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  1. What a nice story, and lovely daughter you've got. Tell her great minds think alike :) Anyway, I took the decision not to take part on the forum anymore, as people have attacked (via insults) my God, my prophet and my religion, so according to my religion I must stand up an leave. But I remembered our conversation, so I came back to check if you responded, and if I can be of further value to you specifically. You are a very clairvoyant person, and some would call you an indigo child, or a supracelestial being. I am pretty sure that other people would not be so easily aware and in touch with what David Icke would term as other "frequencies". Your range of perception is more than the average person, and while it may feel like a curse, it is a blessing in disguise. There are two types of people, good and bad, and I can tell that you are from among the good, and I hope I'm right. From experience, I've not been the best judge of character, so don't take my judgment on your goodness as supreme. :) Anyway, energy vortexes almost always occur from underground water streams, while the direction and quality of the stream makes all the difference. When two streams cross, that is the most powerful one, and you could be right on top of a crossing. Whether it is good or bad is another question. Those energy hot stops could act like star gates between the two most closely related world of what we see as material, and the next in line, which is independent of gravity, and has a whole range of new species of creatures who are like us. Some are purely there, and others are capable of being here and there, like you are. Then there is the most gifted creatures from there who are capable of not only being here, but even are able to manipulate our physical world. Those are known as poltergeist, and as a Muslim i haven a story of such an 'ifrit (Arabic name for such) who worked for prophet solomon. This poltergeist actually managed to bring him the physical throne of queen Sheeba over a distance of 100s of kilometers in a blink of an eye. They vary in strength and abilities, but no need to be scared of them. I'll explain to you why shortly. So it is important for you to know that 'spirits', who are basically physical beings on a different frequency - that has its own set of physical rules - can be good and can be bad. They are born and die, just like us, and they can help/hurt us, while we can do the same to them. Anyway, so those beings from other realms also can work in tandem with people such as sorcerers and that is what I meant by spiritual attack. It is possible to pay people money to employ such beings to harass or make life difficult for people in our realm. My mother was such a victim, and she was living under spells made by her very high ranking witch aunt. Witches occur in pretty much all families, and some call their craft black magic. Those spells can be neutralized, but one must find the actual spell pouch or bundle to really stop it. In my mother's case, we never found it, and no exorcist was able to take on the demonic entity or entities that hovered around her aura. For an exorcist to solve the problem, he must be more powerful than the person who made the spell. And my mom's aunt was from a very affluent, old, and rich family, so she had all the tools and even family blood to be stronger than most. Also blood lines make a difference in this. Anyway, my mother was mostly fine, and managed to use this spell in her favour. She would turn into this very scary lioness or something when it came to protecting her kids for instance, while she was able to control this thing at other times. But in general her life was not easy, and she always had to fight more than others for simple things. Life was always an uphill struggle for her, and she always complained about how hard she's had it since she was 12. She unsurprisingly passed away relatively young with cancer, after she spend years not really wanting to live anymore. The only thing that kept her going was literally me, and trying to establish me somehow. So my message to you is that even if there is magical sabotage, it can't touch you, as long as you are a good person. My mother never did any ritual religious things like prayer, fasting, reading Quran etc., and I believe that this was because of the spell. But she was the best person I've ever met, most honorable, kind, charitable, selfless, beautiful, strong, noble and decent lady I've ever met. She was successful at raising me and my sisters too, even though I think that they aren't very nice. They haven't inherited her nobility, soft heartedness and selflessness. Unfortunately they are materialistic and heartless. But anyway, she was successful, so those magical attacks aren't the end of the world - of you even have one. But witches and witchcraft is more prevelant than most think. The thing is that the nature of the dark arts, is that they remain hidden and secret. They don't flount their shameful religion and practices, as that is nothing to be proud of. But from the little I read from you I think that the main problem might be the location, and perhaps also amplified issues due to anxiety brought about by being alone. I've known many ladies who basically start 