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  1. I said that the last post would be my last. I guess I was wrong. Sorry about that. This post could be the last, just like this breath could be my last. thanks bye
  2. ok I agree. I apologize to everyone on this site for being so aggressive and rude. It wasn't my intention, and it was wrong of me to stick around in these threads, and the forum, when there is nobody forcing me to stay. I'll try to learn and I hope that all I have hurt or offended, forgive me. It was not my intention to directly insult anyone - even if I did. Maybe you all can learn from my mistakes, and make this forum a better place. Without further ado, I think I'll make this last post, and wish you all farewell. Even to skizorat, truthspoon and everyone. I have no hard feelings now, and all the best! ciao
  3. No, there must be proof. In an intelligent and open world, we would not spend time talking about behavior and basic manners - that's kindergarten talk - we would actually analyze what is being said in the videos of this man, and his books, and try to benefit from his knowledge. As I've already said, he brings great information, while I have evidence that he has wrong racial info as well as wrong supremacist conclusions. If somebody like skizo rat, or truthspoon and Co. would use their brain in a good way, they would simply ask me questions and test my theories without emotions attached. Instead we have seen unrelated Mohamed cartoons, putting words in my mouth I never said, and spreading other false things like the mods having supposedly deleted my anti white posts. That is not a sign of intelligence. But it is a sign of being slave to one's emotions of hate. Not really the most intellectual way of going about things. Robert fuels these kind of satanic ways, and what will skizo rät or his friends say? That I'm off topic, because my opinion is opposing his? I'm actually looking forward to seeing his reaction. Will he start his insults again? Insult my religion? Accuse me of saying things I never said? Or did God guide him over night to keep his cool and talk like a civilized human being, while accepting other people's opinions? Stay tuned to find out!
  4. Who said anything about expecting care. We are talking about respectful debate and standing against intentional blatant bullying, personal insults and lies. I don't care about what puerile believe. Debating is purely for the sake of God and my relationship with Him. So you think I care if some people go to hell, who are bullies? That thought makes me happy actually. I hope those bastards do not agree with my views :D hahaha.. I want to see them burn. But if they repent, I'm more than willing to accept any apology or compensation for their crime. The good thing is that I'm not needed to punish people who are loser satanic Fanclub boys and girls. All I care about is my own salvation, and those who have been good to me and the truth. You seem to have biased ideas about me, and you don't understand what I'm saying. Again
  5. My bidding? It was you who claimed to have these principles. You grow up and stand true to your word. What counts is your actions. So far your actions have been against me via accusations. Why not go ahead and either prove them or apologize. Oh, that would be too Christian of a thing to do? Not really in tune with the Serpent Fanclub code.
  6. You are slithering away from the argument between you and me. We are not even arguing Robert, but our main point is your accusation against me. You accused me of suppressing speech, discouraging reading of all opinions, and basically bullying opposing debate. That's our debate. And I have asked you for proof for what you said, while telling you that I am actually the victim of what you claim, and then suddenly because I ask you to stand by your own spoken principles, you say that you are not MY bitch. I don't think that you should be quiet, but I think that you should be fair and be a bitch to your own words and principles. Otherwise that shows that.. Well I better not say it.
  7. Oh so you are the reptilian Fanclub bitch? Seems so. Accusing me of lies, while staying quiet while your masters are doing what you preach against? Want me to prove it? WNt me to prove to you that I've endured bullying and direct attempts of shutting me up in bullying non Christian ways? I can do that. But it seems you like to appease your reptilian Fanclub friends who voice the reptilian supremacist narrative of Robert sephyr, and talk like real haters and racists. Keep criticism for me alone. Haha :D
  8. I make judgments based on what I see as evidence. If anybody can prove me wrong, I will be THANKFUL. But my judgment of something being satanic or reptilian (or how David Icke likes to say archonic, should not be a taboo. Making a statement that something is a certain way, does not mean that I am advocating for any opposing opinion opinion. As Muslims and Christians our fight is against the higher forces of Satan, and that is no secret. You will find our enemies as being the ones suppressing free speech, not me. If you truly mean what you say, the prove it. I have been victim of what you say, as clear as light. Accusing the victim of a crime, of the crime, is hardly a godly thing to do. And if you can show me exactly where I supposedly supressed people's speech, then show me here in public please. If that is true, I will surely apologize. But making accusations against me it is better if you point to exactly where, so we can openly discuss like good Muslims and Christians. Thanks
  9. If yuu really believe what you say, then condemn those people who are doing exactly what you condemn, against me on that other thread.
