from their palaces and mansions, and onto the totem of 'Corona virus'. However, once you see through the spell; it is all deeply pathetic: A bunch of corrupt pedos shouting about an imaginary virus on the TV stations that they own. It's very basic, and amateur mind-control. Given this information, we can take practical steps to reduce our level of discomfort as we walk through the theater of mass-psychosis: These people who are wearing masks were always wearing masks - the difference is that now we can see them. These people were/are strangers to themselves because they are struggling to acknowledge that those people who claimed they were looking after them - the 'governments' - were actually their jailers. This is no small transition. The psychotic is in the process of resolving their innermost split: The split between percieved-reality and the horrifying truth of their past. We might, therefore, view the masked idiots as patients wandering lost and unsupervised in a hospital run by other insane people. The best course of action, at this point, is to avoid them, and to trust that sufficient work has now been done to spread awareness of the chemical-genocide of the 'vaccines'. These people are addicts: Addicted to a world-view that excludes the truth that the government are pedophiles and theives; addicted to the cellphones which feed them a stream of lies carefully designed to maximize their terror. Addicts ultimately cannot be rescued externally. Often, they must first find themselves face down in the gutter before they decide to change. The chemical poison being distributed by their jailers is this metaphorical gutter. Soon many of them will be lying face down in the miserable truth of who their 'leaders' are. I hope this is uplifting in a sense: There is a brick wall of reality that will conclude this ugly episode in human history. I send you all hope and courage in this, the final verse of their bleak song.
  9. After the genocide committed by the Nazis during WWII, a number of significant museums were built across the world so that we would never forget the path to fascism. Obviously these museums failed to adequatedly educate humanity. I feel we should start planning the museums that will be built after the current mass-genocide is over. Here are my ideas for exhibits. Feel free to share your own. Museum foyer In the museum foyer there will be a five-meter tall solid bronze statue of the computer-generated image of the Corona Virus. The placard underneath will give visitors the chance to learn how this motif of a virus, which did not represent anything in reality, was used as the central iconographic image in the Nazi's campaign of fear. This a powerful reminder of the way that iconography is used to manipulate humanity. All corridors in the museum Motion-sensors throughout the museum will detect if any visitor is closer than 2 meters to another. If they are, the sensors activate an audio recording which blasts the Nazi's programming keywords out loud, shouted in a stern voice, "Socially distance!" This will remind visitors of how the Nazis used bizarre and nonsensical isolation techniques to traumatize the people. The 'Media' Room Here visitors can sit in a small screening-room and be subjected to 24-hour rolling CNN death-tickers, which were once used by the Nazis to relentlessly abuse citizens by inducing panic through the manipulation of statistics and fake tests. The Vaccination Memorial In this part of the museum, visitors must maintain a respectful silence. The names of the millions of people who were murdered by the Nazi's forced-'vaccine' program are projected onto the walls. Visitors can read the diaries of children who were trapped in their homes and ultimated murdered by the Nazi's paramilitary units such as the WHO and the NHS. There is a small non-denominational chapel at the end of this exhibit where visitors can rest and reflect on how months of propaganda was used to usher the Nazi's victims into Termination Centres under the pretense that these were Vaccination Clinics. Memories of the Third World War In this part of the museum, visitor can wear headphones and watch videos of all the doctors. and other 'dissenters', who spoke out against the Nazi's virus hoax on YouTube and were silenced. This part of the museum includes the world's largest collection of censored YouTube videos, which were siezed after the directors and employees of YouTube were taken to trial at Nuremberg II. Exit to the museum As an ongoing reminder of the horrors of mass-surveillance and the proliferation of what were called 'cellphones', the exit to the museum is a glass-floored bridge which crosses over a giant mound of cellphones. After the collapse of the Nazis, milions of survivors threw their cellphones into the street. The Nazis had intended these cellphones to act as 'contact tracing devices', and for a while this scheme had worked. However, as resistance to their reign grew, awareness of the true purpose of these portable surveillance units grew and ultimately these 'cellphones' were piled up on the streets. This part of the museum reminds visitors why, today, it is illegal to own or operate a cellphone, and why Nuremberg II took such strong measures against those who ran the Nazi's surveillance hubs throughout Silicon Valley in California. Memorial garden Each visitor is given a face-mask on leaving the museum, which they are invited to burn in the memorial garden. The Nazis made people wear these masks, claiming that the people were 'diseased'. Nazi sympathizers were given permission by the Nazis to throw people out of their shops if they refused to wear 'the mask'. In Germany it remains illegal even to depict the mask in a public space, as it is considered to be a symbol of National Socialism. After Nuremberg II sentanced the WHO, masks were made illegal in over 48 countries. In the aftermath of the genocide, millions of Nazi 'doctors' were stripped of their licenses to practice medicine and sent to trial.
