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  1. This is fascinating. If I think having sex with children is wrong; I am the problem? This is what we're dealing with. Welcome to British society. Incidentally, Brand raped the child, according to her account. Even if a person is sick enough to regard British consent-laws as morally justified. Also: Guys, I think we've finally located Russell Brand's account here!
  2. Agreed. Let's just implement the jury-system for government. It's used in every significant trial in the land. And limit the government-jury's reach to the roads, sewage, water and power-grid. End this madness already.
  3. The current zeitgeist is to pursue men who have had sexual relations with CHILDREN in the past... Corrected that for you. We know that Russell Brand raped at least one child, by her own account in The Times newspaper. Don't think that users on this forum won't notice the way you are re-framing this.
  4. You're absolutely correct. A lot of legitimate anti-msm mouthpieces are being silenced. In the case of Russell Brand, however, we were dealing with a fraud. He was being positioned to cause substantial damage later down the line. The most pertinent question about all of this is: Why are Channel 4 and The Times finally reporting on this after all these years? Brand has, in the past, been seen as untouchable because of his ties to the Freemasons and The Crown etc. Are some of these legacy-media groups going rogue? Or, is the Freemasonic-elite intentionally placing brand in a 'Whicker Man' that the British 'villagers' can 'burn' so that they don't burn those who pull Brand's strings? Did Brand displease his higher-ranking Freemasons? Remember that the way these networks function is that 'kompromat' on a Freemason is released if that Freemason 'betrays' the group. Are we witnessing the release of this kompromat? In short: Does the British Crown know we are coming for them? Is Brand's excommunication by the Freemasons a kind of 'chaff' countermeasure to slow our march towards Buckingham Palace? Or, did Brand upset the Freemasons? Or, did part of the legacy media suddenly grow a soul?
  5. This would not be a win for the elites. The only reason Brand was positioned as an "anti vaccine" mouthpiece is so that he can later be used by the pedo-elite to mislead his 'followers'. The elites position people like Brand as controlled-opposition, to function as a fail-safe in the event of failure. Brand was one such fail-safe. The Covid hoax was, ultimately, a failure. As a failsafe-measure-"guru-of-the-people" devised by the establishment, Brand has the trust of millions and will lead his "followers" astray in the next major 'event'. Unless, of course, his 'followers' realize why Brand is positioned where he is. Brand has abused the trust of millions. Denial in his followers is a natural response. Then anger. Then acceptance. Call it 'rehab', if you like.
  6. Many of us knew this was coming for a long time. David Icke himself issued multiple warnings about Russell Brand. This is just the tip of the iceberg. What comes next is truly disgusting. I have more evidence to share in this post. Incidentally, Brand is probably never going to end up in a court; for the same reasons Savile was never going there either: 1. The British Court system is infested with Freemasons; of which Brand is one. 2. Brand has direct ties to pedophiles in the British Monarchy. I feel we must also be honest with ourselves here: British society tolerates a known pedophile holding the highest-office in the land. What hope do any of Brand's survivors have in a British court? Near zero. Additional Evidence I offer the following evidence for consideration. I have presented this evidence in the form of some questions: Why did Russell Brand write a book full of Freemasonic iconography in which "gorgeous" children are led away by a 'pied piper'? In this book, there is a contest for "The Most Gorgeous Child in Hamelin". The narrator (Brand) gushes over the kids in Hamelin, and "adored" one child for the "blooming circle of blood around his right nipple". "Bob is so delicious," a character remarks of a child, "his hair smells as sweet". Here are some images from the book written by Russell Brand. This forum's right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § 107) and fair dealing, in the UK. Copyright, therefore, does not apply. First, we enter through a Freemasonic Archway. Note the black and white motif, and sculpture at the top of the door: The "Pied Piper", curiously resembling Brand himself, arrives dressed from head-to-foot in Freemasonic iconography: The "Piper" leads the "gorgeous" children away by playing a "pipe". Note the perspective on this drawing. Eyes rolled back: Then compare this passage in Russell Brand's book: To these accounts, published in The Times newspaper, by a woman he sexually assaulted: Again, take another look at the image above and square it with this account from a child that Russell Brand raped. Also, as reported by The Times. You can also see, from Russell Brand's book, that Brand is aware how the Freemasonic power-systems work. What is the pattern on the mayor's tie in this illustration? Note, also, the crown: And why is that same pattern in Russell Brand / The Pied Piper's eyes