  10. And why don't you go condemn people on the other white population decline thread who openly insult other peoples ideas, and even lump entire groups of people into one negative judgment? Why don't you tell this to people who throw personal insults at those who expose and calmly discuss thir falasies and lies? Are uiu feeling safe in the small group of bully white reptilian supremacists here? Or are you upset that anybody uses the word white supremacist while comlaining about some Jews doing the same about the concept of Jewish supremacy talk? Let's talk about things clearly, and just watch skizo rat and other proud nephelim dragon Serpent "Aryan" supporters use the usual satanic tactics of lies and bullying. But those things don't actually work. They just expose. Let's se how skizo rät will talk to me when he discovers that I've ruined his attempts at spreading reptilian supremacy fan club sentiments. Again! Alhamdulilah So in that other thread people don't want me to express ideas. Why not go there and tell them what you tell me here? Not safe? Scared to antagonize the bully?
  11. Are we going in circles? I never said we should not read what others say. But we may judge things, just like you are judging how I supposedly spin things. Why do you keep repeating the same thing of suorssing speech, when I never said anything about it? Are you projecting pre conceived ideas? Just like skizo "proud" to be "Aryan" rat keeps claiming I said things, when I never said them. One such example is that "all" whites are satanic, or something. Perhaps you need to read more carefully.
  12. That's exactly what I'm saying. Robert uses this info to get people closer to Satan (aka the Serpent) while people like me use Robert's videos to prove that the Bible and Quran are historically right. And warn people that following Satan thr enemy will lead to disaster. That it is lies. All lies. Reptilian aren't better than children of Adam, unless they willingly follow thr reptilians. Although there are good reptilians. Not all are bad obviously. And not all white people are reptilian. Anyway..
  13. I think you are misunderstanding what I said. He is glorifying the reptilian lines and spreading lies about their supposed superiority over non reptilian. He does so by claiming falsely that for instance north Africans are closer related to "primitive" blood lines with less intelligence. He is a reptilian supremacist and white supremacist at the same time. That is the problem, get it now?
  14. Did I ever say we should not debate? The only thing is said is that reptilian minded individuals like to use personal insults when they Are losing like this skitzo rat right here. I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, as long as it's not intentional lies and disrespect.
  15. Let us look at some of the satanic reptilian titles of his videos.. "Occult Order of the Green Dragon - ROBERT SEPEHR" "The Noble Cult of the Sun" "Ancient Cult of the Winged Serpent" "When Gods Walked with Mortals" "Reclaiming Atlantean History" "Lilith and the Sacred Serpent" "Sacred Bloodlines and the Mysteries of the Goddess" "People of the Serpent, Snake, and Dragon" "Legend of the Serpent" "Gods with Amnesia"
  16. I must give Robert credit for bringing good information in his documentaries, but his bottom line intentions would be against those of what David Icke and all the anti globalists would be. He clearly and openly proclaims reptilian supremacy, while trying to convince us that white blue eyed "Aryans" belong to this race of people that were flooded for their sins during the great deluge. Here is one such video that links to all his reptilian supremacist videos.. It is a shot in the foot for him, but many people like the racists of this forum actually buy into it. They attach their self worth on materialistic things like the color of their skins, while actually being condescending to anybody who isn't of that physical appearance. It is no surprise that so many of those "dragon serpent blood" fans are big haters of religions that their grand father Satan opposes. Isn't Satan the father of the reptilian lines? Isn't Satan the "serpent" who fooled our grandparents with lies and deception? It is obviously connected that the evil "reptilians" who according to David Icke run this world, are so evil - while the parable of reptilian Satan tells us the same. And those baby blood luciferian reptilian lines also worship Satan directly, as well as his head descendants. Robert and his mentality must be exposed, and shown for what it is. Reptilian supremacy hiding behind white supremacy, which feeds of sense of self esteem fuelled by arrogance. And this arrogance is based on nothing, while those who follow such mentality and mean existence are foretold to be punished in this life and the next. It is just a test, and let us see what intelligent things the reptilian fans on this thread might say to this.
