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  1. I said that the last post would be my last. I guess I was wrong. Sorry about that. This post could be the last, just like this breath could be my last. thanks bye
  2. ok I agree. I apologize to everyone on this site for being so aggressive and rude. It wasn't my intention, and it was wrong of me to stick around in these threads, and the forum, when there is nobody forcing me to stay. I'll try to learn and I hope that all I have hurt or offended, forgive me. It was not my intention to directly insult anyone - even if I did. Maybe you all can learn from my mistakes, and make this forum a better place. Without further ado, I think I'll make this last post, and wish you all farewell. Even to skizorat, truthspoon and everyone. I have no hard feelings now, and all the best! ciao
  3. No, there must be proof. In an intelligent and open world, we would not spend time talking about behavior and basic manners - that's kindergarten talk - we would actually analyze what is being said in the videos of this man, and his books, and try to benefit from his knowledge. As I've already said, he brings great information, while I have evidence that he has wrong racial info as well as wrong supremacist conclusions. If somebody like skizo rat, or truthspoon and Co. would use their brain in a good way, they would simply ask me questions and test my theories without emotions attached. Instead we have seen unrelated Mohamed cartoons, putting words in my mouth I never said, and spreading other false things like the mods having supposedly deleted my anti white posts. That is not a sign of intelligence. But it is a sign of being slave to one's emotions of hate. Not really the most intellectual way of going about things. Robert fuels these kind of satanic ways, and what will skizo rät or his friends say? That I'm off topic, because my opinion is opposing his? I'm actually looking forward to seeing his reaction. Will he start his insults again? Insult my religion? Accuse me of saying things I never said? Or did God guide him over night to keep his cool and talk like a civilized human being, while accepting other people's opinions? Stay tuned to find out!
  4. Who said anything about expecting care. We are talking about respectful debate and standing against intentional blatant bullying, personal insults and lies. I don't care about what puerile believe. Debating is purely for the sake of God and my relationship with Him. So you think I care if some people go to hell, who are bullies? That thought makes me happy actually. I hope those bastards do not agree with my views :D hahaha.. I want to see them burn. But if they repent, I'm more than willing to accept any apology or compensation for their crime. The good thing is that I'm not needed to punish people who are loser satanic Fanclub boys and girls. All I care about is my own salvation, and those who have been good to me and the truth. You seem to have biased ideas about me, and you don't understand what I'm saying. Again
  5. My bidding? It was you who claimed to have these principles. You grow up and stand true to your word. What counts is your actions. So far your actions have been against me via accusations. Why not go ahead and either prove them or apologize. Oh, that would be too Christian of a thing to do? Not really in tune with the Serpent Fanclub code.
  6. You are slithering away from the argument between you and me. We are not even arguing Robert, but our main point is your accusation against me. You accused me of suppressing speech, discouraging reading of all opinions, and basically bullying opposing debate. That's our debate. And I have asked you for proof for what you said, while telling you that I am actually the victim of what you claim, and then suddenly because I ask you to stand by your own spoken principles, you say that you are not MY bitch. I don't think that you should be quiet, but I think that you should be fair and be a bitch to your own words and principles. Otherwise that shows that.. Well I better not say it.
  7. Oh so you are the reptilian Fanclub bitch? Seems so. Accusing me of lies, while staying quiet while your masters are doing what you preach against? Want me to prove it? WNt me to prove to you that I've endured bullying and direct attempts of shutting me up in bullying non Christian ways? I can do that. But it seems you like to appease your reptilian Fanclub friends who voice the reptilian supremacist narrative of Robert sephyr, and talk like real haters and racists. Keep criticism for me alone. Haha :D
  8. I make judgments based on what I see as evidence. If anybody can prove me wrong, I will be THANKFUL. But my judgment of something being satanic or reptilian (or how David Icke likes to say archonic, should not be a taboo. Making a statement that something is a certain way, does not mean that I am advocating for any opposing opinion opinion. As Muslims and Christians our fight is against the higher forces of Satan, and that is no secret. You will find our enemies as being the ones suppressing free speech, not me. If you truly mean what you say, the prove it. I have been victim of what you say, as clear as light. Accusing the victim of a crime, of the crime, is hardly a godly thing to do. And if you can show me exactly where I supposedly supressed people's speech, then show me here in public please. If that is true, I will surely apologize. But making accusations against me it is better if you point to exactly where, so we can openly discuss like good Muslims and Christians. Thanks
  9. If yuu really believe what you say, then condemn those people who are doing exactly what you condemn, against me on that other thread.
  10. And why don't you go condemn people on the other white population decline thread who openly insult other peoples ideas, and even lump entire groups of people into one negative judgment? Why don't you tell this to people who throw personal insults at those who expose and calmly discuss thir falasies and lies? Are uiu feeling safe in the small group of bully white reptilian supremacists here? Or are you upset that anybody uses the word white supremacist while comlaining about some Jews doing the same about the concept of Jewish supremacy talk? Let's talk about things clearly, and just watch skizo rat and other proud nephelim dragon Serpent "Aryan" supporters use the usual satanic tactics of lies and bullying. But those things don't actually work. They just expose. Let's se how skizo rät will talk to me when he discovers that I've ruined his attempts at spreading reptilian supremacy fan club sentiments. Again! Alhamdulilah So in that other thread people don't want me to express ideas. Why not go there and tell them what you tell me here? Not safe? Scared to antagonize the bully?
  11. Are we going in circles? I never said we should not read what others say. But we may judge things, just like you are judging how I supposedly spin things. Why do you keep repeating the same thing of suorssing speech, when I never said anything about it? Are you projecting pre conceived ideas? Just like skizo "proud" to be "Aryan" rat keeps claiming I said things, when I never said them. One such example is that "all" whites are satanic, or something. Perhaps you need to read more carefully.
  12. That's exactly what I'm saying. Robert uses this info to get people closer to Satan (aka the Serpent) while people like me use Robert's videos to prove that the Bible and Quran are historically right. And warn people that following Satan thr enemy will lead to disaster. That it is lies. All lies. Reptilian aren't better than children of Adam, unless they willingly follow thr reptilians. Although there are good reptilians. Not all are bad obviously. And not all white people are reptilian. Anyway..
  13. I think you are misunderstanding what I said. He is glorifying the reptilian lines and spreading lies about their supposed superiority over non reptilian. He does so by claiming falsely that for instance north Africans are closer related to "primitive" blood lines with less intelligence. He is a reptilian supremacist and white supremacist at the same time. That is the problem, get it now?
  14. Did I ever say we should not debate? The only thing is said is that reptilian minded individuals like to use personal insults when they Are losing like this skitzo rat right here. I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, as long as it's not intentional lies and disrespect.
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