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  1. Here is a good example how biased our media and social media reporting has become in the United States, and how they use data to manipulate/sensationalize the COVID pandemic in the United States for political gain. Now, I do not blame the US media for their shortfalls in poor journalism, because in the end, their steadfast diet of hack-crap journalism is what Americans feed on: Headline: If U.S. had fought COVID like Denmark did, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be alive | Opinion Written by Andres Oppenheimer on Wed, September 1, 2021, 3:43 PM https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-had-fought-covid-denmark-204352242.html With all do respect, here is my rebuttal and opinion against Mr. Oppenheimer's opinionated article: Using the Oxford University COVID Data numbers, Mr. Oppenheimer cites how Danes are doing an extraordinary job in vaxxing 70% of its population; “now, the government is launching a vaccination campaign in schools and colleges, aiming at a full vaccination rate of 90% of the population.”; and for this reason Danes do not wear masks, and Denmark's COVID deaths are (according to Oxford University’s Ourworldindata.org website.) 442/million vs 1,904/million in the United States. If the Oxford University Data is accurate, and if we compare and did the math between the two countries, just on population size alone (Denmark population - 5,815,792 vs U.S. population-332,706,100), Denmark’s COVID death toll is .04%<1%; United States’ COVID death toll is .19%<1%. In his article, Mr. Oppenheimer failed to explain how a diverse, geopolitical, geographical and multi-ethnic demographical U.S. landscape vs Denmark’s mostly homogeneous landscape can pose challenges when dealing with COVID. With that being said, he is right in that the Danes trust their government more than U.S. citizens trust theirs. Another point he failed to mention is that Denmark’s social health care system is far superior in its care and services than the profit driven health care system in the United States. I hate to say it—Americans love money and power, then God! Mr. Oppenheimer failed to mention that Danes are happier and healthier than just about anyone in the world with the exception of the Swiss. Most Americans in general seem happy but are overworked, underpaid, struggle with their expensive health care services, unemployment (partly due to Ageism the “new discrimination”), increase in poverty—all major contributing factors towards poor health, heart disease, diabetes, etc. that can lead to an increase in COVID death cases. Another conveniently left out statistic is Denmark’s population is younger than the rapidly aging U.S. population. Can things be better? Yes, they can; but if you did the math, the U.S. is doing a good job considering its vast and deeply intrenched political hurdles, and in my opinion, a difunctional governing body that fails to connect with its citizens. As a journalist, Mr. Oppenheimer’s used his power to slam former President Trump, then hails President Biden for doing a better job during this COVID crisis; and by stating that had Trump done a better job while president, U.S. COVID deaths would be much lower is a biased opinionated statement. Personally, I did not vote for Mr. Trump so my opinion is neutral, but it's obvious that Mr. Oppenheimer’s article and position is not neutral nor objective; his opinion is not based on critical thinking, sound journalism and fair journalism, but biased and politically motivated rhetoric.
  2. Word Correction to Article: I stated Vexed and Unvexed. It should be Vaxxed and Unvaxxed.
  3. Perhaps I am wrong in my interpretation of the article, but it seems like you are "damned if you do, damned if you don't": as the COVID narrative keeps spinning and revealing its ugly face, healthcare providers and insurance companies are now rethinking their policies: the New York Times article written by Robert Hart points out that even if you are vaccinated and get sick, you could be on the financial limb (or potential financial ruin) because insurance companies are rethinking their COVID coverage. The insured and unvexed will be held 100% financially liable while those insured and vexed could be responsible for over 20% of the hospitalization cost. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/08/19/the-cost-of-being-unvaccinated-just-went-up---most-insurers-are-passing-costs-back-to-patients-as-covid-hospitalizations-soar/?sh=9c03f91bd9a0 The article definitely communicates that there is a war going on to pressure the entire population be vaccinated, wether they like it or not; but of course, this would not apply to multi-millionaires or billionaires, because they can afford the best in hospitalization, vexed or unvexed. Now one can argue that from a financial and economic point, the insurance companies and hospitals have the right to protect themselves. But the individual did not create COVID nor wish it upon themselves, but they are being punished and forced to pay the heavy toll. And if David Icke and many like him contend that COVID is fake, then what? To publicly state that certain individuals should be tried for "crimes against humanity" is not enough. This twisted COVID narrative, which has more questions than answers is leaving many confused and angry, and it has grown beyond "the evil doer with psychopathic tendencies" label—it has become a Frankenstein, now out control and uncontainable by Dr. Frankenstein. This convoluted pandemic has and is changing political, economic, and social structures around the world whether we like it or not—and perhaps, that was the real agenda. As a sidebar: it's interesting to note, that Vexed and Unvexed are newly coined words now used in our everyday vernacular. They have become labels, or our scarlet letters, in the 21st Century world. Food for thought: those uninsured living on the streets, subways, in boxes, under bridges, in tents along the highways seem not to be part of the growing number of COVID cases, which defies logic.