  10. Speculatively: There seeems to have been a state-sponsored drive to 'defund the police', suggesting that the elite-pedophile-politician class may have a broader plan to replace much of the existing military / police with some other group of 'soliders'. As flawed as the current security services are, there are still some good people in there. One interesting historical precedent for this is when Hitler fired or retired many police leaders in his rise to power. In other words: The pedoticians (pedophile-politician-class) and their puppetmasters may simply not care if vast numbers of the 'security services' are maimed by their chemistry experiment. The primary objectives are fear and chaos. As you have probably noticed: The people police themselves when subjected to the current level of psychological manipulation by professional cult programmers. It may be that conventional, kinetic control systems (military, police) are unnecessary. This is likely another aspect to the unfolding hoax. On one level, these pedoticians and their string-pullers are very stupid and have not wargamed all the potential outcomes of their actions. On this same topic, I feel that this is the reason why this third world war we are in will soon come to an end. Love always wins in the end because it is the more intelligent force. I also suspect they had to rush their plan. If this had been properly engineered, then the vaccine passport tech would have been waiting in the sidelines. Instead, if you look, for example, at the vaccine cards being used, they are basically bits of paper with handwriting on them. I mean, look at the CDC's vaccine card. Anyone could print this off and fill it in, there is no nationally agreed way to notate the form, or any watermark or other security feature: What I suspect happened is that they had to rush this plan through on account of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Although they thought things through to the point where they could brute-force the US elections in their favor using the hoax, I don't feel that they realized that there would be considerable push-back from free-thinkers. It's worth remembering that the last time they tried a mass-genocide on this scale, the internet did not exist. As much at the internet is a conduit for their propaganda; it is also a unique tool for the resistance to destroy the pedotician class. It may not look like it right now, but we are slowing destroying them in the light of awareness.
  11. When these newspapers say things like, "Ireland to delay indoor dining..." it's important to remember that they don't mean 'Ireland' is choosing something, but instead that an 'elite' group of parasites who call themselves a 'government' in Ireland are dictating something. Ireland is a diverse group of individuals, sadly ruled (like much of the world) by a pedophile-apex-predator-class that occupies the goverment buildings. Newspapers like The Guardian are the mouthpiece through which they speak. The terminology is fascinating: The headline itself is so profoundly misleading from the very first word that it shows how far into the fog we have strayed. These newspapers seem to think that the puppet politicians, drenched in kompromat, represent these countries. Unless Ireland literally grows legs, and arms, and stands up in the sea and starts physically doing things, it cannot be said to be doing anything. The actions of the Pedophile-politican class are not synonymous with the actions of entire countries, much as these puppet churnalists would like to convince us that they are.
  12. Hi Claire, I would suggest contacting a sympathetic lawyer who is willing to send SS a letter stating that they are in violation of the Nuremberg code and will be held liable for any harm that comes to your child as a result of their actions. You can read the Nuremberg code, in full, at the end of this post. Sadly, I do not know if this will stop them, but it would provide you with clear legal evidence, in forthcoming months, that your consent was not given. This could then be used as more solid grounds for a damages claim. I was abused as a child by many institutions, and I can understand the techniques that they are using to coerse your son into compliance with their abuses. Perhaps someone else on this forum can point you towards a lawyer who has previously intervened in a similar situation, and who can help protect your son from being assaulted by abusers armed with an experimental-chemical. Sending courage. The Nuremberg Code (1947) Permissible Medical Experiments The great weight of the evidence before us to effect that certain types of medical experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the ethics of the medical profession generally. The protagonists of the practice of human experimentation justify their views on the basis that such experiments yield results for the good of society that are unprocurable by other methods or means of study. All agree, however, that certain basic principles must be observed in order to satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results justify the performance of the experiment. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.