  17. Only a total idiot will be proud of one's race. Your spiritual leaders such as Robert who preaches satanic "dragon" race supremacy, is just instilling sense of accomplishment into people like you, while looking down at other non reptilian races. No wonder that your reptilian brain gets activated, and you have shown to resort to rude and personal insults when cornered. Roberts theories of portraying non europeans as being closer to monkeys or something, is just a big lie without any scientific base. It relies on measuring intelligence on tools or cranial sizes. Both are not true, as genetically our great grandparents aren't genetically dumber than us, even though they didn't have smart phones. And our cranial size isn't the biggest among animals, and the cranial ratio that you mentioned being an indicator of intelligence on the other thread is also debunked. Mice have the same ratio as us, and some birds have an even bigger brain to body ratio than us. Now let's see if you can debate like a non satanic human, or you still can only resort to OFF TOPIC insults and loser behavior, like your whiteism religion. You are "proud" Aryan. Lol! Great accomplishment. Instead of being proud of actual accomplishments. But smart people aren't even proud of that! Smart people are modest and humble, unlike Robert and you.
  18. yeah I have so much to share, but so little time it was quite awful, but for every person it is different. Personally I think it has to do with this Self-disseminating 'vaccines' ... "One possibility is to eliminate the threat of spillover before it occurs using vaccines capable of autonomously spreading through wild animal reservoirs. We are now poised to begin developing self-disseminating vaccines targeting a wide range of human pathogens," https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-020-1254-y so this fake vaccine bioweapon or at least bio-manipulation tool is simply jumping from one host to another like an artificial pathogen. That's my guess. But I definitely fell victim to it, and it hit me harder than most. At one point i had 41 degrees fever, with my dad calling me and saying that life is beautiful and that I shouldn't die. This was because i refused to take any meds, and then after than phone call, I accepted some fever suppressing pharma products from my wife.
  19. so where is the limit of reality and not reality? What makes the people showing unique covid symptoms that are similar to the side effects of the fake vaccine, not real, while other diseases are real? Or is everything not real to you? I honestly don't know exactly where the line between reality and my projection takes place, in an attempt to stay humble. When I took mushrooms I could literally see the painting come out and move around in the air. And until today I feel it was real. Maybe it is always doing that, but we don't see it.
  20. Hi, I honestly only read the first few pages, and just want to share my own personal experience in this. About 6 months ago me and my wife got sick with something that felt like a nanobot artificial flu, with symptoms that we never experienced before. I am generally quite susceptible to flus all my life, so I have my share of them. This one started at night, with me having trouble breathing. I felt out of breath, and had to sit up and do breathing exercises to not panic. It was a bit like I was suffocating. My art teacher had similar experiences before I got it - so I was kind of prepared. But my wife panicked a bit, and we ended up buying an expensive oxygen tank for her, to make her feel more confident. She got it after I started recovering btw. So, anyway, the only symptom I had that night was the out-of-breath thing. Then, the next morning I went to have breakfast, and I couldn't taste ANYTHING. No fever, no stuffed nose, no feeling dizzy, nothing. Even my breath was fine, but no taste WHATSOEVER. So I did the test everyone did on youtube, which was to try eating raw garlic etc, and still. It happened all of a sudden. It took me about 3 to 4 months to get back a half-way-decent sense of smell and taste again. I am a perfume fanatic, and I kept on putting perfumes on me as usual, even though I couldn't smell. Or let's say - hardly. But for several days I could not taste or smell anything. The way I could differentiate between sweet things and sour things was simple the physical sensation on different parts of the tongue. The sweet one eventually made me feel sick, and I lost a lot of weight during that time. About 10 kilos in one month. Then after about a day later, the flu symptoms came in. But they were nowhere near the normal flu symptoms I was used to. The fever shot up so fast, and would fluctuate in a crazy way. I really felt like it was directed by nano bots inside me. I don't know what this covid disease is, but my guess would be a self-replicating and self-spreading 'vaccine'. And another thing is that my wife got those weird red rashes on her feet before anyody else got them. We really freaked out, and ironically it was first observed with people who were vaccinated. Also my wife's friend who got the same symptoms also got those rashes. And none of us ever had these symptoms before. I don't mind the idea of there not being a virus, or the germ theory being wrong. But this is definitely a DISEASE that spreads somehow, and my guess is that it's manmade. Actually i am more sure than it being a guess. It felt weird and artificial.
