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  1. 13 hours ago, kilowon said:

    I have already post the video where Lanka showed his experiment.

    Lanka can't even produce a paper for proper scientists to read and try to replicate to see if they come up with the same results. 

    Stefan Lanka's much hyped CPE CONTROL EXPERIMENT itself lacks a positive control, ignores that mock-infected cells do show specific damage over time, and that controls are used properly in science. That in no way implies the non-existence of viruses.

    A typical viral experiment in simple terms involves a living cell with a virus of interest attached (viruses can NOT be isolated and purified in the dictionary sense of the words and this has always been known by virologists).
    This is in a suspension of benign nutrients to keep the cell and the virus alive and antibiotics to alleviate the possibility of bacterial infection.
    This is exposed to another cell which does not have a virus attached and if that cell shows a particular degree of degradation then they know that the virus has jumped to the other cell and has infected it.
    A control is done via “mock-Infection” whereby the same experiment is done with the exact same ingredients apart from the fact that the cell used does NOT have a virus attached.
    Any degradation of the exposed cell will be different to that of the original cell to a trained eye so they know that the first experiment involved a viral attack of the introduced cell and the control “mock-infection” is natural degradation over time.

  2. 1 hour ago, kilowon said:

    No they do not. Why are you lying?

    Why would I lie?

    Scientists always do a control.

    They also write up their experiments in scientific papers so that other scientists can replicate their work to see if they achieve the same results.

    The papers are also peer reviewed.

    Unlike Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan and those in the alternative media who have been hoodwinked by their nonsense.

    I'm still waiting for you to show me the scientific experiment that you said Lanka has supposed to have done to refute Germ Theory???????

  3. 27 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    It is dishonest to say that virologist use zero or minimum amount of contaminants when you know very well that this is not the case. They use antibiotics, fetal calf serum, milk and about every other chemical you can think of when running their experiment and almost never do any control. 

    They use the minimum amount of substrates to achieve a meaningful result and ALWAYS use a control.

  4. 1 hour ago, zArk said:

    Hold on, I am not saying that scientists using very technical tools and methodologies can't produce a result that can be theoretically extrapolated but I am saying that all these tests and experiments use processes and chemicals that interfere and create the results. 


    Dealing with dead tissue has its own problems before it is processed





    Scientists use zero or the minimum amount of contaminants possible to achieve a true result otherwise they would end up with a false result which is of no use to anyone.

    Unless of course you think that millions of scientists all over the world are falsifying every result just to perpetuate your perceived myth that viruses do not exist.

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  5. 49 minutes ago, zArk said:


    The entire procedure used to prove infection and contagion is designed to create the end result i,e


    using a serum combined with antifungals and added antibiotics they add it to kidney cells.


    to make it worse they use specific antibiotics gentamicin and amphotericin which are known to damage kidneys.


    so , yes, they create poison concoction but claim 'its the virus' that destroys the kidney cells


    what a joke

    You don't need to add all those items to prove infection and contagion.

    A single cell with an attached viral particle can be shown to infect another single cell.

  6. 10 minutes ago, zArk said:

    only with use of added poison which caused cellular deterioration. prior attempts without added poison produced zero results


    not once, ever, has the contagion/ infection theory been proven for a virus


    pollution and toxins however have been proven to cause poisoning, cell death and illness

    Define poison?

    It is common knowledge that viruses can only exist on a cell.

    Therefore to infect a different healthy cell with a virus that virus has to be attached to another cell.

    Why is the cell the virus is attached to a poison?

  7. 5 hours ago, whatastrangegame said:

    Wow, this has really turned into a shouting match. I hope all involved do see that no one is even close to convincing the other?


    But I must say that the most important part is overlooked. I guess everyone can agree that there I something microscopic that can be found, call it virus or exosome, that doesn't matter. The question is if this "thing" is moved from one individual to another, does the other individual get sick in the same way as the first? From what I have understood they did some experiments long ago where sick people coughed and sneezed och healthy people, and they even injected pus from the sick into the healthy, but they were unable to make them sick? I don't know if this experiment has been done again, but wouldn't that be the proof that is needed for the virus-theory to be correct?

    Some people shout others use reasoned debate.

    It's not just about convincing someone who has a cult like religious zealotry towards a particular opinion it is also about refuting totally bogus claims with "facts".

    I am happy to change my opinion when new indisputable "facts" become available.

    I watched the two hour David Icke interview on London Real all those months and months ago and what he said was believable to those who do not understand modern virology.

    I realised there was little substance to what he was saying and he had been hoodwinked by Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan who are using a quirk of nature (viruses can not be isolated) to self promote and sell their books, fund their websites and sell their dubious pills, lotions and potions.

