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  1. This new article about the King Charles pedophile ring at Aldenham School is a mind-blower. Highly recommended. Thanks for linking to it, FraggleRed: https://vo.lc/The-Feeding-Grounds-Aldenham.html I'll write more later, but wanted to summarize some of the new information: CONFIRMED: The Aldenham School Library is actually a Freemason temple used for child-abuse As we suspected on this forum, yes, the Aldenham School Library is a Freemason temple in disguise and is used as a venue for Freemasons to rape and torture children. This is fully evidenced in the article. There are also new photographs that decode even more of the symbolism in the 'library' of the school. The Times-Telegraph journalist partially credits our work on this forum for deciphering the code! Princess Anne and Lord Vincent are also implicated in the pedophile ring It is not just King Charles who has been photographed slithering around Aldenham school-children, drugs in hand. Princess Anne is now also implicated, as is Lord Vincent (deceased) and other 'elite' families. Former Aldenham Students, now adults, helped orchestrate the Covid-Hoax and included Freemason symbols in TV ad campaigns. This one is a real shocker: The journalist has documented precisely how one former Aldenham School student used the same Freemason symbolism present in the Aldenham School child-torture-Freemason-Temple building. He used the symbolism in making high-level Covid-propaganda. These Freemason freaks have been laughing at the rest of us for years. The article contains more details, but checkout these grabs from the TV advert in question: Now check out those railings in the Aldenham School 'library' (Freemason temple) where children are raped and tortured: There is a precise match for several of the symbols in the 'covid advert. Both on the socks in the briefcase, and the house doors. This TV advert for the 'virus' was made by an ex Aldenham School student who is now a 'leading' advertising exec. The journalist who wrote the investigative piece attempted to contact the ex-student who made the advert, but both the advertising executive, and his advertising company, refuse to answer any questions. After multiple requests. The journalist also tracked down another ex-Aldenham School student working at the highest level of the advertising industry. Again, the ad executive refused to answer any questions and obstructed the protection of children at Aldenham. This guy makes TV adverts for Cadbury, Canon, Honda, LinkedIn, and O2. We are beginning to see how this entire system works. Freemasons are placed across high-society, Drenched in blackmail, they do the bidding of The Crown (a pedophile ring). This is a bigger scandal than Epstein's Royal-Rape Island I agree with the previous poster. This Aldenham School pedophile ring ties the Crown to the Freemasons. It ties the Freemasons to mass child-rape. It directly ties the Crown and the Freemasons to the Plandemic scam. This is NUCLEAR. I'll write more when I've had a chance to digest things more fully. Well done to everyone on this forum. Together, we have played a part in uncovering something MASSIVE that will have a very positive impact on children worldwide. For now, get a load of this article: https://vo.lc/The-Feeding-Grounds-Aldenham.html
  2. Sadly, because the covert-objective of the Crown is to abuse children. This is the exact means by which they 'reign', Humans who were not abused as children would not tolerate the Monarchy. Charles' 'security services' assist the Monarchy in the process of abusing children. If the Monarchy didn't rape our children, it would cease to exist. Charles therefore keeps his family 'secure' in their positions precisely by 'fraternizing' with Savile, Peter Ball, Epstein, and hundreds of other monsters we have yet to learn of. This is, probably, the hardest thing to accept: The Monarchy doesn't have a child-rape problem, instead the Monarchy is entirely predicated on child-rape. Without abusing children, the Monarchy would not exist. Above: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the British Queen's private log-cabin at Balmoral castle.
  3. And so we see exactly where some of the abused children of Aldenham School end up: At the helm of the most terrible weapons of mass-destruction, endangering peace on our planet. Aldenham School, and others like it, are infecting our society. They must be shut down to stop the spread.
  4. I remember this. Peter Ball abused at least 18 teenagers, that we know of. Prince Charles wrote to Ball, "I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated. " Charles bought Ball a house to live in, using the Duchy of Cornwall to purchase the property. He rented it out to Ball from 1995 to 2011. How many world-famous pedophiles can the 'royal' family plausibly be best-friends with before the entire edifice of their vampire-hive crumbles under public disgust? Savile / Ball / Epstein. And those are just the ones who got caught.
