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  1. 5 hours ago, kilowon said:

    So they do use microscope. You keep posting stuff that you clearly have no understanding of. You have not explained how they can find the genomic sequence of something they have not isolated. Please explain

    They use a microscope to give people like you a pretty picture to look at.

    I have given you links on how gene sequencing is carried out which you obviously didn't read.

    It is impossible to totally isolate a virus because a virus is only evident when attached to another cell.

    Viruses exist.

  2. 8 hours ago, m754 said:


    You said in an earlier post that the covid virus pandemic is a scam...but that scam has been able to be pulled based on the concept of virus. That is the basis. They created the concept.


    Whether benign or contagious or whether they say the genome has been sequenced---the fact remains that they have created a bogeyman and given it a name that derives from word poison, for something that may be endemic to our bodies or our biome--ie. not a foreign thing, and hence not an enemy. And on which any future natural occurrence might be blamed and then they offer a solution. 


    They can pull out any stuff from our bodies, or from animal bodies or from other parts of nature and say (misleadingly) that this is foreign element, hence an enemy hence needs neutralising or fighting against--hence a toxin to be always afraid of...see the scam now?


    That is why saying---THERE IS NO VIRUS----is so important to break their programming.


    Who cares if the academics agree or not?


    If we have to concur to what they say, or what any authority figure says, then that would be the very reason we are being controlled, do you see?


    Question all authority even university academics and medical specialists.

    Viruses existing is beyond scientific doubt.

    Some of you seem to need to believe that viruses don't exist for your own personal wellbeing.

    I am giving you the information that shows viruses exist.

    Some highly qualified people in the alternative media like Judy Mikovits know that viruses exist.

    The scam is that many virologists, epidemiologists, scientists and doctors have persuaded governments that SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 are more dangerous that they really are giving them the excuse to bring in unnecessary draconian measures which harms the human race.

    We can only speculate where the virus came from and why they are doing it.

    It just maybe a scam by Big Pharma to make more money or it might be population reduction.

    We await to find out.

    It would be easier to persuade the general public to fight these measures if some didn't have the crazy idea that "viruses don't exist".

  3. 2 hours ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Are we looking at the same link here , cos ive just read the link you gave me again, twice and havent seen it.


    And , if we have 3.2 trillion viruses in our bodies, when did we catch them and who did we catch them off.?  And you still havent explained why we arent all dead yet.. If you want to reply  this post, you should address these  questions. Otherwise leave it there as I will


    In summary Geoff, the entire mainstream virus pharma scientific, medical industrial complex are nothing short of a huge global racket. If you can't see that now, then you never willl


    There are no viruses. There are exosomes.  Thats my truth and it will serve me better than believing in something that has never been shown to either exist, or even if they claim it has, never been shown to  cause disease


    kudos for you for giving the shot a miss though. I'll leave it there

    Most viruses are benign.

    Some viruses are contagious.

    A healthy immune system will prevent serious illness and death.

    I despise Big Pharma and always have done.

    Viruses have been shown to exist by modern gene sequencing.

    Viruses and exosomes are similar but different as explained in this article.




  4. 15 hours ago, novymir said:

    Okay, it's you and your wife that believes in the invisible boogey man("dangerous, contagious viruses"), and have a huge vested interest in keeping the Big Lie going.

    You people should just stay the fuck out of other people's bodies, and quit casting your black magic spells on them. The nerve of your MASTERS. The would-be "reality"-makers and "lords' of other people's life and death.

    You've been informed of your error.


    "seeing isn't believing" dumass,,,believing is seeing...

    "seek and you will find"......keep your garbage to yourself.

    "Physician! Heal Thyself!". YOUR OWN MIND

    You've been duped.


    "It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them they've been fooled".

    Mark Twain
    Sun glasses = Son Sight

    We believe the virus is real but we don't believe it is dangerous or particularly contagious.