    However, David Icke was right when he said in that interview that 5G may be a cause of Covid. I believe exposure to 5G may lower ones immune system but is not the main cause of Covid.

    He was also right when he said that people with or dying of flu are being misdiagnosed with Covid. I disagree that it is everyone being misdiagnosed but it has happened in some cases.

    Viruses are similar but different to exosomes.

    Cells with viruses have been shown to infect other cells millions of times.

    It doesn't happen every time but it shows that viruses can move from one person to another depending on their immune system.

    People with Covid are infecting some other people who end up with the same symptoms depending on their immune system.

    Viruses exist.

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  8. 3 hours ago, zArk said:

    pleomorphic organisms are discovered in live blood. Bacteria, fungus, virus  are interchangeable cellular forms


    Allopathic medicine compartmentalises and categorises disease and illness. There are hidden, ignored and not recognised overlap between illnesses.


    COVID19 overlaps with Flu, the common cold and 'silent hypoxia'. 


    100+ years have yet to produce scientific evidence of contagion or infection.




    not one AIDS patient (immune deficient) was infected wtih SARS (highly contagious)


    they do try to prove their theories using people as lab experiemtns






    Covid-19, the flu and the common cold may have similar symptoms but many who are hospitalized with Covid have hypoxia and hypercania which is more of a blood/oxygen problem not seen so much or in the same numbers as those hospitalized by flu and rarely seen in the common cold.

    Also, the 3 different viruses that cause Covid-19, flu and the common cold each have totally different gene sequences.

    Viruses have been shown to infect other cells countless times ie "scientific evidence of contagion or infection" but not 100% of the time. Some people get infected, some don't. It depends on each individual persons immune system.

    Viruses exist.

  9. 1 hour ago, zArk said:

    immunity is a big con. disease and germ theory is guff


    the body breakdowns and cells become toxic due to environment, chemical, emotional, physical stress. The body repairs itself constantly. Sometimes the repairs require the massive expulsion of dead body material resulting in what is called symptoms.




    Environment, chemical, emotional, physical stress lowers the body's immunity allowing viruses to take hold.


  10. 1 hour ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Having read pages and pages of this back and forth stuff, It is clear to me that viruses do exist.


    If only iInsofaras  that is  their mainstream label


    How do we better describe a biological defence system which the psychopathic, lying, mass murdering pharmaceutical industry define  as a  poison in order to give you very real poisons in the name of a cure ?




    Yes viruses exist and the Covid experimental jab may be one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

  11. 1 minute ago, kilowon said:

    Since the Spanish flu was neither  a virus nor contagious, as proven by many experiment during that time, how did she acquired such immunity and what kind of experiment was done that showed that to be so?

    In your opinion which I have shown is not based on knowledge of modern virology but in a religious cult like belief.

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  12. Just now, kilowon said:

    Read again: 

    The defendant submitted in the first instance that

    the publications submitted did not meet the requirements set by the claim. The existence of the measles virus must be proven by a publication by the R ...- K ...- Institute (hereinafter: RKI), which is responsible for this in accordance with Section 4 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). This already results from the fact that with regard to the claim made in Germany, the rules of the IfSG specially created here for the demonstration in the area of infectious diseases should be applied. From the context of the award, its purpose clearly emerges to the effect that it should be clarified whether a documentation of the RKI corresponding to K ... 's postulate of the isolation of the pathogen is available.

    That is a resume of Lanka's submission.

    It is NOT a judgement.

  13. 1 minute ago, kilowon said:

    read the court document and you will see that that was not the only defence that Lanka was ready to challenge the court with. One part of his defence was to have RKI run control experiment to show the reality or not of virus. Once the court realized what that could mean for Rockefeller's medicine they caved. They wanted rid of him as quickly as possible. 

    The Judges decided in Lanka's favour due to a legal technicality and the judges admitted that viruses exist.

    There is nothing to stop Lanka paying to have that experiment done.

    I wonder why he doesn't.


  14. 1 minute ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Just out of curiosity, what of someone exposed to the so-called Hong Kong flu in 1968? I was told by a reputable doctor that my exposure to that strain back then might likely have conferred immunity from Covid. Possible?

    Yes it is possible you have immunity but not everyone produces antibodies or Memory B and T Cells.


