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  1. Islam teaches exactly what you said, and the meaning of the word Islam is literally linked to surrender and peace. To get peace one must first surrender. Surrender to what? Or whom? To the God who has the best names, such as the Truth, the Just, the Compassionate, the Patient, the Joiner, the Royal, the King, the Avenger, the Killer, the Giver of Life, the Great, the One, the Initiator, the Seeing, the Hearing, the Forgiving, the Kind, the Loving, etc etc etc. The purpose of those Names are for the sake of calling upon Him, for the sake of seeking closeness to this God, higher awareness, and higher ranking in the spectrum of creation. Islam probably has more in common with the protestant church, that insist on less pompous furniture, humble lifestyles. But the way God has destined it for the world, it happens to be that nobody is spared from corruption, and all prophetic teachings have been adulterated. Ironically the teachings from Christ (the Greek word for Moshiakh - or the Wiped) and Mohamed survive that tell us exactly how the people claiming to represent them will be mostly frauds and devils. All prophets and saints have predicted the corruption of ALL religions, so it takes a wise one to read between the lines and keep it simple. To use the messages of all those great men and women to be a better person, and reach more closeness to God. the Mighty, the Strong, the Able, the Ally, the Vanquisher, the Opener, the Grateful, the Provider, the Quick in Accounting, the Raiser, the First, the Last, the Greatest, the High, the Highest, the Noble, the Designer, the Light, the Peace, the Remainer, the Inheritor, and many other of the Greatest Names.
  2. Well the way I see it is that these books deal with reality, wether it is how to deal with good or bad situations. Slavery is a reality, and wars are a reality, and to me I see the books are guidance to being a better person. They tell us to be peaceful and only defend ourselves. They tell us to be forgiving, compassionate, and that if people stop attacking you, that you may not continue fighting them. At the same time they do mostly encourage you to fight for your rights, and the rights of all other people. This fight can be verbal, spiritual for physical. But the biggest fight is against our base desires, which is called in Islam Jihad el Akbar, or the Greater Jihad. The biggest fight and war is within ourselves, and those books help us win battles for the sake of achieving patience, inner peace, closeness to God and confidence in the Truth. According to those books our acceptance of the Truth, is directly and exclusively linked to the decision of the God of those books to chose us to 'see'. So from my perspective as someone who believes in those books and prophets and angels, seeing you reject them, is simply that God chose for you to not let you in on it. And if hypothetically speaking, I was the one who is lost in this regard, then the reverse would be true. Then I am the one lost because God has decided not to guide me. There is no change without God, and so I apologize if I sounded like I'm beating around the bush, as I tried my best to really address both the Arabic source code, as well as the contextual logical aspects of your concerns. Wishing you all the best, and if you have any questions about the verses or anything else concerning Islam, let me know. Thanks!
  3. no problem, I know that most people don't agree on stuff, so that's ok. I wasn't justifying slavery through the bible, as much as I was explaining to you the broad understanding of the word slave. What you understand as slave isn't what a slave was during most of Islamic societies. In Egypt the so-called slaves were so educated, powerful and influential, that they actually took over government in a coup, while creating a dynasty called "the slaves" or "the owned". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamluk_Sultanate We must keep open eyes and open minds to definitions of words, in context. So when Islam addresses the concept of slavery, it is dealing with realities on the ground, that are much more flexible and general than most people today perceive. Most people think of how black slaves were treated by Europeans as a reference, but that is just one extreme example. Here is a Muslim presentation on the topic by a man I consider to have a good head on his shoulders. He also points out to you the broad spectrum of the use of the word 'slavery'. And what concerns the verse that says we should not prostitute (although the word used here needs to be examined again, but let us assume it actually means prostitute) anybody, how can that be bad? It shows that Quran is good to fight against human sexual trafficking and exploitation. This verse actually brings out the humanity and justice of Islam. The first "striking" against your wife verse, I clearly showed you that the word used in Arabic is not necessarily a physical meaning. So how did I not answer you exactly? If you don't mind, you can exactly point out to me where I avoided your questions, and I'll let you know exactly what I meant. Thanks