  4. Yes, the world population has grown and is growing. This is verifiable and documented if you studied anthropology as I have. The problem with the narrative is that those who site population problems or problems with over population, speak of it in generalized terms without looking at the whole picture: first, the word "overpopulated" is also misused; those who discuss overpopulation are doing so without looking at the numbers from a births vs deaths, young vs aging perspective; and shifting populations due to migration from one geographical area to another because of war, lack of opportunities, and poor resources. The fact is that the general population in Europe, Russia, China, Germany, U.S. are aging and dying faster than they are being replaced by a younger work force—and this is a national security, economic and political problem for these countries long term. In other parts of the world, younger populations are growing and outpacing the country's GDP production, because of geopolitical turmoil, limited to poor economics, and the burden of its aging population on that country's economy. The global population has grown and will continue to grow; and some geographical areas like the Philippines, Africa, Haiti, Indonesia, Asia Minor, South America, Central America are experiencing overpopulated cities and regions that are putting pressure on local resources like fresh water, garbage and sewer treatment. In other areas, due to drought, we are seeing overpopulated areas suffering from food shortages. But these overpopulated situations are man-made: when global corporations move in and form partnerships with local government to profit from local resources causes people to be marginalized and displaced, then forced to move from their farmlands into towns and cities; and this overcrowding escalates crime, deeper poverty, and severe pressure on local resources. This is one reason why the U.S. is experiencing an immigration problem coming out of Central America, Haiti, and Brazil.
  5. It's hard to believe that anything worse than COVID can befall the world or the U.S., but people like David Icke, Verdana Shiva, Chris Hedges and more are warning us. I did some non-conspiratol research and looked into the History Channel website and was shocked by some of the draconian policies the United States implemented and enforced. Maybe I am wrong, but the History Channel is not prone to conspiracy theory reporting but to actual historical events as they happened. One such event was the rest and incarceration of women suspected of STI. Another, was the Eugenics movement and later the communist witch hunt under McCarthyism. Yet another event which most U.S. citizens are completely unaware is the "Bonus Army" calamity in Washington D.C. It makes the Trump supporters/protestors fiasco on the Capitol look like child's splay. My point is simple—the U.S., when under siege, will violate anyone's constitutional rights and freedoms. Example: Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who gave this country its first atomic bomb. After his service, his life was nearly destroyed by the very system that he worked for due to trumped up charges that were politically motivated. Another most recent example was the demonizing of a young bright entrepreneur Aaron Schwartz, who was crucified by his government for campaigning for a free and open global internet. My family is German, and so am I. My mother and everyone on her side of the family experienced the rise of Nazism and lived under the tyranny of Hitler and the Gestapo. I could share facts about Hitler but I won't. Nonetheless, most Germans did not expect Hitler to take power; and what followed they never saw coming. World history has shown that empires are unsustainable, but the power base (social elite class of intellectuals, educators, professionals, industrialists, and military officials) will survive social and economic chaos, and out of chaos rebuild as they see fit. This is true for Germany, Egypt, France, Spain, Japan, England, China, Russia, Rome, Vietnam, etc. The question is when the U.S. experiences the next economic collapse, how will it reshape itself and the world?
