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  1. The Octopus is amazing and in a matter of seconds can change its size, shape, colour, even texture! This is happening on little old earth, billions of years younger than some planets... so, reptilians from a planet possibly 100's of millions of years older than earth?? Possible for them to do EXACTLY the same thing as the Octopus? ...ummm, YES! I've found many people who are open to "going down the rabbit hole" a bit, they often can find it hard to go this far - alien shape-shifters... AND that can then undermine some of the other seemingly "far out" conspiracy facts and they fall back into their "reality/programming". I think it may be HUGELY helpful to point out the Octopus, right here on little old earth, and get them to look up videos of it changing size and shape and colour/texture... then they'll be like OOOH! Yes! How easily another being could do this which is millions of years more advanced. Just a suggestion to help bridge the gap to help more people wake up on this wonderful planet :) Thanks SOOO much David Icke! You've saved me and hopefully saved the world! Luv you mate... Chris (szcorpion) Australia
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