  5. 1 hour ago, kilowon said:

    Please explain how they can sequence the gene of the virus without first visualizing it with EM microscopy. I have read every papers which has claimed to have isolated sarscov2, many times over, and every single one has use electron microscopy to visualised the so called virus. Stop making shit up. It is embarassing

    EM's are done just so there is a photo for people to see what the virus looks like.


    "In the most simple of terms:

    a virus test works by targeting specific viral material in a sample (say sputum or lung fluid), and multiplying that material so it can be made visible by fluorescence techniques. This doesn't mean that everybody will test positive if enough multiplications are done; if you don't have the viral material present, no multiplication will help you. You will never get a false positive.
    Building the whole viral genome is done by producing and detecting small segments of the genome in huge quantities (so not only the segments that are unique to that virus, but all of them, the whole string of bases), and then "assembling" these again on a computer, which can be done because these snippets show overlaps on both sides."


    "Alt-medics such as Kaufman and Lanka often suggest these whole genomes are useless artefacts, because they are based on snippets of RNA that first get multiplied and then arbitrarily "stitched together" with the help of advanced computers to form a digital whole genome sequence, which might as well be related to normal human cell material. This shows a complete lack of understanding of how digital genome assembly works."


    All explained in this article.




  6. 1 hour ago, novymir said:



    What's with this "we" shit? It's you and only you. It's you who wants to maintain a clearly corrupt system.

    It's you that is in love with the idea of  "contagious viruses".


    You don't have a very good memory do you?

    You posted .....

    "Let's see ; you are a  "front line worker"( ohh, that sounds so "heroic"), and your wife is "a nurse".


    You've got a HUGE vested interest in this scam."


    The "we" I refer to is my wife and I that you accused of having a HUGE vested interest in this scam.

  7. 5 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Ive just read the article and there isnt a single mention of exosomes.


    All he does is regurgitate the idea that so called virus exists.


    If the human body, according to wikipedia contains around 3. 2 trillion different viruses, what are we doing here?



    Surely we should all be dead by now?


    This is nonsense by any logical definition, if viruses  exosomes truly cause disease.




    You didn't read it very well because SHE clearly states "And before they pivot to yelling about human exosomes, these aren’t the smoking gun either. Yes, exosomes (more commonly referred to as vesicles) are small particles that can be separated from samples by centrifugation. The important distinction here is that they are bits of our cells that bud off and generally require huge volumes of material to isolate them from. The same processes just can’t be applied to a small sample of cells from someone’s nasal swab."


    If you want a more detailed explanation why exosomes and viruses are similar but totally different try this article.


  8. 54 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    all virus isolation use EM microscopy

    No they don't, most use gene sequencing.


    54 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    And you know that because you have spoken to every retired virologist in the world and they have told you so?

    I don't need to ask them as NO retired virologist has ever stated that "viruses don't exist".


    48 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Which books?

    I gave you the link to the book.

    I don't think books are dangerous, it was Amazon UK who banned it. I don't agree with censorship.

    Books are there to be critically assessed and dismissed if they don't hold water.

    51 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Please provide the source of your statistics where it was shown that 99.99percent of all virologist say the virus is real. You keep saying that covid exist, where is your proof. Where is the scientific papers where sarscov2 was isolated and shown to be the cause of covid19 in human. please cite your sources

    As there is only one virologist Stefan Lanka who is saying that "viruses do not exist" all other virologists in the world must number in the tens of thousands so maybe 99.99% is an underestimate.

    Viruses don't really need to be isolated because there are  "vast amounts of genomic data currently available, that leave us in no doubt as to their existence."




  9. 1 hour ago, kilowon said:

    Once again you fail to get the point. If the virion is in cells then you can easily use a dark field microscope to see the virions. No need for cell culture. And BTW, you highly trained virologist did not explained anything. We are talking about virions in water droplet. You do not need Koch postulate or Rivers criteria to find it. BTW, virions do not travel in cells when they are in water droplet according to virology orthodoxy, else they would already be a virus. So stop making thing up. 

