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  1. It is possible to find employers, and colleagues, who stand against the kid-fucker-covid-class. Depending on where you are, this may be harder or easier. In Europe, and North America, I can give some tips based on personal visits in the last few months: In Europe, the East is much more anti-kid-fucker than the West. The closer you get to Buckingham Palace, essentially, the more kid-fucker-supporters there are per-square-mile. In places like Kraków, Poland; Zagreb, Croatia; or Lisbon, Portugal, you may find that (assuming you don't speak other languages) you can find an English-language job connected with tourism where you can socialize with colleagues who have their eyes wide open. I have seen this first-hand. Kraków is actually excellent. Because Poland borders a hot-war, there is a keen awareness among the people that the Covid Hoax was utter bullshit. Everything is very alive and real there. I didn't see any masked-idiots in Kraków and got the strong impression from the locals that this is because you would be slain-in-the-street for being a pedo-supporter if you wore one. The Polish people are great, and speak excellent English in urban cores. Alternatively, try Vancouver (oddly, to my surprise); Toronto (also unexpectedly); or anywhere in South Dakota; Texas or Florida; that's just for starters. As Tim Leary used to say "Mobility is the key to increased intelligence". So: If you're working with zombies: MOVE. Stockholm Syndrome is not just a river in Egypt. You may have bonded with your captors. Happy to take questions on any of these maximally vaxxed-cunt-free destinations. I know it's psychologically vital to be where you can speak freely with most people. These places DO EXIST.
  2. Ultimately, I'm not sure that the vaxxed-demographic will be seeking compensation via the courts anyway, so judicial immunity is immaterial. The Pharma 'vax' has poisoned people's entire families. This demographic is inherently angry, stupid, and impulsive. They had to be to poison themselves. As reality creeps up on more and more of them, and their children start dying-suddenly, what might they be likely to do? What's the value of monetary compensation to a dying person? Zero. But Pfizer has an address; many addresses. I imagine that the vaxxed will ultimately redress their complaints to Pfizer in person. If you catch my drift. We're past the 'strongly worded letter of complaint' stage. The 'vaxxed' have no use for money; a person who has lost everything has nothing left to lose.
  3. I hope that we have all been training in this way. I know I have, and at my workplace we offer all employees free martial arts and weapons training. Other companies here in North America are doing this too. It's the new 'free gym membership' perk. However, we're not doing it purely out of kindness, but practicality. As engineers, we saw there was a structural failure in the system last time: The government (pedophile-elite) sent stooges to shut down businesses to profit their mafia. We were not ready for this point-of-failure. From an engineering perspective, we have to re-enforce the failed structure at the known point-of-failure, hence we now train all our employees in hand-to-hand combat and firearms handling to a near-military level. The reality is that the 'government' is simply a commercial competitor, with weapons. Nothing more. Now that we know one of our major-competitors (the government/pedos) will actively raid our businesses, we have taken responsible steps to ensure that foot-soldiers of the kid-fucker-club (politicians) cannot raid our premises, or impede our business. In a way, it's good to have clarity from the pedo-mafia; from a business perspective. From their previous attempts, we know that they intend to kill us. Our current company policy is therefore to shoot-on-sight anyone who enters the perimeter of our workshops and claims jurisdiction on a 'medical' basis. This may sound severe, but we have a business to protect and the enemy has made very clear their intent: to genocide us. I also have a responsibility to our shareholders to protect the business from hostile action by our competitors (including the government/mafia). Not to train and arm our employees could be construed by a court as a fundamental dereliction of my responsibility as CEO. Not to shoot-on-sight a kid-fucker footsoldier trying to re-introduce the Covid Hoax could additionally be construed as a moral failing on my part. I have to answer to the shareholders if I do not defend our business in this way. I expect we will see this more and more as their kid-fucker empire collapses around the 'government': Many private businesses in North America are micro-militarizing as the collapsed-mafia's military disintegrates. This is a natural step as power decentralizes. The problem with genocide is this: You better get it right the first time, or those you tried to genocide will genocide you. The hunter is now the hunted. This time we're ready.