  4. Hi, thank you for your kind response, The way things work in Islam is that we have primarily the Quran as an unparalleled source of guidance, and then also a huge body of prophetic narrations that are much more spread out. So when it comes to the Quran, it is in Arabic, and the classical Arabic of today is based on the Quranic Arabic. With this in mind Arabic is probably the most complex and deep language grammatically in the world, in a similar league as Chinese. At the same time it is also the simplest. The only way that I can prove anything to anybody is to return to the source code and teach you basic Arabic, as well as the basic tools to discern yourself independently. Don't believe me or anybody blindly on this. CRASH COURSE IN ARABIC: Most arabic words are based on 3-letter words. Even if the variations of these letters have different meanings, in the root meaning they are the same. So to really prove to you anything, I must first bring you these roots, and prove to you its meaning by comparing it to other uses, especially in the Quran. The Quran is the highest authority in the Arabic language today, so if something can be proved though the Quran linguistically, then you win! No matter what any Arab speaking scholar says. Quran is first. END OF CRASH COURSE. So in todays world we have tools that nobody before us had. Now somebody like you can prove all scholars on earth wrong. Not only do you have access to Quran search engines, but even to a huge body of prophetic narrations. EXAMPLE OF PROPHETIC NARRATION MISCONCEPTION BY MOST MUSLIMS: So now somebody like you who is a total layman and doesn't know Arabic, can simply google "Prophet Mohamed publicly ordering veil". And you will find that there is literally not a single history narration - false or not false - saying that the Prophet actually did that. You can read discussions on forums where people like me proved everybody wrong, by challenging, and you can see how far their discussions go. BACK TO THE QURAN: There are several websites that have the option of pugging in the 3-letter root words, and they will list to you all instances in the Quran when this word happens. By the way, the same can be done in the hebrew bible. So here is the website that I use personally, and will use in this post to prove my points: https://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=fty The Arabic alphabet is almost identical to the latin one, so it is very easy for somebody like you to memorize them and be able to decipher Arabic with ease. EXAMPLE #1: The supposed wife-beater verse. You see, the word that is translated as 'beating' is dh-r-b .. or ض ر ب Here is this word as it is used in different contexts in the Quran: https://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=Drb Is it unanimous in meaning? not at all. Just like in english, the word is used among others for "hitting" the road, or "striking" and example. Not only that, but in today's Arabic the use of this word is also for workers for instance 'striking' in order to protest their working conditions. One can interpret it in many ways, and I will agree with you that most self-proclaimed Muslims will interpret it as physical hitting, but me and many other Muslims simply don't do that. We take things symbolically or metaphorically sometimes. There are various narrations going around concerning the prophet Mohamed supposedly interpreting this verse. I don't believe all of them, but the most famous one is that a man should never hit his wife with more than a tiny dental stick, which is impossible to cause any real pain or damage. At the same time there are many narrations talking about the prophet saying that he wonders about the men who beat their wives, when it is them who are deserving a beating. I won't start quoting sources for these narrations now, but if you are interested, please let me know. These are all available online with a quick search. There are compilations showing the merciful aspects of Islam gender relations, and here are some examples, in case you want to scroll through and check out the pro Islam side. By the way, I might agree with the article I post, but that does not mean I agree with everything in that website, or that I represent these websites: https://www.al-islam.org/a-divine-perspective-on-rights-a-commentary-of-imam-sajjads-treatise-of-rights/right-n-20-right-wife EXAMPLE # 2: The supposed slave verse that orders us not to prostitute them First of all, again let me get back to the root of the word that is translated as 'slave' or 'maid' by most people. The word is F-T-I .. or ف ت ي , and it is pronounced as Fata , with the 'I' spoken as an 'A' in this case. Anyway, this word is again not used in a unanimous way in the quran, and you can see it here for yourself, even when looking at the very imperfect interpretations. By the way, if you want to read the total verse, you can simply open a quran search engine and find it .. https://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=fty In Arabic, the word fata is actually 'youth'. Maybe people traditionally used it to refer to their house keepers, who were usually in the status of a 'slave', but technically it can be used in a broader sense. This is one point, but yes slavery does exist in the Abrahamic religions, and Prophet Joseph was even sold into slavery by his own brothers for a few silver coins. But slavery, even if it is a simple reality, is very relative and vague a term. The meaning of what a slave is, is very different, and contextual. There were societies like the Ottoman turks, when the slave of the Sultan would be the second most powerful person in the empire. All his women were slaves, which meant that the mother of the crown sultan was also a slave. So when it comes to rights, powers, living standards - being a slave is not necessarily what we think it is. But all this aside, slavery was a reality, and still is. Regardless of what exactly it means, it is simply that somebody is under some kind of duty of somebody else. Some people might argue that we are all slaves of the banking satanic cartels of today. In the time when prophet Mohamed was born, the slaves, as well as most women who were not from noble houses, had virtually no rights. The Quran as well as the Prophet were