'hearing things' or 'seeing things' when they are alone. That is normal. Especially women and children should not be alone in the house, yet in today's world most women are alone. I am not sure what your status is, but that could be an extra reason. Especially women with your talent should not be left alone, but I know that you might not have a choice, except to pray for good company (like for example your daughter) . If you get a dog (ideally a good guard dog of at least medium size) that would help for sure. Dogs are aware and can see the other world too. One of my dogs woke me up once from a horrible dream through howling. If you get a smaller dog, that's better than nothing (terriers are great) , especially if they have a fearless attitude. Even having a cat helps psychologically, mentally and spiritually. Their purring has healing effects. From what I read in your previous post, it seems that most entities that visit you are kind beings, and perhaps every now and then you'll have somebody annoy and try to scare you. So it's not calling for panic, as we probably have more humans in this world trying to annoy us than from that other world. But if they invade your private sphere and bedroom, then that's a problem of course, that needs to be solved. Whether it is this problem or that is actually not that important. You can find out one day, if you get the chance to live in a similar setting somewhere else. But what is important is your personal strength and resilience to what may or may-not be. A kind of 'don't give a shit' attitude concerning those entities and occurences. The aim and goal at hand is to reach a state of mind and a state of being, where you fear none of that. No matter who you face, or who harasses you, you feel superior to them in a way, and safe. Like they can't touch you beyond some childish or silly annoyance. They can't mess with you for real, and not only that - but you can mess with them! They have more reason to fear you, than you have to fear them. I'll come to you in a bit as to why. That is the goal, and let me tell you, that people like you are dangerous, if they learn to use their talent. Your higher ability in vision can also be found in actions, that you are likely not aware of right now. Let me tell you that the trick to controlling and manipulating the 'spirit' world - which is basically material, but in another way - is through the mind and imagination. Add to this words, and your breath, you have a recipe to disaster for any of your enemy. How do you do that? Well that is what it all boils down to: This being who created us all, and Created those beings, and is the Lord of all the worlds and frequencies - this being totally hears and understand you and your every thought better than yourself. This is 100% guaranteed. And how can I prove it to you? Just try it! Ask and you shall receive. Ask for signs, ask for help, ask for protection, ask für money, ask for love, ask for whatever it is you feel is good for you. Just some tips and tricks from me : 1 - don't always ask for specifics, because it might not be good for you. As they say, be careful for what you wish for. Always keep words like ".. Whatever is best for me and being closer to you". ( just an example).... Handy. 2 - patience. Not every 'prayer' works immediately, but they all do work. Time flies, so retrospectively it always seems fast 3 - the more you remember the eternal being, the better. If you can be mentally in touch 24/7, then do so. 4 - when you want to ask for specific things you really want badly and desperately, wash up, put perfume for the occasion, wear clean clothes, isolated yourself and beg. (from heart and entire being) 5. ALWAYS thank God after you get something good, E. S. P. E. C. I. A. L. L. Y after receiving something you asked for. This way you will get more, and easier and faster next time. 6. Asking for others is more powerful than asking for yourself, plus it will give you what you asked for them. But it will give you more, than if you asked for your loved ones. 7. I know in #1 I said not to be always specific, but other times be as specify as possible. Ask for the gas in your car, to feed you, to get you tissues, to afford your medical bills, etc And above all, I find it most important to always rationalize 'why'. Why you want what you ask for, and how will it make you closer to God, and a better person. Or why you think this person deserves that, if you pray for somebody else. (hope that makes sense) These are some tips and tricks I can think of. This creator being, that David Icke calls Eternal Conscience, can solve it all for you. Actually it is my belief that not only is this being the only one who can help, but 'He' is all you need. Mark my words. Try it and you will see! You will be safe God Willing. And I truly believe that we all have guardian invisible - to-us entities commissioned by God to protect us. So keep in mind that this Eternal Consciousness can easily kill or maim any creature He likes, so once you are part of the 'Club' of those who surrender their consciousness and their wishes to this eternal being, you become a very object of fear to all the lower beings that might think about harassing you. You become protected, you become safe, you become at peace. Day and night - God willing.
