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  1. One fundamental point people are missing about David Icke saying that viruses do not exist and a question I would like answered. David Icke has famously said in the past when he was talking, correctly in my view, about the Global Elites plan of control and to cull the population “Stage one you create a problem. It could be a manufactured virus”. China and Iran have accused the US of deliberately releasing the virus as a bioweapon. Someone in the future may release a virus as a bioweapon. If the Chinese and Iranian governments are right that the US released the virus as a bioweapon or someone releases a virus as a bioweapon in the future (something David Icke has predicted) how will David Icke inform the world or explain with any authority when he is saying now that “viruses do not exist”?
  2. Virology is an exact science. Viruses existing is a provable fact. I'm quite happy to believe in abstract concepts and theories and that is why I've been following David Icke for 20 years. I'll send you a photograph of all his books I have if you like and a photo of my Wembley ticket. With all the questions I have to answer on this thread doesn't give me much time to contribute on any other thread. As I agree with 99% of what David Icke says I cannot add much to the debate as David has said it all. I am constantly backing David on other forums that are hostile to him. Pointing out David's mistake of listening to Kaufman a self confessed Natural Healing Consultant and Psychiatrist for an important subject of the existence of viruses during a "Plandemic" and a Global Elite hoax doesn't make me a gatekeeper. He has admitted the existence of viruses previously in his books and videos but now he has changed his mind that they no longer exist. If he wanted some advice on viruses he should listen instead to people like Judy Mikovits, Mike Yeadon and Andrew Wakefield.
  3. There are literally tens of thousands of scientific papers which confirm the original findings of the very first Zhu rushed paper. Lanka has NO paper describing his fringe view and so-called experiment.
  4. Where does Lanka get his money from? He publishes a monthly magazine, runs a website with advertising revenue, sells books and offers pills, lotions and potions all to the gullible. He can afford top lawyers to appeal a court decision where he had to cough up 100,000 euros to a lowly poor medical student who proved to the court that the measles virus exists. Lanka got off on a legal technicality. Lanka has no written verifiable proof that viruses do not exist because he knows it will be torn to shreds by people who understand viruses. Lanka is a fraud.
  5. Modern virology is a highly complex discipline with it's own terminology. Because it is difficult to understand it is easy for charlatans to make outrageous claims which sound appealing to those who haven't researched the undisputed facts. Every claim that Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan and their proxies have made have been countered by facts. Not one scientist or medic involved in exposing the Covid scam supports the fringe view that viruses do not exist. Mike Yeadon, Judy Mikovits, Andrew Wakefied et al have nothing else to lose as their careers have already been ruined by "the system". So it's not just "system" scientists it's also scientists outside the "system" who don't agree with Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan et al. David Icke is wrong not because of my belief system but because of the indisputable facts.
  6. Many retired medical professionals are now questioning the whole Covid narrative now they are not worried about being sacked. Many retired climate scientists are now speaking out about the whole Global Warming narrative. Not one retired scientist has questioned whether viruses exist because they know it is bunkum.
  7. No one with an ounce of modern virology knowledge, including thousands of retired scientists with nothing to lose, believes that viruses do not exist. Even alternative scientists like Rupert Sheldrake has conventional views on Covid. Hardly any scientist bothers to counter Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan because their ideas are so ridiculous they are not worth the effort. I'm quite happy to have alternative views on any subject but when those views can be easily countered by facts and science it is time to abandon them for the bunk that they are. It's a shame that charlatans like Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan have seduced people in the alternative media like David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Mike Adams et al with their nonsense. I'm beginning to believe that Kaufman with his Svengali like influence using his psychiatrist skills and NLP has deliberately divided the alternative media and is the one who is a shill. Either that, or just like the rest of them, he is just in it to make money off of the gullible.
  8. One small paragraph is from someone else the rest is mine. Lanka is a fraud. The Zhou paper was the very first where they were rushed to get it published as the world was facing a pandemic of unknown proportions. We have since learnt it's not much of a pandemic. Thousands of other papers have been published since showing their protocols and the results were the same as Zhou. Lanka has produced nothing.
  9. Lanka can't even produce a paper for proper scientists to read and try to replicate to see if they come up with the same results. Stefan Lanka's much hyped CPE CONTROL EXPERIMENT itself lacks a positive control, ignores that mock-infected cells do show specific damage over time, and that controls are used properly in science. That in no way implies the non-existence of viruses. A typical viral experiment in simple terms involves a living cell with a virus of interest attached (viruses can NOT be isolated and purified in the dictionary sense of the words and this has always been known by virologists). This is in a suspension of benign nutrients to keep the cell and the virus alive and antibiotics to alleviate the possibility of bacterial infection. This is exposed to another cell which does not have a virus attached and if that cell shows a particular degree of degradation then they know that the virus has jumped to the other cell and has infected it. A control is done via “mock-Infection” whereby the same experiment is done with the exact same ingredients apart from the fact that the cell used does NOT have a virus attached. Any degradation of the exposed cell will be different to that of the original cell to a trained eye so they know that the first experiment involved a viral attack of the introduced cell and the control “mock-infection” is natural degradation over time.
  10. Why would I lie? Scientists always do a control. They also write up their experiments in scientific papers so that other scientists can replicate their work to see if they achieve the same results. The papers are also peer reviewed. Unlike Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan and those in the alternative media who have been hoodwinked by their nonsense. I'm still waiting for you to show me the scientific experiment that you said Lanka has supposed to have done to refute Germ Theory???????
  11. They use the minimum amount of substrates to achieve a meaningful result and ALWAYS use a control.
  12. Scientists use zero or the minimum amount of contaminants possible to achieve a true result otherwise they would end up with a false result which is of no use to anyone. Unless of course you think that millions of scientists all over the world are falsifying every result just to perpetuate your perceived myth that viruses do not exist.
  13. You don't need to add all those items to prove infection and contagion. A single cell with an attached viral particle can be shown to infect another single cell.
  14. Define poison? It is common knowledge that viruses can only exist on a cell. Therefore to infect a different healthy cell with a virus that virus has to be attached to another cell. Why is the cell the virus is attached to a poison?
  15. Some people shout others use reasoned debate. It's not just about convincing someone who has a cult like religious zealotry towards a particular opinion it is also about refuting totally bogus claims with "facts". I am happy to change my opinion when new indisputable "facts" become available. I watched the two hour David Icke interview on London Real all those months and months ago and what he said was believable to those who do not understand modern virology. I realised there was little substance to what he was saying and he had been hoodwinked by Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan who are using a quirk of nature (viruses can not be isolated) to self promote and sell their books, fund their websites and sell their dubious pills, lotions and potions. However, David Icke was right when he said in that interview that 5G may be a cause of Covid. I believe exposure to 5G may lower ones immune system but is not the main cause of Covid. He was also right when he said that people with or dying of flu are being misdiagnosed with Covid. I disagree that it is everyone being misdiagnosed but it has happened in some cases. Viruses are similar but different to exosomes. Cells with viruses have been shown to infect other cells millions of times. It doesn't happen every time but it shows that viruses can move from one person to another depending on their immune system. People with Covid are infecting some other people who end up with the same symptoms depending on their immune system. Viruses exist.
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