later in the book? I think we get the picture now, no? Why did Russell Brand tell Tucker Carlson, in reference to the behavior of drug-addicts around children "the [children] who are five or six, they won't ever have really seen it... or remember it"? What is Brand referring to as the "it" the child will not remember? No modern trauma-therapist still realistically believes this nonsense that children do not remember abuse. At this point in the interview Brand loses his composure and immediately then begins to fidget excessively with his clothes and microphone. Then takes his cardigan off and sips water. He has said too much, and knows it. You can watch this in the video, here, at 18mins 15seconds in. Even Tucker seems a bit lost for words in response, but does not call Brand out on the statement. Society struggles to challenge these abusers. How did Russell Brand make his trip to the USA for the Tucker interview without being 'vaccinated'? The US government was coercing all plane passengers to have an experimental injection before being allowed into the USA at the time. Why was Russell Brand on such friendly terms with Jimmy Savile? Let's revisit a recording of their phone call here: Summary Why was Russell Brand positioned as a guru and alternative-voice? What is a pied-piper? Why did Jimmy Savile do charity work? What is controlled-opposition? What is ingratiation? Was Jimmy Savile the British crown's only supplier of children?
  7. Many of you are probably wondering why the Cabal is now re-playing their Covid narrative. After all, if the hoax failed to deliver the 'Cabal' Total-World-Domination last time, why would it work this time? Especially now that even more people are self-educated on the fraud. Plainly, it won't work now if it didn't work then. What we are witnessing therefore is a 'Failure Tantrum'. This is the point in psychotherapy where the 'patient' is confronted with the inescapable futility of their deluded-behavior, and begins to kick the furniture over and smash the windows. In other words, the 'patient' (The Cabal / Deep State) now feels an unconscious sense of futility. Their behavior-pattern (serial-homicide) has been exposed. The 'patient' can no longer conceal their pathology behind a veneer of surface-level confidence-trickery. We then get a rapid-repetition of the pathological behavior, regardless of its usefulness to the 'patient'. At this stage in our hypothetical 'therapy' session with The Cabal, we might observe that The Cabal's basic inability to understand boundaries is no longer covert; it is now overt. The 'patient' (The Cabal) understands on some level that the previous-strategy has failed disastrously. However, this previous strategy was the only way the 'patient' has ever known as a means to relate to the world around them. The patient inherently lacks imagination. The Cabal's hostility and violence is innate to their personality. It was forged through torture and abuse in their childhoods. It does not respond to conscious de-escalation. This pathology cannot be up-rooted in 'therapy'. Currently, then, the 'patient' (The Cabal) is trapped in a 'Failure Tantrum'. Their mechanism of abuse is exposed and well-known, but The Cabal has no other strategy. In the absence of an alternative means of relating, the 'patient' (the Cabal) can only repeat previous behavior (mass-homicide), but now in the full-view of the 'therapist' and others. In this final-phase, the 'patient' is, on some level, learning that society has placed boundaries on them. These were precisely the boundaries that should have been established in childhood. There is a reason why most major-politicians are known pedophiles (Biden; Trudeau; Macron) who have been testified against. These figures come from families where there were no boundaries and multi-generational abuse. These 'patients' (The Cabal) will repeat their abusive strategies until a boundary is established. We are therefore currently in the final stage of the Covid Hoax. This is the phase in which the 'patient' (The Cabal) acts out a final-time. However, Earth's communities are now sufficiently awake to the strategies of The Cabal and the Pedo-Elite will soon be expelled from society. This does not require any organized-effort precisely; society will do it innately. It just takes some time. It is in our nature. The human immune system works in much the same way; it can take a while to identify the pathogen. Fevers can repeat, and an illness can potentially last many years. Our worldwide-bio-psycho-social immune system has reached a critical point where the 'pathogen' of centralized pedo-governments has been identified. We are now in the last fever of this illness. First we will see collapses of regional-governments; then centralized; then the monarchies. It will be surprising to many how fast this happens. Just as a fever can break overnight, and health return, so too can a global Cabal fall overnight. After all, it is just a large-pathogen that has invaded our planetary system. Hold on tight; brighter skies ahead :)