    Microscopes are old technology these days as DNA sequencing is so far more advanced.

    Viruses are totally different to exosomes/vesicle/virions. However, as Dr James E. K. Hildreth states "retroviruses exploit a cell-encoded pathway of intercellular vesicle traffic, exosome exchange, for both the biogenesis of retroviral particles and a low-efficiency but mechanistically important mode of infection."

    Andrew Kaufman has totally misunderstood Hildreth.

    Virologists are aware that exomes do look similar to some viruses.




    55 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Very different from a virologist admitting that his/her whole field is a complete and utter fraud/lie.

    There is no difference at all. Retired virologists have no funding or career to lose and the reason they do not come out with "viruses do not exist" is because they know it is nonsense.


    56 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Just remember that the same people pushing the vaccine are the same people who claim covid exist 

    Covid19 does exist but one virologist states that SARS-CoV-2 doesn't exist compared to 99.99% of all the other virologists in the world who say the virus is real.

    I wouldn't let the Covid-19 experimental jab anywhere near me.


    54 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Also which book is Stefan lanka peddling?

    Amazon banned his books in the UK and US because they are dangerous but they are still available in Germany for £20.




  10. 13 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    As I've said before, "well, they would say that".

    But you didn't answer my question of why there isn't a swathe of retired virologists who no longer are worried about funding or their careers coming out in support of "no viruses exist"?

    I suggest there aren't any because no other virologist than Stefan Lanka who has a book to sell actually believe in the notion that "viruses do not exist".


    13 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    And yes, I do believe that there are certain 'factions' within the 'alternative media' who are saying such things too, because that is what they are being instructed to say. That is of course how 'controlled opposition' works.

    So anyone who doesn't believe in the very, very fringe theory that "viruses do not exist" are being instructed to say so and are "controlled opposition"?

    Your comment shows how divisive this crazy theory has become.

  11. 15 hours ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Hey Geoff,


    You are clearly somebody  who for some reason or other simply can't cope with the idea that there is no virus.


    There are exosomes.


    There are no viruses.


    Exosomes are a vital part of the bodies natural immune systen .


    What is happening now is that this vaccine is installing trillions of such (self replicating) SYNTHETIC exosomes  into many people taking this shot.


    I say many people , but not all.  There are other experiments going on with this shot.


    They probably achieved gain of function in the bio lab in wuhan, when they  figured out that these synthetic exosomes would go unnoticed to the cells of our body


    And the results of this are about to become all too disturbingly obvious to many hosts, if they haven't already.


    When the body undertakes its annual or biannual toxic cleansing,( better known as a cold or flu) the natural immune system relies on exosomes to indicate wihere in the body there is distress,.


    The immune system then goes to work in  infected areas.


    Can you begin to imagine what would happen if the immune system saw trojan horse exosomes  appearing in every organ of the body?


    Hope that clears things up a bit.



    Exosomes are not the smoking gun as you suggest as explained by this highly qualified virologist.



    SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 were around for a year before the first experimental jab was given so it can't have been the jabs that caused it.

    Having said that as a 66 year old I wouldn't let these or any other vaccine near me.

    The last time I had a vaccine was for tetanus over 35 years ago after cutting my head playing football in a semi-final before I knew how toxic vaccines were and are.

  12. 16 hours ago, kilowon said:

    Not at all. Virologist claim that virions exist and floats in the air on water droplet. So the excuse that they can only isolate virus by cell culture is ridiculous when they could easily isolate virions in droplet. They have never done that. If virus are only active when they are attacking a cell how the hell do they get to that cell in the first place to attacked it? BTW, Virus are supposed to be non-living particles, so how does non living particles with no agency of its own attack a cell? Have you ever been attack by a chair on itself or by any non living thing?


    Water droplets from humans filled with cells that the virus attaches to. It is not pure distilled water.