  4. Interesting to hear that. To be honest, at this point, my intuition about our interview candidates invariably matches the test, so we could operate without it; but with a greater margin of error. That said, we can also use the existing "Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing by Employers" laws to simply claim we are screening for 'drugs', then use the samples to covertly screen for those who will die-suddenly over a lathe etc. Ironically, I am cool with our employees being high on LSD or whatever as long as they do good work; and I wouldn't fire someone for this — perhaps a caution around heavy equipment. But the 'vaxxed' are another level of risk: I can't have someone dying-suddenly with an oxyacetylene-welding rig ablaze in their hands. Flambéed-employee is a bad look for any business. For the well-being of humanity, the 'vaccinated' must be screened out of all the engineering fields; and fast. It's not good for them; it's not good for us. It's abusive of us to employ them. Collectively, we have a future to build and a society to reconstruct. The hospice-demographic have self-selected out of the human gene-pool. As an employer, I have to take their self-assessment seriously: They don't care about their health, society, or safety-protocols. Nobody wants these people on the workshop floor.
  5. Precisely the same tactic was given a dry-run in Berlin during the 2020 lock-down protests. German 'intelligence' agents coaxed protestors to 'storm' the Reichstag. These photos were used in the media. No photos of the millions who protested peacefully. Classic CIA-shit.
  6. Some of my work involves metalwork lathes and other industrial manufacturing equipment. We research material strengths. Therefore, we have an employment policy that prevents those who poisoned (vaxxed) themselves from working for us. It's just too dangerous to hire them. Aside from it being bad-business to hire stupid people, there is also the very tangible insurance-risk of a machinist dying-suddenly and falling into a lathe or similar. As we underwrite much of our own insurance, that is a unacceptable cost. We might also be sued in the future for knowingly putting a vulnerable person in that position. The 'vaccinated' should really be in a hospice; not the workplace. This is not to mention the karmic consequences to me of knowingly hiring someone who is a time-bomb, primed to collapse on the spinning blades of whatever machine they are operating. Finally, at my company, we have to consider the psychological impact on other employees of their colleagues dropping dead around them. Basically, we don't even hire the 'vaxxed' for secretarial positions. It's to depressing for the others who didn't self-harm. How do we determine poison/vax-status? Johns Hopkins famously developed a rapid blood test which tests to see if someone poisoned themselves. We use an in-house equivalent. I wonder how many other companies are doing this? We screen out the 'vaccinated'-idiots in minutes. It's not good for them to work with intelligent people anyway; they will feel depressed; they may collapse on equipment; they should be spending their time saying goodbye to loved-ones or taking the trip they always wanted to before they die-suddenly. Their final days should not be spent working. Help them be free. Have compassion for their terminal illness: Don't hire them.
  7. This is a very interesting point. Given this, do you feel that the USA is the best geographical region to reside in at the moment? Preferable to, for example, Eastern Europe — where there are plenty of civilian guns under floorboards still? There is a lot of open-carry in Croatia; as one example, which I have seen first hand. Europe is less gun-starved than it may appear. Especially in the East. It is just not documented. Hiding guns from the government (pedo-freemasons) was a lesson that Eastern Europe learned a long time ago. If not the USA, I wonder: What would be your top three picks for countries-to-ride-out-the-final-battle in? Thanks!
  8. I'm not necessarily contesting this statement, but on what basis did you determine that the poison (jab) was "generally accepted"? 1. Can we trust a poisoner to accurately report how many he poisoned? 2. Might a poisoner intentionally create the impression that his poison is popular? 3. Do most people announce they are un-poisoned; or do they keep quiet while the zombies die-suddenly? 4. Might some people who were not poisoned say that they are poisoned to avoid conflicts during this dying-suddenly phase? Many people even made fake-vaccination cards to cross borders. In the USA the cards were hand-written. You could get batches of them and fill it in yourself. People who were not poisoned were traveling as freely as the poisoned, while entirely fucking with the data; even if the data-collection was legit (it wasn't). Add to that the doctors who shot the 'vaccines' into their trash cans and then signed their patients' cards; out of compassion and intelligence. Imagine that! The data is all a lie because it is data from known killers. Even they don't know how many they poisoned because we fucked with them at every step of the way. I personally fucked with their data at almost every opportunity, as did most people I know.