  8. Rather than introduce new material into the 'official narrative' of the sinking of the Titanic, I'm interested (for the sake of simplifying the debate) in accepting the 'facts' of the official narrative, but questioning its internal-contradictions. Here are some new questions: 1. Given that it is not disputed that the ship-builder himself, Joseph Bruce Ismay, was on board the Titanic, why did Ismay not object to the attempt to turn "hard to starboard" to avoid the alleged iceberg? As the architect of the Titanic, Ismay would have known that, at such a late stage, the Titanic would be more likely to stay afloat in a head-on collision with an object, rather than a side-on swipe. Colliding with the side of an 'iceberg' was allegedly what sunk the ship because multiple compartments were breached along a large stretch of the hull. Is there evidence of any decision making process in this regard? 2. The official narrative proposes that last-minute passenger-cancellations (not by least ship-owner JP Morgan) were entirely normal. Is there data available for other major ships on their maiden-voyage at the time to determine if the last-minute cancellation volume (and by passengers of such 'prestige') was normal? 3. Was Titanic the first ocean liner that was billed as "unsinkable"? Who made this marketing decision? Had such a promotional campaign been run previously with another ship? For consideration: If someone, loudly and publicly, tried to sell me an 'un-crashable car' I would think them either deeply naive. Unless, of course, they were contriving a plot-arc that will cause impressive newspaper-headlines when the inevitable happens to the car. I'm interested in all (non-hostile) thoughts and feelings on this topic. Incidentally, the internet is flooded with 'straw man' theories on the topic of the Titanic. These 'straw man' theories are likely contrived by the same groups who were involved in the sinking. In other words: there's a lot of nonsense out there designed to give the impression that there is weak evidence that the sinking of the Titanic was intentional. In fact, the evidence is extremely strong. That said, I'm not going to outline all the strongest evidence here, yet. First, I need answers to various questions, and then I intend to present a very robust case soon.
  9. Absolutely. The cycle begins in these schools and universities. It's fascinating to learn precisely how these 'top' universities systematically groom students to become puppets of The Empire as adults To dig deeper: It's clear that the notion of university per-se is deeply entwined with freemasonic systems. Students achieve 'degrees'. The mortar-board hats also have links to freemasonry; both in an obvious way — traditional 'masons' use mortar boards to mix mortar, to bind stone — but the hats are also a metaphorical symbol — the student's mind is effectively boxed-in by the freemasonic 'learning' system they are put through. Finally, the square / diamond is arguably a simplified glyph for the masonic logo itself; the dividers and square. Obviously, context is important — not all squares / diamonds depicted in our world are obfuscated freemasonic-logos. However, a constellation of items suggests, in this case, it is a glyph. Consider: - Degrees - Mortar-board hat - Diamond / squaring of the head - Long cloaks. Together these items strongly suggest that, in deconstructing the notion of a 'University', we are looking at an initiatory freemasonic-system; A kind of Hitler-youth club for the Crown. Sometimes it is hard to perceive those establishments of the Crown / freemasons (pedophiles) which are so culturally pervasive. The familiar becomes invisible. We have learned to accept universities despite their horrors. As the article made plain. It will be interesting to see how long this fraud can sustain itself now that whistleblowers are coming forwards. The entire root-network of this cult is being dragged up through the soil; and into the light. Exciting times!
  10. Having explored Germany extensively, both in print and physical reality, I can conclusively say that it is the most evil place in the world. I don't say this out of xenophobic-impulse; it is provably true. I even speak the language. I had German friends who used psychedelics to heal from childhood trauma and so many of them had been ritually-abused as children. The woods of Germany are full of occult groups who ritually abuse the children of the villages. It's literally like walking into Mordor. Of course, it is possible for the naive-traveler to experience the superficial beer-and-brätwurst-Disney-version of Germany if you pass through on a summer holiday. However, spend any time in Germany and (with your eyes open) you'll discover that the country runs on occult ritual-abuse. Germany never confronted what happened there in WWII. The Germans claim to have transcended their 'difficult past' of concentration-camps and occultist-politics. The reality is that they all still drive Vokswagens (the car company which built concentration camps inside its own factories); wear Hugo Boss (Nazi uniforms) suits; and muzzle their children with glee. National Socialism was, at its heart, an occult movement, not a political one. The big secret in modern-day Germany is that most of them are still Nazis. Yet, they prize themselves on their capacity for deep 'self-reflection after the war'. This combination of evil and self-delusion makes Germany the most hostile and dangerous place I have ever traveled. Never again. Nie wieder.
