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  1. Not allegations, they have started jailing Aldenham School teachers (Alun Pickford) who ran the pedophile ring, according to the article. The article also states that two more teachers (Nick Pulman and Jim Twelves) have written a confession in a major publication. There's a link to a PDF of the teachers' confession in the article. Regarding PTSD treatment with empathogen–entactogen class compounds. I absolutely agree with you: It's not for everyone. And, yes, the establishment have sought to smear Tim Leary, and everything about MDMA. It's a hedge-maze figuring out who Tim Leary actually was. Be aware that, if Leary was a prophet of our salvation, then the CIA have almost certainly left a trail of misinformation to turn us against him. If you'd like to discuss more I suggest making a new thread, and I'll discuss there. Don't want to knock this thread off-topic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good luck!
  2. There is a great book on precisely this topic, called MDMA Solo. You can get the book, for free, from the publishers site, The Castalia Foundation, here: https://castaliafoundation.com/ It's an interesting read for anyone who has found that other PTSD treatments have failed. Powerful stuff, used in the right way!
  3. Absolutely. It's not a good idea to panic in one relationship and then launch suddenly into another without reflection. Often we end up putting ourselves in the same situation again, but with a new 'actor' playing the same old 'abusive' role. This should definitely be a consideration as we collectively depose the 'king'. Fortunately, it sounds like your mother not only ultimately escaped an abusive relationship, but she had the insight to avoid making the same mistake again. Even a few short years in a caring, kind relationship is more than many people find in these troubled-times. I'm glad to hear that your mother was able to experience that. You sound like a good person, so I wouldn't discount the joy your mother also experienced, for much of her life, through knowing you.
  4. I half-agree. The problem is that this is potentially the fear-based position of everyone trying to leave an abuser. "If I leave my abusive husband; I will be alone." "If I quit my awful job; I'll be homeless." "If I leave the fractional-reserve banking system, Bitcoin might crash" Etc. I'm not critiquing your personal position, but drawing everyone's attention to the problem of Stockholm Syndrome. Yes, if the 'king' Charles is dethroned and put in a safari-park, things might get worse and the Illuminati will burn London to the ground. But (and I know it's a wild idea) what if things got better? Although we've seen endless horror these last few years, there used to be a time when things could 'get better'. Maybe those kind of days could return!
  5. Agreed. I don't assume that 'king' Charles is the actual leadership behind the immense evil that we see decaying globally. He's just a visible symbol of something vaguely near the top of the 'pyramid'. Monarchy, per se, is not systemically problematic, if we have a 'philosopher king' type monarch. The problem is that monarchy is always infiltrated and we ultimately end up with a kid-fucker at the wheel; every time. Do you have a preferred system of management for a country? Mine would be something similar to the jury-system. In this system, for a few months, existing talents in the fields of engineering; sanitation, waste-management and electrical-power are randomly picked for public-duty to maintain core infrastructure. Term limits for the 'jury' of managers is three-months. Then we select new ones, via the randomization-process. Apart from this basic infrastructure-management, I see no need for 'government' at all, as it always makes things worse. That said, it's not really our responsibility to say what will replace 'the crown' (in all senses and scopes of the word), but it is enough for us to demolish what is there. To use an analogy: I can demand a person stops punching me in the face, even if I don't necessarily have a vision for what my life will be like, and how I should live, when they do stop. For this reason, I'm very enthusiastic about getting this 'king' Charles 'person' into some kind of high-security containment-zone where he will be allowed access to plastic-models of children to abuse, rather than the real thing. Tours could be run of the facility, like a safari park. Watching the deposed 'king' Charles, through the bars, ravage the plastic-models of the children could remind people of what 'royalty' is for generations to come. Then we will have a long-term reference point for the reason why we no longer have 'crowned' people in power. A fitting memorial; I feel. I'm sure Diana would agree.
  6. Absolutely correct. Take a look, for example, at what Prince Harry describes in his book Spare. Harry is taken, as a small child, to a remote forest-area where an animal is shot; its stomach opened with a hunting knife; and Harry's head thrust into it. They then attempt to drown Harry in the guts of the animal. Remember: This is what they do to their own children. And only a glimpse of it. Traumatic conditioning. Throughout the book, Spare, Prince Harry uses innuendo and metaphor to hint at who Charles really is. I expected to hate the book, but it's very powerful stuff. The audiobook version seems to be the best version because it's read by Harry. His intonation of the text, in parts, makes the hidden-meanings more clear. Without saying it literally, the book makes it clear that Charles is... deeply, deeply, problematic around children. I imagine that Spare was written as a 'codex' because it would have been legally impossible to print it had Harry, and his co-author, not been extremely clever in the way they expose the Crown. Regarding this new Aldenham School scandal: Yes, the public are a long way from accepting that their 'king' should not be allowed to babysit children... if you catch my drift. How many schools 'feed' the Crown?