  5. We can now see, in real time, how the internet-search giants participate in the rape of our children by censoring information. If searching for "Aldenham School pedophile" you will find that, although Yandex is perfectly capable of indexing this conversation thread and providing it to the public, Google and Startpage seem to have, mysteriously, not indexed the page. These tech-giant people are DEEPLY SICK. They are destroying our culture by hiding information from us. Effectively, they are complicit in the ongoing rape of children: Then, on Google, there's nothing to be found, on any page: Then, on Startpage, there's only one page of results, and nothing linking to this thread: Either Yandex is suddenly the best search engine in the world, or Google and Startpage take active steps so that we don't know that the establishment is raping our children. Wow. These tech-giant employees are going to hell forever.
  6. The Key Questions So Far: King Charles/Aldenham Pedophile Ring 1. If the Freemasons are a group of friendly-old-men playing dressing-up games then why do they hide their temple buildings? 2. If the Freemasons are friendly-old-men, then why have they hidden one of their temple buildings in the middle of the Aldenham school grounds? I think we know the answer to these questions. Who are the Freemasons? The answer is that the Freemasons are the world's most pretentious pedophile ring. While your standard, unaffiliated pedophile has the basic manners to rape a child, and then move on, a Freemason rapes the child and then considers himself a wizard of the universe for doing so. The Freemason dresses himself in elaborate costumes and mumbles about 'mystical rites'. These are all bullshit that the Freemason uses to convince himself that he is not a sick pedophile puppet, drenched in kompromat. The Freemasons are a shame-based kompromat ponzi scheme. Sure, there is an outer layer of naive idiots who are never let into the true-core of the Freemasons. These naive-idiots form an outer layer of respectability to the group. These low-intelligence pawns are the ones you'll often find on the internet bleating on about how the Freemasons are basically adult boy-scouts. Sickening fools. Whether a Freemason is of the inner-core of kid-fuckers, or the outer-layer of naive-idiots, they are all part of a pedophile-ring that (unlike other pedophile rings) cannot shut up about how magical and mysterious they are. I think I speak for humanity when I say: Fuck off Freemason scum. We have now exposed how the crown functions. The Monarchy does not rule by "divine right" or personal excellence. It rules by building schools like Aldenham where the Crown's Freemason henchmen rape and torture children. These broken-children, many now monsters, are fed into positions in the military and government where they cause war and chaos at the behest of the Monarchy. This war and chaos keeps the rest of us divided and struggling, while the Crown 'rules'. So, there you have it folks, the entire mechanism by which the monarchy rules over planet earth. They fuck kids in their 'farm' schools. They ritually abuse and traumatically-condition kids so that they grown into adults who will be blind servants of the Crown. It took me about five days to figure this all out, so why has Aldenham School been around for over 400 years? Are the British people scared to shut this school down? I can tell you that this Aldenham shit wouldn't last five minutes in Florida. If anyone needs a reminder of who the Freemasons are, try this video here, or this one here (UK residents may need a VPN because the government censors these YouTube videos from you so you won't overthrow them). How many kids have been abused in this Freemason-temple-library? Are children being abused in there right now? With Aldenham School, you basically have an active Epstein's Island sat right in the middle of the Hertfordshire countryside, merrily going about its work, unchallenged. Wow. Just wow.
  7. Is this 'school library' a Freemason Temple? The Aldenham School library does appear to be a Freemasonic (pedo-idiot-club) temple building in 'disguise'. The cross-braces on the balcony bother me because I don't feel they are structurally necessary. They look to me like they may be there to provide points where rope can be tied for 'spinning' children. This is a known form of torture designed to split the psyche. There are some more curious things about the Aldenham 'library'. The 'library' door pattern is loosely similar to what we've seen before on child-abuse temples, although not exclusive to these buildings: In addition to all the symbolism we've already looked at, the Aldenham School 'library' contains many Freemasonic-style Columns: Below is a high resolution photo of the front of the 'library'. 1. Does anyone have any further thoughts on the occult purpose of this building? 2. What are the urns on the top? 3. Is the pyramidal appearance of the roof significant? 4. What is the radial pattern above the door? 5. Are the 13 brick stripes radiating out from the top-section of the doorway significant? Remember that we found 33 panes of glass in the top section of the window which sits directly opposite this door section, on the other end of the 'library'. 6. Given all the evidence in this thread so far, is this a 'school library', or a Freemasonic (pedo-idiot-club) temple?
