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  1. True, the destructive power of Shiva refers to the destruction of ignorance and illusion through the power of enlightened vision.
  2. The eye of Horus that Set puts out is merely a description of a solar eclipse. Ancient people mythologised natural events into stories of Gods.
  3. Do you believe the bible is the only truth or something?
  4. Its not relevant to today. The story is encompassed was completed long ago. The idea of the rapture and the end of the world being related to revelation isnt that old and is not the original message in it. It was basically a coded story of the fall of Nero. What is happening now though, is that people are taking bits from it, applying modern events to it, then claiming that such things were foretold by it. We can twist anything to suit our vision if we really want to. The only people who stick to it as a world ending event are those christians who are hoping Jesus will come to the world and destroy all those people who they dont like, who THEY think should be punished by God. They think that believing Jesus is the only way will save them from judgement. This is so much about christians wanting revenge on a world that doesnt always play by their rule book.
  5. https://antisemitism.org/editor-and-publisher-lose-appeal-against-conviction-for-promoting-antisemitic-and-misogynistic-hate/
  6. And then there were many books that had been accepted as legitimate by early christians but what didnt say what the later church was trying to push, so these other gospels were violently suppressed and destroyed. You have to ask, what is the real truth? Who benefits from the bible that we have now? its certainly not your average peasant.
  7. Actually a collection of humans over a long period of time. The bible is an immense book of pseudographia but so many people, and powerful organisations, are heavily invested in it that they cant just see this truth. The people who think the bible is literally true are incapable of receiving truth. Its a document designed to control people through fear of divine punishment. The new testament tries to shift this punishment to the next life. Therefore we dont see the powerful getting punished and have to hope its done after death. We are told not to improve out lot, to seek power and knowledge because we will suffer for it after death, when the fact is nobody can say for sure if this will happen. There are many incrdibly rich and powerful people out there who go to church, claim to be christians and yet they must be aware of these teachings about it best to be poor and humble, etc.
  8. Personally I cant see why that would be any worse if it were true.
  9. False versions of the bible? what are they?
  10. Doesnt fighting evil just make it grow? isnt this why jesus told people to turn the other cheek? So do you think the laws of the bible must be adhered to in order to gain Gods grace?
  11. Personally I see it as just another form of mythology.
  12. Yahwah and Elohim belong to two different traditions, the northern and southern Israelite traditions. In one of them Abraham actually goes ahead with the sacririce of Isaac but this isnt the version we get in the bible. The use of Lucifer in the old testament is a deliberate error. Satan has eveolved over time into what we have now. In early times he was just an adversary who tested a persons strength. Later new testament writers elevated him to cosmic levels. Satan was also gradually turned from describing Israels enemies to a label applied to jews in various sects. Later in the new testament it was gradually eventually used to label anybody who didnt follow Jesus. What you have to remember about the bible though is that its a document that gives political authority to the rulers. Its not the written word of God and its certainly not infallible. The jwiesh rulers cemented it after their exile in Babylon to try and forge a generic national identity.
  13. Not sure who is at the top. Maybe they dont give a shit about colour but are happy to let others fight about it. Come to think of it, maybe its just another way to keep people fighting each other and its nothing to do with race or colour, just division. I am under the impression that elite school pupils get some sort of financial education
  14. Thats because they dont have the education of how to invest their money, like the richer people are taught in school. Personally I think a lot of it is pure hate and they use anything they can to weaponise that hate, whether its getting white people to hate whites or getting money for suffering that they were never exposed to. Nowadays I think if you are white, English and male you are on so many shit lists. Seems like everybody feels justified in getting the boot in, as if we have been the cause of such historic problems or benefitted from them. Most people in that class have been shat on too.
  15. I am not sure about all that but Im really tired of people shitting all over whites, even other whites who seem to feel the need to bend over for some fake sense of forgiveness. They forget that some slave owners were black and native American too, or just ignore it when they are told. Personally I dont think there is any race that cant be blamed for something but hanging onto the past hoping to get cash or revenge is going nowhere really. We are told to get along, to learn from our mistake and make a better future but there are people out there dragging up stuff that is far less relevant now and then expect some sort of payback for what they never went through. If they get their cash are then going to then try and get along or just ask for more and more?
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