  7. Bombshell revelations were made yesterday in this article by a former Times / Telegraph journalist exposing an 'elite' Hertfordshire boarding-school as a feeding-ground for royalty. Aldenham School is reportedly run by a beer-manufacturer who takes young children to 'initiation' ceremonies at 'Brewer's Hall' where they are abused and tortured. It gets worse: Brewer's Hall is a stomping-ground for 'king' Charles and other royals. Charles has been photographed there in connection with the boarding-school. Already, one Aldenham teacher has been jailed for his rape of a student, and two others have incriminated themselves by openly gloating about abusing hundreds of children; in a 'career retrospective' written in Aldenham School's official magazine. The entire article is worth reading as it shows, in detail, how high-profile 'royal' figures, like 'king' Charles get away with acting on their sexual-preferences. Unlike 'prince' Andrew, it seems that Charles is very, very careful about how, and where, he 'dines'. If you were wondering when the crown was going to collapse, it looks like it has now been given a lethal-kick to the foundations. Lots more detail here: https://vo.lc/School-Of-Fools-Aldenham.html
  8. This seems so astonishingly convenient that I feel it deserves scrutiny. Died; or was killed?
  9. Personally, I feel too sickened by these people to dig any further into Ben Folds; Elton John; or Ryan Adams. Perhaps others on this forum with a higher-tolerance for filth can continue.
  10. Today's release: 1. Ben Folds was initiated into the Freemasonic cult's Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity on October 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm [Freemason Site]. 2. The Freemasons are a pedophile ring disguised [YouTube] as an esoteric private-club. 3. An outer layer of naive idiots in the lower 'degrees' form a protective barrier around those in the 'higher' degrees. 4. As a person progresses through the Freemasons they are invited to join the 'higher' degrees if they provide 'kompromat' (typically kid-fucking) to commanding members. 5. Two 'degree' systems run in parallel: One is for the naive idiots who will form an insulating-layer, and the other is for those who are prepared to rape children. 5. Those who rape and torture children are placed in positions of power in commerce, government and entertainment. This is because they can be easily blackmailed and serve as 'puppets' to the head-kid-fuckers (highest 'degree' masons). 6. Children are raped and tortured on the checkerboard floors of Freemasonic lodges. The checkerboard pattern is traumatically-associatively-conditioned with a pain-stimulus (basic Pavlovian-conditioning). The experience is repressed and the child feels an unconscious fear and revulsion towards the pattern. 7. This is why the Freemasonic checkerboard is on police uniforms, and why the Freemasons flaunt it. They like the children they rape to grow up into adults who are scared of anyone bearing symbols of the Freemasons; hence the reason the checkerboard is on many police uniforms. 8. The 'police' and the Freemasons are a mostly-overlapping Venn-diagram [The Guardian]. 9. The Freemasons confound members with layers of esoteric mystical bullshit and numerology. They tend to attract the most stupid, easily-manipulated people they possibly can (hence the low-quality of 'politicians' and 'popular musicians' we get). The initiate is then bullshitted to the point where they believe that they are 'masters of the universe' and must fuck children to pass initiations; to prove their transcendence of earthly morals etc. 10. What is actually happening is that kompromat is being gathered against the initiate which will be used to blackmail them into the service of The Crown and other elite-occult-pedophile groups. Today's questions: 1. Why is Ben Folds a member of the Freemasons? 2. How many Freemasonic lodges is he a member of? 3. What role do the Freemasons play in sustaining the power of the Royal Families (pedo-elite)? 4. Is a functioning global society compatible with secret clubhouses for child-rapists? 5. What should we, as a society, do to people who join the Freemasons? For interpretation: 1. The symbol for Ben Fold's Freemasonic cult group: Further studying: 1. A survivors account of the Freemasons child-abuse rituals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-1Made2BVk 2. A survivor's account of her Freemason father killing children at lodge meetings (use a VPN if in the UK — you're apparently not allowed to see this; or there's a Rumble link, here: https://rumble.com/v2d869q-the-testament-an-investigative-report-into-british-childhood.html ).
  11. Absolutely. Yesterday, in the sky over the North American town I'm in, it looked as though some kind of hell-vortex had opened up. Pure Ghostbusters-type stuff. There was also a fierce upsurge in psychic-anger, or at least it felt that way; I got shouted out of a store for confronting one of the few remaining masked-zombies. You have to admire these peoples' endurance. Their dedication to idiocy is impressive. Like those apocryphal US-soldiers rumored to be still lost deep in the jungle; in the full belief that the Vietnam war has not yet ended. This tiny minority just can't take their muzzles off. The general vibe on the streets at the moment is tense. I suspect it's because another wave of "oh-shit-I-poisoned-myself" has just hit the VUCs (vaxxed-up-cunts). Regarding tunnels: These tunnels? Recently discovered:
  12. Yes. Glad to hear there are some good neuroscientists out there! Thanks for letting me know. Did you face critique from your neuroscientist colleagues for your act of intelligence?
