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  1. On 6/9/2021 at 3:47 PM, Brad the lad said:

    Non perishable or very long lasting food is the only commodity really worth having right now. They can't play about with it once in your possession either. Second to that for me is precious metals and finally crypto (they can turn the plug off on that one though so I wouldn't have all my eggs in that basket).


    Cash will soon be a cheap medium to wipe your arse with and any savings you have in the bank have about as much life as a postage stamp....bye bye fiat!


    They cannot unplug a decentralized network around the world, and even if that happens, the source code is in every node, so it can be started again and your KEY's would be working.
    Other advantages of cryptos vs metals is that you cannot run away with your metals around the world, and even if you store them, they can confiscate it.
    I mean, obviously I would like to have precious metals too, but they are not as secure and unconficable as crypto.

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