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  1. 10 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:


    That's great and very reassuring thank you, however;


    1. Please provide your personal favourite out of the thousands of scientific papers proving viral germ theory. I would like to read it and put my mind at rest.


    2. Please provide one of the thousands of photographs of viral particles proving viral germ theory (albeit germs and viruses are supposed to be different in many many ways" .


    3. Please tell me how gene sequences prove your made-up 'viral gerrm' theory.


    If you can't, maybe you should'ne make such bold and hyperbolic statements.


    Your reply will be very telling.

    1. I don't have a "favourite" scientific paper. What I can provide is a scientific paper chosen by a scientist, who uses cell culture every day, to refute the claims of Lanka.

    He stated “Lanka is either really bad at culturing cells himself and is too stupid to realize what he is doing wrong, or he is lying for clout. Either way, debunked.”

    The scientific paper he chose to debunk Lanka https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-17796-z


    2. As for photographs there are some in the above paper Fig. 3.

    "Different stages of the SARS-CoV-2 life cycle in secretory cells were detected".


    3. Modern gene sequencing proves the existence of viruses. Here is an article explaining it to you with some more photographs. https://integralworld.net/visser174.html


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  2. 1 hour ago, zArk said:

    There is no evidence for viral germ theory. 


    That's the claim


    The likes of Kauffman, Crowe and Lanka start with this claim and move on trying to explain disease and illness.


    And to be clear Chiropractic care is a well formed functioning alternative to the allopathic/vaccine/medicine/viral based care


    Clear distinction between the two, 


    The viral care is a fear based system designed to disempower the self 

    Chiropractic care promotes your bodys power to idiosyncratically heal itself and maintain health.

    There are thousands of scientific papers proving viral germ theory.


    There are thousands of photographs of viral particles proving viral germ theory.


    There are millions of whole gene sequences proving viral germ theory.

  3. 3 hours ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Unfortunately, like yourself , he seems to believe that an inert microparticle is capable of causing disease.

    It has been proved many, many times by experiments showing that a single human cell infected with a virus from a sick patient will infect a similar but different healthy cell.


    Humans who are sick caused by a virus infect other humans who are well.


    Why do you find it so difficult to accept that it is a virus that caused it?


    Why do you choose to believe discredited people like Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan, Bailey etc. who have no proof whatsoever that "viruses do not exist"?


    Why don't you believe the highly qualified people who are fighting against the tyranny of the Covid lies and dangerous experimental jabs like Judy Mikovits, Mike Yeadon, Andrew Wakefield etc?

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  4. 58 minutes ago, zArk said:

    the jig is up.


    The theory survives on dogma. Every attempted proof of claim further highlights the deceiviousness of those supporting the theory 



    When we look at antibodies for the immune system we find no consistency in results but volumes of excuses 




    As I thought.

    You have no evidence of your bogus claims.

  5. 44 minutes ago, zArk said:

    Well supported and evidenced claims, I think you well know


     chiropractic based health systems are quickly subsuming allopathy and the failed germ theory model.


    Arguing over viruses will fade away as people realise it is ridiculous like arguing over an episode of a TV soap opera 


    @GeoffB the virus model has failed and will become apparent to more and more people as the model is more fervently applied. 

    It's a really sad way to have people realise but that's the situation we are witnessing.










    "Well supported and evidenced claims" that viruses do not exist.

    Please provide as many as you like (good luck as there aren't any).

    There are a few bogus claims and they have all been totally debunked.

  6. 1 hour ago, zArk said:


    Followers?? Heh. Tis not i . You claim for yourself and leave my claims to my self

    The only followers, believers, congregation I see is the general public hypnotised by the deceivious  world 

    Yes the general public have been deceived by the Global Elite when it comes to Covid.

    And many people on here have been deceived by Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan and Bailey with their ridiculous claims that "viruses do not exist".

  7. 7 hours ago, zArk said:

    Piggie backing with deceiviousness. 

    The Immune system is another myth


    Merry christmas

    So not only do we have people on here that think "viruses do not exist" we also have people on here that think the human immune system does not exist.

    And people wonder why David Icke and his followers are irrelevant.