  9. I would like to discuss the topic of Ben Folds [Wikipedia - no endorsement]. Ben Folds is a moderately well-known musician who has written numerous songs including "Kristine from the 7th Grade", and lyrics including: "What if I'd been born fifty years before you, In a house on a street where you lived? Maybe I'd be outside as you passed on your bike Would I know... I'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong That I know" At this point it is probably best to restrict discussion purely to sourced quotes; available images, and open-questions, rather than direct commentary or speculation. This will mean there's no legal issue here; just references to freely-available, uncontested materials. I will post more each day on this issue. On a more general note. not specific to this topic: The well-being of children relies on our vigilance. I'm sure you understand.
  10. Exactly. I used to work in neuroscience and they were almost all alcoholics. Brain 'scientists' poisoning their brains. Feels like these impressive university 'degrees' miss out the fundamentals. Then the funniest thing happened: It turned out that all of the fMRI data from the multi-million dollar scanners we were all using was completely-fabricated - for years! The algorithm that parsed the data didn't work. Almost the entire field of fMRI cognitive-neurocience is quackery, predicated on a broken algorithm. The discovery of the problem invalidated fifteen years worth of neuroscientific research [Wired Magazine]. It's all fake. To summarize: Most neuroscientists are total, irredeemable idiots. Intelligence is so far away from them that it's a tiny dot on the horizon they once saw. They were first in line for the poison; I'm certain. Don't forget that the 'professional' classes are accredited by the Freemasonic-degree-system. They are the most compliant and have their fake 'status' to lose if the pedo-elite crumble. The last person to trust on this planet is a 'professional'; especially one with a degree. I now run my own research company and we no longer hire graduates. It's too hard to de-program them. Easier to start with paid-interns who were not subjected to university. Also, they are much less likely to be Freemasons; another selection-criteria we investigate and appraise. Hire just one Freemason and your entire business is backdoored. Obviously they don't announce their membership, so how do we assess it? Private detectives.
  11. Maybe, but judging from my experiences here in the North American ground-war, there will not be sufficient complicity, both in the public arena, but also among those who are intelligent enough to design and program such a system. We reach an interesting paradox for the pedo-elite: Those who can build these systems are programmers. These programmers must have good logic skills to do their work. Initially, some of these programmers were taken-by-surprise and conformed with the pedo-media-fearstorm. However, now the dust has settled, they are applying basic logic to the mass-poisoning ('vaccine') scam and there is too much general awareness of the fraud. In other words: The level of intelligence (logical programming skills) required to implement more advanced border-prison-walls is not compatible with the level of stupidity required to build such a system. Remember, the richest (and most child-labor-exploitative) surveillance-company in the world (Apple) couldn't even get their MacBook Air 'butterfly' keyboards to work; for years and years. Basically: Most of their technology is shit. Smoke and mirrors. Besides, widespread facial-recognition at borders means that a border could be entirely knocked out with EMP. You can't EMP a man in a border-agents uniform asking questions. They are painting themselves into a dismal corner here with their tech-solves-everything delusion. Evil attracts stupid. It's over for the pedofreemasons.
  12. And, very significantly, PASSPORTS. Which were introduced during World War I. There is a pattern here: Create global terror; introduce more "cattle-roaming" restrictions. A sparrow can travel without a passport. We have less freedom than birds. It could be argued that engineered-division provoked war and sense of nation; passports re-enforced it; and until we reject the passport (our prisoner number, restricting most of us to one zone of the global prison-network) we will remain in the jail.
  13. There is a warped belief in Freemasonry (pedophile club) that if you tell your victims in the public-arena what you are going to do to them, in advance, giving them an opportunity to react, then you have no moral culpability for your crimes if they do not react. Perhaps others here are more familiar with this concept and can offer a perspective.
