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  1. why doesnt she investigate those who turned a blind eye to jimmy savile's vile antics...anyone who believes the world is warming in my book is a disinfo bitch,if she cant handle the truth shes in the wrong job but hey going against the bbc's narrative will get her sacked like dr david bellamy was...lets not rock the boat marianne
  2. https://electroverse.net/northern-hemisphere-predicted-deep-freeze-feet-of-snow-hit-the-alps-gas-prices-surge/
  3. its the old that will miss out but hey that will suit their depopulation agenda..starve them to death...stanley johnson wants uk's population down to just 15 million ,the man who wrote a book in 1982 called the Virus
  4. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-10-07/schools-asked-to-stock-up-on-food-as-labour-shortages-impact-meals
  5. looks like the volcano is emitting more ash now and getting more violent..its not going to end well and im sitting by the sea but wtf
  6. do people know you can run your cars on ordinary bottled gas like a fork lift truck..probably not legal but who gives a fuck these days,survival of the savvy
  7. because it will add to the death and chaos when the food runs out...the high masons want this and depopulation plus nice blood sacrifice to satisfy their god or whatever it is
  8. i drive on lpg ..so far no problem,plenty of independent sellers and fortunately not many have converted to gas..long may it continue and the sheep ignore it
  9. i remember that,i was a courier and my vans ran on lpg and i was basically the only one driving on the M1 at the time...happy days
  10. andrew johnson still silent on the grand solar minimum...lets see how the coming winter pans out, i see his friend richard d hall is advising people to be off grid ready..maybe he 'knows' whats coming?
  11. i see st johns ambulance the charity came to their rescue...and the identification of the attacker wasnt revealed..what a joke!
  12. does anyone realise john dee lived very close to the venue that was bombed..and that coronation st zoomed in on a mobile phone that showed the date 22-05-17 ..there is also a relevance to the padlock they show at the end of the programme with the number 660..anyone care to guess why?
  13. https://electroverse.net/the-sun-fires-off-an-earthbound-cme/ could hit communications,cause a few earthquakes and volcanoes to pop off
  14. whatever enigmatic world... woodstock brought together alot of freedom loving anti war folk without agendas
  15. i agree most are snowflakes or pissheads obsessed with wearing the square hat and gown..oh mummy and daddy look at me,ive made it into the masonic system
  16. watch a guy jump on the stage during the song and take a fag out of Bear's pocket..no security just love and respect..man these were good days
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