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  1. they cant really do that...i think they just want clarification where the money is actually going, i suppose in the past some folk have pocketed the money and never to be seen again
  2. HTTps://www.gofundme.com/f/taking-back-our-freedom-convoy-2022?fbclid=IwAR2V36adb4D3Zp16-5rOSbMOTgS27DdJYKP31Qzi5pNF6Ta1NcjtJ7_Kcrc please donate to the canadian freedom convoy..help them take their country back from the control freaks
  3. not just southern hemisphere...very near equator so will impact most of globe
  4. she sounds abit dippy...she needs to do more research into the GSM..shame david mentioned piers corbyn,he's gone very quiet on the grand solar minimum..probably why he's been acting like an eccentric nutjob to discredit it
  5. yes yes it was natural..this is what happens when you are in a grand solar minimum...and to say its once in a 1000 year event is poppycock,it happened even bigger in 1815 when mount tambora exploded but i think the media are trying to downplay this event..it will have an impact on global temperatues by cooling the planet slightly
  6. yes you could be right they deliberately showed this due to the truth now becoming obvious to some of the medical staff...and lets not forget the long term effects of mask wearing all working day long
  7. https://news.sky.com/video/nhs-doctor-tells-health-secretary-he-wont-get-jabbed-12511306
  8. Following his 2016 Australian Open victory, Djokovic donated $20,000 to Melbourne City Mission's early childhood education programm to help disadvantaged children.[412] After the COVID-19 pandemic spread to Serbia in March 2020, he and his wife announced that they will donate €1 million for the purchase of ventilators and medical equipment to support hospitals and other medical institutions.[413] He also made a donation to Bergamo, Italy‚ one of the worst-affected Italian provinces, as well as to Novi Pazar, Serbia and North Mitrovica, Kosovo.[414][415][416]
  9. they are trying to make out[supposedly truthers] he's in with the covid plot but this guy is doing a great job in destroying the vaccination agenda so will be attacked by the masonic elite and government control freaks..i hope he grows into this like a sports john lennon. masonic doctored images...freemason control freak wankers!
  10. ive sent damien mcnulty a nice little facebook message...traitor and abuser!
  11. Stop Press 2 : The Telegraph reports that some schoolchildren are rebelling. According to Damien McNulty, a national executive member of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers: "Sadly, we have had reports in the last 24 hours of at least six secondary schools in the north-west of England where children, in huge numbers, are refusing to take lateral flow tests or to wear masks. We've got one school in Lancashire where only 67 children out of 1,300 [5%] are prepared to have a lateral flow test and wear masks. This is a public health emergency." Hats off to these young people for standing up for themselves against the unions and authorities who would force them to do harmful and pointless things. May their rebellion grow! well done kids..respect!
  12. potential of heavy snow tuesday/wednesday...but models dont agree..worth keeping an eye on though
  13. i got the book too last week..like the way the author doesnt give a fuck about grammar, being an ex grammar school lad myself being constantly pulled up for not sounding my fuckin 'h's
  14. i see the scottish astroger has taken down his video about the 2023-24 milanovitch cycle...hmmm i wonder why..maybe getting too many views
  15. at the moment i dont think the weather models have a clue whats going to happen..they keep changing their minds from one day to another so basically christmas/new year predictions turned out to be relatively wrong...much milder this week forecast now...however this latest model suggests very cold first week of 2022
  16. bbc weather forecasters dont want to stick their necks out this close to xmas...wonder why? maybe dont want panic buying so the elite can stock up first
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