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  1. I had an idea, could it be that The Creator had placed a message in the foundation of Universe. It would be kind of like a builders' rites. When initiated rulers place time capsules at the foundations of important buildings, or sacrifices if we look at the historical perspective. The message must be in universal language but well encrypted so that it could not be erased by any material means. Only abstract formulas could not be ereased and would be aviable throughout the Universe. It came in my mind after seeing mandebrot image comming out of repeating single formula. It is like ever increaseing complexity after Big Bang - the creation: A multi headed Buddha of the same equation: Or maybe the Head: Or the first cells: Master plan for the first Trees:
  2. Interesting enought 1 eye is islamic symbol of dajjal, kind of like their version of Antichist. The Dajjal will be able to perform miracles, such as healing the sick, raising the dead (although only when supported by his devilish followers it seems), causing the earth to grow vegetation, causing livestock to prosper and to die and stopping the sun's movement. His miracles resemble those performed by Jesus. He is said to have come from several different locations, but generally from the East, usually between Syria and Iraq. And. A number of locations are associated with the emergence of the Dajjal, but usually, he emerges from the East. He is usually described as blind in one eye, however, which eye is disputed. Possessing a defective eye is often regarded as giving more powers to achieve evil goals.
  3. Macnamara: Geneticaly enchanced soldiers is completely possible (in future). You can have soldiers with minimal feeling pain, no moral remorse, super strenght and speed of top athletes, obedient to rulers. You can alsou enchance soldiers vision say with UV vision by just a single gene from birds eye. But alsou goverments would want to create cast of super scientists with enlarged brains, programming skills, understanding of finance markets. (Mostly math based brains is needed.) So they would develop new super technologies. (and hope they would not understand things beyond technologies.) Scientic term for this is eusocial, like an ant collony with genetical casts of worker ants, soldiers, scientists, all ruled by Queen Ant. North Korea would be the first but most of goverments would love that. No Ko are not enought technologicaly advanced society so maybe more developed countries would be first. But they could try catch up by geneticaly modified humans, cast of scientists at first.
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