  14. An honest inquiry to satisfy my curiosity: Were you aware, at the time, that vaccines typically go through over a decade of clinical trials and that trial-participants are paid thousands of dollars to participate? Were you aware of the reasons that this was our 'rule' in our culture? Were you familiar with Thalidomide? This is not a critique of your reaction. I'm just curious about why swathes of the public were so naive about even the most basic safety-protocols in medical-science, established over hundreds-of-years.
  15. I sympathize also with some of the self-poisoners, but this is not a credible statement. The very definition of intelligence must surely be to recognize patterns and assess basic physics like viral particle sizes and mask perforations. Can the 'deadly' airborne virus not be contracted via the ocular mucosa? Why no goggles then? The entire thing was utterly stupid from day one and anyone with a basic level of intelligence saw through it. My solution: I ultimately moved to Sweden and lived a totally normal, unmasked; un-distanced; unrestricted life until the idiots burned themselves out. Then I returned to North America. There are ZERO intelligent people who poisoned themselves. A person who poisons themselves based on fear and propaganda is, sadly, by definition, careless; unconsciously suicidal; negligent and on any other planet would currently be in psychiatric care. These people made idiots look like geniuses. They betrayed humanity and ultimately destroyed their bodies. Darwinian evolution in real-time. Quite something to witness: an entire demographic weeding themselves out of the gene-pool, and self-selecting for deletion; from an evolutionary perspective. I wave them a fond farewell, with a really tiny little flag, and a sad one-candle cupcake. A fascinating biology lesson; I think we can all agree. Now we can all get back to what we were doing before the zombie-storm happened.
  16. I believe that the technical name for this type of demolition equipment is "a politician".
  17. I also reject doomsaying. That said, many North American cities look worse than Armageddon right now. What use is an 'economy' if it exists only on the teleprompters of newscasters?
  18. Who knows? On a more general point, how do we authenticate any of this data? We have established that the CIA / US legacy-power system is the enemy of humanity. Mockingbird Media. Why would they supply us any legitimate data? It's likely all false. On the ground in North America, right now, I can see, out my window, large groups of people smoking crack openly; others are slumped comatose. This is in the downtown core. Walking down the main street here I can count literally hundreds of these ghosts with glass pipes. This is not even a big town. I think it is hard to appreciate the scale of the ground-war in North America unless you visit. It's difficult to see and really accept. Now, some more detail on these crackheads: Many of them are trauma survivors of the Freemasons and other groups. Essentially they are 'failed' MK-ULTRA recruits. They are self-medicating in the absence of any other support. I speak with them regularly; one of them is all bent-over from the crack, but still has a sparkle in his eye and draws incredible sacred-geometry pictures which he sells on the sidewalk where he lives. Perhaps his addictions and life here are better than the alternative: Being a slave to the Masons and/or other groups who abuse children and create this epidemic of pain and repression. Now, we can simply exclude this demographic from a measurement of the 'economy'; but as a visual metaphor for the stability of the power systems, and in the absence of any other credible data, it looks like a total crash has happened. I have learned to trust my eyes.
  19. Uniparty's economy is not good. Fixed that :) The media still wants us to believe that the confectionery they serve us (Biden; Trump etc) in some way represents separate entities. We're still in the same presidency as we were a hundred years ago. The faces change, but the kid-fucking-kompromat machine always pushes the same type of actors to the forefront. People are struggling to accept the inevitable: Centralized power always genocides; if it did not, it could not centralize. Creating the notion of, and 'electing', 'presidents' is a guaranteed way to ensuring enslavement. Single-point of failure is always bad structural-engineering. No matter what. Just like Coke and Pepsi are owned by the same people, so is the Uniparty (red/blue team). There is no Biden economy. There is probably no Biden; in the sense of a coherent, identifiable person. Given the contortions of fiat currency, there is probably no economy either; technically. Just the mirage of it.
