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  1. To make my point more modern internet friendly I present this
  2. I said right from the start this would happen!!! Noone listened, they are still not listening!!! This is pure evil! Tyranny in the open proclaiming its intentions loud and clear
  3. I think the level of obvious symbology especially in movies & TV is frightening and has been shown to have alot of negative effects. I'm glad to hear they have no effect on you! You must be red-pilled good and proper already, great news!
  4. It is possible to read symbols in jyst about everything! And once you start to see it, you can't stop. I do my best to stay clear of anything symbolic (other than my tattoos) and I've been all the better for it!!!
  5. Ive never been able to take serious a bloke whose name sounds like a glaswegian internet package.
  6. People like to berate our use of tin foil...and this might be a little off topic, my use of foil haa ment Im tge only person I know who has never suffered from card cloning or ID theft. I love hats and often line the inside with foil and Im certain it helps especially if I go from my little home town to a big city like Bristol. Just a little food for thought from real life experience.
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