  11. Texas might be a good option to emigrate to soon as they are now establishing their own gold-backed currency. If you're looking for a place that is actively fighting back against the pedo-elite at a high intellectual level, Texas is (unexpectedly) a global high-point of resistance. As we know, the monetary system must no longer be 'fake' if a society is to have a strong foundation. Anywhere that is still central-bank controlled is still at the mercy of the pedos who print worthless-fiat and dish it out to the zombies and 'smart'phone palm-staring masses. The only problem is that you'll have to get through the border to the US to get to Texas. Most of us on this forum are likely on some kind of CIA-watch-list because we threaten the ongoing existence of their pedophile ring. We also threaten the Lord of All Pedos (Joe Biden). His daughter, Ashley Biden, wrote in her diaries that he molested her. His son, Hunter, listed Joe as "Pedo Peter" in his cellphone... As for entering Texas: The answer is not to fly in. Instead, walk or swim across from the Southern border, which no longer exists in any meaningful sense. Happy travels ! See you in Austin :)
  12. Looks like the establishment is crumbling fast: Exeter University is now reported to have been a kind of trauma-based training-camp for upcoming journalists and political figures. There's also a British knight named who led the operations there. The article linked below shows how specific journalists at papers like the NME, regulators like Ofcom, and political parties like the Green Party, were, as students at Exeter, groomed through abuse to occupy these positions. Now, covertly, they enact the will of the British Crown. It's a shocking story, and includes the rape of two students; the manslaughter of a professor; and ultimately the corruption of the British media establishment — by design. If you've ever wondered how those 'famous journalists' are groomed and abused for these positions, this will blow your optics. Link: https://dakotaskyhawk.com/Degrees-of-Deception-1.html
  13. Great question. On a sub-orbital level, the 'spider' is likely to have been the (now dead) Queen. There are numerous reports of her having an identical appetite to Philip for certain types of 'food', let's say. Savile often 'cooked' for them both. There's a general suspicion that the 'spider' is someone behind the scenes. But, as we know from these people's modus-operandi, the 'elite' like to be seen. They do not take pleasure in their work if they cannot be 'adored' by the public. The 'elite' must be publicly adored as it is part of their sickness; they need external validation. They have no ability to self-assure. For this reason, the Spider is often the 'richest' most publicized human-form on earth at any given moment. This public position of 'power' is their reward for decades of serving extra-orbital interests. There are always several spiders in-the-making. For no reason in particular, I am thinking of Bill Gates and Joe Biden. And, for no reason in particular, although he is now the 'richest' person in the world, I am thinking of 'King' Charles. Clearly the extra-orbital influence that created the so-called 'elite' has been dismantled. Because, what we appear to be left with is a bunch of confused-Freemason-types trying to hold their global crime syndicate together. Only now they have no external support off-planet. This is the reason why this pantomime is unfolding. We are slowly discovering that the 'elite' did not gain their positions through intelligence. Now that intelligence is required, they keep making mistake after mistake. I mean: Is it really a good idea to hold a public 'coronation' for a 'king' just months after his associates in government tried to genocide us all in a 'pandemic' (hyped-up seaonal-flu). Where are the Crown going to run the parade route? Won't the streets be lined with citizens who the 'king' and his friends very recently tried to 'vaccinate'. How are the crowds now going to respond to a man in a gold hat mincing about their neighborhoods? Especially when aunt Jane and uncle Jack recently blood-clotted themselves to death-by-excessive-television-watching. You have to give the current 'spider' one thing: He's SERIOUSLY brave if he's actually going to hold his jamboree in public. Wow. Really, wow :)
  14. Me too. Another survivor went as far as to run a sting-operation on the British Crown itself, and exposed the entire thing, in writing.This video shows how he reported the murder of a little girl at a Crown-run camp. The police correspond with him for over a year and don't even ask for the murdered girl's name. Instead, they try to entrap the whistleblower:
  15. Her video is available on YouTube in most countries. But not the UK. VPN into another country and you can see, on YouTube what the British Authorities do not want you to know about. The British Crown controls the 'crown' courts; so obviously the video was censored by the Crown / Freemasons in the UK. Outside the UK, however, there are more Constitutions and 'freedom of speech'. So you can still watch the video there. Without a VPN. Here's a link to a mirror of the video on another platform: https://rumble.com/v2d869q-the-testament-an-investigative-report-into-british-childhood.html I recommend others here make their own mirrors of the video. It completely decimates the Freemasons. A very brave, intelligent, little-girl outwits an adult Freemason. On video. Inspiring!