  20. The Freemasons (pedophile ring) know what is coming downstream. Namely, their structural collapse. Google (the CIA) have started 'helpfully' adding "context" to all Freemasonry (pedophile-ring) related searches. See my screenshots below comparing a search for 'Freemasons' vs (as a random example of another group) "Hindu". Why do we need to be socially-programmed by Google (the CIA) regarding our opinions on the Freemasons (pedophile ring) but not on the Hindus? I think we know the answer to this puzzle... As we know, this is the kind of thing that Google (the CIA) do when a sufficient volumes of NPCs start becoming active-players regarding certain topics. The CIA (Google) then start providing their 'god' perspective on topics with these 'context' warnings. From this we can infer a serious breach in their hull. When Google serves you 'context' on a topic; you know the CIA (global-pedo-crime-ring) is freaked out that we might start connecting the dots. This is full panic. Additionally: try confronting Freemasons on the street, or outside their (often clearly marked) child-rape-buildings, their posture has gone from aggression, to panic. This panic has rippled up the pyramid, and Google (the CIA) is looking very nervous right now. Google/ the CIA is now like a spluttering idiot caught in a crime and thinking enough 'context' will excuse the rape of children. Imagine working for an 'intelligence' agency right now and knowing that most people realize you are part of a pedo-ring. Hyper-normalization! Not long to go now; not long. Keep fighting!
  21. If the captain of the Titanic was a Freemason (for example) the kompromat they already threatened to release on him would have blackened his name further; a lifetime in jail vs "going down with the ship" which seems superficially honorable for his family etc. It's also worth considering whether the captain of the Titanic was subjected to an early incarnation of MK-ULTRA programming. This could mean that he was not making decisions based on self-preservation, but as a mind-controlled sleeper-assassin. This is interesting; for further reading: Was Titanic inquiry scuppered by the Freemasons? [The Telegraph]
  22. The British citizenry knowingly funds the world's largest global pedophile ring (the Monarchy) If citizens disagree, they should stop paying taxes immediately. Enough is enough. No more excuses. The British fund the world's largest pedophile network. The British trade using money with pedophiles printed on it. The British have an entire national broadcasting television company entirely predicated on child-rape; the BBC. The British can wriggle and squirm and make excuses, but that is the plain reality of it. They fund it; they celebrate it; they excuse it. Difficult to hear; but then the truth is often hard to digest. Brand is Britain, and he appears to very accurately represent the country internationally. He is an embodiment of the national character, in conglomerate. Just as The Crown also represents Britain: looted wealth and child-rape. So at least there is more transparency now we know who Brand really is. The illusion of progress in the UK has been exposed.
  23. My sweet summer child, the police ARE the pedophiles. The idea that a survivor of childhood sexual abuse would rationally approach a British police officer and expect anything but more abuse is absurd. The police wear the insignia of the British Crown; a pedophile ring. And the insignia of the Freemasons; a pedophile ring. It amazes me how many people on a David Icke forum have clearly not read any of his books. It's such a quaint notion, that someone would "go to the police" in a post-Savile world. The entire reason Brand is experiencing Trial-by-Media is that there is no functioning legal or policing system in the UK which a survivor could otherwise use. The media is the only thing that vaguely resembles a functioning police force in the UK. There are literally illustrations of pedophiles on the British coins and banknotes. People in the UK pay for stuff, regularly, using little bits of paper and metal with crowned pedophiles printed on them. That kind of culture is a long way from having a real "police" force. The healing may take fifty years or more of solid, concerted effort and resistance by the British. Russell Brand IS British society. Just as Savile was. Nothing has been learned.
  24. That's an interesting linguistic re-framing of a man raping a child. Typical of British society. Clearly there is a deep psychological problem in the broader British-culture that keeps producing monsters like Brand and Savile and then retrospectively shrugging at the resultant piles of raped-children. In a way, Brand is no more complicit that Britain per-se. The British culture seems to create pedophiles en-masse. The average British citizen worships pedophiles on television; recasts the abused children as 'women' and the rapes as 'having sex. Then the culture shrugs, and goes back to manufacturing more pedophiles. How long can this be done without any level of basic self-awareness of how it is ruining the entire society? Endlessly, it appears. Amazing.
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