  8. I don't feel that the article literally meant 'Rome' is behind the school's abuse of children, I think it's making a reference to 'royalty' and politicians in general being those who are most abusive of children. So, by 'Rome' the article likely means that the "road" of abuse inevitably leads back to "those in power" of any/all religious status. It's probably also a reference to the pedophilia that was rife in ancient Rome and, now, among our political and royal 'classes'. An architectural analysis of Aldenham school makes it clear that the 'road' here actually leads to a Freemasonic-type cult overseen by 'royalty' (a pedophile gang). Obviously, there is a curious overlap between some Freemasonic symbolism and another major religious group. All that said, Savile did have a "papal knighthood", so his road did also, literally, lead to Rome:
  9. The School at the heart of the King Charles pedophile-ring scandal has a library that is like a case study in occult-Freemasonic-pedophile iconography. I've found another photo of the inside of the building, and annotated all the 'hidden' Freemason symbolism in it. Here you go: There is a symbol on the roof of the library that I am not able to interpret. I have labelled it "What is this?" As we discovered earlier in this thread, the window on the upper floor of the library contains 33 glass panes, indicative of more Freemason-pedo-mumbo-jumbo symbolism. But there's even more: On the back of the library door there is an odd inscription: I have a feeling that the inconsistent size of the letters indicates a hidden meaning . Any ideas? Either way, does anyone here doubt this school is entwined with the Freemasons (the pedo-bullshit-gang)? For reference, here again is one known 'Rosetta Stone' of Freemasonic bullshit, showing the trans-morphing of core Freemasonic(pedo)-symbols into other, simpler, shapes. Specifically, triangles and other obfuscations. Compare these shapes with what we see in the Aldenham School library.
  10. This Aldenham School - King Charles pedophile ring story just gets weirder and weirder. I was taking a look at past issues of magazines related to the school, online, and determined that the "President" of the "Old Aldenhamian" society was the (now deceased) "Lord Vincent of Coleshill". This guy was an ex-student of the school, and "carried the Sovereign's Sword". Lord Vincent appears to have served as a war-monger for the Crown as he, among other things, participated in the Monarchy's perpetual (and disgraceful) subjugation of the Irish. Again, we can see how these Freemason-pedo schools manufacture psychopaths in smart suits to act as servants of the Crown. We can imagine what was done to Vincent as a child in those dormitories at Aldenham School to push him to the point of mass-murder on behalf of the 'queen'. Here is a clipping from Aldenhamiana (issue #26), with a photo showing this ex-Aldenham student in action:
  11. Agreed. The problem that we have here with reconnaissance at Aldenham School is that they already know we're onto them. Additionally, areas that were historically used for abusing students may no longer be used in that way. We'd need a very recent account from a surviving student to identify an active location.
  12. A quick update on this massive Royal-Family-pedophile-ring in Aldenham: A friend of mine, here, in the US military, with access to much higher-resolution imagery was kind enough to take a look at the Aldenham School grounds. He identified a number of basement / tunnel areas which are of interest. I can't share the military images, but I have matched the first area of interest to civilian satellite-imagery and posted this first map below. This map identifies entrances to underground areas in a part of the school called "Paull's House". This was the house run by one of the teachers (Nick Pulman) who, together with Jim Twelves, boasted about abusing hundreds of students in issue #43 of Aldenamiana. The teacher's house is/was directly attached to the dormitories at the rear of the building, which gave him ready access to scores of unsupervised children, some as young as 12, This is just one of several areas of interest on the school grounds, and I will post the other locations over the next few days. As I am in America, I can't do any more than provide material for others to take calm, considered action locally. More maps tomorrow. e
  13. Thank you for your support. I would be very interested to hear your perspective on the Aldenham-School-scandal once you have had a chance to review the material so far.
