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  1. I notice senor Redfearn only states a "daughter" What's the bets he had 10 daughters and didn'ae name them because he knew they'd all get so sick of listening to his shite shite patter in the wee tragic roll shop they done the imaginable. Plamf.
  2. @DrCornwallisGood DR, I do not dispute your symptoms but it seems clear to me that all of your symptoms may indicate a cardiovascular problem. I prescribe fresh air and a 2 week detox from all electromagnetic appliances. Yours sincerely a DR with a conscience. Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth? Would you go to a hairdresser with bad hair? Then why go to a rich doctor? surely doctors should be judged on their health no?
  3. I remember reading something about Mcafee and Belize and some fine rich moron escapades a few years ago. It all seemed like just the sort of stuff I'd be doing if I was a 90's software Don; excess, hookers, cocaina, paranoia, all the perfect subterfuge to be implanted into our minds to make us skeptical of this lunatic, Discredited fake tech billionaire. I "Googled" those articles today but could not be found. I know the original article I read all those years ago was on the UK "guardian" website (Pease don't call it the London Guardian as a certain A.Jones does) (IN par3enthesis Manchester Guardian) (BTW. How much of a let down is Noel Gallagher?) Anyway. This Mcafee thing seems to me once again to have been alllowed to be big news, just like Epstein. This is a message. Remember Epstein died just before this covid really kicked off. A warning to any would-be whistleblowers that nobody is above the "group identity" I'm pretty sure Mcafee must have originally been an asset of the hidden rulers. He flipped on the people that made him and thus he was a hunted man until his dying day. As far as the encrypted key? well far beyond my limited intellect but surely anything juicy would not be displayed on the surface web? I.E Twitter? So then where would it be displayed for daft cunts like me to be able to see? A genuine question
  4. Hello Been lurking on legacy forum since around 13/14. I've read and resonated with many theories but being a well put together and facts remembering kind of guy isn't my strong suit, probably due to the amount of alcohol and cannabis i've consumed in my fairly short life so never had any input before. Also been psychologically tempered by those stuck firmly within the illusion. Some call them reptiles, some call them family. You know who I mean, those who should love and heed, use your warnings as kindling to keep aflame their bonfire of vanities. Tried for a while to exist apart from it all, as this endgame was put into place but now feeling a need. Under no illusions that I'm awake. Never will I describe myself so. I am mostly a wandering corpse with occasional flashes of insight who is drawn to this forum as a moth to a flame. Anyway. I ramble sometimes. If anyone would like to chat then please do reply.
  5. Evening forum. Loving this thread! reading all your experiences has sparked memories of things i've experienced which defy logic. Let's split these experiences in to two categories; one is sober consciousness and the other we'll call conciousness under mind altering substances. Firstly, I was 8 years old and lived on the Isle of Lewis. I was cycling back home around 7pm on a Sunday evening when I looked to the horizon and saw it utterly dominated by The Moon. The Fullest moon I have ever seen. I mean the moon was so close and huge that only half of it poked above the horizon yet it was all I could see. The way I would describe was i was x100 zoomed in on it. I still to this day can't explain it. It was like a supermoon on steroids. When I was around 9 years I was staying at my Nana and Grandad's for the summer holidays. They were both out for the count with my Grandad's favourite sleep meditation music blaring out of the radio; BBC World service. I decide to stay up and watch the film on the tv, Stephen King's IT. From a young age I was able to see through trivial facades of horror and generally found them ridiculous. The creepy clown wasn't scaring me and I was hungry, so,seeing as the dear grandparents were asleep I decides to sneak down the tenement stairs to get some sweets from the shop next door. I made it down 3 flights of stairs, bounding with the manic energy of a kid with sugar high anticipation when I am stopped, near dead, by some unseen oppressive force on the first landing. This felt like running into a force field, I was winded and couldn't breathe. I've always hated the feeling of being winded and always found it terror inducing, so imagine my fear as I struggle to regain my breath, look down on the ground and there before me is a little fluffy red pompom, like the creepy clown's nose, like the little red nose thing on his shoes. That was the very first time I felt scared speechless. I tried to scream but the wailing river was dry. I've hated clowns ever since. Don't even get me started on Gacey! Allow me to relay an interesting shared experience while on acid and alcohol. A former friend and I were on a bench beneath a tree at Torre Abbey, Torquay. We had partaken of a few lagers and a few drops of some relatively mild acid. We were far from tripping and engaged in chit chat. Next thing we both begin to feel agitated, like something's watching us. We scan about for any polis or grasses. Nothing. Then the swinging noise. A gust of air, enough to shift your fringe, the noise continues. A swinging noise. Gust of air. We stand either side of the branch above us and watch the branch bobbing up and down as though something were hanging from it. Next the noises are an explosion, horse hooves, footsteps, cheering, booing, a muffled voice announcing inaudible things, "Can you hear that?" I ask "Horses" Said my friend. Next all we hear is silence, save for one far off voice, booming yet unintelligible to us. The voice clearly of a man of authority. The voice seems to have made it's final decree and the crowd is once again vociferous. "Did you hear that?" "Aye, someone's about to get hung" Then the swinging branch noise recommenced. Bestial cries of anguish filled the air and a foul smell of decay, of rotten eggs. The Torre Abbey experience, if told from a solipsistic, single node of consciousness POV is easy to explain as the chemical imbalance of the brain under duress of substances but how does one explain the shared "Hallucinated" experience?
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