  2. You are pretty good at pointing fingers, accusing and insulting. I give you a 9 out of 10 in that. Furthermore you get a 5 out of 5 in NZ history, but actually I'll give you a 1/10 because AGAIN you dont condemn what was done to the natives, which is clearly documented. You are desperate to explain it away and justify it in whatever desperate way you try to do. When it comes to defending the rights of downtrodden non white people, you get a minus one million out of ten! That one is straight in hell. You keep just keep escaping and avoiding everything I say, and anything other than give a heartfelt Condemnation. In any case, I believe strongly that readers will take your side or my side. My side will believe you are just too proud to care and give strong deep emotional condemnation against European white colonial history, as well as more modern white man crimes. Your side will think I'm fucking with their white pride and I'm just a fucking savage or something, who doesn't appreciate roads built, or Rothschild banks introduced. That it doesn't matter how peoples lands were stolen and stuff, what matters is that the white satanic reptiles are sending a bunch of refugees into their Rothschild satanic land called Europe, with a parliament built in the shape of the tower of Babylon.
  3. Sand people? Such a condescending comment. And then you expect sympathy from non whites, for your dwindling majority on the land? Seriously.. Look at your own issues. You have the most evil history on earth, and are one of the most evil political and financial centers. It was your damn empowering of wahabism among others that caused the lack of rights in this lands! Sand people.. Fucking racist scum.
  4. Where is apartheid promoted? Just read the first post on here, with you being a star supporter of the pro apartheid side.. Your tactic of saying we may not call to account the millions killer by white people, because there were thousands killed by brown people won't work. Here are the reasons 1 - two wrongs don't make a right 2 - the sheer asymmetry of the numbers makes it that white people are always more guilty. How many girls were killed and raped by white man intervention in Afghanistan is something only God knows. The crimes committed by the wahhabis and their groups like that taliban, and the amount of school girls they attacked, just because white Americans brought wahabism there.. What about that? How many? It can never compete with with tens or hundreds of girls killed in Europe by afghanis. And the reason why their country is so poor and full of refugees? Sorry to say, but majority white governments again. How many white soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan or other Muslim countries? How many white manned army bases on Muslim lands? You just don't hear about it, and what they do. I could go on and write for hours about massacres committed by European rooted governments, but here is a little one. How many little cute girls died here? Getting me one girl in Austria is very sad. But on a bigger scale, it is meaningless. What did white men do in Korea? Wasn't that also about a million dead and agent orange to kill the trees? A white Truman dropped the nukes on japanese, while the same people who stole the new Zealand island forced the Chinese to drug the whole country with opium. And how many? It doesn't make a difference to you how the numbers are so totally radically different? Even when the white crusaders took over jeruslam, they were more bloody than anybody else who took it ever since maybe the babylonians. The babylonians at least took prisoners! The reason behind this is simple. There are competing white blood lines. The white blood lines of the semites and the white blood lines of the reptilian sons of Satan. And the satanic 'aryan' races, which includes the white 'royals' has been in charge. And they love to kill and loot and steal. But the aim is to get rid of those evil people like Bill gates and Co... Who represent those reptilian lines - who are mostly white. While the white Semitic lines are waiting for their turn to take over in the name of God, along with allies from all bloodlines, including the reptilian ones.
  5. The only reason why the Maori were treated with more respect than other colonial victims, is because they kicked their white occupiers asses! Quote: Page 1. Intolerance towards Māori 19th century Intolerance towards indigenous people is typical of colonial societies. Māori, as individuals and communities, were the subject of racism and discrimination as Europeans settled in New Zealand in the 19th century. However, the extent and nature of intolerance varied. Partly because of their strength in war and political negotiation, Māori were accorded civil rights through the Treaty of Waitangi, more than a century before Aboriginal people became full citizens of Australia. https://teara.govt.nz/en/ethnic-and-religious-intolerance/page-1 .. You can read more about discriminating in that article. Once head of state of NZ is Maori, and not some European woman, then that is a step. As a white guy living in NZ, I wouldn't really feel like it was my native land. Maybe I'd feel a spiritual connection to the earth to some extent, but I'd still feel European if I'm ethnically from europe.