  21. What a nice story, and lovely daughter you've got. Tell her great minds think alike :) Anyway, I took the decision not to take part on the forum anymore, as people have attacked (via insults) my God, my prophet and my religion, so according to my religion I must stand up an leave. But I remembered our conversation, so I came back to check if you responded, and if I can be of further value to you specifically. You are a very clairvoyant person, and some would call you an indigo child, or a supracelestial being. I am pretty sure that other people would not be so easily aware and in touch with what David Icke would term as other "frequencies". Your range of perception is more than the average person, and while it may feel like a curse, it is a blessing in disguise. There are two types of people, good and bad, and I can tell that you are from among the good, and I hope I'm right. From experience, I've not been the best judge of character, so don't take my judgment on your goodness as supreme. :) Anyway, energy vortexes almost always occur from underground water streams, while the direction and quality of the stream makes all the difference. When two streams cross, that is the most powerful one, and you could be right on top of a crossing. Whether it is good or bad is another question. Those energy hot stops could act like star gates between the two most closely related world of what we see as material, and the next in line, which is independent of gravity, and has a whole range of new species of creatures who are like us. Some are purely there, and others are capable of being here and there, like you are. Then there is the most gifted creatures from there who are capable of not only being here, but even are able to manipulate our physical world. Those are known as poltergeist, and as a Muslim i haven a story of such an 'ifrit (Arabic name for such) who worked for prophet solomon. This poltergeist actually managed to bring him the physical throne of queen Sheeba over a distance of 100s of kilometers in a blink of an eye. They vary in strength and abilities, but no need to be scared of them. I'll explain to you why shortly. So it is important for you to know that 'spirits', who are basically physical beings on a different frequency - that has its own set of physical rules - can be good and can be bad. They are born and die, just like us, and they can help/hurt us, while we can do the same to them. Anyway, so those beings from other realms also can work in tandem with people such as sorcerers and that is what I meant by spiritual attack. It is possible to pay people money to employ such beings to harass or make life difficult for people in our realm. My mother was such a victim, and she was living under spells made by her very high ranking witch aunt. Witches occur in pretty much all families, and some call their craft black magic. Those spells can be neutralized, but one must find the actual spell pouch or bundle to really stop it. In my mother's case, we never found it, and no exorcist was able to take on the demonic entity or entities that hovered around her aura. For an exorcist to solve the problem, he must be more powerful than the person who made the spell. And my mom's aunt was from a very affluent, old, and rich family, so she had all the tools and even family blood to be stronger than most. Also blood lines make a difference in this. Anyway, my mother was mostly fine, and managed to use this spell in her favour. She would turn into this very scary lioness or something when it came to protecting her kids for instance, while she was able to control this thing at other times. But in general her life was not easy, and she always had to fight more than others for simple things. Life was always an uphill struggle for her, and she always complained about how hard she's had it since she was 12. She unsurprisingly passed away relatively young with cancer, after she spend years not really wanting to live anymore. The only thing that kept her going was literally me, and trying to establish me somehow. So my message to you is that even if there is magical sabotage, it can't touch you, as long as you are a good person. My mother never did any ritual religious things like prayer, fasting, reading Quran etc., and I believe that this was because of the spell. But she was the best person I've ever met, most honorable, kind, charitable, selfless, beautiful, strong, noble and decent lady I've ever met. She was successful at raising me and my sisters too, even though I think that they aren't very nice. They haven't inherited her nobility, soft heartedness and selflessness. Unfortunately they are materialistic and heartless. But anyway, she was successful, so those magical attacks aren't the end of the world - of you even have one. But witches and witchcraft is more prevelant than most think. The thing is that the nature of the dark arts, is that they remain hidden and secret. They don't flount their shameful religion and practices, as that is nothing to be proud of. But from the little I read from you I think that the main problem might be the location, and perhaps also amplified issues due to anxiety brought about by being alone. I've known many ladies who basically start 'hearing things' or 'seeing