  8. 2 hours ago, zArk said:

    Virus, disease , infection has been weaponised in the past century and half to cover up the damage caused by


    Electricity poisoning

    Farming Chemicals 

    Industrial pollution

    Medicine poisoning

    Poisoned food

    Polluted water


    Our bodies are incredible. They clean up this persistent poisoning.


    We must eat healthy, drink pure water , limit electric effects and balance our auras /chi to create a biological state of maintenance 


    Allopathy, germ theory, chemicals  is a sickness that spreads, infects and causes illness



    You are quite correct.

    All these things lower the bodies immunity allowing viruses to take hold.

    Happy Yuletide.

  9. 2 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    and you can bask in your ignorance of official narratives....not one but two(which is a statment in it self)

    The only official narrative that is real is that viruses exist.

    The rest is all lies and propaganda which becomes more difficult to fight against with a few "useful idiots" dividing the rebellion against this tyranny with their ridiculous belief that "viruses do not exist".

    Happy Yuletide.

  10. 48 minutes ago, Yoyo said:

    “Created in a lab” utter bullshit. There is no virus. Bit of a shit bio weapon. 2 years to wipe out oldies at the same rate as them dying of old age. Smoke and mirrors Geoff smoke and mirrors.

    You can bask in your ignorance that "viruses do not exist".

    I didn't say SARS-CoV-2 was a bioweapon to kill off lots of people.

    It was most likely an "economic bio-weapon" to cause harm to the Chinese economy and unlike it's cousin SARS it unexpectantly spread worldwide and as you say it killed off some old people who were about to die anyway but was used as an excuse for a "Great Reset".

    Ron Unz has an excellent series of articles explaining the most likely course of events accusing rogue elements of the US Deep State of releasing the virus.


  11. 1 hour ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    Excuse me Nathan,


    This thread is not about my medical history, for all your strange efforts to make it so.


    Has covid 19 been isolated ?


    Yes it has - it has been isolated  in -silico  - on a computer screen.


    The more pressing question is what is the function of a virus?


    With trillions of them everywhere, in our soil, our bodies, our pets ,since time immemorial  only an idiot would believe that they are dangerous.


    Yet, you and Geoff B seem to think  they are



    I'm glad you agree viruses exist.

    They have also been isolated in the scientific sense.

    Some cause disease, most don't.

    SARS-CoV-2 virus causes a mild disease Covid which has been blown out of all proportion by the Global Elite to bring in draconian powers of control.

  12. 3 hours ago, Apotheosis said:


    Yes, this is the typical hand waving response of dogmatists in the face of skeptics to the fact that they cannot prove the truth of their assertions or demonstrate the reality of their scientific storytellingThey mention it in passing, bury it under a mountain of emotive language, and somehow think they've dealt with the problem. They have not.

    Evidence is just data interpreted in light of the theory which is claimed to best explain that data.


    Evidence is not theory-independent.

    Evidence doesn't establish the truth of that theory's hypotheses.

    And judging of the "best explanation" presupposes a theory of abduction.


    And, dearest Bayesians, even if we could absolutely quantify probabilities of the truth of hypotheses as functions of their available evidence, which is a rather preposterous idea, this would give us nothing more than a frequency of being correct given such evidence; it would still tell us nothing about the truth status of the particular case. If you want to call that "the rational degree of belief" in your story, go ahead, it has no demonstrable relationship to the truth of the story other than the frequentist one.






    Are your quora advisors logical positivists? No shit, we can play word games like this all day long. Words like "proof of existence" can be defined any which way we like to "prove the existence" of anything whatsoever. The question here is, how does this proof relate to reality. And there's a rather significant ontological distinction between a fucking continent and an invisible theoretical entity postulated to causally explain "disease" and all the instrumental phenomena you are putting forward as your "testable conditions" for sufficient evidence of "existence". I don't need your "virus" to be real in order to account for any of this.




    Your need to be in a tiny group of people who "have" to believe in something which has been proved to be wrong speaks volumes about you.


    The rest of us who know that SARS-CoV-2 is real, probably created in a lab and probably deliberately released on humankind are left to fight this Covid hoax and tyranny whilst you and the rest of the "viruses do not exist" zealots disappear up your own backsides and become irrelevant and an embarrassment to those of us trying to put a stop to this power grab by the Global Elite.