  13. I can confirm this assessment of the so-called British 'police'. The checkered black and white band on the police uniforms is indeed the logo of the Freemasons. That checkerboard pattern was introduced to the police uniforms by a Freemason called Percy Sillitoe. He was initially a police officer, but in May 1946 Sillitoe replaced David Petrie as head of MI5. Sillitoe was a member of the Scarsdale Lodge of Freemasons. Many British police officers are Freemasons. These two groups represent an almost completely overlapping venn diagram of membership. British Police collectively refuse to say if they are Freemasons. This is a huge topic to go into here, but to summarize: The Freemasons use the checkerboard floor pattern in rituals where they rape and torture children en-masse. Post-trauma, these children have been subconsciously imprinted with an associative fear of the checkerboard motif. This is classic Pavlovian associattive conditioning. The rituals are far more complex than this single traumatic-programming episode, involving many symbolic association rituals. Collectively this programming engenders a fear of the 'police' in the child. In adulthood, this subconscious fear remains, while the inciting incident is repressed in memory. This has been done to thousands of children at lodges across the world. Who are the British police, then? In as few words as possible: The British police are the private army of the occult pedophile network that calls itself the Royal Family. You may have to let that sink in for a few minutes. While the police have a manifest function - to 'maintain the peace' - their latent purpose is to protect the Crown and its nominated puppet-'governments' from the people. Below is a video of a witness account of some of the rituals that the police-freemasonic order subject children to. Interestingly, YouTube recently shut down comments on the video and removed the likes because so many other survivors were coming forward. This is the type of challenging material that we have to accept to free ourselves from those who would mask us. The Royal Family, the Freemasons, the puppet-governments, and the mass media (YouTube) work in concert to hide from us the sociocultural architecture by which we are currently imprisoned. This extends from the viral hoax all the way to the true operational motives of the 'police'. Until we are collectively able to view the police without their 'masks' ,and see them as members of an occult order of child-rapists, we will continue to live under the childhood-programmed delusion that they are to be feared and respected.
  14. Good questions. I intend to write a dedicated post on this topic soon, but for now, here are some ideas on how to stop acquiesing: 1. Stop visiting any shops that require you to wear the uniform of oppression. There are many wholesalers online who will sell you much better fruit, vegetables, and other food, and deliver it to your home. It's cheaper and potentially more efficient to do this anyway (no open-front freezers, lighting, heat, and staff costs like in a supermarket.) Summary: Defund all retail outlets that are violating the nuremberg code by forcing a medical intervention on you (masks). 2. Stop using Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This is just a short list for starters, but these companies are State surveillance networks. They harvest data which is then used to build an evolving psychological-profile of humanity's reactions to the ongoing psyop (psychological operation). Summary: These major tech platforms form a vital part of the 'stimulus-response-iterate-repeat' feedback-loops which the State is using to control you and your communities. Shut their psychological data-feeds off. Quit them now. 3. Replace your 'smartphone' with an old phone from the early 2000s. Your smartphone is a contact-tracing and surveillance-device masquerading as a phone. Its primary purpose is to spy on you. The State is able to eavesdrop on all conversations you have within range of your smartphone. This is not paranoia. Look into chip-on-chip 'management engines' (see point 4). Summary: All smartphones are backdoored. These devices are used to gather intelligence by the State. Even if you think you are uninteresting to the State, your metadata still feeds into their control-grid, and they use this data to guage humanity's collective reactions to their ongoing fear-campaigns. They use this data to iterate the effectiveness of subsequent terror campaigns. Use a pre-smartphone phone, without GPS. 4. Use a VPN (virtual private network), and do not connect any computer equipment manufactured after 2005 to the internet. Almost all computers manufactured after 2005 contain a 'managment engine', which is a chip-on-chip surveillance engine which has access to everything on your computer and can relay it to the State. Summary: All post-2005 consumer computers are backdoored by the State. Look into the horrors of the Intel Management Engine (ME) and the AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP). If you were wondering how they have managed to manipulate human consciousness so easily, now you know: we are Pavlov's Dogs to them. They ring the bells through Facebook and the mainstream media and then they watch our reactions through parsing data from the ME and PSP engines that are hidden on most consumer hardware. Get an older computer, and a VPN. The old hardware works fine with Linux. 5. Stop paying taxes. It is ethically corrupt to fund your own ongoing imprisonment. This can be done simply on religious grounds. Almost all major religions forbid killing another human. Also, it is illegal to fund terrorist groups under international law. The State is a terrorist organization which uses violence and the threat of violence to achieve political aims - this is the precise dictionary definition of terrorism. Summary: Defund your jailers; stop paying the State to oppress you. These are just a few ideas; I'm sure others here have more.