  14. Here are some more photographs evidencing deep connections between the 'royal family', the military, and Aldenham School, which is now at the center of one of the UK's largest pedophile-ring scandals. It is not only 'king' Charles who 'dines' in connection with Aldenham School. Legal notice: The photographs in this post may have been used without permission from any copyright holder(s) who assert ownership of them. Our right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § F107). Fair Use permits the reproduction of a copyrighted work in order to criticize or comment upon it. Additionally, all images are published in this post in order to serve the public interest, and not for the personal profit of any party.
  15. There is also familiar symbolism pictured below, in a stained-glass panel that shows both the Aldenham School Crest, and the Company of Brewers' crest. On the Brewers' Crest we see, again, those three sheaves of Barley, and three barrels (3 and 3) giving us the Freemason-pedo-bullshit number of 33, which these idiots love to 'encode' in their logos. The belts at the top of the stained-glass are red and gold. These type of belts, broadly, recur across many British-Crown (pedophile) crests. What is the symbol right at the top?
  16. Thanks for all your help so far in deciphering this 'king'-Charles/Aldenham pedophile ring. As you have figured-out, the butterfly is a well-known Monarch-Mind-Control symbol. Although, obviously, there can be benign uses of the symbol, you will find it commonly tattooed on survivors of ritual-abuse who have been tortured, throughout childhood, in Monarch-style traumatic-conditioning-systems. For this reason, although there will be false-positives, it is safer to avoid anyone who is tattooed with a butterfly. Such a tattoo is close to a definitive-indication that the person is under cult-control. Specifically, the person may be a "Spawn-Ranch"-type (see Tarantino's movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood). In other words, these people 'catch butterflies' for the cult. You (the free individual) are a butterfly to them. They seek to 'catch' you. These "Spawn-Ranch"-people will frequently be used to attract non-cult members; place them in a compromising situation to gather 'kompromat'; and then force them to join the cult. Stanley Kubrick exposed this topic in The Shining (1980) and there are multiple-references to how the Monarch-mind control program splits children. In the movie, the Monarch-mind-control-system is also associated with the color blue (see the girls' dresses). Look at the poster on the wall, on the left, here: There is a detailed deconstruction of the entire Kubrick movie, and its occult-symbolism, and hidden-warnings, here: https://castaliafoundation.com/Kubricks-Maze.html In summary: The butterfly is the worst possible symbol that a charity that deals with "trafficking and enslavement" can use. It is almost certain that groups using this symbol exist only to entrap survivors seeking an exit from cults.
  17. A very good point, which leads to this first photograph of teachers and staff connected with Aldenham School.. Can anyone offer an interpretation of the codified dress here, from the perspective of it being Freemason-derrived? I will investigate this further myself, but I offer this photograph for analysis. The question here is: Are these costumes consistent with known Freemasonic color-systems? The photograph above also appears to have been taken outside the Aldenham School library which, earlier in this thread, we established is steeped in Freemasonic (pedophile) iconography. I also dug up an older photograph online showing three of the named abusers, so far, at the school. The original news report states that Aldenham School is essentially run as a pedophile ring. Our analysis of the architecture of the school confirms this. I hope this photograph below, and the one above, can assist survivors of the school in putting together what was done to them. I have annotated this photo, based on the original news report on Aldenham School written by the former Times / Telegraph journalist. The written confession by the teachers Pulman and Twelves can be found linked in a PDF file on that same news site. Legal notice: The photographs in this post may have been used without permission from any copyright holder(s) who assert ownership of them. Our right to reproduce these images for critique is legally protected under the terms of 'Fair Use' enshrined in United States law (17 U.S.C. § F107). Fair Use permits the reproduction of a copyrighted work in order to criticize or comment upon it. Additionally, all images are published in this post in order to serve the public interest, and not for the personal profit of any party.