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  13. 15 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


    That article means nothing to me.


    For a start, who is the author Julie Beal? What are her qualifications? Where does she work? If a researcher, who funds her?


    Why is there no extensive (or any!) list of references at the end of any of her articles?


    It's all her OPINION. Not good enough for me I'm afaraid.




    Well there was no point giving you articles or papers by "real" scientists as you would just dismiss them as being corrupted by money from Big Pharma.


    Julie Beal is an independent English activist of 20 plus years, writing articles for Activist Post about Agenda21 and the Global Elite's plans against humankind. She is one of us, and like me she has researched the whole Corona scam and has come to the conclusion, with references, that the virus and all other viruses are real.


    Here is a list of the articles she has written showing her credentials as a "conspiracy realist" something of which I am happy to call myself.




  14. 35 minutes ago, Apotheosis said:


    Yes, the existence of viruses as conceived by virology is, just like that of historical speciation via evolution, the objects of the Standard Model of particle physics, the big bang of Big Bang cosmology, or the notion that the Sun is a giant ball of hydrogen undergoing nuclear fusion, a theoretical hypothesis. Viruses are not directly observable ; they are theoretical entities whose nature and existence is hypothesised with the intention of causally explaining a set of actually observable phenomena, whose members in this case include such things as the recurrence of a particular set of symptoms in different organisms,  cell lysis induced by introducing an "isolate" derived from a sick organism into a culture, structures found in electron micrographs of such cultures, RNA or DNA sequences constructed from such cultures, etc., many of which are themselves known only as instrumental effects. The existence of viruses cannot be logically deduced from any of these facts or an aggregation of them, and one cannot prove their existence.



    This article from yesterday neatly explains why viruses exist and why it is important that people in the "alternative media" start to accept the fact.


  15. 20 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


    How do you explain this the? ...



    Returning to Koch’s Postulates: No Isolation, No Purification

    As I covered in COVID-19 Umbrella Term to Operate a Fake Pandemic: Not 1 Disease, Not 1 Cause, today’s mainstream scientists are skipping the all important 2nd step of Koch’s postulates: the isolation and purification of the virus. This isn’t something you can just gloss over or forget to do, like accidentally forgetting your umbrella on a rainy day and getting a bit wet. This is the absolutely quintessential part of determining if there is a new virus and if it causing causing disease. It’s the sine qua non. If you can’t isolate it, you have FAILED to prove anything, because the budding offshoot you think is an invading virus could easily be a exosome or particle being produced by the body itself. This is why all the COVID propaganda has conveniently glossed over the fact that there are no electron microscope images of SARS-CoV-2, since the electron microscope is an extremely important tool in the 1st step of Koch’s postulates, the identification.




    Lanka has been totally discredited.



    Koch's Postulates are ancient history and have been modified in recent years to accept the discovery of viruses.



    Exosomes are similar but different to viruses. It has been shown that shed exosomes carry viral particles.


  16. 3 minutes ago, Apotheosis said:


    GeoffB doesn't understand what proof is. He doesn't understand epistemology. He doesn't understand the nature of scientific theorising and how it relates to reality.  And he doesn't understand logical inference. Nobody who did would ever claim to have "proved beyond doubt" some theoretical hypothesis.


    It's a complete waste of time to argue with him.

    It's not a "theoretical hypothesis" that viruses exist, it is a fact.


    You're afraid to argue because you don't want your delusions and theoretical hypothesis that "viruses do not exist" shattered.

  17. 1 hour ago, webtrekker said:


    Really? Try them. Let's hear a condensed version of all of your arguments.




    I have a wealth of links to counter any claim by those who still cling to the fringe belief that "viruses do not exist".


    As before I am happy to answer any questions or provide proof that "viruses exist".


    I am happy to correct any misconceptions on viruses.


    Here is my revised and condensed version of my arguments as requested. I am happy to expand on every point.


    The facts showing that viruses exist ……


    Viruses are a quirk of nature and there is scientific debate on whether they are living organisms or not. It has always been known that it is impossible to “isolate” a virus in the dictionary sense. (A similar concept to the quirk of nature in Quantum Mechanics whereby light can be a particle or a waveform).