    This highly trained virologist explains. 


  13. 17 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    it's called self censorship.....you know because of the 24/7 propaganda 

    Of course there is "self censorship" but that hasn't stopped hundreds of climate experts and thousands of scientists signing petitions and writing articles and scientific papers to refute catastrophic anthropological global warming.

    Where are the people with PhD's in virology coming out in support of "no viruses exist"?

    Where are the retired scientists who no longer worry about funding or their careers coming out in support of "no viruses exist"?

    Name me someone alive today qualified in virology other than Stefan Lanka who supports "no viruses exist".

  14. On 8/14/2021 at 6:24 PM, MarcusOmouse said:

    There are no viruses.  There are exosomes. 


    Little spikes that jut out of distressed cells to indicate distress or a disease, in a particular part ( terrain ) of our bodies


    Our body is full of them. They are a vital part of the immune system. They inform our immune system that there is a problem, whereupon killer responses are activated


    The vaccine is implanting by stealth synthetically created exosomes to appear in every organ and cell of our body - a trillion trojan horses.


    When our natural immune system reacts to these liars, the result will not bode well for the host.


    Pathogenic priming or ADE i think.

    Highly qualified virologists are fully aware of exosomes and they are not the cause of Covid.



    I wouldn't let one of these experimental jabs anywhere near me.

  15. 14 hours ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Maybe you have evidence to the contrary?

    In 2020 the Age Standardised Mortality for England was the highest it had been for 12 years.

    The vast, vast majority of virologists, epidemiologists, scientists, medical professionals and many in the alternative media say this was caused by a new virus SARS-CoV-2 released from a bioweapons lab either accidently or deliberately or it was a zoonotic natural virus.

    Lockdowns, DNR's and drugging the elderly will have killed some but not all.

    Therefore the statistics point to a virus causing most of these excess deaths.

    A handful of unqualified people in the alternative media think viruses don't exist and some have twisted themselves in knots by saying that viruses don't exist but these people died of the flu which is caused by a virus.

    A novel virus is the most likely cause of these unexplained deaths where the symptoms of Hypercania and Hypoxia are different to most other respiratory diseases.

  16. 53 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    You can go there and see for yourself that over 80 medical institution all across the world have already admitted to not having any evidence of the isolation of the virus.

    The question asked to these institutions was worded in a particular way asking for proof that viruses have been purified and isolated without any other particles. Viruses do not work that way, they are only active when attacking another cell so it is impossible to "isolate" a virus without another cell being present. Virologists know this but it doesn't stop them agreeing that viruses exist. The people who worded the question are using semantics to try to prove that viruses don't exist and not science.

  17. 14 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    The 'experts' will defend their orthodoxy to the hilt, because so much depends on it.

    Of course they will but that hasn't stopped hundreds of climate experts and thousands of scientists signing petitions and writing articles and scientific papers to refute catastrophic anthropological global warming.

    Where are the people with PhD's in virology coming out in support of "no viruses exist"?

    Where are the retired scientists who no longer worry about funding or their careers coming out in support of "no viruses exist"?

    Name me someone alive today qualified in virology other than Stefan Lanka who supports "no viruses exist".

  18. 19 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Because it is the people who 'challenge' or 'question' the science, that allow the science to progress and develop.

    Precisely, but not people who have very little understanding of viruses.

    You and I probably agree on many, many things. I agree with David Icke 99% of the time particularly that Global Warming is a scam. I have been following David for the last 20 years and have researched Global Warming. There are hundreds of climate experts and thousands of scientists who disagree with the IPCC. The ratio maybe as a guesstimate 80:20 in favour of the IPCC but nowhere near the mythical 97% consensus that Global Warming is catastrophic. I have followed these hundreds of climate experts and thousands of scientists and they make a compelling case.