  6. As the COVID pandemic — like parasitic worm—makes its twists and turns in our lives, workplaces and politics, it leaves us with unanswered questions, angry, perplexed, and in fear as to what the future holds: yesterday, my sister told me that her boss came to her and told her that if she does not get vaccinated, she will be fired from her job. It is no longer a question whether vaccination is a choice or not, or if we have the freedom to choose anything. That decision is now being made for us through politically controlled and contrived initiatives enforced by law— Marshall Law. This means that the future will be dotted by many such politically initiatives to drive reform and create new policies designed to control the population. Now that the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine President Biden’s tone was very clear and to point: no excuses, get vaccinated or else. But the lingering question about COVID virus and its origin still remain vague and a shifting puzzle. The report that was initiated by the U.S. government on the origin of COVID states, and I am paraphrasing, that the virus is an offshoot of SARS 2, a virus commonly found in a specific bat species found in a mine in China, causing a deadly outbreak in the human population. And now some in the scientific and medical community suspect that the research into the SARS 2 virus in 2013 might have mutated to attack human cells, but they conclude that quick virus mutation is very uncommon and unnatural and therefor suspect that SARS 2 was humanized at some point into its new version—COVID 19. As a side bar note: two years after the SARS 2 incident in China, Bill Gates spoke about the importance of global vaccinations against viruses at a TED conference in 2015; and if you look at the TED video, you can see a virus image behind Gates very similar to the Corona virus image we now see. Did Bill Gates know something that the rest of us did not? This a one of many questions that we will never get an answer for. It is clear to me that COVID was the result of human action and creation. But what is not clear is the why? I suspect, and it is pure speculation, that the pandemic is a precursor to something much bigger to come. By creating the pandemic, governments are preparing and getting all the necessary ducks lined up and ready (changing policies and laws to legally enforce Marshal Law) for the Big One: I am not talking about viruses here, I am speaking to global economic collapse, a global great depression due to the weakening of the U.S. dollar. The signs are there: the U.S. is pulling out of Afghanistan not because it wants to, it can no longer afford to maintain troops there. Recently, Federal Reserved Chairwoman Yellen warned the U.S. government that it needs to get its financial act together and take control of its fiscally irresponsible spending. The U.S. is now $27+ trillion in debt and this debt is growing daily—this is a global disaster waiting, and it can come at any moment. The other Biggy, is access to fresh water. California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Michigan and other Eastern states are suffering from the lack of drinkable water due to droughts. California produces over 65% of the U.S.’s food but many farmers are forced to sell their farms because there is a severe water shortage; this leads to unemployment amongst migrant farmers and a economic collapse in communities that serve migrant farmers; food and fuel prices are rising and the cost of water is also rising. Some communities are completely dry and water needs to be transported in. With a pandemic, weakening dollar, shortages in fresh water, questionable energy resource stability, rising food prices, and rising tensions with China and Russia will put the U.S. on a very precarious limb which can affect its currency and the world. My advice, don't put all your eggs in the COVID basket, watch the U.S. economy.
  7. In the last few weeks, we all saw Governor Como fight for his integrity and position of office. Allegedly, as governor of New York, he was accused of sexual indiscretions and therefore had to resign or be impeached. That was the media narrative, but it was not because he could not keep his zipper up but due to his handling of the COVID crisis in New York. Under his leadership and lockdown orders, the government of New York did not take the necessary precautions against COVID, imagined or not, to spread throughout the elderly community including retirement homes causing thousands to become severely ill and die from the virus and negligence. His actions were irresponsible and criminal, and now, New York and its elder health care facilities could be facing law suits—And this is the reason that the Democrats and Republicans joined to force him to step down. Cuomo’s actions in New York has hurt the Democratic Party and the government’s COVID initiatives by causing deep seeded anger among New Yorkers and citizens across the United States. Now that Cuomo is a regular citizen, he could be subject to law suits, as he should be. As a side bar note: citizens outside of government, have been led down a path of great deception about what our government is. But Chris Hedges got it right: the democrats and republicans are one in the same, the corporate party. They are “The Power” in this country, not the corporations or bankers as we are being told. The U.S. government is the combination of state, federal and all its affiliations; it has more lawyers and judges on its payroll than any major corporation you can think of; not counting the military establishment, CIA, NSA, FBI and other newly created security departments, its workforce is over 800,000 strong; it has formed multilateral financial and political partnerships across the globe; it has the power to tax anyone what it wants and wage war anywhere it feels; it policy to any corporation is clear, “You want to play in my sandbox, you got to pay”…pay to support the party and policy; it uses the IRS to bring down anyone including other politicians when it feels threatened; it has the power to print money when it needs it and the power to influence gold and silver markets; it’s connected to every cartel you can think of and can sanction assassinations; and some of its office members and representatives in D.C. have become rich while “serving the public”. But I do not blame government for what is has become, I blame us for allowing it.