    Viruses have been proved to exist by modern virology through experiments with a living isolated single human cell infected with a virus and shown to infect a different living healthy human cell without the virus. (Modern Virologists have always known that viruses cannot be “isolated” or “purified” in the dictionary sense of the word as viruses are only evident when attached to a living cell). Mock controls are done in almost every case using the same known liquid suspension or substrate. The experiment is written up in a scientific paper for peer review. Just search the internet for “virus cell culture paper” for thousands of these papers. No paper has had to be retracted.


    Viruses have been proved to exist via modern electron microscopy and photographed showing the virus which is similar but different to an exosome. Just search the internet for “virus cell culture paper”, Images. Again no paper has been retracted.


    Viruses have been proved to exist via modern whole gene sequencing (which is the preferred method of identification) of all of the base pairs. SARS-CoV-2 and it’s variants have 29,903 base pairs which have been laboriously whole gene sequenced (it takes 4 to 5 days and NOT computer generated) and uploaded to the GISAID Initiative over 6 million times. Again no paper has been retracted.


    Viruses have been proved to exist via PCR tests which are highly specific and accurate in detecting a unique long gene sequence fragment of the virus you want to detect. It is not so good at diagnosing infection as the virus detected maybe dead fragments and not viable which can only be done by cell culture in a wet lab. However, the CT rate if low is an indication of infectability. (Although PCR tests are incredibly accurate it all depends on the Quality Control measures in the labs. The Lighthouse labs for mass testing in the UK have poor Quality Control and produce many “false positives”). Again no paper has been retracted.


    Viruses have been proved to exist in the German courts in the infamous Lanka v Bardens case where all the judges and experts agreed that the measles virus was real. (Lanka weaseled himself out of paying the 100,000euro bet by persuading the court that it was proved by “six” scientific papers and not “one” that he had asked for).
    There has been no scientific paper, even a pre-print or one not peer reviewed, that has ever suggested that viruses do not exist.


    Unlike thousands of sceptical climate scientists questioning man made global warming there has been no retired virologist or otherwise with nothing to lose in coming forward with any doubts about “viruses existing”. There have been no death bed confessions from modern virologists. There have been no scientific papers suggesting viruses do not exist. This indicates that viruses are real and do exist as has been proved by the methods already stated.


    The US has over 200 bioweapons labs around the world, there are many others. They are all working on viruses. If there is a biological accident or attack your semi-religious belief that “viruses do not exist” will not save you from sickness and/or death.


    Some Charlatans with a failed scientific/medical background with books to sell, websites to fund and pills, lotions and potions to sell to the gullible have seen the profit potential of abandoning mainstream medicine in favour of the 19th century Terrain Theory and “viruses do not exist” quackery. People like Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey etc.


    These people have seduced others in the alternative media without a medical or scientific background but who also have books to sell and websites to fund to support their spurious 19th century claims and that “viruses do not exist”. People like David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Mike Adams etc.


    They keep appearing on each others platforms, including Alex Jones Infowars, and keep quoting each other and operate in an echo chamber of lies and deceit to illicit money from the gullible. ALL their claims about “viruses not existing” have been debunked.


    Facts are facts and viruses have been proved to exist.


    These people may be right when they say Covid, lockdowns, masks, vaccines, global warming, controlling the masses and many other subjects are a scam but on “viruses not existing” they are totally wrong, out of date and have been proved to be wrong.


    You may be a follower of these people and want to believe they are right 100% of the time but on “viruses not existing” they are just plain wrong, out of date and have been proved to be wrong.


    I have supported David Icke for the last 20 years, bought most of his books, paid a monthly subscription to him, watched him live at Wembley for 10 hours,  donated money to The Peoples Voice and can’t think of one subject where I have disagreed with him, until now.



  18. 5 hours ago, MarcusOmouse said:

    So it would appear , according to GeoffB, that humanity needs to place it's trust in the Big Pharma spokespeople ( who GeoffB claims to oppose)


    Meanwhile,  people, such as those he quotes above, who have sacrificed their careers are apparently  the parasites.


    Do the awakening a favour GeoffB. and kindly crawl back into that deep dark hole that Big pharma has created for you.


    According to such forces of evil there are Inert, non-live entities that are killing us.