  16. Correct. At a certain level of depravity, the system converges. In other words, MI5; MI6; the CIA etc are all branches of the same organization. These three-letter agencies operate at the behest of the Anglo-German monarchies. They are not separate entities. The Freemasons are the occult-ritual-abuse arm of the Anglo-German Aristocracy. Some of these Freemason are useful idiots (they think they've joined the adult Boy Scouts, and aren't told the truth); many others are predatory pedophiles. Here's a glimpse into the Freemasonic order that 'King' Charles will be King of. In this video, one very-clever child of a 'high'-ranking Freemason made sure a video was shot that exposed it all:
  17. It's definitely interesting that, in Charles' case, we have a precise historical record of his trauma-based mind-control upbringing. Aside from known-pedophile Mountbatten clearly shaping Charles, there's his father, Prince Phillip. Phillip was (in my experience) a worse pedophile than Savile. I have been able to compare notes with other survivors of this Phillip-Saville 'team' in childhood. Savile also supplied Prince Philip with children. Savile confirms this in an interview, which is here: Then we have Prince Charles trauma-conditioning at Gordonstoun school, where he was (as just one example) "caged, naked in a basket, under showers" https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/12/child-abuse-at-prince-charles-former-school-scotland The school was a famous rape-camp for elite children to have their childhood's destroyed in. There is much more to say, but to keep it short regarding 'King' Charles circumstances: 1. Groomed by Mountbatten; epic pedo. 2. Raised partially by Prince Phillip; epic pedo. 3. Attended Gordonstoun child-rape camp. 4. Nurtured by Jimmy Savile; epic pedo. What hope did Prince Charles ever have? He was groomed his whole life to be 'King' (a word which is a euphemism for "someone who you should never let babysit your children"). Obviously, I have sympathy for the children Charles' effects, but Prince Charles is like a mindless half-human monster, roaming lovelessly in the prison-cell of his own mind. No amount of money, jewels, crowns or brass bands is going to heal the abuse he suffered as a child. The guy is trapped in hell. It's sick to watch society applaud this man. It's like celebrating a person who embodies every mental-health symptom ever. Wouldn't it be kinder if we all agreed, as a society, to abolish the monarchy? Then our children will be safe again. The alternative is to bear witness to this depraved festival of a 'coronation'. One in which Charles, a trauma-survivor of childhood sexual-torture, is trotted about the place like a rancid corpse. It's ugly for him; disgusting for us. How are people tolerating this level of insanity? It's become PURE COMEDY.
  18. Thanks Truthblast. I'll have to check out the documentary you've linked to. Tim Cook is clearly the latest in a long-line of troubled tech-figureheads. It seems like -- as with politics -- once a company is successful enough, corrupt-forces oust the legitimate CEO and install one of their kompromat-drenched puppets in his/her place. Watching Tim Cook in interviews (don't, by the way, it's unsettling) he can't actually speak a coherent sentence without 'umm'-ing and 'err'-ing through it. Just as with Gates, and Zuckerberg, it looks like Tim Cook's human-suit is restricting the movement of his scales, and he's aching to rip his human-flesh-balloon-skin off; burst out; and emit a reptilian howl into the starry night sky. Who works for these companies anymore? Imagine taking instructions from CEOs who claim to be captains of industry, but can't even speak whole sentences in their mother-tongue. A lot of these CEOs don't know how to move like a human, and struggle with 'adult' relationships... The movie Pirates of Silicon Valley (2000) is also very revealing on the topic. Watching that movie closely, the filmmakers are giving us come very strong indications about Bill Gates' sexuality that clearly led him later to certain dinners and investments later... The scene in the club is particularly obvious. For years, it seems like it's been an open secret in Silicon Valley that many of these tech CEOs are not into 'adult' relationships... Cook is just the latest revelation in a historical trend.
