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  1. Its not an evil symbol at all. The original symbol used by jews was the menorah. You will find it carved into ancient places.
  2. Because ancient mythological books are true?
  3. The problem with statements like that is you cant prove them in any way. You can maybe find anecdotal info to try and support your beliefs but thats it. Its up to you to believe what you will but thats not really a healthy belief system, you have.
  4. I think there was some bishop who apparently calculated it. His data was basically using the geneaology of the Israelites. I guess his position meant that it was risky to tell him he was wrong.
  5. Like you say though, its a belief amongst evangelicals. They are people so afraid of maybe going to hell after death that they have to try and make everything in the world conform to an ancient book. Genesis wasnt written by Moses. Most of the bible is pseudographia, hence not what it says it is. Religious fanatics needs to really wake up and see how they are damaging people with their delusional beliefs.
  6. Do you mean that only christians are held to account? Thats not true really. Many religions have some form of judgement and punishment system. Many of the rules of the bible came from ancient Egyptian religion. The bible is basically a patchwork of ancient ideas grafted together to give the early Israelites some for of group identity.
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