  8. Oh, I just wanted to add another twist to this topic: in the Judeo-Christian world, and I am a Christian, we are taught to believe in God and in life after death. We are taught that death is not the end but the beginning to eternal life— but we must not believe in it, because we are fearful of death. LOL, what an oxymoron! The more I have pondered my existence, the more I am realizing that David might be right—It's all an illusion made by us. We are the illusion.
  9. Yes, I heard David's comments on the issue and his feeling about Mr. Hancock. It's difficult to believe that involuntary euthanasia is even conceivable in the 21st Century and after the Holocaust, but here we are. Funny thing: in the U.S., we had a movement to remove all Confederate statues because what they represent; but the Georgia Guide Stones are as controversial as the Confederate statues because they state clearly that the global population needs to be reduced, but no one is galvanizing to bring that monument down.
  10. "Jack" Kevorkian was an American pathologist and euthanasia proponent who assisted 130 patients to die. He publicly championed a terminal patient's right to die by physician-assisted suicide, embodied in his quote, "Dying is not a crime". Eventually, Kevorkian was tried a stopped from further overseeing assisted euthanasia. But what if his philosophy did not die with him but has been accepted and implemented on a larger medical scale and is being practiced within hospitals across the United States? Is it possible that nurses, doctors and hospital administrators who swore an oath to saving lives are involved in practicing euthanasia without public knowledge? We do know that some nurses and doctors actually practice willful murder; they were caught, arrested, tried and now are in prison. But if this larger scale of euthanasia is too difficult to accept as a possibility, I bring to your attention an unknown event that occurred in Germany in the 1930’s called ‘Aktion T4f13’. Action T4 was the precursor to the ‘Final Solution’: it was a top-secret organized event, which was commanded by Adolph Hitler himself and it secretly involved well know doctors, scientists, nurses and hospital administrators to euthanize 70,000 + patients who suffered physical and mental abnormalities and therefore were considered unfit and a burden to German society and its economy. In fact, after these patients were murdered, accounting records showed that their euthanasia saved Germany over 800 million Deutsche marks. Most involved in this program were brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials and executed; but Dr. Julius Hallervorden escaped scrutiny and was honored by the new Republic of Germany for his medical research and contribution to society; after his death, compelling evidence proved that Dr. Hallervorden was present during the gassing of children, then proceeded to surgically extract their brains for further scientific study. So what does this have to do with our health care system and COVID 19? For years, hospitals in the United States struggled to stay open especially in rural areas. A few televised documentaries show hospitals and clinics closing throughout the Midwest for financial reasons and the consequences to the local population, and this decline in healthcare has been spreading throughout the country, thus forcing hospitals to change their business model: these surviving hospitals are now well entrenched in wall street and evolved into conglomerate healthcare systems designed to maximize profits, possibly at the expense of patient care. And there is plenty of evidence to support my assertion if we bother to research the facts. In addition, it is also documented and publicly communicated via different media outlets that most hospital systems were implementing policies to maximize profits and keep their doors open. But what exactly does this mean from a hospital’s administrative point-of-view to reevaluate healthcare and operational policies? It is to maximize profits at the expense of proving quality care? Do they pick and choose who lives and dies in order to maintain profits? In this COVID era we are hearing that hospitals are burdened by COVID cases, or at least that is what we are being told—that patients are dying due to COVID and this pandemic is putting a strain on the hospital's staff and resources. But is this true? In my personal experience, my wife who was 52, went to the hospital because her cardiologist suggested it, and rightfully so, because my wife’s AFIB put her in a critical state. But I also know, based on what I witnessed, that the nurses and doctors were injecting her with a solution to isolate a virus, which according to her cardiologist supposedly activated her AFID. A virus? Six hours after my wife was admitted she slipped into a comma, was put on a ventilator, and in less than 10 hours she was declared dead. This horrible experience, is being experienced by many families across the entire country in hospitals and elder care homes too. Just look at New York and that horrible debacle were the elderly died in an elder care facility supposedly from COVID, but I argue they died due to willful medical negligence. Is COVID the excuse to commit euthanasia to save a hospital money and maintain wall street demanded profits? Before you shake your head and deny the possibility as being absurd, I can tell you that all hospital systems, in fact all of healthcare—private and public—is driven my mathematical algorithms that are designed to calculate the thresholds between adequate health care, patient service and attainable profit. These measured benchmarks (or metrics), and as Pearson's Law states: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates” is used to calculate the fine line between patient care and profits. At the end, and just like ‘AktionT4f13’, profit is the main goal of a wall street and state-run healthcare system, or any business. Now with that being said, I do not want to generalize and assert that the entire healthcare system is corrupted and that healthcare providers are more concerned with the bottom line than saving lives, but there is enough here to consider and investigate. Perhaps there is someone out there who can bring more to this question.