  19. First, are you certain you watched the full-cut? There are some edited versions floating around (probably intentionally misleading researchers). I have linked (legally) in my previous post to what I think is the full version. Bear in mind, this documentary is extremely damaging to those that are "long to reign over us". That is why it is being meddled with online. Secondly: Savile doesn't directly incriminate, that would guarantee his execution. Arguably his descriptions of what he did to people while a bouncer in Manchester (in a conversation secretly recorded by the documentary term) are legally actionable, but he is not specific enough. Instead, Savile shows Louis how the game works. As just one example, Savile is able to summon photographers and manufacture newspaper headlines with absolute ease. Savile is showing Louis (and us) the level of power he has to manipulate public perception and create 'reality' in the UK. This is just one example. It might be worth watching the documentary again and considering what Savile is showing the audience, rather than what he is telling us. What happens on the cruise ship? We can see Savile is being marginalized by his 'masters'. His sense of eminence is slipping. The conversation in the car towards the end is also pretty conclusive. Not the type of conversation someone who is protecting the system would have unless they were also enraged by it.
  20. It was a publicly-funded BBC documentary, and concerns the abuse of children. Ethically, the BBC cannot profit from it. Posting a link to the documentary is also permitted under UK law, if the objective is for comment and criticism. This is enshrined in the legal copyright-exception of "fair-use" (in the USA) and "fair dealing"(in the UK). These provisions in law exclude a work from copyright-protection if it is provided for "non-commercial research or study, criticism or review". As there is both a moral and a legal provision for providing it, here is a link to the BBC's Louis Theroux's documentary 'When Louis Met Jimmy Savile' (2000): https://ok.ru/video/1775906261551
  21. Good questions. It could simply be that these apex-predator types begin to assume the same goblin-like features as they abuse more and more children. Savile's family resemblance to Mountbatten may not have been hereditary. Instead it may have been the consequence of their shared-profession. The same way bankers all start to look the same after a few years in the 'business'. I don't rule out your theory, however. It is entirely possible. What do you feel about the possibility that Jimmy Savile was murdered by the people who like having "long to reign over us" sung to them? This would have been punishment for Savile's interviews with Theroux in 'When Louis Met Jimmy Savile' (2000). Watching this documentary again, it seems clear that Savile was giving the game away to Theroux on purpose. Throughout the documentary Savile is exposing himself and the royals. After evading detection for so long, why did he suddenly get so sloppy? Maybe Savile wanted out? Maybe the beast finally turned on its 'masters'? This turning-on-his-masters suggests Savile was once a human child, and not a bloodline.
  22. It is possible to directly trace King Charles' 'training' though childhood-abuse early in his life. As far as I've been able to track things back, it begins with a guy called Kurt Hahn who "taught Prince Phillip how to think" (according to the BBC). It's a long story, but here goes: The Outward Bound children’s camp group was founded by German, Kurt Hahn, an intelligence agent who, during WWI, worked at the German Department for Foreign Affairs. Hahn was engaged in, “analyzing British newspapers and advising the Foreign Office”. Hahn had intimate ties to German aristocracy, the British Prime Minister, the CIA, and The Crown. By 1995, Hahn’s notorious children’s camp network, Outward Bound, was officially under the directorship of notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile. Kurt Hahn has been described by The BBC as ‘The man who taught Prince Philip how to think.” Prince Philip was head of the private corporation known as the “British Royal Family”. This group currently claims to be the most substantial ‘land owner’ on Earth. The dead Queen’s dead husband, Prince Philip was trained under Hahn’s child-internment camp system, beginning at 12-years-old at Hahn’s Schloss Salem facility in Germany. Philip’s education took place as the Nazis were coming to power in Germany and Schule Schloss Salem was in the ideological grip of the Hitler Youth as Prince Philip was being ‘taught to think’ there. Hahn allegedly ‘fled’ the Nazis, in the run up to WWII, and turned up in England where, with the support of the aristocracy, he continued to build ‘schools’. Hahn founded many ‘education’ camps, including Gordonstoun School where Prince Charles was famously ritually abused. By 1940, Gourdonston school was under surveillance by the Scottish division of MI5 under suspicion of harboring a Nazi spy-ring. Hahn and several ‘students’ were consequently arrested but, again, Hahn’s connections to the British aristocracy led to his release. Then British Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald petitioned MI5 on Hahn’s behalf. Forced to evacuate Gourdonston, Hahn went on to found a network of ‘Outward Bound’ camps based on military-training protocols, neglect, isolation and ritual abuse. Hahn would notoriously express, “his violent anger and agitation over any evidence or suspicion of overt sexuality”. Hahn’s role in establishing a formula by which thousands of children would be abused has been whitewashed by many historians. For example, Hahn’s connection to the brutal MK-Ultra program is evidenced in his correspondence with Allen Dulles, head of the CIA. On April 13, 1953, Dulles authorized the MK-Ultra program under which children were subjected to ritual abuse by the CIA, including organized rape and torture. A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request forced the CIA to disclose a number of documents, including a 1958 letter from Kurt Hahn to Dulles. At the time the letter was written, the CIA, and Dulles, were already five years into the MK-Ultra experiment. That's probably enough for now. A good book to check out is: In the Name of Science by Andrew Goliszek. PS. Savile was likely not of 'royal' birth. More likely a kid they abused from the mining pits, and conditioned into an abuser. They like to 'train' people that 'commoners' can 'relate to'.