  13. Thank you for those links. I deeply appreciate your assistance, and that of any other forum members who feel like assisting. The volume of evidence to sift through here is HUGE. Also: mapping out the connections radiating from Ben Folds; Ryan Adams; and Elton John begins to pull on the loose-threads of the entire edifice of the 'music industry'. There are quire a few loose-threads we could pull on to unravel the entire sweater of the industry, but I see no reason not to pull hard on the Ben Folds one; since it's such a vivid example and will inevitably lead to the rest. More tomorrow.
  14. Today's release: 1. Elton John's song 'Tiny Dancer' is covered by his protégé, Ben Folds. 2. Ben Folds and Elton John perform together, for example at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, June 15, 2014. 3. Seven years prior, in 2007, Elton John was at the center of a child pornography raid [NME Magazine]. 4. In 1999, Elton John performed a dance-act with male teenage-strippers dressed as boy scouts at a benefit concert [The Independent]. 5. The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy after the largest sexual-abuse-settlement case in U.S. history; claims by more than 80,000 men who say they were abused as children by troop leaders [Reuters]. 6. Elton John was knighted. 7. Elton John's song 'Tiny Dancer' includes the lyrics: "But, oh, how it feels so real Lying here with no one near Only you and you can hear me When I say softly, slowly Hold me closer, tiny dancer Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen You had a busy day today" The cover-story for this song appears to be that the 'Tiny Dancer' is the "lady" referred to much earlier in the song. However, when questioned [American Song Writer site] on the meaning of 'Tiny Dancer', Elton John's songwriter, Bernie Taupin said: “Why ‘Tiny Dancer’? Well, I guess that’s just poetic license. It just sounds better than ‘small dancer’ or little dancer.’” Today's questions: 1. What is the covert meaning of a knighthood? 2. What is a synonym for high-level pedophile? 3. What is the Royal Family? How does it sustain its power? 4. Do knights serve to enlist more knights? 5. How does the 'knight' Elton John choose which musicians to 'mentor'? 6. What do people in crowns, or close to those in crowns, typically do to children? 7. How did the 'knight' Jimmy Savile assist the crown? 8. What is a 'Tiny Dancer'? 9. What does the eponymous Elton John song signal? 10. Why does Ben Folds cover this particular song? 11. How do predators signal their 'shared-tastes' to each other while remaining 'invisible' to the public? 12. What are code-words? More tomorrow. Legal notice: The photograph(s) in this post may have been used without permission from any copyright holder(s) who assert ownership of them. Our right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § F107). Fair Use permits the reproduction of a copyrighted work in order to criticize or comment upon it. Additionally, all images are published in this post in order to serve the public interest, and not for the personal profit of any party.
  15. Today's questions: 1. What is the public benefit of marrying someone if your sexual appetite is not for adult women? 2. Are the public suspicious of celebrities without a clear pattern of adult partners? 3. How might a celebrity manufacture the outward appearance of being interested in adults? 4. What additional functions can marriage serve? Does it give a person more access to children? 5. Is there a protected-class of sexual-identity that is celebrated in our society? 6. Might it be useful to claim to be a member of that protected class to evade suspicion? 7. How does Elton John describe his sexual identity? 8. How many times has Ben Folds been married? 9. Can the divorce process serve as bribery / a pay-off to the wife; to keep quiet; in the event that a husband is caught 'cheating'? 10. What is the worst crime a husband can commit? 11. How many children does Ben Folds have? More tomorrow. Legal notice: The photographs in this post may have been used without permission from any copyright holder(s) who assert ownership of them. Our right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § F107). Fair Use permits the reproduction of a copyrighted work in order to criticize or comment upon it. Additionally, all images are published in this post in order to serve the public interest, and not for the personal profit of any party.
  16. Today's release: 1. Ben Folds is mentored by Elton John; they are friends. 2. Elton John has a history of his child-pornography being seized by police. 3. In 2007 Elton John was at the center of a child pornography raid [NME Magazine]. 4. Elton John also mentored musician Ryan Adams. In 2019, the FBI investigated [The Independent] Ryan Adams' explicit texts to a child. Adams sent more than 3,000 text messages to the girl over a nine-month period. This included sexual conversations and at least one instance where Adams exposed himself to her over Skype. One text read "If people knew they would say I was like R Kelley lol" Today's questions: 1. Why does Elton John collect child pornography? 2. What is the criteria by which Elton John chooses musicians to 'mentor'? More tomorrow. Legal notice: The photographs in this post may have been used without permission from any copyright holder(s) who assert ownership of them. Our right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § F107). Fair Use permits the reproduction of a copyrighted work in order to criticize or comment upon it. Additionally, all images are published in this post in order to serve the public interest, and not for the personal profit of any party.
  17. That describes most of them; you're right I suspect. However, it only requires a small subset to flip-out and 'redress' things at the Pfizer death-labs. I have a hunch there is a statistical inevitability that some VUCs (vaxxed-up-cunts) will flip-out. Even if the majority of VUCs are impassive husks. I have my popcorn ready.
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