clearly big advocates of not only freeing slaves in any way possible, but also of giving them clear rights until one does so. Islam is about slavery to the One only. So Islam definitely is against slavery, but at the same times addresses this reality in order to help the slaves. The same was with women, who also had almost no rights, and received things like rights of ownership and inheritance through Islam. Islam teaches that a good slave is better than a bad free person. That we should marry them and respect them, and free them. Also, when we commit a sin, we are encouraged to redeem ourselves by fasting and freeing slaves, if we have any. EXAMPLE # 3: War, Killing, etc. In Islam we may only attack if we are attacked first. We may only kill, if we are being killed first. It is in the nature of all living beings, that if you step on a bee, they will die defending themselves. Self defense is a must for any natural, healthy, happy living being. If an animal feels cornered, they will fight back unless they are psychologically ill. This is normal, and the right thing to do. Almost all prophets were fighters and warriors, and in the Abrahamic religion some famous fighters were David, Solomon, Samson, Moses, and then we have Mohamed too. They all carried swords and killed people whom they saw as enemies of their God. All of them did so in self defense, which is my personal opinion. There are people out there who think that these prophets were power hungry and blood thirsty individuals, but personally I have proof for otherwise. But again, we can look to the Quran for proof. The Quran clearly states not to kill unless one is killed first, and even then not to exceed the limits. Women and children were always spared, and bodies never mutilated. Again, self defense is a reality, and even here there is an etiquette that one must follow to be more merciful and correct. What concerns Jesus, he did not have enough people to raise an army to actually defend himself against the Romans. So he went underground and disappeared most of his life. Between the age of 12 and 32 he went as far as Tibet to learn the ancient Eastern wisdoms, and when he came back he just showed up for a short time before disappearing again. But one thing is documented very clearly. One, that he claimed the people weren't ready yet and had to wait for a 'comforter' - whom I personally interpret as being Mohamed. But most importantly, are you aware of what his last words were, before disappearing the last time. The last words to his disciples according to the gospels? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I remember is that he said they should sell their cloaks and buy swords? Also he said that he was sent to earth for no other reason than to be a sword. Also, in James it says that the war is a spiritual one in the higher realms. That shows us that there is a fight, and that Jesus was fighting. Just in his context he couldn't make an actual uprising yet, although I personally believe that he will or was reincarnated and will do so shortly God willing. A lot of people say that the use of the word sword is symbolic for something, but when you replay the scene of Jesus telling Peter (i think) that he should get swords, it is hard to imagine that it is spiritual only. But definitely believers operate and fight on spiritual levels too. But at the same time fighting on a physical plain was done by not only Abrahamic prophets, but even the father of all vedism, hinduism and indirectly buddhism. Here is Arjuna, whom I see as a prophet of God, in his Chariot, fighting for the truth, and his rights .. Other religious spiritual leaders who fought the good fight in my opinion , sitting Bull, fighting an aggression, and defending the truth .. Sitting Bull .. I know that Jesus said "give the other cheek", which is even documented in Islamic sources about Jesus. I can go on and explain my interpretation on this in context to his cruel surroundings, if you are interested, let me know. Thanks and all the best, Best Regards
  5. A friend of mine recommended this book, and hopefully some day I'll read it, God willing. If anyone reads it, please leave a comment here on it. My friend told me that it really helped him, and that the basis of thought here is that we stop differentiating between sleep or awoken states, and that we basically need to treat our sleep paralysis issues that we have while being awake as well. In other words, most of the time we are asleep and unaware, while being spiritually paralyzed, regardless of us thinking we are sleeping or not. I suggest you read the reviews to get a head start .. https://www.amazon.com/Tibetan-Yogas-Dream-Sleep/dp/1559391014#customerReviews
  6. You are using examples of people who are exactly as I described above. They have nothing to do with Islam, and don't know their own religion. It is not religion that gives rise to twisted people, but it is people themselves who are twisted, and will use whatever they have at their disposal to enact their twisted characters. And nothing is more twisted than spreading lies about God and the way of the their prophets. Your interpretation of the Quran is also twisted in my opinion, which is no surprise, as most scholars are twisted. What you understand from the Quran is not from the direct Arabic code, but from secondary or tertiary interpretations and false translations. If you want to I am willing to go through any doubt you have and every single verse that you see as misguided. I can explain to you via clear proofs for you to see, what the contextual words and sentences really mean. My interpretations are not perfect, but compared to mainstream Islam ignorance, it is a bit closer to perfection I hope.