  23. I can personally attest to the sexual abuse that 'King' Charles' father subjected children to. I am a survivor of one of his camps. I don't want to write much more here because I have expressed this fully, and very successfully elsewhere. But if you look into Mountbatten; Kurt Hahn; and the Outward Bound camps, you will discover where their feeding-grounds are/were, and the reason why they were built. Also: Prince Harry's book clearly describes who 'King' Charles is. However, it is done very cleverly to avoid the repercussions. A very careful reading of certain passages in the book reveal there is a lot being implied. Again, don't want to get this forum into trouble, or impede the success of 'King' Charles inevitable (I feel) trial. Let's just say that I'm not going to hire Charles as a babysitter. Just like I would not have hired his father. Or Mountbatten.
  24. Looks like Big Tech is self-destructing. One of Apple's top software-developers has spoken up against Apple CEO, Tim Cook's, abuse of children. The rogue-developer also draws attention to some suspicious wording in Steve Job's resignation letter, and makes some eye-opening connections between a major CEO's lifestyle, Epstein Island, and the modus-operandi of notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile. Link to the statement: https://dakotaskyhawk.com/The-Execution-of-Steve.html Makes you wonder how many of these Big Tech CEOs felt they were untouchable. This house of cards (castle of silicon?) is coming down fast. Here's a bit from the statement: The rest of the statement is so challenging, that I'm hesitant to post it here. Let's just say that Tim Cook is in a lot of trouble...
  25. An investigative journalist has exposed the purpose of some of the upper-floors of the Chrysler Building in New York City. He recently determined that the Chrysler building is a site of ritualized child-abuse, and likely has been for some time. Lots of evidence, including photographs, floor-plans, and interviews, are published on his site, here: https://dakotaskyhawk.com/the-cloud-pyramids.html Several people familiar with the Chrysler were interviewed, and the journalist received a death-threat during his investigation. Of particular interest is the former 'Cloud Club' in the Chrysler, which was located on floors 66 through to 68, immediately beneath the stainless-steel spire of the building. The linked article also systematically-decodes numerous architectural motifs in the Chrysler, and ties them directly to known occult symbol-sets. The Chrysler building may exceed Epstein's Island in terms of the volume of children it could 'process'. A large service elevator feeds directly into the 'Cloud Club' from subterranean passages underneath the building, connecting with the subway system and other conduits from which children could be 'fed' into the 'Cloud Club'. The journalist also determined that the upper floors of the Chrysler were occupied by FBI subcontractors and a known aristocrat in a Freemasonic group. The journalist also struggled to uncover photographs of the 'Cloud Club', ultimately succeeding despite the efforts to stop him. These photos were disturbing. Sadly, it looks like the Chrysler Building was (and. perhaps, still is) the epicenter of a massive child-abuse network in New York. What is most shocking is the level of detail and documentation in the article. After reading it, it is hard to deny the reality of what has been happening there. Anyone who wants to learn more about the systems of power we have been dismantling should probably consider checking the story out. Quite a read!
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