  6. Alright take care was nice talking. This conversation on this thread actually made me want to log off for a while too. Focus on my studies for a while. You're a good person I believe. Keep it up! Ciao.
  7. I want what God wants, and I at lest hope to be thankful and accepting of whatever God has written for the fellow human family. In the abrahamic religions we are well aware that only God can guide me or anybody. Personally I just want to be better than everybody else, morally, and ethically. I want God to love me more than anyone else, and to be more a beacon of light than others. That's the competition that I am involved in. And there are times when I actually pray for God to not guide someone, because I want to see them suffer and get punished for what they did. In the Quran, Moses is said to have made a similar prayer against his enemies. This kind of prayer is called a 'curse'. At the same time Muslims are encouraged to pray for our own guidance in plural. In our version of the Lord's prayer, we ask God to grant US the straight path. We are a spiritual family among mankind. And unlike the satanics we are not physically united yet, and are spread across the world in different nations, races, religions, etc. We are waiting for the promised victory of God in earth, which will see justice served to the very detail. It will be very violent according to all religions. I don't think there is any religion that does not foretell a major cataclysm. Other people believing or not makes no difference for us. We get judged alone according to our own deeds. And then eternal bliss or eternal suffering. God willing. We will all be reincarnated into new bodies, so your race now won't make any difference. We will all be rotting or burnt corpses eventually anyway. Nobody is getting out of here alive. And our skeletons are all white :D
  8. There is a huge trend towards paganism these days, from what I see online. What is the worst part is the tsunami of youth being drawn into witchcraft. Even though I dont see modern Christianity as anywhere near perfect, I still see it as a step backwards in terms of spiritual quality. It is expected in all divine religions though. We are all expecting things to get worse before they get better. But studying and learning is always good of course. It's just as a Muslim, obviously I see the books of Islam, the gospels, Torah, and tons of other books as way superior and full of truth compared to polytheism and worship of demons.
  9. Everybody is free to worship whatever they want. My point wasn't trageted at the religion of Odin, which does interest me very much, and I have been inspired by - especially as a dog and crow lover - but my point was simply an anthropological one in context of the well documented onslaught on Christianity in Europe, that has lead to a new generation of souls without a spiritual identity. Hence they seek a sense of belonging, while they feel an attack against them, which was set up as a reaction to the mistakes of their ancestors. Due to feeling that pressure against them from all directions, they seek to hold on to something that can unite them and defend them on both a spiritual plane and physical one as well. Of course they are falsely made to believe that Islam is the enemy, and Christianity is too complicated and stale, so there is only paganism left. In any case, I belive that most of pagan religions are based on momotheist principles that were corrupted through the ages. What I am talking of here is quite simple. OK, so you identify as a member of the 'white' nation. Then take responsibility for the mistakes of the 'white' nations past, in as far as you at least clearly separate yourself from the vast criminal section of that nation. Get it?