  18. One extra oddity about the Aldenham School library to supplement the mass of Freemasonic-pedophile iconography we have already identified in the building so far. The school library has two floors. The rear-window of the library is distinctly divided into two sections by a thick border, denoting the boundary between the first and second floors. The second-floor window panes radiate outwards and contain precisely 33 panes. As we know, "33"is a key number in Freemason-pedo-bullshit club and, given all the other symbolism in the school library, pretty much confirms our hypothesis: We have identified a major Crown-pedophile hive. More tomorrow...
  19. The recent news reports on this King-Charles-Pedophile-Ring are fascinating. I've been digging deeper into this school that feeds children to the crown, and there is enough occult-symbolsm on the school-grounds to fill a book. I'm hoping that others here can add more detail, but here's a summary of today's revelations: More info on the Aldenham Octagonal Clock-Tower This tower is reported to be a location where teachers took students to rape them. The tower is octagonal and includes gargoyles and a fleur-de-lys. See here: We covered the octagonal tower in some detail yesterday in connection with octagonal-medals given to 'teachers', at Aldenham School, but now let's take a look at some more octagons in connection with the school grounds. The school has a status of 'eros' which, on closer inspection is a naked-boy. The Aldenham 'eros' statue has a clothed, adult, 'twin', in central London, and an Aldenham School 'run' takes place at the school between the two statues. This twin-statue in London is in Piccadilly Circus and, you've guessed it, is set atop an octagonal base. I think we can guess what the occult meaning of this all is... The Aldenham-School-naked-child statue is set prominently in on the school grounds, like a mascot. From photographs I found online, we can see it is behind the library which we determined, yesterday, is filled with Freemason (pedophile) iconongraphy: Aldenham School Gates are 'Freemasonic Pillars' The gates to Aldenham School resemble those found on many 'elite' properties, but have the prominent feature of two stone spheres, one on each pillar: We saw, in my post yesterday, how the Aldenham School library contains definitive Freemasonic (pedophile) iconography. Given this, we can fairly interpret these two school-gate-pillars as an obfuscation of more Freemasonic iconography. Specifically, take a look at this diagram here: Note the two pillars, topped by spheres. One appearing to represent planet Earth. The Aldenham School gates seem to confirm that the entire school was architected as a child-abuse center for the Freemasons (pedophiles). The Aldenham School crest, also references these spheres, and a red-tongued Lion clutches one in his hands: Richard Platt, the school's 'founder', was also fond of spheres and diamonds (the latter, which we established yesterday, are a likely substitution-cipher / simplification of the Freemasonic divider and ruler symbol. Here is his crest: Aldenham School is a definitive Freemason hive In summary, given what we uncovered yesterday, combined with these other symbols, I feel there is a strong case to be made that, not only are the Monarchy feeding from Aldenham School, but that the school was built for the purpose of feeding children to 'elite' Freemasons. Their iconography is deeply interwoven with the buildings. Tomorrow I'll share what I've dug-up regarding basements and tunnels at the school, and 'famous' alumni. This Aldenham School place is a complete hell-realm of pedophilia. Stopping the 'king'. Is there anyone here in the vicinity of Aldenham School who can go in and take more photos to document this crime scene? Clearly British local-law enforcement are pedophiles / on the Royal payroll. If the British people themselves don't take action against the 'king' then England will continue to be hell on earth. What action are the people currently taking in light of this news report of Charles / the Monarchy / Freemasons running a pedophile ring at Aldenham School? I would go in and survey the school with a team myself, but I live in North America. Good luck.