things' when they are alone. That is normal. Especially women and children should not be alone in the house, yet in today's world most women are alone. I am not sure what your status is, but that could be an extra reason. Especially women with your talent should not be left alone, but I know that you might not have a choice, except to pray for good company (like for example your daughter) . If you get a dog (ideally a good guard dog of at least medium size) that would help for sure. Dogs are aware and can see the other world too. One of my dogs woke me up once from a horrible dream through howling. If you get a smaller dog, that's better than nothing (terriers are great) , especially if they have a fearless attitude. Even having a cat helps psychologically, mentally and spiritually. Their purring has healing effects. From what I read in your previous post, it seems that most entities that visit you are kind beings, and perhaps every now and then you'll have somebody annoy and try to scare you. So it's not calling for panic, as we probably have more humans in this world trying to annoy us than from that other world. But if they invade your private sphere and bedroom, then that's a problem of course, that needs to be solved. Whether it is this problem or that is actually not that important. You can find out one day, if you get the chance to live in a similar setting somewhere else. But what is important is your personal strength and resilience to what may or may-not be. A kind of 'don't give a shit' attitude concerning those entities and occurences. The aim and goal at hand is to reach a state of mind and a state of being, where you fear none of that. No matter who you face, or who harasses you, you feel superior to them in a way, and safe. Like they can't touch you beyond some childish or silly annoyance. They can't mess with you for real, and not only that - but you can mess with them! They have more reason to fear you, than you have to fear them. I'll come to you in a bit as to why. That is the goal, and let me tell you, that people like you are dangerous, if they learn to use their talent. Your higher ability in vision can also be found in actions, that you are likely not aware of right now. Let me tell you that the trick to controlling and manipulating the 'spirit' world - which is basically material, but in another way - is through the mind and imagination. Add to this words, and your breath, you have a recipe to disaster for any of your enemy. How do you do that? Well that is what it all boils down to: This being who created us all, and Created those beings, and is the Lord of all the worlds and frequencies - this being totally hears and understand you and your every thought better than yourself. This is 100% guaranteed. And how can I prove it to you? Just try it! Ask and you shall receive. Ask for signs, ask for help, ask for protection, ask für money, ask for love, ask for whatever it is you feel is good for you. Just some tips and tricks from me : 1 - don't always ask for specifics, because it might not be good for you. As they say, be careful for what you wish for. Always keep words like ".. Whatever is best for me and being closer to you". ( just an example).... Handy. 2 - patience. Not every 'prayer' works immediately, but they all do work. Time flies, so retrospectively it always seems fast 3 - the more you remember the eternal being, the better. If you can be mentally in touch 24/7, then do so. 4 - when you want to ask for specific things you really want badly and desperately, wash up, put perfume for the occasion, wear clean clothes, isolated yourself and beg. (from heart and entire being) 5. ALWAYS thank God after you get something good, E. S. P. E. C. I. A. L. L. Y after receiving something you asked for. This way you will get more, and easier and faster next time. 6. Asking for others is more powerful than asking for yourself, plus it will give you what you asked for them. But it will give you more, than if you asked for your loved ones. 7. I know in #1 I said not to be always specific, but other times be as specify as possible. Ask for the gas in your car, to feed you, to get you tissues, to afford your medical bills, etc And above all, I find it most important to always rationalize 'why'. Why you want what you ask for, and how will it make you closer to God, and a better person. Or why you think this person deserves that, if you pray for somebody else. (hope that makes sense) These are some tips and tricks I can think of. This creator being, that David Icke calls Eternal Conscience, can solve it all for you. Actually it is my belief that not only is this being the only one who can help, but 'He' is all you need. Mark my words. Try it and you will see! You will be safe God Willing. And I truly believe that we all have guardian invisible - to-us entities commissioned by God to protect us. So keep in mind that this Eternal Consciousness can easily kill or maim any creature He likes, so once you are part of the 'Club' of those who surrender their consciousness and their wishes to this eternal being, you become a very object of fear to all the lower beings that might think about harassing you. You become protected, you become safe, you become at peace. Day and night - God willing.