  7. I said that the last post would be my last. I guess I was wrong. Sorry about that. This post could be the last, just like this breath could be my last. thanks bye
  8. ok I agree. I apologize to everyone on this site for being so aggressive and rude. It wasn't my intention, and it was wrong of me to stick around in these threads, and the forum, when there is nobody forcing me to stay. I'll try to learn and I hope that all I have hurt or offended, forgive me. It was not my intention to directly insult anyone - even if I did. Maybe you all can learn from my mistakes, and make this forum a better place. Without further ado, I think I'll make this last post, and wish you all farewell. Even to skizorat, truthspoon and everyone. I have no hard feelings now, and all the best! ciao
  9. No, there must be proof. In an intelligent and open world, we would not spend time talking about behavior and basic manners - that's kindergarten talk - we would actually analyze what is being said in the videos of this man, and his books, and try to benefit from his knowledge. As I've already said, he brings great information, while I have evidence that he has wrong racial info as well as wrong supremacist conclusions. If somebody like skizo rat, or truthspoon and Co. would use their brain in a good way, they would simply ask me questions and test my theories without emotions attached. Instead we have seen unrelated Mohamed cartoons, putting words in my mouth I never said, and spreading other false things like the mods having supposedly deleted my anti white posts. That is not a sign of intelligence. But it is a sign of being slave to one's emotions of hate. Not really the most intellectual way of going about things. Robert fuels these kind of satanic ways, and what will skizo rät or his friends say? That I'm off topic, because my opinion is opposing his? I'm actually looking forward to seeing his reaction. Will he start his insults again? Insult my religion? Accuse me of saying things I never said? Or did God guide him over night to keep his cool and talk like a civilized human being, while accepting other people's opinions? Stay tuned to find out!
  10. Who said anything about expecting care. We are talking about respectful debate and standing against intentional blatant bullying, personal insults and lies. I don't care about what puerile believe. Debating is purely for the sake of God and my relationship with Him. So you think I care if some people go to hell, who are bullies? That thought makes me happy actually. I hope those bastards do not agree with my views :D hahaha.. I want to see them burn. But if they repent, I'm more than willing to accept any apology or compensation for their crime. The good thing is that I'm not needed to punish people who are loser satanic Fanclub boys and girls. All I care about is my own salvation, and those who have been good to me and the truth. You seem to have biased ideas about me, and you don't understand what I'm saying. Again
  11. My bidding? It was you who claimed to have these principles. You grow up and stand true to your word. What counts is your actions. So far your actions have been against me via accusations. Why not go ahead and either prove them or apologize. Oh, that would be too Christian of a thing to do? Not really in tune with the Serpent Fanclub code.
  12. You are slithering away from the argument between you and me. We are not even arguing Robert, but our main point is your accusation against me. You accused me of suppressing speech, discouraging reading of all opinions, and basically bullying opposing debate. That's our debate. And I have asked you for proof for what you said, while telling you that I am actually the victim of what you claim, and then suddenly because I ask you to stand by your own spoken principles, you say that you are not MY bitch. I don't think that you should be quiet, but I think that you should be fair and be a bitch to your own words and principles. Otherwise that shows that.. Well I better not say it.
  13. Oh so you are the reptilian Fanclub bitch? Seems so. Accusing me of lies, while staying quiet while your masters are doing what you preach against? Want me to prove it? WNt me to prove to you that I've endured bullying and direct attempts of shutting me up in bullying non Christian ways? I can do that. But it seems you like to appease your reptilian Fanclub friends who voice the reptilian supremacist narrative of Robert sephyr, and talk like real haters and racists. Keep criticism for me alone. Haha :D
  14. I make judgments based on what I see as evidence. If anybody can prove me wrong, I will be THANKFUL. But my judgment of something being satanic or reptilian (or how David Icke likes to say archonic, should not be a taboo. Making a statement that something is a certain way, does not mean that I am advocating for any opposing opinion opinion. As Muslims and Christians our fight is against the higher forces of Satan, and that is no secret. You will find our enemies as being the ones suppressing free speech, not me. If you truly mean what you say, the prove it. I have been victim of what you say, as clear as light. Accusing the victim of a crime, of the crime, is hardly a godly thing to do. And if you can show me exactly where I supposedly supressed people's speech, then show me here in public please. If that is true, I will surely apologize. But making accusations against me it is better if you point to exactly where, so we can openly discuss like good Muslims and Christians. Thanks
  15. If yuu really believe what you say, then condemn those people who are doing exactly what you condemn, against me on that other thread.
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