  20. I have been looking more into this massive 'king' Charles / Aldenham-School-pedophile ring that was uncovered a few days ago. I have some questions about the architecture and symbolism of Aldenham School. As far as I can tell, the school is part of a Freemasonic-cult run by the Monarchy. I'll cover a few of the symbols here, and I'm interested to learn more, if anyone here can interpret things further. Octagonal Tower In the news-report on the Charles-pedophile ring, it's stated that children are taken to the clock-tower in Aldenham school to be raped and tortured by teachers. The school's clock-tower is an octagonal shape. I believe this is a Freemasonic symbol? An award given to teachers (called 'Masters') at Aldenham school is also octagonal, see here: Stepped Roof Facades Some of the roofs in the school are stepped, see here: And on the other side of the same building: This seems to match what has been found in known Freemasonic structures, like the Chyrsler Building lobby etc, and also in Freemasonic initiatory diagrams, see here: Aldenham School Crest The Aldenham School crest is covered in geometry that could be interpreted as a simplification of a known Freemasonic symbol, see here: Here is the floor of a Freemason temple, showing various simplifications / obfuscations of more complex symbols. These appear to give credibility to the likelihood that the Aldenham School crest is a basic substitution-cipher for a Freemason cult logo: In the movie 'If...." (1968) which was mostly filmed at Aldenham School (although this specific scene was not), we see this same Freemasonic symbol prominently again. Presumably the filmmakers are drawing our attention to how the architecture of these 'elite' school buildings themselves also hint at the perpetrators: Also, in the movie, we see the Freemasonic checkerboard floor many times. More Evidence Returning to Aldenham School, in real life, there is some interesting symbolism on the front of this building. Can anyone interpret this? The 'Worshipful Company of Brewers' Additionally, there is the crest for the 'Worshipful Company of Brewers', a beer-manufacturer that founded the school. Does anyone have any ideas about what the their logo means? Obviously, we see the repetition of the obfuscated Freemasonic diamond pattern, wrapped around a child; typical of the Freemasons/pedophiles modus-operandi. The little-girl carries three stems of barley in each hand: 3 and 3; obfuscating the number 33 which is core to Freemasonic-(pedophile)-mumbo-jumbo. But what else is going on here? These Aldenham-school pedophiles are clearly up to their necks in something terrible beyond anything we've uncovered before. What in the name of all that is good is this!? The Aldenham School Library Finally, in the Aldenham School library, there are also potential obfuscated Freemason symbols, see here: Look more closely: Time to wake up? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I only have photos on the internet to go by as I live in North America. Most of the school buildings at Aldenham have basement areas and tunnels! In summary: It looks like one of the reasons why the British Monarchy are able to 'feed' so easily at schools like Aldenham is because these schools have been designed, from the ground up, to be 'feeding grounds' for 'elite' Freemasons (pedophiles). Can anyone in the UK explain to me what the actual fuck is going on here? You have an 'elite' boarding school, covered in Freemasonic-pedo-cult-symbols; feeding children to the British monarchy? How do you all go about your everyday lives knowing this is happening? How many of these schools feed the Crown? Wow. The level of negligence here is astonishing. Shouldn't the British people go into the 'school' and shut it down? Are there any moral people left there? Wow. I suggest that anyone who has not yet read the investigative report into the 'king'-Charles-Aldenham pedophile ring, reads it immediately. This has to stop now. It's beyond disgusting what the Monarchy have done to England. You have the evidence. Do something.
  21. Thanks for this useful information. This word "worshipful" sounds very creepy. It seems to imply that these groups / people are somehow deserving of us "worshiping" them. Typically, it is cults that consider themselves to be things we should "worship". The monarchy is so steeped in esoteric-Freemasonic occult-nonsense that I'm surprised Charles can still walk straight. These odd-creatures that call themselves 'royalty' constantly require us to consider them "worshipful" and "masters" and "honorable". Psychologically, it makes a lot a sense. A person who knows themselves to be a child-abuser will demand that others call his enterprises "honorable" and "worshipful". Presumably, he hopes that the constant repetition of these words will distract from the rather embarrassing, and now painfully-obvious, truth.
  22. Regarding The-British-'king'-Charles / Beer-Manufacturer / Aldenham-School pedophile scandal (Brewer's-gate?) I have some questions about the article that revealed the scandal. The article about the pedophile-ring states that 'king' Charlies is "...an 'elected liveryman' of the Brewers’ drug-dealership." Does anyone here know what a "liveryman" precisely is? It appears to be linked to the City of London. But I'm wondering if it's a euphemism, or 'codeword', that the establishment use to describe a certain type of sexual-interest? In one of the photographs in the article reporting the scandal, the caption reads, "you can see ['king' Charles] clasping alcohol in one hand, and the hand of a teenage-student from Aldenham School in the other. " Does anyone know what other groups 'king' Charles is a "liveryman" of? Perhaps we can map out other sites where he is given private-access to school-children?
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