  22. You are pretty good at pointing fingers, accusing and insulting. I give you a 9 out of 10 in that. Furthermore you get a 5 out of 5 in NZ history, but actually I'll give you a 1/10 because AGAIN you dont condemn what was done to the natives, which is clearly documented. You are desperate to explain it away and justify it in whatever desperate way you try to do. When it comes to defending the rights of downtrodden non white people, you get a minus one million out of ten! That one is straight in hell. You keep just keep escaping and avoiding everything I say, and anything other than give a heartfelt Condemnation. In any case, I believe strongly that readers will take your side or my side. My side will believe you are just too proud to care and give strong deep emotional condemnation against European white colonial history, as well as more modern white man crimes. Your side will think I'm fucking with their white pride and I'm just a fucking savage or something, who doesn't appreciate roads built, or Rothschild banks introduced. That it doesn't matter how peoples lands were stolen and stuff, what matters is that the white satanic reptiles are sending a bunch of refugees into their Rothschild satanic land called Europe, with a parliament built in the shape of the tower of Babylon.
  23. Sand people? Such a condescending comment. And then you expect sympathy from non whites, for your dwindling majority on the land? Seriously.. Look at your own issues. You have the most evil history on earth, and are one of the most evil political and financial centers. It was your damn empowering of wahabism among others that caused the lack of rights in this lands! Sand people.. Fucking racist scum.
  24. Where is apartheid promoted? Just read the first post on here, with you being a star supporter of the pro apartheid side.. Your tactic of saying we may not call to account the millions killer by white people, because there were thousands killed by brown people won't work. Here are the reasons 1 - two wrongs don't make a right 2 - the sheer asymmetry of the numbers makes it that white people are always more guilty. How many girls were killed and raped by white man intervention in Afghanistan is something only God knows. The crimes committed by the wahhabis and their groups like that taliban, and the amount of school girls they attacked, just because white Americans brought wahabism there.. What about that? How many? It can never compete with with tens or hundreds of girls killed in Europe by afghanis. And the reason why their country is so poor and full of refugees? Sorry to say, but majority white governments again. How many white soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan or other Muslim countries? How many white manned army bases on Muslim lands? You just don't hear about it, and what they do. I could go on and write for hours about massacres committed by European rooted governments, but here is a little one. How many little cute girls died here? Getting me one girl in Austria is very sad. But on a bigger scale, it is meaningless. What did white men do in Korea? Wasn't that also about a million dead and agent orange to kill the trees? A white Truman dropped the nukes on japanese, while the same people who stole the new Zealand island forced the Chinese to drug the whole country with opium. And how many? It doesn't make a difference to you how the numbers are so totally radically different? Even when the white crusaders took over jeruslam, they were more bloody than anybody else who took it ever since maybe the babylonians. The babylonians at least took prisoners! The reason behind this is simple. There are competing white blood lines. The white blood lines of the semites and the white blood lines of the reptilian sons of Satan. And the satanic 'aryan' races, which includes the white 'royals' has been in charge. And they love to kill and loot and steal. But the aim is to get rid of those evil people like Bill gates and Co... Who represent those reptilian lines - who are mostly white. While the white Semitic lines are waiting for their turn to take over in the name of God, along with allies from all bloodlines, including the reptilian ones.
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