    However, when we come to the fringe view that viruses do not exist the ratio appears to be about 99.99:0.01.
    There is just not currently hundreds of virus experts and thousands of scientists who are saying that viruses do not exist.

    You have a psychiatrist Andrew Kaufman and nutritionists saying it and a few medics but there is just not the expert research you can go to check the veracity of their claim. There is only one biologist/virologist and that is Stefan Lanka who admits he speaks to Kaufman on a regular basis and ALL of them have books to sell.

    Therefore I am not in the least bit swayed by the "viruses do not exist" argument because I have done the research and there is just not enough information or data from a large number of experts to suggest that viruses do not exist. If and when more virologists join the “viruses do not exist” camp then there may be a case to answer.

    Covid has been blown out of all proportion and I wouldn’t go anywhere near one of the PCR/LF tests or vaccines. It would be helpful if those in the alternative media could speak with one voice to force governments to rethink their approach. Most of what they say is correct but coming out with the very, very fringe view that viruses do not exist is a distraction which is not going to garner support from the general public. 

  19. 16 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    On what basis?

    On the basis of the vast numbers of highly qualified virologists, epidemiologists, scientists and doctors who subscribe to Germ Theory versus the handful of people like Stefan Lanka, David Crowe, Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell, Sam Bailey, David Icke etc. who all have books to sell (some of whom have no virus expertise) who are advocates of Terrain Theory.

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  20. 6 hours ago, Thoth001 said:

    See, you are already wrong about the Terrain, how can you talk of something you know nothing about? It is well known that their are trillions of viruses in the body and they do exist. The difference is that a virus comes out to clean up your cell when it is poisoned. A virus isn't something that floats around in the sky, going from person to person making people sick.  That is a fear tactic used by big pharma using the germ theory because they make billions off of germ theory. In fact at one time virus just meant a poison if you go back to the etymology. Have you ever heard of exosomes?


    If you go on the https://www.worldometers.info/ you will see there is no excess deaths during this so called pandemic. It is well known the MSM was using fear tactics and hyping up that hospitals were full, when that wasn't the case at all. In fact they were laying hospital staff off. I suggest you looking a little deeper into that, if you want to uncover the truth.


    Would you be open to reading a recent book about all this? If so here is a link to the whole book and see what you think of it and come to your own conclusions.


    The Contagion Myth - Why Viruses (including Coronavirus) are Not the Cause of Disease



    You didn't answer my 2 simple questions.

    I know all about Terrain Theory and it denies the existence of viruses you are confusing them with germs.

    I agree that Covid deaths have been overhyped and I know that Age Adjusted Mortality is less than previous years and I have never denied it. But deaths have been the highest for 12 years and were caused by something ie a new virus.

    Of course I have heard of exosomes but they are not the cause of Covid which that psychiatrist Andrew Kaufman has been spouting.

    I know all about The Contagion Myth which is written by another 2 quacks Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell who want the gullible to buy their book.

    Another simple question for you.

    If you are in a lift with someone with a streaming cold who happens to sneeze on you the chances are that you will come down with that same cold in a few days regardless of how fit and healthy your immune system is. If viruses don't exist what is the cause of you catching this same cold?



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  21. 17 hours ago, Thoth001 said:

    Did you ever think that maybe it is the Terrain of the body and certain poisons? 

    Two simple questions for you and other people latching on to Terrain Theory that viruses do not exist.


    If Covid19 is just relabelled flu why is Covid19 causing hospitalisations and deaths outside of cold and flu seasons?


    How can the virus SARS-CoV-2 which supposedly doesn't exist be attributed to flu (which is supposed to be a virus) when flu viruses and all other viruses don't exist?

  22. 17 hours ago, Thoth001 said:

    So your going by faith that they are all viruses that cause disease?

    No, I'm going by the overwhelming expertise and knowledge of the worlds medical and scientific professions over the last 150 years who have been dealing with germs and viruses. Not a couple of quacks like Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell who have a book to sell to the gullible.

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