  15. It is easy to under-estimate the effect of censorship. YouTube, for example, is scrubbed daily of anything that opposes the WHO. In fact, it now appears that YouTube and the WHO are the same entity; the WHO's logo is all over the YouTube website, branded across almost every video related to the hoax. It is worth considering, philosophically whether a planet having a centralized 'World Health Organization' is actually a symptom of that planet being profoundly sick: No healthy planetary community would centralize its government in such a way. Centralized systems are inherently, architecturally, vulnerable to exploit, and should not exist in a civilized world. Many have come out en-masse, but are censored. The cult / corporate 'elite' simply need to control the media, and use this media to exclude all other voices apart from the WHO. Incidentally the WHO is primarily funded by Bill Gates. Look into the Gates Epstein connection to understand what the WHO represents. They have spoken out. However, these outspoken doctors don't own TV stations or entrenched trans-global video-streaming and social-media platforms. They are therefore excluded from view. To summarize: the thousands of doctors, virologists and biochemists who have spoken out are silenced. Kerry Mullis, who invented the PCR, said Dr Fauci is "a fraud" and that the PCR cannot reliably detect viruses. This is the test being used by the 'maskzies'. On this grounds alone, the 'pandemic' is clearly fake. At this stage, it has to be asked: Do we need more doctors speaking out; or do we need more people listening? For me, the real question is not: "Why are doctors silent?" But instead, "Why is the world so deaf?" I fear the answer to this is: Many people would prefer to play out the masquerade of "let's pretend there's a deadly virus", rather than face the actual virus plaguing our planet: The widespread sexual abuse of children by our 'powerful elite'.
  16. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. For anyone else interested, the linked article suggests using suramin, derived from pine needles, to "potentially block the inappropriate RNA and DNA replication that the mRNA devices are trying to engender". Although medical trials would presumably never be done on this 'antidote' - simply drinking pine needle tea is proposed in the linked article as a full-spectum alternative to pure suramin. These pine needles contain the naturally ocurring substsance "which can block DNA and RNA replication". If the theory is correct, then there is some poetry to the idea that pine-needles could neutralize these injection-needles. If anyone else has any data or information on this, or any other means by which to disable the vaccine in vivo, please share it here.
  17. Out of curiousity, I wonder if there is a simple means by which to disable the experimental mRNA 'vaccine' once it enters the body? For example, can the injected compound be deactivated by some prior or subsequent action on the part of the person who has been assaulted by it? Another way of putting this is: Can a person self-administer some kind of antidote to this State-administered poison, whether by mouth or subcutaneously / intravenously? Presumably any 'antidote' or 'neutralizing agent' to the mRNA 'vaccine' would have to be administered immediately pre- or post- injection. The reason I ask this question is so that anyone (worldwide) who is forcibly injected, or mandated to be injected by their rogue State, has an opportunity to obtain a 'vaccination' certificate without suffering the health consequences of being forced to participate in a medical experiment. They would appear to have taken the poison, but would have neutralized its action in vivo. Clearly the Nuremberg code is an insufficent deterrent to our collapsed global power elite. It is worth considering other options. I'm therefore inviting discussion on a biochemical means by which to defend ourselves against the State's assault on us, without alerting the State to our rebellion.
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