  11. Our species existed on this planet for 6.4 million years. As humans, we have 200,000 years of recorded history. So, imagine, within that span of existence, humans survived everything mother nature could throw their way including war. Yes, many died but many survived to continue the next generation without the intervention of modern technology and medicine. The Black Plague nearly wipeout 2/3rds of Europe’s population. But scientists tested present surviving descendants from that period and discovered a genetic anomaly: simply, those who survived genetically evolved to resist future plagues, and so it is—we are biological designed to evolve and survive. Historically, governments, religious institutions and kingdoms gave a damn about their subjects. Citizens were seen as a means to an end to mostly served the power base’s long-term interests that superseded the individual’s interests and needs. This can be logically debated and supported with facts, so to think that governments today have changed is irrational and wishful thinking—Wars is one example. My point here is that this pandemic is whose narrative? What’s the real agenda? Are we really experiencing a True pandemic? Why are educated men and women ignoring the real science and history of our survival and genetic evolution for the past 500,000 + years? If we compare the COVID 19 pandemic to George Orwell’s 'The War of the Worlds' radio broadcast in 1938, we can see similarities of fear mongering: we now know 'The War of the Worlds' successfully drove people to believe (without actual physical evidence!) that the world was being invaded by Martians! Some even committed suicide out of resignation, hopelessness and depression! Say what you will, but this public reaction to the radio broadcast without evidence was an irrational reaction driven by an emotional fear. But what does this story have to do with COVID 19? What do we know about COVID 19? We only know what we read, are being told, see on TV, see on social media, hear from family and friends, or read online. But whose narrative is it? How do we know it’s true? So-called experts tell us that Covid is real, and we must take precaution and get vaccinated; but even the vaccines are questionable. To ad complexity, who are these experts? Who are they working for? Are they true experts, or because of their titles, we should believe them? The Covid narrative seems to change weekly. So, is the Covid pandemic real, or is it designed to drive fear? If it is designed to create fear, then for what purpose? We now know The War of the World’s narrative was false, but caused deep emotional and irrational fear; and like those in 1938 who committed suicide, we too are driven by irrational fear and willing to subject ourselves to potential harm via a vaccine that has not been approved by the FDA. We know the vaccines have potential dangers: we know because the evidence is there and we are being reminded by those who are asking us the get vaccinated. But is getting a vaccine that has not been approved—an experimental vaccine—rational or irrational behavior driven by emotional fear? To date, governments are no longer asking or leaving it to the individual to get vaccinated, but they are coyly implementing policies to impose vaccinations on the population without choice. So, is COVID the real threat, is the vaccines the real threat, or is the real threat self-imposed irrational behavior driven by fear because we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated? But fear of what?!! Remember, humans survived 6.4 million years on this earth, and they will continue to do so COVID or not! By the way, did you know that globally more people die per year due to cardio vascular heart disease driven by poor nutrition and environmental degradation than from COVID? But you do not see governments, medical experts and institutions call this a pandemic and move to action.
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