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  1. my mistake. i forgot what forum i was on. you don't think the planet earth is dying. gotya. "There are a small number of humans responsible for all the evil in this world, please don't tar ALL humans with the same brush." i didn't. i said: "and of all the evil in the world, how much of it is punished/removed/fixed/whatever by the other humans?" answer: none. this forum is seemingly full of people who know that midden in america is a turd, and that doris in drowning street likewise. yet not one person is doing anything. the obvious response is there's nothing you can do right? when the government housed the tens of thousands of homeless for a month and then threw them back out onto the streets there was nothing you could do right? when they silence DI and others by removing them from unsocial media there was nothing you could do right? there's nothing you can do about julian assange right? nothing you can do about the pakistani rape groups right? gah. that's what is wrong. the cunts in government shite on you. you come here and complain and mock them. it does nothing. it will never do anything. where is the change going to come from if not from people like you? from the millions of women wallowing in nappies and child benefit? from the old people wallowing in pension payments? from the children? maybe i'm just sick of hearing people say it's that guys fault and by the way, isn't he a tosser. DI goes out and says what he says and what comes of it? you can't have change without people forcing that change. ffs. march on parliament, pull the fucking place down. march on fuckingham palace and pull the pedos down. do something. do anything. and yes, i would march alongside you.
  2. tell me this - of all the evil in the world - how much of it stems from humans? and of all the evil in the world, how much of it is punished/removed/fixed/whatever by the other humans? and why is the planet earth dying? (unless you think it isn't)
  3. i can do nothing about it one way or another - but i'm in favour of the planet earth surviving i'm somewhat amused that from all that i wrote you picked that one word to comment on
  4. it doesn't make any difference who controls wherever. not unless you're only concerned with your life, in your place, right here and now. the world is infected with 8 billion humans. 1.5 billion are in china. another 1.5 billion are in india. there are indians in huge numbers all over the rest of the world, so they probably have the largest numbers worldwide. china is also the richest and most powerful country on earth. america has money, but 'just' 320 million (or whatever it is today). america is also detested by the non english speaking world (ie. the majority of the earth), whilst china is not. think. in 10 years there will be even more indians and chinese because they have more now, and so they will produce greater numbers over any time period you care to mention than any other race (or whatever pigeon hole you want to use). so, in the end, and for decades already (although no one seems to have noticed), they will rule the world. for example, what are you going to do when 100 million indians people (not soldiers) decide to march from india to your country because they decided they wanted to take it for their own? shoot them? hold them back with your army? in the end, the parts of the world currently known as china and india will no longer be able to hold 3 billion+ people and they will march, and there's nothing you can do to stop them.
  5. no doubt just me, but the world's population is increasing not decreasing - see https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/world-population-projections/ although what kind of 'scientific' claptrap the 'geniuses' are using to 'predict' the future population is beyond me. the planet earth is dying and no one cares. every extra human is more poo, more wee, more roads, more cars, more plastic, more heating systems, more pesticide, more factories, more ... but look, i signed up to pay 25% more for my power on a 'green' tariff so that's fixed it. oh, and i'm driving an electric car, so I'm green as can be. (shame the amount of polution from coal, nuclear, and burning rubbish is increasing, but i must be green because it says so on the webshite).
  6. how the fuck is the other creepy guy 'prime' minister - oh, right, because nobody got a chance to NOT vote for him
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