  10. Yes of course we all have bad people in our family trees and nations. And according to Islam one should give special preference to one's close ones, which somehow sounds like a bit like familyism, tribeism, nationalism. There is nothing wrong with preferring your own people and giving your son more charity than the neighbour's son. Or helping your own people more than others. Or standing up more for your own kind than others. I think you understand what my point is. That we shouldn't excuse crimes of our own people, or even promote racist laws like the apartheid laws for instance. But I think you know what I mean
  11. Well running away isn't the solution, and won't compensate for the millions killed or raped or kicked from their homes. It's such a horrible feeling. I once had someone try and kick me out of my home. It's really an indescribable sensation of horror. And the sheer numbers and scale. I'm a religious guy. I don't believe our actions can ever make up for our mistakes. But our attitude can. A humble apology and full hearted attempt can come a long way. If I was a white man living on stolen land like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, etc etc, I'd do the following FOR GOD'S SAKE. 1. I'd get to know tribal elders if possible of the area I live in and be friends with them, while apologising for what my ancestors did. And basically get a spiritual visa from them. 2. I'd push political parties, movements and organisations that work towards indigenous people's rights and receiving of stolen lands and compensation. Step by step, even if it starts with symbolic gestures and kind words. 3. I'd study the native communities language, culture and religion, and try to assimilate as much as I can to them, and learn from them. 4. I'd root for natives to become leaders of the lands. 5. I'd make a communication campaign to keep the memory alive of all the victims and extinguished tribes, as well as root for having national days and holidays based on local customs and special dates and events. Just some examples. Having the mentality of "yeah so what! My parents stole your land and fucked your daughters and killed your parents, but that's OK, because the Chinese and the ottomans did the same to people" just won't fly.
  12. No it's not shocking that Europeans talk about their historic heritage. It is shocking that I see people openly advocating apartheid racial legal double standards and racial segregation. At the same time I am shocked to see hesitation in condemnation of European onslaught on most of the world via a panicked colonial reality. And I have a viking rooted grandmother too, doesn't mean I will start praying to Odin. My comment on new age vikingism is simply that white people who have been stripped off of their Christian heritage through systematic communist/socialist/illuminati campaigns, find themselves lost, and can't look beyond race for a sense of identity. This is my own anthropological analysis ofn Europe today. They are going back to pagan retarded roots for no other reason, other than their belief that their ancestors believed this. That's just the way I see it. And the end result is logically and naturally racism. If you identify your identity and worth and religion with a race, then that's all that will matter, and you will fight to accomplish higher ranks of self esteem than other races.
  13. Well i will tell you how I see it. I'm not a native American, I'm not an Australian aboriginal, I'm not an afro American. I see that those people have not gotten any form of revenge, nor compensation. They did not get their lands back. They didnt get any blood money. No eye for an eye. Not even an eye for a thousand eyes. Numbers do matter, and if you count how many people were killed by so-called white people, under the guidance of Satan and about 13 families in top, it is millions upon millions upon millions. So from my perspective, I see the only peaceful solution to the average non white youth, that white people acknowledge it, and push really hard to show to the world that they are not like the past people. But lets face it. In today's world people are likely MORE sick than the past. Or?
  14. Thanks man, I haven't read the entire text yet, but I know about all kinds of hypocrites and crypto satanics. On a basic level, I personally believe that the masses are responsible for their rulers, so this world having the dominant reps of Islam being under cover satanics is the people's fault. I expect 99.9% of self proclaimed muslims to go to hell, but that's just me. I could be wrong. But I have prophetic narrations to back it up, where the prophet of Islam himself said (according to suni and Shia books), that the Muslim nation would be divided into 73 groups. And guess how many would go to hell out of them? 72! So I hold Muslims responsible for their silence and their actions, which all too often has been against their own religion. People here who are trying to project me as a Muslim supremacist are just projecting their own fantasies of what they think every Muslim represents. So for me as a Muslim, I openly condemn other Muslims who did tragic things in the name of Islam. The most tragic example of such is this.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Karbala Just like the plight of the prophetic family, the biggest victims of isis, or other "terrorists", is usually other Muslims. So it's no surprise that the people behind such sects are non Muslim satanics, like the homosexual "Lawrence of Arabia", or the US government that empowered the taliban in Afghanistan by sending wahabis to spread this shit over there. The only whites I respect, as well as blacks, or pinks, or greens - are the ones who strongly and without hesitation condemn crimes of people, even if they are from their own group. Nothing wrong with opening a thread against anti white racism, but it won't get very far unless it equally condemns whites who are racist against others. I don't see this as off topic, when the main reason other races sometimes express anger at whites, is exactly because of historic epidemics of racism against all non whites.
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