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  1. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that everything that DI says is 100% correct. The vast majority of the human race would not believe it right? Aliens in control is probably the most obvious example, a single global group controlling the destiny of mankind is probably the second most obvious. I can't help thinking that (presumably) the goal is to remove the people that are in control and replace the whole dictatorship with, you know, something that isn't filth run by filth. Well, that being the case, why not do what they do? They do everything in baby steps: they want you to give them your children for sex so, instead of simply passing a law saying so, they'll pass a law saying your children will not develop properly without sex at a young age, then they'll get a bunch of 'independant' 'scientists' to run 'studies' to determine who are the best people to impregnate your children so they develop properly, then the studies will (miraculously) conclude that they are the best ones for the job. Do you see? Baby steps. You want to force X down everyone's throats, and you know that they won't take it that way, so you break it up into a, b, c, d, etc and get them to swallow each bit one at a time, spaced out over as long a period as necessary to evetually get X swallowed by each and every person. Well, if you really want to bring down the slime that is britain (or wherever) you need to concentrate first on (say) bringing down the 'royals', then the 'lords', then the 'commons', then the filth behind them (the ones with all the money). Currently, you're trying to force X sideways down everyone's throats and it won't work. We know and can prove that his glorious holy highness the majestic prince andrew is a child molester. Well, start there. Try to first get him questioned by the police. Then try to get him arrested. Then try to get him imprisoned (you know, like you'd be if you'd done it). There's not much hope of any of it, because there is no 'justice' system, but at least let's try. As it is, you've got people like the wikileaks guy rotting in jail until he dies, known child molesters molesting children on a daily basis, warships you paid for waiting to be sunk of the coast of china, a dying planet, lifelong slavery, and god knows what else, and there's not a single thing you can do about any of it. Making an endless stream of people rich enough to forget your name just isn't going to work.
  2. Regarding the virus/vaccines: Personally I don't think it was released or developed by any government body. Why? Because what would be the point? They want to own and control you, and they're already doing that. If they developed such a thing and released it into the world then it would at some point get them too. It's the same as nuclear weapons - they won't drop them because the fallout won't stay over their 'enemies' country - it will float right back around the world to them. If the virus was developed by anyone, it was developed by some person or group that wants to wipe out the human race (a noble cause if there ever was one). The vaccines? The world is run by the people with the most money. They buy the fake governments via 'donations'/child prostitutes/blackmail/whatever, and get whatever they want done/not done as a result. The vaccines are simply more of that: first billions of your tax money were given to them to 'develop' them (it doesn't cost billions to prat about in a laboratory torturing innocent creatures to death), then they give them away to you (who already paid billions for them) for 'free' (not free at all because you're paying for them all over again through your taxes), and lastly for many years to come you will continue to pay countless billions for 'upgrade' vaccines, vaccines to fight 'new' variants, etc. All of this is doing exactly what all the people that own and control the world have always done - funnelling the money (and therefore power) from you to them. You can't stop it, you can't do anything at all about it. You will eventually be forced to comply (unless you are willing and able to stay isolated in your house for the rest of your life), because you (eventually) won't be able to go anywhere or do anything unless you've been 'vaccinated'. I doubt the vaccines are anything other than what they claim them to be, but make no mistake - none of it is 'for you' or to 'help humanity' - it's for the same old thing - profit. Remember when the billions you were forced to funnel to the drug companies were to 'develop a vaccine that would be distributed free of charge to the entire human race'? Same old same. The only way out is to either remove yourself from the world or remove them from the world. You'll never achieve the latter because the vast majority will never stand next to anyone and be counted. They're too busy pretending the world is just peachy.
  3. Where is this? 6 year olds? What do they do? Go around saying they're a boy when they're a girl (or vice versa)? Or are they actually chopping off penises and sewing them onto 6 year olds now? > What a fucked up world we are living in. Assuming it's true, it's still a million miles from the worst part of the human race.
  4. It's foolish to say that not all judges are owned by your rulers. Each and every judge is hand picked by your rulers. Are they accidentally picking judges that are on your side? Would you do that if you were in their shoes? It's no different to elections - do you believe that any person that ever appears on a 'voting' slip is on your side? Seriously? £20,000 to get your name on it. No chance whatsoever of election unless you're part of one of the 'parties', and no way your 'voters' can force you to do or not do anything. There's no such thing as democracy and there's no such thing as a 'justice' system. Keep your head down and the scum won't shove their fists down your throat. Raise your head and you're done for. The masses will never rise up because each and every one only ever thinks of themself.
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