    I guess you do have a point.

    I despise Big Pharma.


    I despise even more discredited and disbarred ex-biologists and medics who are trying to part the gullible from their hard earned money by selling books, pills lotions and potions on a false premise that "viruses do not exist".

  19. 2 hours ago, Daithi said:


    I don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of modern virology to call into question the RNA virus theories so loved by the cult. And I certainly know more than you based on your very intellectually limited discourse on this topic.


    The forum has been waiting for quite some time now for you to actually start evidencing your dangerous views on virus theory. Alas, once more this conversation dead ends as you just dish out the one liner put downs. Socratic Method 0 - Geoff 1


    I wonder if you or your buddy chicken pox nathan even know the very simplest concepts about the proposed RNA virus theories that you hold so dear.


    I ask you repeatedly for the papers that confirm the simplest proof about RNA viruses, that in a controlled environment the transmissibility of the alleged pathogen validates the DEAD cells cooked in chemical goop. They never have and they never will.


    Anybody selling the dead cell/chemical goop theory has no place in the alternate thinking realms IMHO. So burn your David Icke books, put on your masks, take your jabs and lock yourselves down, if you have any existing serious disease then take your Midazolam like a good boy.


    RNA virus theory, the fraud that is the SARS-COV2 illness and it's transmissibility is the complete bedrock of the most successful tyranny acted against humanity.


    We need people asking questions and demanding answers about flaws and inconsistencies in the science used to drive the destruction of society as we know it. As the facts fail to materialise then it becomes easier to make some MSM loving sheeple call their personal blind devotion into question. Then we have a chance for a better future as a species.


    Not sure people devoting their time to one liner put downs and googled links that are poorly interpreted by the googler are worth much of anything.

    I proved beyond doubt that viruses exists with 224 posts on the main thread "David Icke's Claim That Viruses Do Not Exist".

    I doubt the moderators on here will tolerate a repeat.

  20. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    how do you know you havent been exposed to a parasite?

    how do we know we all havent been exposed to a parasite?

    after all, ivermectin (a parasite killer) is healing nations with "covid"

    We have all been exposed to a parasite.

    It's name is Stefan Lanka and it's variants are called Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Samantha Bailey..

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  21. 1 hour ago, Daithi said:


    No it doesn;t mean that.


    You're quite offensive to my sensibilities with no redeeming charms so once more I'll leave you to continue drinking from the vile cup of Fauci, Whitty, Valance and their legions of underlings who spout the same made up garbage that you so passionately defend  and of course the uber turd who is the darkest of the dark lords, Billy G.

    Yes it does mean that.


    If you think a scientific paper would say that the pathogenesis and transmission of known viruses are obscure and poorly understood then you're more deluded than I thought.


    They were talking about a "new unknown" virus.


    I despise all those people you mention as I am active in exposing the global elites lies and propaganda around a new virus which is no worse than a bad flu or for Omicron akin to a common cold.


    However, I'm also active exposing the idiots on here and elsewhere who keep spouting the nonsense that "viruses do not exist" and I don't care if I hurt their feelings as they need to educate themselves in modern virology.

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  22. 3 hours ago, Daithi said:


    You're really scraping the barrel. Did you even read these lines in your "Nature" link




    I'm genuinely gobsmacked that you would hold this article up as definitive proof that virus theory has been elevated to a fact. Your beloved quacks are a zillion miles away from proving anything. It's meaningless drivel dressed up as authoritative experimentation which is then used to drive justification of some of the biggest fraud and damage ever wreaked upon humanity.

    You are misinterpreting the quotes you are referring to.


    The paper was published 6th August 2020 just months after the new virus had been discovered and it was saying that as far as SARS-CoV-2 is concerned "The underlying pathogenesis and transmission of viral infection remain obscure." Meaning that the pathogenesis and transmission of SARS-Cov-2 remain obscure and "the underlying morphogenesis and pathogenesis (of SARS-CoV-2) remain poorly understood" because it is a new virus which requires further investigation hence the experiment written up in the said scientific paper and all the experiments after which shows the virus is real and infects other healthy cells.


    Your lack of understanding of modern virology and scientific papers shows you are not in a position to suggest that "viruses do not exist".

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