  15. 18 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Mirkovits is another big pharma shill, typical of virologist and their made up science, she used lots of big sciency words to try and confused her opponent. And Kaufmann was having none of it. If you understand what you are talking about, it should be easy for you to explained what you do to a layman without resorting to specialist term which you know your audience are unlikely to understand in the most. That practice is usually the sign of someone lying or having no clue what they are talking about. BTW, i have been a terrain theory proponent for a while now. I studied the likes of Bechamps/Bernard and Lanka. Cowan and Kaufmann themselves will be the first to admit that they are newcomers to the concept that virus do not exist. Hell, even Mirkovits does not believe sarscov2 has ever been isolated. So if virus cannot be isolated then why keep using the word isolation? So all the so called virions floating about in droplets only exist within a cell? Virologist have never isolate any viruses as they do not exist and the only way you can isolate anything is to seperate it from everything else, otherwise it is not isolation. The fact that virology have to constantly change dictionary meaning of words should tell you all you need to know about this made up and extremely lucrative psuedoscience


    As Mikovits says and as I have been saying since Page one of this thread you cannot separate a virus from a cell, viruses only exist in cells.

    Kaufman admitted he didn't understand the virological language so how on earth can he state that viruses don't exist if he doesn't understand modern virology.

  16. 23 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    So it is only on the subject that virus do not exist that you disagree with Icke. So you agree that the queen is a reptilian as are the members of the death cults? Do you agree that modern western medicine was created by Rockefellers?

    I have an understanding of quantum physics, X Theory and M Theory and the scientific notion of alternative reality so yes Reptilian Entities from a parallel universe is a possibility.

    I'm also fully signed up to the notion that the Rockefellers have been a malign force in medicine and everything else they have touched.

    However, due to my understanding of modern virology I cannot accept that viruses do not exist.

  17. 21 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    So you are agreeing with me that he was not disbarred?

    The Medical Board of California complained about Cowan for giving an unlicensed drug to a cancer patient without seeing them or reading their notes in 2017 and told Cowan to either surrender his license as there was a disciplinary action against him or be put on probation for 5 years with extra training and banning him from treating cancer patients.
    In other words he was "struck off".
    ""Doctor" Thomas Cowan, who claimed that 5G caused the coronavirus, isn't surrendering his medical license because he's learned his lesson. Instead, he's watched how other quacks have become millionaires and plans to follow in their footsteps."

  18. 21 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    Read the court document. see why they caved in quickly to Lanka. The moment he demand that RKI in Germany run the controlled experiment, they quickly caved in as they knew that if they did the control experiment,  the virus myth would be up and Big Pharma/Rockefeller medicine would be in deep trouble. Read the court document, not Africa check. 

    The court document says no such thing.

  19. 19 minutes ago, kilowon said:

    I gave you the actual court document and you refer me to an article that is writing an opinion piece about said court document. And you wonder why I cannot take you seriously and think you are trolling?

    Read the court document and you will see it has nothing to do with deciding if viruses exist or not.

    The judges decided that as Lanka set the parameters of the bet and the medical student hadn't delivered them on time then Lanka was not liable to pay out the 100,000 euro bet.

  20. 17 hours ago, kilowon said:

    Kaufmann had a very public debate with Mirkovits.

    I have seen the video of Kaufman and Dr Judy Mikovits and Kaufman was a complete and utter disgrace.

    It was hardly a discussion or a debate and Mikovits did well not to get any more angry at the slurs from Kaufman.

    The Zoom meeting was supposed to be about the danger of the Covid experimental jabs.

    Kaufman hijacked the meeting to self publicise his ridiculous belief that viruses do not exist.

    Mikovits assumed Kaufman has some knowledge of virology and that is why she was using technical terms which Kaufman admitted on video that he did not understand.

    As anyone with an ounce of virology knowledge can testify viruses cannot be isolated in the dictionary sense of the word because they are only evident when they are attached to a cell. Kaufman should know this.

    It is like someone who doesn’t understand science asking for a photograph of gravity to prove it exists.

    Virologists have “isolated” viruses millions of times by showing them in a single living cell. Viruses cannot exist without that cell.

    Kaufman is a psychiatrist and is very good at persuading people that black is white. Even David Icke, who should know better, has fallen for it.

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  21. 16 hours ago, kilowon said:

    Since I have not gotten the virus, even at close proximity, where did I get the memory B and T cell immunity from? I have even done contract work for the hospital where the covid patient are kept, still no covid. I must be some sort of superman

    Many countries that were exposed to the similar virus to SARS-CoV-2 ie SARS and SARS-CoV-1 up to 18 years ago may have had the virus without symptoms and they have Memory B and T Cell natural immunity.

  22. 15 hours ago, kilowon said:

    tell me a few things that Icke says that you agree with.

    As I have said many times I have been following David Icke for 20 years, bought and read most of his books, paid him a monthly subscription and seen him live at Wembley giving a 10 hour presentation.

    I agree with almost everything he says so it is a lot easier to tell you what I don't agree with of his and that is that viruses do not exist.

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